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  1. Right, not enough avi pictures around here lately, allow me to contribute to the cause. Have you had your medical check up lately?
  2. I happened to receive on couple of occasions compliments on my looks and shape to the point of people asking me for the exact body proportions I used to achieve my looks. When you strive for uniqueness and high quality it's very easier to notice it, even the small details on your outfit or looks make an impression in others
  3. If women need to cover up then men should stop waving their quacks around or have them resized like a 3rd leg It's fashion, sure a bit oversexualized at times but it's fashion nonetheless. There are times when I wear outfits that came out of the cover of fetish magazine and there are times when I put on pair of jeans and hoodie, looking like a bookworm. To be frank, it's not exactly girls' fault that we live have these stereotypes where everything is oversexualized at times. Boobs sell!
  4. You can fix that by adjusting the shadow quality and distance from the settings menu or Machinima bar. It may differ depending on the angle and distance your shadow is so you'll have to play around. P.s I'm using a bit outdated version of black dragon, but the settings are the same
  5. In Eastern Europe it's very similar too. We tend to avoid talking to strangers while we're out and if one does approach us we try to keep it as short as possible and continue on. If someone approached me and started to have conversation with me, I'd honestly feel awkward and uncomfortable. In the slavic countries it's soo easy to spot foreigners even without talking to them, they just stand out from the crowd. As for random inworld IMs I tend to respond and be as friendliest as needed, but sometimes the conversation just can't pick up and quickly dies off or it's so cringy that you just want to run away to log off
  6. Eating chips on a bench and watching 2 pigeons settle their quarrel. Based on true events from a Saturday afternoon
  7. My full attention will be focused towards sports climbing disciplines. It's in the Olympics for the first time and there are some absolutely incredible athletes there!
  8. In the past couple of days I've been once in similar situation. Met a random guy in a random sim, we talked for a while and he seemed very nice. Later I offered him to hang out and chat more, 5 minutes into hang out and chat he starts going all romantic on me wanting to cuddle and etc... So that didn't last but I figured maybe he was feeling that way in the moment. In the following days I offered him couple of times to hang out since both of us weren't doing anything particular. Every single time he went into romantic mode! I now find that person very annoying because I know I can't have normal conversation without it turning into attempt for something else...
  9. I like how some billionaire's self funded 10 minute trip to the edge of space spurred so much debate for completely unrelated topics. At least we finally have people pushing towards scientific development, even if it's who has the bigger dick shaped rocket
  10. "Build a man a fire, you keep him warm for a day. Set a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life" - words to live by when people piss you off
  11. Black dragon viewer has built in DoF features that you can use inworld. Aside from that it's playing around with filters and blurs in different photo editing tools.
  12. Make your enemy your friend, then pour him a drink because he's such a nice guy and carry on. Oh and go out and do something for the environment
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