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  1. In the past I took long looks into the abyss, and also fought monsters. I find this quote to be very accurate.
  2. For me, the stipend combined with the Linden Home is worth it. I wanted a home in Second Life, as well as the extra spending linden that I get weekly - comparing the costs of most rentals that I was interested in along with my typical budget in second life, I am saving money. Having a house on my property that does not count against my LI is nice, so is the ability to have a skybox above it. When it was cheaper, I had 3 premium accounts which I used to maintain a 4096 plot, at the current rate though, it just is not worth it to me to fork out nearly $400 USD a year for such a small pa
  3. Oh no I really liked jumping onboard of them and exploring. Thank you for providing a station for all of us, that was really kind of you and others to do.
  4. Awesome I'm glad it worked out for you, if you get a chance share some pics with the forum of the finished project
  5. I may be misunderstanding you, but if I am correct, you are having difficult texturing the platforms right? If so, I think your issue is that you may be using a tube prim. Try using a cylinder prim, be sure to make it hollow, and you may find the texture to work in a manner that you wish it to.
  6. I'm relatively new, I started my main in 2017. I've been aware of second life for years, and found it interesting but was more interesting in quests and adventures, along with character progression . In the earlier days of Second Life, I'm almost positive I did make an account for a short period of time, found it interesting but not enough to stick around. Back then, I was more interested in EverQuest, and World of Warcraft. At some point, the years of adventures and questing started to get boring to me, and I wanted something that allowed more freedom. One of my favorite things to d
  7. I don't know if the person was intentionally being racist, or just really slow in the head and could not figure out how insulting he was being. Near a parcel of land I had lived on, the owner of another 8000SQM parcel of land put up these huge 64x64 walls as a barrier at the ground level. On each one facing outside, was a RL picture of a disfigured minority I have seen used in the past by rather rude people who get a kick out of it. I placed a report, which is something I very rarely do and nothing became of it. It probably is still there, a monument for all to see. It is one of the reaso
  8. I'm okay with the $300L a week, but will not complain if I get more and will not oppose it. Paying $8.50 USD a month for SL is reasonable for me, when you consider a free house and the stipend. I used to pay more for world of warcraft, and they never did give me a house. With that said, I am jaded when it comes to the price of land here. I'm still really curious what the new premium tier will bring to the table, and how much it will cost. I wonder if it will be a better deal than having two premium accounts, or if it will be somewhere between at a lower price.
  9. It takes a lot of humility to acknowledge the faults in one self, with the popularity of social media I have noticed a tremendous loss of it in society. I think it is due to confirmation of like minded people, it is all too easy to find others that will agree with you on anything. I remember taking a few of these sorts of tests years ago, and being upset at the results - as far as I was concerned I was an ethical person. It is a real blow to the ego, to realize you are not as great as you thought, and your sense of ethics does not quite match your own personality as much as you would want.
  10. Fair enough, It all goes well beyond my pay grade and I don't work at any capacity for LL so I can't put up an argument against the rates of second life. As far as the capacity of opensim, that too is beyond my knowledge. Land is expensive though, at least from my perspective, which I'll admit is entirely subjective. When I compare it to opensim, I am amazed at the price difference and did decide rather than pay for three premium accounts, on top of $7.00USD a month on 4096 parcel of land it was far more convincing to pay less than that for 64 times the amount of land. With that sa
  11. It is probably worth it, if you want the premium home. I think the typical asking price for rent in most places is about 1L per 1 LI, so an equivalent piece of property would cost you 350L a week which is 18,200L a year. There are some cheaper, some more expensive, but in general it seems to hover around that price range for rent. 18,200L a year equals to about $74 USD which is cheaper than the premium, but you have to think about the weekly 300L you get with premium. For the cost of your typical rent, and the the equivalent stipend from premium you would have to spend $136.89 USD to
  12. It is probably best not to use facebook for your second life avatar. I tried it about a year ago, and it was removed as well. Even if you do manage to keep it for a while, it might eventually be banned. MeWe sounds interesting, blogs are always fantastic, and so are web pages, facebook not so much. We also have https://my.secondlife.com/ to post what we are doing, along with pictures, and we can save pictures directly to flikr from our viewer.
  13. The strongest pet peeve I have, is when I allow myself to get annoyed over things that shouldn't matter. I find it a flaw in myself, things like going the speed limit because a car in front of me is following the law. Why do such things annoy me? I wish I could go through life, without as much of a concern over things. I really don't want to end up a grumpy old person, waving my fists at everything and spending my days complaining to others about trivial things that shouldn't matter that much.
  14. If you have your heart set on Second Life, I think your safest and cheapest option is to host a few regions on your own computer, using opensim. You wouldn't be breaking anyone's rules, because you would be hosting it on your own network and not connecting it to other people's grids. It is actually pretty easy to setup, I believe you both should be able to connect to it locally and keep it local as well. I've used it in the past, and had a lot of fun creating my own regions for free. https://outworldz.com/Outworldz_installer/ I never tried to network with it though,
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