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  1. norajulian

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Why have one when you can have two? Your desperation matches your eyes, as I always say... or I said this once, anyway.
  2. norajulian

    Lesbians Anyone????

    I’ll take two, please.
  3. norajulian

    Makeup Never Fully Rendering

    Unfortunately, I think this is just the nature of the beast, so to speak, with applier textures because you’re texturing an object on top of the (albeit invisible) avatar. I have this issue when taking photos of my clients, and what I do to speed it up is edit (highlighting) the head and then releasing it a couple of times. It seems to prioritize the texture loading.
  4. norajulian

    naming threads with avatar name

    Well I put two of you on my feet this morning. 🤪
  5. norajulian

    naming threads with avatar name

    I’ve legitimately been getting angry with these posts lately. At first it was amusement, followed by frustration, followed by annoyance, and now I just want to put dirty socks on all their noses. ... Srsly? I never would have guessed your name, friend! If you really wanted assistance, you’d give me your address. 😛 I have so many fruitcakes to deliver!
  6. Happy Tuesday! *drowns her third cup of coffee for the day*
  7. norajulian

    deleted post

    Oh, I hope there will be marshmallows.
  8. norajulian

    One night stand

    They can't come back if you ban them from your parcel Imagine all the men bouncing off your.. parcel lines.
  9. norajulian

    How does your avatar look today ?

    It's been a while since I've visited one of my favorite creepy sims. ♥ Everwinter.
  10. norajulian


    PayPal linked.
  11. norajulian

    Best laptop for SL. Don’t have desktop room.

    It might help you get a few more responses if you put a budget
  12. norajulian

    Looking for a job

    You respond here with talents you have. what are you good at? What specific roles do you think you would do best in? Are you organized? Do you have good people skills?
  13. norajulian


    The google account is probably related to scheduling & google doc forms that clients must fill out, is my guess. Punch carefully!
  14. norajulian

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    You should always worry about the future of humanity, assuming you have any interest in what happens after you leave this great pixel land for greater HD pastures. Perhaps it has to do with laziness? Interactive satisfaction that takes no interaction on the user’s end? Perhaps the ability to do some good-will humping without the awkwardness of the partner asking for lindens? *mildly wonders if this should go in the adult section*
  15. The memorial park was opened that day as a place to remember users who have passed on in RL. I haven’t been in a long while, but it used to be very soothing for those of us who have lost others.