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  1. I think Security Device creators need to get more creative with Security Orbs and the like. For example. Why can't they make security orbs that bribe or reward me for not interloping the specified area, though I am still nearby. If there was some incentive then maybe people would pay more attention to security orbs or atleast have their object search up to spot the ones that might be around. theyd could make a hunt out of it in a way. How about a security orb that says " hey ______ Resident! if you leave in the next 10 seconds and return home or elsewhere, I will reward you handsomel
  2. Ive never liked Orbs or Banlines myself for my ownland. I prefer using scripted guard bots instead to raise the level of entertainment. Some years ago I scripted attacking spiderlings that I was originally going to use a rezzed combat bots, but they worked great for giving people who crossed over enough time to see and react and leave (well in most cases 😁)
  3. On the topic of banlines. I have a great revenue idea. LL should start charging a fee for Banline usage similar to something like a utility cost and security. 👍
  4. I love the raised road curbs , and honestly, your pics make me think of a sprawling English hillside at a glance.
  5. Come to the dark side you two! Driders are genderless according to lore, so no hassles there. and no that's not an invite for anyone to come join me 😁
  6. so some 'Accounts' are effected ? or some accounts and the alts of those accounts? there is a difference in some legacy accounts.
  7. The "goat' ride along the path I could swear was tied into these with pathfinding in mind.
  8. When I first came to SL, we had no such things as NPCs or Bots on lots. I came from The Sims online which technically did have NPCs though back in 2004 and I always thought it would be neat or convenient to have NPCs in SL. Atm, I can't stand them. I won't even decorate my home with the statue bots with scripted speech. they are about as annoying as food/drink giving objects. I was even at one time thinking of designing my own spider modeled NPC/Pet but that desire has gone for now. I remember when Mesh was first announced, how we were to have this robust pathfinding system in SL ove
  9. @Whirly Fizzle I don't have a screenshot (was in a video call at that time too), I vaguely noticed the "Blocked" message saw, saw the TP was stalling and hit Cancel, and it plopped me into the spot I was TPing to oddly enough. I dismissed it as a case of miscommunication and rarely used notification of the viewer. a strange rubber banding handoff in effect. I remember years ago having to detach things before TPing. but this certainly wasn't that.
  10. And this.... Is why I spend time in SL alone 🕷️
  11. used a Wall walking add-on from Magic Emerald Combat HUDs .
  12. Doing some video testing of my new avatar creation in it's more natural wooded setting.
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