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  1. Unfair ban from a region

    ^ This. If they have region rights, they can ban you from that sim and any other sims that they are added as region managers with the click of a button. Most people have 0 patience for spam messages, so regardless as to if it’s in their profile or not, reconsider your unprovoked IMs.
  2. Digital Artist Looking for Job

    All of these websites take you to.. nothing. Either deactivated accounts or an empty Flickr. Folks will need more proof, I'm afraid.
  3. ❤ Looking for kawaii witch clothes ❤

    Violent Seduction and Sweet Thing might have a couple of things that interest you.
  4. - For me, my items are hellishly unorganized (aside from poses) so I wouldn’t be able to know If I lost something until I needed it. Definitely good info for anyone else peeking in though! - that’s what I’ve told him numerous times. Fortunately for him, he isn’t big on those anyway because they could disappear! Just an option to consider - and he does always rezz a prim first before rezzing anything else.
  5. You can do this yourself. My partner organizes his inventory by putting things in a prim object and taking that object back into his inventory, and having a notecard list of where things are. I’m too scared to do that because I’m afraid SL will eat it, but he only has around 300 items in addition to his inventory. He just Rezzes the box, unpacks a copy of the thing that he wants, and takes the prim back. But, like Coffee was saying, it really is usually an outside source causing the issues. My partner doesn’t do it for the lag, he just hates unorganization and had too much free time one day years ago.
  6. Good "morning", forum! I hope your Sunday is going well!
  7. Forums - Backspace Issue

    I had this issue, but it was a browser error of some sort - I swapped browsers and haven't had the issue since. I don't recall which browser it was, though, so that's no help.
  8. Looking for a Mentor

    Please don’t pay anybody to be a decent human. I’ll message you when I log in world, and at the very least you can make a friend and we can laugh about things and maybe get you set up with a little place to live.
  9. Woah, calm down there, Paul Harmon. You're far more concerned about your own settings than these friends of yours who don't.. really seem to care enough to pop in here to add their two cents. It's not about believing - you can win the schlong contest if you want to win it - I'll let you! What you decide regarding this situation (that has blown out of context faster than my Uncle George at a soccer game) is totally up to you. I guess this means you win! Your jurassic graphics win the House Cup! Again, though - if you're looking for tech arguments - pop into that forum instead. I'm sure you'll get some nibbles.
  10. I don’t know.. sure seems like you’re doing a pretty good job of bragging to me. As others have said, FPS depends on hardware -not just settings- and a good graphics card doesn’t necessarily mean anything if you don’t have the muscle to pull it. I’m sure that your “friends” can pop into the tech sub-forum and ask for advice regarding their rigs.
  11. What are you doing today!? :D

    Gone fishin'... or something like that. They really should have offered gloves with this bucket.
  12. What's Your Story?

    Please be aware that millennials can be blamed for anything bad in SL, too. So if you have a boyfriend and they break up with you - a millennial probably stole him. Tier expired? Millennial. Your favorite pants fall into SL doom? Millennial. Be aware. They're everywhere.
  13. Is everyone in SL pansexual?

    Oh no. I missed this lecture during the tutorial. Have 12 years been for naught?
  14. Skin for heads AND body

    Try searching Mesh Body Addicts - they have a chart for issues like this with most of the skin designers in SL. I’m sure there are a couple of stores that have slipped through the cracks, but it’s a start!
  15. What are you doing today!? :D

    I admit that I don't go to blogs much past looking at the pretty photos, but I will say that ultimately what you do with your own blog should be up to you. It is the "new" career so to speak since the new wave of advertisement seems to go through events and blogs, and everyone likes "free stuff" (I promise I'm not trying to offend, nor open up a can of worms with you bloggers). There will always be people in SL who want to learn new things - your biggest issue will be finding those people.