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  1. I couldn’t tell you the specific garden you went to, but the snapshot and description you provided reminds me of Elicio Ember’s store - Cerridwen’s Cauldron. The [CC] in world store is a treat in itself - lots of large, glowing plants that certainly do make noises when you touch them (or some of them do, anyway).
  2. I skimmed through it, but sadly I’ve never been much of an LOTR fan.
  3. This question just thrust me down memory lane. I originally located to SL from para-RP situations on sites like ProBoards, Livejournal, and Bboards. A bit down the road (years and an avatar) and I was missing “home” something terribly, so I stumbled into the forums here, hoping it was the same thing. It’s not, but by golly I’m here!
  4. It had been running for years, and I believe that the general explanation was that the owner needed a breather and to focus on her RL and having fun in SL. There are still others around - NGI, Legacy Adoptions, Skyview Adoptions
  5. There is an event out right now that might help show you some new stores! The Crystal Heart Event opened on June 30th.
  6. Please make sure you check the included style HUD (it’ll also help you lengthen the bangs and get rid of the accessory). A lot of hair creators are doing these style HUDs now that let you change such things.
  7. Truth’s “Lady” hair is nearly exactly like this, with options for bangs (or not) and curls (or not).
  8. Could it be this one currently at the Crystal Heart Event?
  9. So. If I get deployed for over a year, I should plan on shutting everything down or lose my funds that I might rack up... because it will get eaten? Nice. *makes a grouch face and stares at her screen* I’m also guessing that this means that the funds that our dearly departed SL users (or those who have stores on their allotted mainland parcels who have left yet still sell items) who have had made or continue to make will be absorbed by LL? Or will this not happen since they would technically be unable to accept terms and services of Tilia? I’m curious.
  10. Their system tracks usage. With how the system works, each user has to have a balanced amount of cooking, farming, pulling water, animals, etc. If the numbers don’t stay balanced, the users are given a warning, and then a ban if they fail to follow again. It’s an interesting system, and the customer support is superb.
  11. I imagine so, HOWEVER It depends on what farming system you use and what the rules are. DFS has a strict no-bot rule, for example. It’s not fair to have bots do what everyone else is actually putting in the work for.
  12. It depends on why I’m angry. Generally, though, the anger I feel is caused by grouchiness and I take a nap if possible. I would like to think that I can hold my tongue for the most part. I step away from the situation if possible. I hit an extra gym session and sweat it out, followed by a hot shower and snuggling into my sofa with a good book. Sometimes I don’t hold my tongue, if I’m built up to it, and then people cry. I feel bad about it afterwards.
  13. Half-Deer’s cozy string lights. If you don’t like those, I believe Tarte. also has whimsical lights similar to these.
  14. Context might be helpful in order to get the response you’re wanting! Vendor pictures are quite different from portraits, as are full body shots, group shots, or candid event shots. Most photographers have a specialty or preferred “genre” of photos that they might prefer.
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