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  1. Assuming you’re asking for suggestions and not simply rambling for fun... Follow up questions, because I’ve read the post 3x and I’m still not feeling the clarity: 1) assuming by “Alpine Cabin” you mean the 23LI one from What Next? Definitely an oldie but goodie, if you don’t. 2) What size of cabin are you looking for? One room? Three rooms? 2 bed, 2 bath? 3) You mention “primmy” but fail to mention how much LI you wish to stay under. 4) Is window tinting important to you, or was it just mentioned as part of the aforementioned (and frustration-induced) rambling?
  2. Another vote here for adding poses to your built in AO. I use breather poses with minimal movements in the fingers and legs. In addition to some of the above mentioned, I also frequent Lyrium, Go&See, Space Cadet, my own bvh creations, and others that I honestly can’t recall. My swims are from Oracul. My jumps and runs are primarily from SLC. My sits are from a variety of places, too.
  3. RVN has a follow/grab/companion HUD that has similar poses like that out at Men Only Monthly for this May round.
  4. As a side note, you might consider having somebody with a less vulgar discord name set up the invite link, as the current one is... well. Best wishes!
  5. Update: found the third one HERE!
  6. Honestly, small is pretty relative if we're comparing them to Maven and Inverse, because those houses are MONSTERS. That being said, I'll still try to suggest some smaller houses that haven't been mentioned yet: @Dorian Meredith has some lovely, low land-impact, smaller homes at her store By Dorian. NOMAD also has some low impact homes. Diamandis is another option for low-impact, modern homes, on top of the previously mentioned Trompe. You can also drive segways around here on your tours, so that's always fun.
  7. For the first: I'm almost entirely sure this one is *barberyumyum*S13 - from Barber YumYum The Second: I honestly have no idea. The bangs look similar to a pack by Yomi, and the hair has some length similar to ones at Doux, but the entire hair or partial hair could also be drawn on. The Third: VCO & Magika, and Doux (Melanie) once again, have styles that are pretty similar. I really couldn't tell you where the exact one is from, though.
  8. The top is this one from Pixicat.
  9. Most folks that I know have a catalogue of furniture that they already own, and then decorate using those items. If you don’t have much furniture yet, you probably would need to purchase, but it also means that you’d probably be eating your profits for a bit. Sale times are usually a good time to make purchases like this - Black Friday, etc. Typically you would give your client edit rights after you’re all finished. This is also another option, but as somebody who decorates myself, I’m constantly tossing out multiple side tables to compare next to sofas to see what works the be
  10. The horns are a gacha by Tentacio - cute dark horns RARE. The original post w/ credits is here.
  11. Step 1: Buy things Step 2: Declare yourself an interior designer. Step 3: Decorate. The good thing about SL is that it's a relatively open market - you can create whatever you want to create. The bad thing about SL is that it's a relatively open market and ANYONE can create what they want to create. That's all very helpful, I'm sure.
  12. As others have answered, I’ll throw in a few suggestions! I won’t use b&b because they’re no copy (unless that has changed). Akeyo, A&M Mocap, and Sync’d are a few of the stores where I got my couples dances to fill up my hybrid.
  13. WarPaint, Top1Salon, more.more. , Rotten, Pout!
  14. Have you looked at these from Sweet Thing: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sweet-Thing-Demon-Hooves-Maitreya-Legacy-Hourglass-Isis-Freya-UPDATED-FOR-LEGACY-F-Perfect-for-demon-succubus/15402675 You should be able to tint them and the leg blender to your mesh body without sacrificing too many “regular clothes” as these don’t go quite as high. perhaps these as well, although more limited in body type: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aeris-Cloven-Hooves/16225575
  15. RL: grateful for the discovery of a food truck that sells soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. SL: found a goldfish merry-go-round while driving down the mainland highways.
  16. I’m ready for this tshirt. For free. As expected.
  17. It looks like a strange render - the detailing in the hair strands don’t even appear to be photoshopped in, but rendered. Perhaps the image was used as a suggestion that “you can be anything you want to be” but all I really want to do now is play an mmo based on the movie Avatar where I don’t have to spend 13k lindens, and live my best Navi life. Where’s my new starter avatar + bow and arrow? 😭
  18. I find that I am often sullen and serious in both lives. Smiling doesn’t come naturally to me in RL either.
  19. Shower, evening. Baths make me feel like I’m soaking in my own filth. Not to say that I’m filthy, but it just seems like they defeat the purpose, you know? Evening because again with the filth thing. My OCD/Anxiety probably plays into it too with my need for a clear and concise schedule expectation. But ugh - I just can’t imagine sleeping in my own skin after a long day of doing who knows what, and just rolling under the covers like an egg roll in the crack of a sidewalk. Heebie Jeebies.
  20. It's likely that one or more of these objects had scripts running in them (I'll point fingers at the sinks) that involve the steam and/or texture changing, so when they were rezzed, for whatever reason the script cycled and boop!
  21. They shouldn’t be returnable, though, if the anchor is on the proper parcel. Unless something in land ownership capabilities has changed in the last 15 years. 😕 But I also don’t think it’s be possible to check your items in “about land” if you don’t have ownership of that parcel, or rights within the group that the parcel is deeded to. Don’t get me wrong, she’s probably a frustrating neighbor, but I also don’t consider it to be bad behavior ONLY for returning infringing items. After all - we all pay for our square meters and the Li that comes along with it.
  22. Oof! Have you tried unchecking “avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel”? It’s really something they should have done, but.. either that’s or block the object!
  23. Sorting out my new mainland area - definitely still a work in progress, but I like where it's going so far! Complete with chickens playing tennis, a taco stand, and there's some other things in the back there somewhere.
  24. Oh, folks can cam around and walk through all they want - I'm just a big fan of uniformity (I know, what the heck am I doing on Mainland). BUT! My neighbors really have nothing out, so it's mostly flatish green land all around me (of which I'm not complaining) right now. I suppose in this case, it's about controlling the view from my parcel, yet still being able to do the +/- terraforming on the ground, so I went with trees and a glass wall, some other things - still working on it so verdict is out to see if my one neighbor throws her snakes in my boot.
  25. Oh, I didn't think about autoreturn! That's an idea! I might turn up my eject time to a bit more than it currently is set, just because I don't particularly MIND if people cross through, i just don't want them necessarily living there. And of course - no TPing home - just scoot over the glass wall, if you please.
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