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  1. I just got done mowing my lawn. That's going to look weird on his charts.
  2. I heard Bill Gates was using these vaccines to implant tracking chips in us so I have been going to really weird places trying to freak him out.
  3. Think about a Canada Goose with the intelligence to outsmart you. No thanks.
  4. Corona viruses have been around for a long time and these big pharma companies have been working on Corona vaccines for decades. Adapting the genome of the SARS-CoV2 virus was an easy thing hence the seemingly fast release of the vaccine. These are just as safe as any other vaccine. Of course there will be isolated cases of side effects due to the sheer number of people getting vaccinated but I still think the side effects are better than being intubated in an ICU bed.
  5. I've had both Pfizer shots and had no side effects at all. My arm was sore after the first one but not the second.
  6. The Chalets don't really do anything for me. Neither do the stilts. I seem to like the Log Homes and the Campers the best and I even had a trad for a while.
  7. My wife tells me that in RL, if two women show up at the same party wearing the same outfit, it causes a rift in the space-time continuum. I'm not sure what happens in SL though.
  8. That's how I do it every time!
  9. Yeah, I've noticed the friends list is broken lately as well. The group list is also broken.
  10. I try to stay on top of my inventory all the time. Whenever I log in, I try to unpack and sort at least 5 things before I start doing other stuff. Last week, I went through my trash folder and purged everything as well as my notecard folder. I did have an in-world box that I had put a bunch of stuff in but I must have lost it in a move and probably purged it last week. Owell.....
  11. There is usually nobody around my moderate parcels to see all the wacked out stuff I do anyway so it's really not been a problem.
  12. I have 64 gig memory but I'm wondering if Firestorm isn't configured to use it. My internet connection is fine too. It's cable and I'm getting 250mbps download so that probably not the problem. Might just have to wait for it to propagate.
  13. I'm still waiting for the map to work in-world. In Firestorm, I still can only get a couple zoom levels before everything disappears
  14. I'm certainly glad they fixed it but I'm holding off celebrating because the last time they "fixed" it 6 months ago, it worked for about 2 weeks and was broken for 6 months after that. I'm still waiting for the map to work in-world too.
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