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  1. Yeah, you can't name the scammers. LL wants to make sure scammers are well protected so they can continue to scam anyone they can.
  2. My avi works out more than I do in RL but the personality is the same. I am just as outgoing in RL and can make friends just as easily.
  3. I just need a map I can zoom out on to get a bigger view. I don't really care about mesh rendering. Seems like a stupid thing to do to add features to a broken map. Fix the map first then add crap to it....sheesh....This is second grade stuff here guys......
  4. They said the same thing as they said months ago. "It's broken, we're working on it but don't know when it will be fixed"
  5. We were told that they had their best coder working on it but I'm pretty sure that was a lie to shut us up. Nothing is being done so don't hold your breath. I can't navigate without it...Exploring is all but impossible. Looks like it's time to look at other games....
  6. I was in Google Earth yesterday and kept trying to pan the camera around with ctrl-alt-mouse. Then I remembered that it doesn't work that way. 2 minutes later, I'm trying it again....sheesh.
  7. Even my alts reject my friend requests.
  8. Driving home from work yesterday, I saw a flat square parcel for sale along a main road and I thought that it looked about the size of a 1024 plot, 32 x 32 meters and flat. 1x protected roadside mainland plot. I mentally went over my inventory thinking which house would fit there and how I could buy it without increasing my tier.....SMH.
  9. First of all, none of us here are employees of Linden Labs so there isn't much we can do to help. I would try to remove your credit card info or, probably a better idea, contact customer service.
  10. I would see it as an opportunity. If her friend is female, then that's an opportunity for me to have a really fun night. If her friend is male, then that's an opportunity for her to have a really fun night. If you're not into either of those scenario's, then it's an opportunity to find a new girlfriend.
  11. You could also ask him if it comes in adult sizes.
  12. I'm pretty sure mine gets naked and goes around buying land. I'm always finding my clothes in the trash can and my tier level way up.
  13. A horse walks into a bar, the bartender says "Why the long face?"
  14. I just looked up my place in line for the vaccine and it looks like people in prison and homeless people get their vaccine before I do. That just pisses me off. I have been having to go to work and expose myself to this virus the whole time and prisoners get the vaccine before I do. Doesn't seem right to me. Thieves and murderers rank higher than I do.
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