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  1. I would check Pity Party or okkbye. The lips make me lean towards PP, though.
  2. The hair looks like Aura from Doux. The outfit: could honestly be from anywhere. I’d start at {ViSion} (even if it doesn’t have the same outfit) and pick whatever.
  3. Depending on what you are seeking as far as a position, there may still be a spot open for you! the old forms are taken down as our needs change, and this particular post is over a half a year old! Serendipity had an outstanding turnout for our Valentine’s Day event, and as more couples book weddings, more positions may open! Feel free to swing by the store or message us directly through the contact boards at the store on the Serendipity Cove region. 💕 -Nora [and the Management Team at Serendipity Weddings & Events]
  4. Are you using a skin applier for genus AND maitreya from the same store? You can also adjust your neck thickness in shape settings. Finally, change windlight. The line is more pronounced for some windlights and graphics settings than others, but it is okay when the sun is bright. *Utilisez-vous un applicateur de skin pour le genre ET maitreya du même magasin? Vous pouvez également ajuster l'épaisseur de votre cou dans les paramètres de forme. Enfin, changez le pare-brise. La ligne est plus prononcée pour certains pare-brise et paramètres graphiques que pour d'autres, mais elle est correcte lorsque le soleil est brillant.
  5. Turn off the neck fix on your body. Neck fixes in that regard were created for mixing non-mesh heads with mesh bodies. They are unnecessary with a mesh head and body. * Désactivez la correction du cou sur votre corps. Des corrections de nuque à cet égard ont été créées pour mélanger des têtes non maillées avec des corps maillés. Ils sont inutiles avec une tête et un corps en maille. *Google translate.
  6. @AnnieHottie38 @Selene Gregoire - In this instance, I’m sure discrimination isn’t what is meant. However, all people in a relationship together must make decisions that benefit the relationship in compromises and others. The more people you have, the more important communication is. If you were to join a couple that did voice a lot, would you not feel left out? To avoid hurt feelings of anyone who might want to come in, the couple had laid down an incredibly small lists of requirements that they have decided together would most benefit their relationship and the relationship they are looking for through adding a third partner. Please don’t take everything personally. It is hard to understand what folks mean through reading, but it also doesn’t sound like this is a type of relationship that would benefit either of you because of how these partners communicate and you should be able to feel on even ground. ❤️ Be at peace.
  7. Do you have a particular plot size you’re looking to fit? Are you wanting just a solid single room box, or multiple rooms? Is there a land impact limit you’d like to stick to? What style are you looking for? Modern? Cozy eclectic? Grungy? Brick and mortar?
  8. Ah, SL love. Short and tragic that it may be sometimes.. Go to the following page: https://secondlife.com/my/account/partners.php? Check the box and then click "Submit". Your ex-partner will be notified via email. You will be charged L$25. Ceremony burning parties cost extra. 😉
  9. It could also be that you ran out of attachment spaces, whatever it might be that you are wearing. Try removing a shoe and see if that helps.
  10. Because it is a temporary 1 month position, it might be helpful if you state the beginning and end of the time of employment. 🙂
  11. I love Ardent Poses, HERA, & Purple Poses for this reason. I believe OoO might have some as well, but she had her in-world store closed for remodel the last I saw. -Extra- would be another good one. Honestly, just search for couples poses in MP, click in the animation and then “posed” and start scrolling. There are SO many options. (I specialize in wedding and event photography so a lot of my poses are “normal”) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Extra-Cozy-Snuggles/15705549 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ardent-Poses-Forever-Bento/16182527 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ardent-Poses-Classic/15128412 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/oOo-Studio-Together-Two/17733191 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HERA-Christmas-Wishes-Couples-Bento-Pose-Includes-Prop/16200224 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PURPLE-POSES-Couple-249/4969506
  12. norajulian


    Heaux by Sorcha Diavolo. Her MP is good but you can see and buy individual colors at her in world store. They are omega and line up perfectly with Genus eyes for appliers. Her Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125398125@N03/
  13. I’d also add Convair to this list (the above mentioned are also great). Convair runs smaller, but I always enlarge them just a bit. Nomad MIGHT have something as well.
  14. 1. I’m assuming this is only ONE region, so if it is not, this may not be applicable. However, what are you doing that requires that much staff? Will your income support the pay of that many people? For example - I have worked in management in a few multi-region (20-30) RP communities over the years, and even with those large amounts, the management staff was less than 10 people. More than that was unnecessary. I have friends who work very close to some popular designers who are CONSTANTLY busy, and their staff numbers less than 5. 2. Again, this depends on what jobs they’ll be going - what is involved and what is necessary. 3. This also depends on what job they are fulfilling. I will say, though, that monthly pay (and sometimes weekly), takes a LOT of trust from both you as the employer, and the employee. Unless you have a standing long term relationship with somebody, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody who will automatically trust you to pay them monthly and/or be trustworthy enough not to take the cash and run. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t hire as a daily or weekly pay and then work your way up, but again, that’s establishing a relationship. Best wishes.
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