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  1. I'm physically attracted to persons who are motherly and have boobies. It's not sexual, but it's physical. I like sitting and being held and just talking, or not talking or anything. A mom type, aunt type, what-have-you. Feeling that I can trust them never to creep on me is kind of a priority. I've never cared what anyone was hiding under their skirt, because that doesn't interest me. As long as they don't make some dirty joke out of it, and they're "playing a lady" in whatever sense is relevant, I consider them a lady. If my grandma turned out to be my grandpa, my only question would be, "Why are you telling me about your junk, Grandma? Who cares?" My SL older sister left SL, so now all I really have are local residents I'm cool about chatting with. Some are nice, but I'm not that kind of close to any of them. Besides, I work there. I've seldom had much luck with female-specific sims, because anyone who would want to be motherly or auntly (if that wasn't a word, it is now) or big-sisterly towards me usually already has a clusterfork of girls who are already playing the sort of role I'd be inclined to play with someone. There's usually not all that much sitting and holding going on, just sibling pack behavior. It's too impersonal, like a harem or something. So I just build stuff. Maybe someday I'll get emotionally involved again, who knows? The people at AWT were still nice, though. Even if they kicked my brother out for showing up by himself once, because he told them he was a boy dragon. He knew the rules.
  2. Okay, the nametag thingy is super neato. I get it now. I've never seen combat stuff made with that in mind, like, at all. That I know of. When you get this working in anything like a satisfactory fashion, please let us know how you made it go. Even if it's just adding a different key to press in the control event or something, to trigger the attack/strike. This sort of thing is waaay up my alley, and I would love to see it work. Make it so that it's optional, and can be switched from "normal" mode to mouse steering mode, and I bet you five bucks it catches on somewhere out there. It's a neato idea, and a worthy project, IMO.
  3. That storefront would make a great donut shop, just saying.
  4. Sounds like paranoia, to me. The kind that doesn't trust medication or therapy. His wife was probably lonely all the time, and afraid to have friends or a social life, for his sake. That's a guy who was really badly betrayed when he was little, so just know it comes from there, and do what you can to reassure him. If you get too uncomfortable, maybe find somewhere else that you can stay during that time. I want to say that a real friend would advise him to seek some help, but that might backfire and make him distrust you. Just try to be a good friend, and take care of yourself, too.
  5. Yeah, I sort everything like it's rooms in my imaginary house, and I notice at some point I went alphabetical on it. It's great until I can't tell which version of an edit I'm about to rezz. Filtering by age makes sense.
  6. I was just about to say, in the File tab of your Inventory window, you can choose Show Filters, and filter by age. Depending on your viewer it might be accessed a little differently, but yeah. I saw Rowan was replying, and I held off a second, lol.
  7. Me, too. In my vision, all the children win. Edit: It'd be like Lord of the Flies, but none of the kids would get hurt. Can't speak for any grownups besides the nice ladies at the "odd children"'s home, though.
  8. Totally. It's super important to remember that all the editor window stuff goes by Metric, and that it's gotta be able to align using the edit tools inworld. And normals have to calculate properly on upload, as well. And probably a lot of other things I haven't even thought of, too. Math is our friend, if we look really close at what all of this is and work within its parameters. It's only sorcery to the uninformed. Good advice, but then I wouldn't have expected otherwise. Thank you~!
  9. And if you're using GIMP, it has a lot of the same functions as Photoshop, too. You can fiddle with the opacity of the text layer, play with the engrave/emboss filters, and end up with lettering that looks like it was engraved into the metal. Do it when you're bored sometime, and it'll not seem too difficult, just play with it all. For a Sci-Fi Con booth one year, I made a stone pylon with cryptic textual characters engraved into it, and they glowed. GIMP is just as good as PS for most of what we'd use a photo editing suite for, just have to deep dive into it all and explore.
  10. I think that if it weren't for the necessity of mesh head diversity, this problem would be easy enough to solve, just by making a body with the head already on, and slicing it at the neck and waist to make the necessary seams for the 3 UV maps. Map it all on out one square, export each part's UV map by selecting it separately and good to go. But yeah. Separately-modeled heads, and all.
  11. AWT (A Woman's Touch) might still be around, too. Ladies/girls/female-presenting avatars only, and mostly quite friendly, from what I've seen. An island getaway sort of place.
  12. Something Orwar said about light and complexity made so much make sense; even brick (prim) walls let light through in SL. Heads tend to have way more complexity than bodies do, so even if everything is matched perfectly, as far as textures and materials, lighting can still screw with neck seams, especially if the neck stump of the head has more triangles than the (body's) neck where they meet. It might not make a huge difference, but it's still a difference. Now I'm wondering if maybe a multi-layered cylinder of prims might not work as a hidden insert inside the neck to help avoid the lighting bleedthrough discrepancy. It might feel cheap, but I bet it'd help, at least in "extreme" lighting conditions.
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