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Fitted Mesh Is Here!

Linden Lab




Today, we're happy to announce that Fitted Mesh is available in the main Second Life Viewer! As we've previously blogged, Fitted Mesh gives Second Life content creators the power to craft mesh garments that make avatars look their absolute best. We’d like to thank the vibrant community of creators for their thoughtful feedback and help testing this feature.

For more information, check out the

below, then update your Viewer to the latest release and get creative with Fitted Mesh! 





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Fantastic news! Now, we need two more things to make this news truly extraordinary:

> Firestorm Support
> Creators to start using the phrase 100% Fitted Mesh in their descriptions on Marketplace, to make these items easy to find!

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Great news!

Am I crazy or do many of my previous rigging experiments seem ready for these changes? I tried some on in the new viewer and found that some of my rigged headgear actually change size/shape as I changed the avatar...

Am I dreaming? Was this always the case? I guess I can go back and look at in another viewer.

I am just spazzing out... but, "Yay!!!"


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Hey thanks for continuing to make it more and more difficult for part-time content creators (who by the way can't afford software to make good meshes, or have the time to learn that Blender junk), to be a part of the creators side of SL. Way to go, ruining it for the little guys. LL sure is good at that.

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This is GREAT news indeed. I can't wait to try it out.

MadDog Tremor: So, we should all stop making improvements on stuff just because you're too lazy to absorb the information needed to keep up with the rest of us? Attitudes like that one are what hold people back. And, frankly, you sound like a pouting child. Get over yourself.

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This is great news and I really can't wait for this to be readily available.

A small suggestion for marketplace - Could you please create an option (check box like you already do for other things such as 'apparel') that can allow us to search for fitted mesh items instead of spending hours going through pages that would otherwise come up using the keywords alone?

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Great news . Thanks 


@babette : i am not sure to understand you ; but if you are talking about weighting paints , they are on the bones in Majuscules  , not the bones prefixed with m*

( except the m_Toes )

So , NECK , not mNeck ; HEAD not mHead

so :

  • NECK
  • HEAD
  • L_HAND
  • R_HAND
  • L_FOOT
  • R_FOOT
  • BUTT *
  • LEFT_PEC *

If not , i don t see . Maybe an import problem ? What software / version do you use ?

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thank you miranda,

what i have is 3d studio max 2010 with the 2011 fbx importer. And when i load the fbx or dae file, the upper case bones dont have any weights on the avatar mesh, meaning that in the weights table no values are assigned for the collision bones. I dont know if this is solely my issue, so it would be great if anyone has the same problem. Or maybe its just me not getting the concept.

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I m sorry Babette ; i can t help you because i don t have got 3DS max. 

In trying with Blender ; for now , i see the weight painting correctly in the files for blender .2.69

Unfortunately , i have not understood my actual problem with armature ; the skeleton is totally deformed after importation in SL . But , i hope i will understand later what i ve done wrong

**edit ** ok i ve understood my problem .. The exporter is not ready yet :  the Collada Exporter as of Blender 2.69 is incompatible with Collision bones. a fix  in the nexts versions of Blender is expected

I hope someone else could answer to you

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So, none of the mesh templates that were bought before now will do any of this. Basically if the content creators re-rig their mesh we will have to start all over again. Too baad their wasn't a way to fix that.

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it would be nice if SL created and released a very basic, SL centric, rigging utility. a very light program along the lines of sculptypaint, that has the default weightpaint and bone parameters and simplifies the steps to produce a basic avatar rig. nothing elaborate, just something simple that can then be adopted by a wide range of SL creators. instead of having even basic rigging splintered into groups of users of this or that program. it could serve as common ground between users of different programs and levels of expertise.

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+1 on what Alisa26 suggested, from perspective of a pure consumer.

Checkbox filters for non-mesh, mesh, rigged mesh, fitted mesh, etc would be extremely useful. , perhaps even to a quick wiki page on what they mean. I've been using SL for 4+ years and am not sure I know the differences well enough to explain to someone. Most of times I go looking for something specific in MP, I know if I want mesh or not. Paging through everything and drilling into specific items to see what's what more often than not leads me to conclude the result isn't worth the effort and I buy nothing.

Would be interesting to publish stats back to content creators using these categories, as well, so supply can better follow demand.



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That is great, I'm willing to test this all *_*


As for the marketplace I absolutely agree with the improvements suggested but I'd also add an option to exclude search terms like "demo", because it's kinda frustrating when you browse it and have to go through pages and pages of demo goods instead of "normal" ones. xD

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I have built rigged meshes for other rendering coftware, and making a Fitted Mesh for Second Life is going to be more work. I think it will be a while before having a Fitted Mesh viewer is going to make an obvious difference. Mesh clothes already respond to some changes to Avatar Shape, things such as arm and leg length, so I am hopeful about this.

I hope the Marketplace team are doing a better job than when I quit selling in the Marketplace, but I don't have any confidence that they will handle this well. All we can do is urge merchants to be careful of the phrases and keywords they use.


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I dont get it - is the idea to give girls a fat gut and a cleavage they can run a railway train through ?? There's no way this is an improvement - the girl looks better before the fitted mesh unless the outfit she was wearing before actually inmproved on the avy she seems to have after fitted mesh....Whats actually been changed the girls avvy or the outfit ??

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I like the concept of the one size fits all however one of the great things I loved about mesh was it was correct in things such as T shirts (no dipping between the breasts) and the absence of volume under the arms. In my opinion the rigged mesh in the vid looks better than the fitted

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