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  1. I’d also add Convair to this list (the above mentioned are also great). Convair runs smaller, but I always enlarge them just a bit. Nomad MIGHT have something as well.
  2. 1. I’m assuming this is only ONE region, so if it is not, this may not be applicable. However, what are you doing that requires that much staff? Will your income support the pay of that many people? For example - I have worked in management in a few multi-region (20-30) RP communities over the years, and even with those large amounts, the management staff was less than 10 people. More than that was unnecessary. I have friends who work very close to some popular designers who are CONSTANTLY busy, and their staff numbers less than 5. 2. Again, this depends on what jobs they’ll be going - what is involved and what is necessary. 3. This also depends on what job they are fulfilling. I will say, though, that monthly pay (and sometimes weekly), takes a LOT of trust from both you as the employer, and the employee. Unless you have a standing long term relationship with somebody, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody who will automatically trust you to pay them monthly and/or be trustworthy enough not to take the cash and run. This isn’t to say that you couldn’t hire as a daily or weekly pay and then work your way up, but again, that’s establishing a relationship. Best wishes.
  3. DRD has some castles in gachas, but they also have trade-in machines so you can get them copiable as long as you don’t open them first. Otherwise, I might just suggest going to a place like Jammin and build your own.
  4. There aren’t too many skin places (from what I’ve seen) that make skins with makeup anymore, unless they’re selling gachas. Is there a type of tone you’re looking for? Mudskin is a good choice. Deetalez, Boat-Aom, Insol, ItGirls, Glam Affair, and Letre might be another few options for you.
  5. You really wouldn’t have survived back in the old day of SL when the game was down for days. Patience - they’re only human.
  6. Might I suggest full body photos? Not that your face isn’t lovely, but I don’t see anything “bimbo” or “plastic” exaggerations in the headshots.
  7. If you’d like an understanding of Blender, I strongly suggest looking into Blender Benders. They have classes.
  8. When I was a kid, I was a sucker for Nerds ropes. There’s just something satisfying about a crunchy later wrapped around a gummy layer. Nowadays I train so much at the gym that I eat healthy to match so that I’m not wasting my efforts. I’ll just take an Apple, please.
  9. It’d also possible that you accidentally triggered movelock (depending on how tight the rubber band is). You can click it by selecting Avatar → Movement → Move Lock. It’ll tell you in local if it’s on or off. Obviously if it’s on after you trigger it, that wasn’t it and you’ll want to undo it by selecting the same options.
  10. Are you looking for auto adjust male vs female? Or just looking for a rezzer that will rezz out couples dance poses according to the height of the avatar who clicked on the ball to begin with? As as far as I know, the former doesn’t exist, but it’s easy enough in this day and age to adjust using hover height. As far as the later, i utilize the hybrid dance ball system and have added in my own couples (and singles) dances.
  11. Probably will be at the door in RL, passing out candy to children.
  12. I get far too many IMs to stay logged in at this point, and far too many IMers (clients) who don’t read my profile or autoresponses. I am afk on another screen working often, but I do have my headset on to hear the notifications. I recall a time I accidentally didn’t finalize the exit screen by verifying, ran off to get groceries, and came back to this entire furious typing adventure that somebody had with themselves in my IM box because I wasn’t responding. The dialogue was rather interesting, but had far more caps in it that I would have liked, especially considering that I did have the auto response up saying that I might be busy, so if I don’t respond, please be calm. This person had begun their messages by requesting a photo appointment, and ended it with a string of swear words about how I was “too good for the little people.” Needless to say, they weren’t calm. But I still got my organic apples, and they did get their photo after I explained my need to eat.
  13. Not really. Unfortunately that’s the risk of purchasing gachas from a reseller - there’s always the chance that somebody did something they shouldn’t have in order to hurt you. You can try flagging items in the store, but even still.. Better luck next time!
  14. We need the link to follow you! Haha.
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