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  1. Mesh body question

    Thanks for the tips everyone, I will give them all a go next time I log in and let you know how it went.
  2. Mesh body question

    I actually wear the same as you, Gianni 4.2 and L'Etre Chris skin.
  3. Mesh body question

    No luck with me, changed those settings and still the same.
  4. Mesh body question

    Alwin Thank you for the quick reply. How would I find these setting in Firestorm? I had a look in windlight settings and couldn't see anything.
  5. Mesh body question

    Hi All Had a quick question about my avi. My arms seem to change colour when they are behind my back as you can see in the picture, any idea why this might happen? I set my graphics settings to ultra and the same happens, I also took my tattoo off but no joy which makes me wonder if it's my skin which is a L'Etre skin.
  6. How does your avatar look today ?

    Messing around with lightroom today.
  7. How does your avatar look today ?

    Must admit they are my favourite tatts at the moment.
  8. What are the legal requirements to DJ in SL?

    So here is a question, all these people who make dancer animations that play someones song then either sell them on MP or give them away are likely in the wrong as well i'm guessing or is it the person who uses the dancer in public is in the wrong....or likely both.
  9. Bloodlines popularity

    Yes as Nora said try going to the Bloodlines sim, East is still busy sometimes and the BL group chat always has people talking. Ask in group chat, a clan will always try and scoop you up.
  10. How does your avatar look today ?

    Great pics, I just found the sim you are in the other day and took a few pictures.
  11. Show your setup *PIC*

    Very true, I might look at getting a new case for it all. At least it's all nice and clean inside now. A cheeky friend said I would need a leaf blower to clean it out. lol
  12. How does your avatar look today ?

    My latest look but thinking about another change.
  13. Can't sleep so decides to read the forums at 4am and finds this interesting topic to read....goes back to my M rated land to run around naked like a 'perv'...
  14. Show your setup *PIC*

    Might look into dust filters. The PC overheats in summer so I would take the side panel off the case to let air in, over time I forgot to put it back on.
  15. Show your setup *PIC*

    You might want to check inside your PC then or it might look like my My laptop which runs SL better than my desktop and strangely enough, I get the cloth out to clean it even if I see a hair.