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  1. norajulian

    "Fake child" (avatars) and adult lands

    Again, though, most of the kid community DOES avoid adult regions regardless. As a very active member of this community, albeit not as a child myself, the troublemakers or the ‘ugly trolls’ are usually the ones who pop in. The biggest issue that arises when the community gets frustrated is when a store that has PG furniture is located on adult land that they aren’t allowed at. This is a very rare occasion, but sometimes happens. More often than not, the frustration is when the land is MODERATE and bans child avatars out of fear. This extends to clubs, shops, parks, etc. All in all, though.. your land, your rules. It is what it is.
  2. norajulian

    Linden Homes Preview

    They have modification options on a menu, much like the ONSU homes are now. Vertices and textures are optimized as well, for much less lag. Patch said that there will be more styles to come, though! They just need to launch these ones first. There ARE modern houseboat styles though. They are very much set up like these role play communities that are so popular, with a road stretching between houses and a small yard (rather than the homes taking up the entire parcel) and fences. I’m excited to see them when released - seriously considering going back to premium once more when that happens. I like this updated direction that SL is going in.
  3. norajulian

    Picture Group?

    *belatedly waves her arms and moves to find said group*
  4. norajulian

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    I think it depends on which play you are auditioning for. After all, each director will have a different idea of what your ideal troll looks like. Naturally, you’ll always find a home in a fantasy RP sim or under a bridge.
  5. norajulian

    Wedding Venue Wanted

    Hey, Rick! Check out Serendipity Weddings! Located on the region “Serendipity Cove” - for 20,000L you can get a pretty decent package and no limit to the guests you have, as long as the fit on a full sim (~99 people).
  6. norajulian


    Don’t feed them bread! It expands their stomachs! Wait. I think that might be ducks.
  7. norajulian

    Invisible Clothes?! Help please

    It sounds like you aren’t rezzing things in properly. Try relogging on a relatively empty sim or into a skybox. Worse comes to worse, you can try clearing cache but I hate recommending that to people as you will run slower for a few days as your system recaches all the things.
  8. norajulian

    Small house with 3-4 rooms

    Adding a second recommendation for Convair. X534674446
  9. norajulian

    Anyone yet tried to "Marie Kondo" their inventory?

    I have mine separated by groups, family groups, doubles, singles (male, female, boudoir, and kids), backgrounds, and propped poses. I top it by having sample photos of each taken and labeled in my Dropbox so I can see an easy preview. My poses are easier to organize because I do have SO many and because I do wedding and event photography on top of my personal studios, so they kind of organize themselves.
  10. norajulian

    Anyone yet tried to "Marie Kondo" their inventory?

    90,000 items, and the only thing I have organized are my poses. I would LOVE to organize it, however my crazy brain gets so stressed out because I can’t decide if I want to sort by creator, by color, by type of object, etc. I landscape, decorate, build (ish), and do photography on top of all the skins, shapes, and clothes I have so I really just need somebody to decide for me because I’m so stressed about the organization details that I can’t get past that to actually do the thing.
  11. norajulian

    Need feedback on my new avatar

    Unclench, plz. For proportion judgement, sitting really doesn’t help us. Also, you’re heavily clothed and wearing layers that also doesn’t help. The singular angle ALSO doesn’t help. It was a joke. You asked about dating which DOES include butts and now you’ve ruined my fun. You aren’t my flavor anyway, tiger.
  12. norajulian

    Need feedback on my new avatar

    I’m going to need to see a butt photo before answering these questions.
  13. norajulian

    Voice or Text?

    I honestly don’t mind either way. I’m surprised that so many commenters have said text, but I suppose that is to be expected in a text forum. 😉 As a photographer, I do catch myself going on voice to speak to my clients as I tune camera angles and windlights to an exact. I talk to them during so that they don’t stand up before I’m completed, and it’s so much easier to hop in voice to explain what’s going on rather than stop doing what I’m doing to apologize to my client for taking a specific amount of time... also wasting more time by typing. I also explain (on voice) wedding walks and such during rehearsals because you tend to have 6+ people who might type over you in local as you try do what you’re paid to do. i certainly don’t voice much, though. Perhaps it’s because I don’t game in other games? It doesn’t bother me to hear voice or to converse in text.
  14. norajulian

    i had an idea new year new me so need some help

    Oh, I acknowledged that. I’m afraid I went on a mini tangent. I hold my tongue so often that I often forget what conversations I’ve actually participated in vs the ones I’ve rolled my eyes at so hard that they take a mini vacation in Barcelona. Seriously, Quinn. Google.