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  1. I’ve said this in other threads before, for various reasons: Man, Woman, Both, or dancing bear - I really don’t care what gender you are behind the avatar. This social platform is about making connections, and I don’t think gender plays a part in that at all. I do have a male alt for photography purposes, but my main(s) are female. I’m not in SL for romantic purposes, either.
  2. I’m late to the fiesta, but I too, would advise a bot that gives warning on-landing at a designated tp routing point that warns of private rentals with CLEAR signs. There are several blogger/landscaped regions these days with homes that are set up to go inside and wander, complete with the picket fence. I would probably go inside to look and appreciate the interior decorating myself, if I didn’t get a warning. It seems rude to do otherwise when you assume that hours were taken on the entire region to be appreciated, and yet you let a fence stop you from appreciating it. I’ve gotten
  3. I honestly really need this thread. This year has been so incredibly painful. *insert depressing list of depressing things that have happened because I deleted it* So after all that mess, it’s honestly hard to say what Christmas will bring. I wish I’d put the tree out sooner so the baby cat could have played under it one last time, and now I’m not sure if I can bring myself to put it up at all.. so we’ll see. My partner and I cannot and will not be traveling to see family, due to restrictions placed by our jobs. I’m hoping come the end of the month, I can at least find the heart to li
  4. I have concerns! What about the rising trend of anatomical females who wear male attachments? The body weight argument may or may not work here, depending on the needs of the OP. 😉 Also, women can be some scripty, laggy folk, particularly on parcels for AFK dolls, where there is a vending machine full of options as to what you can do with somebody who has scripted themselves up in order to provide pleasure. And as was mentioned before, some of these ladies take the circus on the road, fully charged, all-the-options to various shopping events. And THEN all the outfit ch
  5. As we are all here as fellow residents, I’m not sure that here is the best way to seek exact clarification. My understanding has always been that child avatars are technically allowed on any region, but should NEVER be involved in anything sexual (for obvious moral reasons). There are plenty of “kids clubs” and events with families involved in which I’ve seen child avatars host and DJ alike. As long as the behavior in your club isn’t anything questionable and doesn’t toe the line of discomfort, I can’t see how there should be any SL TOS issues. That being said, many folks in SL are
  6. Welcome to the forums! Requesting clarification: are you seeking landscaping and decor? The rental of a meal/server system? Is this an attempt to hire somebody to Roleplay as the “server”? Or a combination of all the above? If active participation in the event is required, how long do you expect the server to be there?
  7. Oh, I was actually asking the name of the creator of the build itself so I could rezz it out in my own place - I know I have that one... but! I ran over and found it. Also, there are actually 3 or 4 left!
  8. I suppose this makes me a something else, because as much as I like my friends in this virtual world, I still tend to trust the side of me that yells about trusting strange people on the internet.. and don’t think I’d give my actual address out. My friendships here DO matter, but most of my friends have never seen my RL face, or know my actual habits, so there is still something technically superficial about it, I suppose. Not that you shouldn’t do what you’re comfortable with, but.. I sleep and things at my address.
  9. Does my premium home count because that was quite a feat. Haha. I’m definitely up for this! Could I bother you for a PM on the creator info for the house build in the box, for authenticity’s sake? If not, I’ll pop over when I’m online tomorrow and see what info I can dig up. *rubs hands together*
  10. K&S has an “Overly Attached” HUD (1&2) that gives you various options on how to cling to each other while in an area that allows scripts. It won’t meet your hands together, but you can climb up your partner’s back like a monkey and walk around that way, so that’s cute.
  11. It depends on you, I suppose. If my partner and I had rented the parcel specifically so the other person could live there with me, probably. If the other person “moved into” my parcel, it would be nice if they shared. But there are also those who expect the more dominant personality in the relationship to pay the tier. My suggestion: talk it out with your person, for each relationship is different
  12. Depends on their comfort level. My SL mom is male behind the monitor and will voice (does not use a morpher) and RP daily. It doesn’t bother me a bit. RL gender is a non-issue with this particular user. 😉
  13. Magika’s Faye hair is the one that immediately comes to my mind that might fit your requirement. It is resizeable, as I’ve used it on a small avatar before.
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