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  1. That's likely your gateways (router) IP. Your local IP will be something like Mine is
  2. There are several VPN networks that can be used. I can appear to be in China one minute and Texas the next if I want to.
  3. And even if people can see your IP address, that does not lead right to your house or RL name anyway. They can get the general area or perhaps the city of the DHCP server that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses for your account. That could be 100's of miles from your actual location and changes from time to time. Your ISP could possibly find out what account a certain IP was assigned to at any given time but they do not give out that kind of information without a court order.
  4. This one is in adult land and it's like the wild west out here. Need an armed guard at the gate....
  5. Are you talking about terraforming the land so it's flat or has mountains? Homesteads are on private estates and the estate owner may or may not allow you terraforming rights. Or, are you talking about just creating a winter scene with trees and rocks and stuff? I was just playing around with some stuff I had in inventory and created this on a parcel I have. I had picked up a little winter scene as a gift and wanted to use it so I put it down in the middle and started putting winter trees I got from the Marketplace. As you can see, it's not on snow land so I used a flat
  6. You can rent parcels of land on the mainland or private estates from land owners without being a premium member. Depending on the size you need and how much the rent is, that might be a cheaper option that paying for the premium membership. That's something to consider at least.
  7. I like the new homes that Inverse has. Integrated security, radio, and weather systems. It comes in a furnished and unfurnished version. Here is my favorite cabin: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/inVerse-MESH-GSTAAD-full-furnished-cottage-cabin-seasonal-mesh-house/6615591
  8. The Christmas decorations can be removed and I can also rez an unfurnished version if you prefer.
  9. Here is a nice cozy fully furnished cabin in the snow lands. Decorated for Christmas, this nice little cabin will get you in the holiday spirit. The house controller has a built in security system, a radio that you can add your own stations to, ( I added a Christmas music station) window, door and weather controls. There are 50 LI (prims) left for you to use. $250L per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thunberg/235/177/114
  10. Somebodies wall tapestries. They say "World of Whorecraft"....LOL
  11. Ran across this car 137 meters in the air. Odd place to park your car. I was near an airport and there were all manner of flying craft hovering about but this car seemed out of place. What odd things have you seen?
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