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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maclane/208/146/21 Fully furnished beach house for rent.. $350L per week with 200 prims for you to add decorations. I can also rez an unfurnished version if you want to furnish it yourself. You also have access to 1 boat slip at my marina next door with protected water access and access to the sea. Contact tt120 resident if you have questions. If you would rather use your own house, I can remove the one that is there.
  2. Being the typical shallow guy, I am initially attracted to the look of an avatar. I will then look at the profile to see what that person has put there. Sometimes there is an interesting tidbit in there and I may say hi and something about that. People generally like to talk about themselves so that can be a good ice breaker. That being said, the conversation that follows tells me more and quickly will overshadow the looks. I usually seek out the less mainstream looking people because that usually implies a sense of humor which is important.
  3. TT120

    Skin Questions

    Yeah I was able to see it but I had to look hard, your hair was covering most of it. This was before you got the new skin though.
  4. TT120

    Skin Questions

    Did you finally get it to match Pearl? I think I'm going to use a different skin and put the new appliers on that skin so the old outfits still have the old skin and appliers.
  5. ^^^ Risky click of the day..... It's two chicks....
  6. Here's a twist, why not let a male dress a female how he would like her and let her dress him how she would like him?
  7. I organize by type as well. I have a folder for the different types of items. For example. I have a folder called Furniture and under that, I have the different types of furniture it is, like Bedroom. Under that I have things like Beds, bedroom sets, nightstands and so on. In each of those folders I have a folder called Boxed and that is where I put the boxed item as a backup. For example, I just bought a new bed so I put the boxed version in "Furniture\bedroom\beds\boxed" and the unpacked bed in "Furniture\bedroom\beds" I do the same with clothes, body parts (heads, skins, hair, etc), building materials, and so on. I have favorite clothes or things I wear and take off frequently in the favorites folder for quick access.
  8. I pretty much always do. I have a good active imagination though and I let it take over. Plus, being a guy, it's probably easier for me to get excited than it is for women. Guys are visually oriented and I'm no different. I'm new to RP so I'm still learning how to manage that.
  9. Here's my log cabin. I love this place
  10. I just rented a parcel for a week, threw down some forest trees, tent, campfire, ice chest with beer, and a couple camp chairs. It was pretty cool.
  11. Why does an elephant paint his toenails red? So he can hide in a strawberry patch. Ever seen an elephant in a strawberry patch? It works doesn't it?
  12. I'm firmly in the over 50 bracket but my mental age is much younger. I heard somewhere that if you haven't grown up by the time you hit 50, then you don't have to. Wise words to live by.
  13. I was wondering about that. They do seem a bit short. I'll have to work on that...LOL
  14. Ok, I think I got the right images this time. This is after a month of trial and error and a really steep learning curve. These avatars are really confusing. I think I got it where I want it now though.
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