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  1. norajulian

    When you realise you are an idiot

    Yes, I feel left out. ARE WE NOT CUTE ENOUGH FOR YOU?!
  2. norajulian

    What do you hoard in SL?

    I really can’t organize my group and couples poses into pose stands, but my poses are the one thing I actually have taken the time to organize because of how often I utilize them. I am exactly the same - if it doesn’t match, I find one that does. Easily 20+ wall/fence sets. We could decorate the world, Marianne.
  3. norajulian

    What do you hoard in SL?

    I own an obscene amount of poses (particularly wedding and/or family focused) and landscaping/furniture items (seriously - currently sitting at 80k) But I could easily design a venue, a honeymoon, and a first house for you and take all the photos from beginning to end 😛
  4. Those millennials! *shakes fist in the air* In reality- people complain because it’s their god-given right to do so. Mouths, fingers, toes - whatever they use to express their frustrations. Yes, it would be nice if everyone was a creator, but then who would buy the things you create if everyone could just make what they thought up? Others don’t want to invest in the time to make new friends and we KNOW that and they KNOW that, but sometimes it’s nice to jusy vent a little. Ignore the IMs. They obviously continue to log in day after day, so maybe what they want to do with their SL is complain, and you don’t want to spend your SL listening so you walk away. Easy peasy.
  5. norajulian

    Eye Movement

    Depending on which mesh head it is, it’s highly likely that the head creator has instructions SOMEWHERE on turning off facial animations and blinking. For the Catwa head, it is in the Animations hud, and includes eye locking and the option to turn off all facial animations, including blinking.
  6. norajulian

    Any good schools?

    Oceanside Elementary and Pleasant Shore Elementary might be good options for you.
  7. norajulian

    Looking For A Specific Type of Romantic Small Home

    Have you tried looking at Trompe?
  8. norajulian

    Medieval Sim

    Do you have a plot line you’d follow, or is this a beginning to a beginning?
  9. norajulian

    Long term sl relationships

    Yes. My partner and I have been partnered since 2012, and have met up in RL a few times. I won't go into that bit much more as I did on another post already. As far as friendships, I have an RP daughter who has been our daughter for nearly 5 years at this point, and I couldn't imagine my SL (or life) without her. She lives near Spain. Another friendship is a dear friend who I fully consider my soul sister whom I have known for nearly 10 years, and although she doesn't log into SL much anymore, we are friends on our RL Facebook and text each other often. We're hoping to be able to finally meet up in RL sometime in the next year. I feel closer to these people than people I considered my "friends" who I met through real life activities, so take that as you will. For time zone purposes, I have lived in various time zones the US and Japan AND was active duty military for some of the past 10 years. These people have sometimes gone without seeing me for months at a time, and yet I know they will always be just a message away. It's very possible to make lasting relationships in SL.
  10. norajulian

    How does your avatar look today ?

    So who do we have to beat up to take a photo with you too, Tati?
  11. norajulian

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Playing a dangerous game on my Alt-er Ego with graphics and taking a break from wedding photo editing for 2 seconds to edit another photo. Happy almost Labor/Labour Day to all you Americans & Canadians out there!
  12. norajulian

    Will pay for small Photoshop/texture job

    Speaking honestly, 500L may not get you what you want for such customization. The upload fees alone from 10 textures is equal to 100L. So you are essentially paying a person 40L per custom texture. You may have gotten a response, and if so that is wonderful. But, speaking from an artist’s point of view - 40L is not worth it.
  13. norajulian

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Long time no see, Forumites! I admit that I've been SO busy that I've hardly had time to swing by and read updates! I hope you are all doing lovely! Currently (desperately) trying to finish up a sim build whilst not falling asleep (maybe).
  14. norajulian

    Unfair ban from a region

    ^ This. If they have region rights, they can ban you from that sim and any other sims that they are added as region managers with the click of a button. Most people have 0 patience for spam messages, so regardless as to if it’s in their profile or not, reconsider your unprovoked IMs.
  15. norajulian

    Digital Artist Looking for Job

    All of these websites take you to.. nothing. Either deactivated accounts or an empty Flickr. Folks will need more proof, I'm afraid.