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  1. Thank you everyone. I'll be sure to check them all out tomorrow, I really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you Zeta, I'll try not to be a stranger as much.
  3. Well it's been a long time since I posted in this thread. I've been a little busy, finally found my soulmate so spending a lot of time with her but here is my latest look. (Well actually my only look, my wife would kill me if I changed it too much) lol
  4. Hi All It's been a while posting in the forums, I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of any good quality cybernetic/robotic arms I could look at. I have the signature body so something that is matched to that body would be appreciated ort something close. For some reason my mouse/PC is playing up so I can't correct the spelling. lol
  5. That is probably where I was going wrong, I was searching for the words 'scuba' etc. Thank you all so very much, I will log in now and have a look.
  6. Hello again everyone. Does anyone know of some good scuba diving sims? I have looked around the last few days but can't seem to find any decent ones, ones with sharks would be good so I can scare my partner.
  7. Well that's OK, I have it landmarked now for the more moderate picture.
  8. I promise to be more informative with my next question.
  9. Thanks Chic, is the sim Adult? I am trying to get an arty black and white at the moment so had to ask.
  10. Wow turned settings to ultra and checked my shadows setting and they were on 4.... Turning them down to around 2 and that seems to of stopped the crashing, thank you so so much. <3
  11. Thanks Whirly, I will give your suggestion a go now. I just tried taking another picture and it's crashing on me again, Different sim though so I'm wondering if the sim I am on has something to do with it maybe. Thanks Chic.
  12. Thank you so much for replying Chic. I just tried using a different WL setting and it didn't crash on me this time, I was using the Phototools WL settings and just used the TOR ones then and it was fine. I am using Windows 8.1 but I will try a few things as you suggested.
  13. Quick question. Does anyone know why Firestorm would crash when taking pictures on ultra setting? It only seems to happen when i click the snapshot button and it has never done it in the past, I have tried clearing my cache's, reinstalling Firestorm and trying to take pictures on different sims and it still crashes. Any help would be appreciated as I can no longer do one of my hobbies which is SL photography.
  14. I'm not sure you will find a skin with no 'pores' Skin makers tend to have the odd blemish or two which adds to the realism and besides if you had no pores you're skin couldn't breath. Search in world for makers like L'Etre, LAQ, 7 Deadly Skins, Glam Affair just to name a few. No need for links, google is you're friend or search in game and TP to the stores and always try demo's before buying.
  15. I figured it was about time I found some new hair.
  16. Love the tattoo with the 'Vegvisir' on your hand, iv'e never seen a tattoo in SL with that. It's was the first tattoo I was going to give myself when I had a few beers and ordered a tattoo gun in RL (everyone thinks their an artist when drunk right??). Tattoo gun finally arrives in the mail and a few beers later to get the dutch courage up and away I went ......I gave up trying to tattoo myself from then on when I realised I should of used a stencil instead of freehand and finished the North symbol and realised I wouldn't have enough space for it all.
  17. My first time wearing a suit from memory.
  18. Well you are doing something right, gorgeous avi.
  19. Drugs or alcohol come to mind more than trolling but I have been wrong in the past....
  20. I'm no expert on Linden Labs ToS but I would of thought as long as it was work on a G rated sim it wouldn't be a problem. Depends on what sort of job you were looking for as well. Did you have a job in mind?
  21. The holy grail rule, never ever pay for anything you can get for free.
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