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  1. Nora is an alt in the sense that she was not the first. I have a Clarity floating around the grid somewhere, so if you see her - do send her on home. Now - this avatar is also my business account, which means that although I do have my fun on the forums, I strive to be as professional as possible. I also regularly get slammed with IMs, and sometimes you just want to log into SL and relax. Without it, SL seems more like a chore than anything. Hence the other avatar. Am I hiding? I love my clients, but you bet! And that’s okay! I’d have lost what little marbles I have left without doing so. I also have a male alt for photography pose assist. He is totally meshed out, and works well as a Ken Doll. Live your best SL
  2. It's in the mainstore here
  3. ToscaJarvis is the legacy name of the OP. All forum posts pop up as under the in-world name. If you cannot find it, it’s quite possible that the OP has public search turned off for their profile, and finding them would indeed be a little difficult.
  4. The equivalent that you would pay somebody to build ^^^ for you in a month is the equivalent of your salary in 12 hours of your chosen line of work. I have concern but I wish you fortune. I’m just not sure that this was thought out too well.
  5. Everything you’ve seen on TV is true. We are all hookers. You are, too. There simply isn’t anything else to do in SL. Amiright?
  6. We just got the thread back and you’re swerving! Vacuum the chips later - eyes on the road! I have, just now, decided that my pet peeve is people who are late. More specifically, late to sleeping. I might be my own pet peeve.
  7. I’m honestly the worst at maintaining friendships, primarily because I’m the type of person who keeps my circle relatively small, and my introversion is far enough that I rarely reach out first. I do work, mostly, and because of that my “friendships” are usually business-based. A personal annoyance of mine are folks who ask for discounts simply because they add me to their friend’s list to make scheduling easier. Don’t get me wrong - I’m happy to gift my friends photos or landscaping or whatever I can provide, and often do such things for those who keep in contact, but to add me as a friend and then ask for a discount on a service that I’ve been told I should charge higher for anyway.. and then to yell at me afterwards is... confusing. Perhaps this is my fault for not cleaning better. 🥴 Also, the dreaded “hi” word. A waste of an open IM. You darling person, why not tack another sentence on there? “Hi” is so little to go on. Lastly: adding to your list and then mass TPing. Constantly. With no other interactions. There is <0 to go off of with that .
  8. I don’t have a BFF Jill, nor does she get her own pic. People don’t need to post anything in their profiles to socialize or to have people that are important to them. Also, picks aren’t endless - what if you just have more Important Peopke than there are slots in the machine? I see PLENTY of avatars of all genders and species who have various picks in their profile dedicated to people, but.. it’s their SL, so. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hate to be the Lisa Logical here, but it IS quite possible for people to become friends without any romantic anything.
  9. For skins: More More, Pity Party, momochuu, mudskin, Enfer Sombre. For clothes: Boys to the Bone, CLBlue, krankhaus. Definitely V tech for the cut chest, although I’ve seen some successful Jake bodies pull off the fem look, too!
  10. I’m not going to lie, I looked at the announcement and said aloud “Huh. Something is kind of different.. it’s more blue?” But I didn’t really notice it. Oops!
  11. It’s definitely not just the forums, I’m afraid. 😕 I’m inclined to share an opinion with @Orwar - my theory is the isolation status that many of us are dealing with. It’s happening across the grid (and on my Facebook from non-SL friends). I’ve taken to calling it the QuarantineCrazy, and thus take everything with a grain of salt and a hot potato (because I love hot potatoes). They don’t REALLY mean it, Little. They’re just cranky. *runs off to call and see if her takeout restaurant is open yet*
  12. It likely is Enfer Sombre.
  13. Most clubs use a platform slightly elevated higher than the main dance area. Said DJ usually stands and does not actually send his or her avatar DJing (or DJaning). If you would like a booth as part of your overall club vibe, yes, invest. “The same question applies to the DJ tip jar? Would you say most have their own that they use or should I have one in my club as will for the dancers I hire?“ This depends on your own policy, and again, the vibes you want to give off - if everything should match, will you take a portion of the tips, etc. “Aside from basic questions like scheduling, making sure the DJ can off the music genres I'm looking for, if they take requests, if they can host, pay expectations, etc. is there anything else you would recommend I ask in my DJ application?“ “Etc” covers quite a bit. Consider if you will use your own club stream or if you’ll require DJs to pay for their own. Are voiceovers important to you? “I've read about some DJs who take advantage of new club owners and price gauge them. Any advice on how to spot red flags with potential staff?” I don’t fully understand this query, since it doesn’t seem like you’ll be hiring live singers. Set a standard salary? Or do tips only? “Since my club is niche, how awkward do you think it would be for me to reach out to my neighbor goth clubs just to give a friendly hello?” I think this depends on your personality, social skills, and overall grasping definition of what is “awkward.” As an introvert, I wouldn’t. But then again - I likely wouldn’t be opening up a club either, so take that with a grain of salt. “I'm not looking to make a profit off my club; I just want to create a unique” With clubs being dime-a-dozen in SL, unique is hard to come by, if not impossible. However, if you go into it understanding that it is likely more trouble than it may be worth it, the better off you’ll be! Best wishes!
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