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  1. AnnistynSL

    What are you listening right know.

    I got engaged RL a month ago, so now I have to listen to this music (it's old and dutch)
  2. AnnistynSL

    Making a good Asian male avatar

    Perhaps Iki gave the best answer. I found it at '3'<BMB>, just had a look but it;s gone. Sorry, but it has been a few months since you asked.
  3. AnnistynSL

    Profile Pic

    Just go to my.secondlife and use settings. Here you can change the profile picture, and no need to pay for that. https://my.secondlife.com/settings/profile
  4. AnnistynSL

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I don't do hunts, I just have to wait a long time before the letter A shows up.
  5. AnnistynSL

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Posted this outfit also. I was really wondering why not someone else used it, because it is free. Awesome pic.
  6. AnnistynSL

    sl not loging in

    General Maintenance to Second Life ServicesJan 9, 08:00-11:00 PST We will be performing scheduled maintenance on the base services for Second Life. During this time you may notice slower than normal load times as well as issues with login and billing services. We appreciate your patience while we continue to perform upgrades and maintenance.
  7. AnnistynSL

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Then one of these should work :-)
  8. AnnistynSL

    Virtual Reality Vs. Real Reality

    Isn't this the original artist? reaction to your blog. https://eranfowler.deviantart.com/art/Reality-1024x768-25788560
  9. AnnistynSL

    Need help about my look

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Minnaloushe/216/235/21 Did you try Yum Yum? They have hairs you could use under a hoodie I think
  10. AnnistynSL

    Natural AO

    I do not agree. But that must be personal.
  11. AnnistynSL

    Natural AO

    Hahaha, yes that one.
  12. AnnistynSL

    Natural AO

    I gave you an alternative. That's an AO, and it looks good. Find the walk and stand you want, you like. That is the most important.
  13. AnnistynSL

    Natural AO

    I can understand why people buy poses, but when they buy an AO for just standing, I really don't understand. Funniest things about AO's are those guys who walk really tough. Can't find a gif to show it to you, but I know everybody seen one. It's funny.... and looks stupid.