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How does your avatar look today ?


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I have finished parts but there are too many story lines to keep up with much less complete.  It never really finishes anyway.

I always end up downloading mods and dressing up my character instead of killing things ...

Yeah exactly that! Kept downloading mods mainly to make myself and the surroundings look prettier (or turn my companions into prostitutes...) till the amount of mods crashed the game and had to start over....more than once.

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I'm a little sleepy, all... I spent a good hour of the day prepping the house for Christmas, and I'm not going to lie - I've been wearing this outfit for about 3 days now. *chuckles* Thank goodness for those Linden insta-showers! 

Now - where did i put that coffee? Hm... 


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On 2017.11.26. at 6:07 PM, CurseSmile said:

Me feeling all comfy *was about to say 'fly’, but thought other wise cause of Maddy* Snapshot_232.thumb.jpg.f7b41c3a89c533fb0ea22006050a7b96.jpg

My De made me feel...shortO.oSnapshot_234.thumb.jpg.99c5f62ca87a505abdb238980737d6de.jpg

Dang pics of your av really hit home. I have a friend on sl with a similar shape, and shes caribbean in real life. Our RL keeps us busy and i can't see her on SL as much as i would like to

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