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  1. Would be nice if people told on the forums if everything worked out ok
  2. Been offline for a while because my laptop didn't like SL a lot. Deleted my alt, and everything is gone now. I would be so good at SL if it was
  3. Classes were boring today
  4. Skin 1 Linden, the rest free
  5. I can repost 99% of the pics I posted in the Vanity and How -does-your-avatar-look-today threads.
  6. They all came back. My personal swamp :-)
  7. Thank you all for the anwers. My laptop died on me playing Sl..... and it is not even a game But I spend my last Linden on a tip. Didn't mean it in a bad way. I forgot to tell people the first time I was on SL I spend a lot of money on SL. Years later as a mother, I don't want to do that. But I still want to look good, even without Mesh :-) That's why I asked. Have fun all.
  8. I am going to give that Linden to the first place I see with a tipjar. ...and I was hoping for a Mesh-head.... Logging in
  9. I did, Wasn't much but I gave a place I got a lot of freebies( feels like steeling sometimes when you know you never going to buy anything), a tip. Was the only one i saw a tipjar, and send a notecard to the owner of the money-chair to thank her.
  10. And I am talking about the money, not your favorite Linden
  11. Maybe someone has the best idea ever. I sat on a money-chair for 1365 minutes now ( not at once). It's 1 Linden per 39 minutes.So I joined some groups you have to pay for, bought an outfit for 15 linden and other things for 1 linden each. Not going to sit on that chair anymore, I hope other people will be happy to get some free Linden, like I was. But now my question: If you had 1 Linden left to spend, what would you buy? Is there anything very special people can/should get for 1 Linden? And do you have to write Linden with a capital L?
  12. That's what I love about this forum. You start with a question about a hud, and few posts later it is about a swamp
  13. Thanks. I liked it to. Then my.secondlife worked again, I looked at all the pictures in there... Wonder why all those people don't post here, some are really awesome. Now I just keep looking for nice places to take pictures and can't find them. And if I find one, then an hour looking for the best light... Back to freebie hunting, way easier.
  14. Tried "Purge"again, no idea what that is, and they are gone. Hopefully for ever.
  15. There I thought, oops, this does not sound good. But after the "so it's a pretty odd bug" from Whirly, I thought, yes, that sounds more like me