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  1. Thank you Talligurl, I will give them a go.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will check them out.
  3. Appreciate the replies, looks like I need to do a little searching for the best price. There used to be a huge sim that was pretty much setup for people selling land/renting etc but can't find it anymore.
  4. I appreciate everyones replies greatly. The one im going to attemp to work on is this one. (appoligies in advance if im not allowed to post links here) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BLACKSPOT-The-Pelican/396898 The boat itself is modify, as i said i have never tried anything like this before so hopefully that means the scripts themself can be modified aswell. I will pop to the locations you all recommended and see how i go, the boat is copy aswell so atleast i can tinker with a copy of it not having to worry about breaking it. Will post back here in a week or so and let you all know if i have succeeded or got shot down in a ball of flames. lol