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  1. Stockholm&Lima has some same-sex animations in some of their furniture - just make sure get you demo!
  2. I believe VCO still makes skins, although it’s been a while since I’ve been around that general area. I would suggest looking at Enfer Sombre or Mudskin.
  3. I am still active in Bloodlines (I know, I know) and hanging with my family there. That in itself comes with activities - events, exploring, game nights, etc. We go bowling, we play bingo, speedbump, greedy, all sorts of other things. The other day we went zombie hunting (I’m terrible). I also have friends that are in motorcycle clubs, so they’ll invite me to go out “riding” every once a and a while - it’s amazing how many sims there are with tracks that have been modified to climb all the way up to 4000m (thank goodness for safety bumpers). Aside from that - I landscape, do photography, and help put together Secondlife weddings for people. The sky is the limit on SL - you just have to leave your skybox and wander!
  4. If you’re specifically looking for an Asian skin, try Mudskin as well. Another job that has youngerish skins (although not Asian) is Okkbye.
  5. When all else fails, reset to test avatar and start over again.
  6. Try checking places like Alirium or HPMD. It really depends on what she wants in her willow trees, though.
  7. I am the alt of an alt, who has become the main.. of sorts. I’ve been in SL for close to 14 years and apparently I had commitment issues in my younger years. 1) Me. The business alt. The professional alt. The 24/7 workhorse who is capped with messages the moment she logs in. Always happily landscaping, taking photos, planning weddings, editing photos, building wedding venues, creating poses. 2) A toddleedoo child - inactive. Updated. Sometimes logged in for photoshoots, flowergirl usage if necessary. 3) An adult female. Updated. The fun one. Spending time dancing with friends, or just standing at info hubs chuckling at trolls. A dual-main, if you will, although this really just means that I’m on her secondary to most. I will say that a recent self-imposed break from Nora has me refamiliarize myself with her. 4) An adult male - inactive. Updated. Used mostly for photos, or if I go somewhere with slow dancing that requires a date, and then I’ll bring myself sometime. 5) An adult female. Mostly inactive, but updated and honestly my favorite avatar creation to date. She was made with a group of friends who were making their own. All alts were made with pun names, and we log into them when we need a break.
  8. But.. isn’t that just one of the default starter avatars? I’m confused. What are you hiring for?
  9. Open. I like dancing and spending time with a partner. I don’t do the pixel boinking thing, nor the nudity thing. It’s more of a friendship romance thing than anything, I suppose.
  10. The thing about mesh heads is that honestly most made these days can be modified to some extent, and it’s really the skin that makes the difference. Yes, it’s highly likely that skin you’re using now did not come with a mesh head equivalent. That being said, Catwa and Akeruka both have Asian-inspired heads. I can’t really say much about the others because I haven’t been to those lately. It might be easier to find a demo skin FIRST- this way you can purchase the demo matching head and go from there once you find a look you are happy with. For skins, I would suggest looking at Reon Hausen, Mudskin, Sessions, itGirls, and Pumec.
  11. Hey, I’m not 9 feet tall and 75% leg anymore, I’ll have you know! 😛
  12. Leave a trail of chocolates leading to a strawberry daiquiri. .. but don’t have expectations. I really just want a daiquiri.
  13. I prefer somebody who understands that I’m a workaholic. Somebody who makes me laugh, occasionally attempts to send me to bed when I’ve not slept (due to the aforementioned working), and honestly somebody who doesn’t annoy the shiitake out of me. Then again, I don’t do the whole pixeling thing, and I’m not doing RL, so that narrows it down a bit. 😛 I also don’t mind not having anyone either, so.
  14. Wait, we can set picks to friends only? What is this?
  15. Ah, to answer that question, we must know what kind of role play you’re interested it. There are numerous locations.. from college life to starships, from farming to magical forests.. there are so many things to do, but you’ll need to narrow it down!
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