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  1. - Nora is a workaholic, and therefore constantly receiving IMs when she is online and sometimes ya girl needs a break. -photography partners. I can be my own boyfriend. 😛 - I’m almost ashamed to admit that I get in some epic RP scenarios with myself, often times confusing the marbles out of passerby - Exploration without interruptions
  2. Do you have a preference on ethnicity? Deetalez, Letre, The Skinnery, and Insol are all skins that have textures that are more realistic if you’re only looking for new skins.
  3. I’ve always had a fancy to the Casperlet system, personally. It works pretty well, especially when you have multiple boxes on multiple regions, and shows you a “map” of the locations. You can set group invites, prices, prim counts, privacy, etc.
  4. This is one of those ethical type scenarios where there is no wrong or right answer. Some people are jerks. Others are not.
  5. I’m overdue for some flossing, anyway. I’m not really sure why anyone is acting surprised. They DID warn us. I hope everyone got their bread and milk from the grocers! Hopefully during this, SL will realize how bad of an idea EEP is. One can only hope.
  6. Hey, darlin! I do! ❤️ You can message me here or in-world if you’d like, although I won’t be able to log in for another few hours yet. My Flickr link is below in my signature, and can also be found on my profile.
  7. Fixed landing points are acceptable to me because I understand the reasoning. Teleport routing, however... *shakes fist in air*
  8. Modulus, Doux, Stealthic. Check out Male focused events for more ideas (although limited because being a man in SL is tough).
  9. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/billing-r11/Section_.7.2#Section__3
  10. Ahhhhh. Convenient. 😉 I thought we were discussing retiring items? These are questions that must be asked! You opened up the floor to discussion, so I am asking questions. BUT if they retire items after so long, how would the name get out there? What if everyone that buys the gacha just rezzes it on their land and leaves it there? What if they sell it (mind you, the seller would make the big money, NOT the creator) and then the person who buys it leaves it in their inventory or leaves SL? How would that get the name out there? Again (again): How would you implement this?
  11. So you think it is a good idea to have mod copy items, but you also want things retired, so then those 50 people would be the only people to have the item? You didn’t answer the rest of my questions. 😛 How would you implement this? Why would creators be willing to STOP selling their items after three months - what is in it for them? SL changes so quickly with prim/mesh/Rigged/animesh/land impact.... it might NOT sell years down the line, regardless as to it’s rarity. SL is not like RL in that regard. I just cleared out nearly all my non mesh items from my inventory just last week because of the textures being outdated, land impact, etc. SL is very much about the here and now.
  12. A few things: How would you implement this? Secondlife is essentially user-run. The users came up with the gacha idea, not LL. Linden Lab does not have a rule about gacha, although they did create the gacha section on the marketplace after gacha didn’t die out after the first few years. I suppose I’m still confused over your idea of retirement. I often don’t stumble into some things created until years later and I will purchase them. Not all gachas are made for events - some are honestly just store releases. There are so many creative people pumping out items today and my RL takes priority so three months may not be enough time for me to hop around and find ALL the stores. I often stumble into stores I’ve never seen before, and I’ve been in SL for twelve years. New, creative people are joining the market every day. I’m confused by the bulletin board idea. Why post something up that is no longer being sold? Why would a creator make something that they can only sell for three months? And if by this, you wish to have the item sold as copy.. why would people buy the original gachas if they know that it would be posted in three months as copiable? Would they not wait until then? And even if the terminal is used... again.. why would a creator put work into something that they can’t sell in three months? Unfortunately, RL markets and SL markets are SLIGHTLY different. If these gachas were an oligopoly system or even a competitive monopoly, perhaps. But most stores in SL are in the pure competition market - ANYONE can join in with no barriers to entry. This is why prices remain the same (generally) across most gachas, with them at 50-100L a pull. Again - how would this be implemented?
  13. This is a bug that has been occurring for some time and why I’m hesitant to purchase no copy items. As far as the empty box - she probably sold it empty, I’m afraid. This does happen and is a risk we take. Hopefully the seller does pay you back!
  14. Some content creators make enough to support themselves in that type of regard. I have also seen store managers make that much... aside from that, I can’t say.
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