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Fitted Mesh Is Here!

Linden Lab




Today, we're happy to announce that Fitted Mesh is available in the main Second Life Viewer! As we've previously blogged, Fitted Mesh gives Second Life content creators the power to craft mesh garments that make avatars look their absolute best. We’d like to thank the vibrant community of creators for their thoughtful feedback and help testing this feature.

For more information, check out the

below, then update your Viewer to the latest release and get creative with Fitted Mesh! 





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Well, is nice to know SL keeps trying to update things.  Now, I only have to wait on some videos how to rig and weight paint things in Blender using this new method. 

Someone posted about small time creators being run out of business, I am one and I sucked it up and take, have taken and will continue to take classes to learn Blender.  Blender is Free, SL classes by tips, invest your Lindens and time to learn is well worth it. Many free videos on Youtube and the web to help as well.

Be interesting to see what the Aftermarket FP Mesh Creators come up with. Will they re-rig and re-weight their items and distribute updates to their customers?  Will they continue with the standard shape sizing scheme since not all the mesh I have seen deforms well with one size.

A couple suggestions were made, LL needs to look into. A excellent suggestion make demos a separate category or a way to exclude them from search.  MP is bogged down with demos and is no fun looking through all of them find what you wish to buy. I usually give up pretty quickly.






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Ghilayne Andrew wrote:

 It's probably just me, but I think she looks better in the "before" picture rather than the "fitted" picture.

Nope, not just you. I do too

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Is this like flexi sculpts where they tell us it's here for 3 years and then pretend they don't know what you're talking about when you bring it up?

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I think that it would be great if in the updated Second Life viewer would show my mesh objects and not show me as a cloud. I have tried everything from deleting cache to lessoning my graphics to trying to take everything off (which you cannot do if the viewer thinks you have nothing on) to editing my shape and appearance. Nothing is working with this new viewer for me. 


As a side note, I think with the new fitted mesh is a great idea and once more is known about it and how to use it and adjust things it should work out wonderfully. 

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I hope this doesn't mean that now mesh clothes are going to look like you are wearing a bodysuit and it taking the shape of every curve you have in your body. Just like the breasts of the woman in the video, real clothes don't stick to your breasts like that. They are not supposed to look like the clothes are part of your skin. If a dress is supposed to look loose around your chest area and not take in the whole form of your chest I hope it stays that way and it won't look like you are wearing a very tight bodysuit.

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For the people responding that don't understand what the deal is, that the 'after' avatar looks worse. The point is that the clothing Mesh, her sweater that she is wearing, now adjusts to her avatar shape. Her boobs and hips got bigger and the clothing adjusted to that automatically.

Before her boobs and hips would have come through the mesh, and you would have to wear a transparancy layer to make them dissappear. Now you can actually wear clothing and have it automatically shaped towards your avatar shape, instead of the other way around.


FYI, you will need to buy clothing that incorperates this feature.

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So am I to understand that this will be the end of alphas resizers and receiving 5 standard sizes of an item when you buy it?..... Sounds great considering wearing an alpha isn't much different than editing the shape of your avatar to fit an item. And since i just had a designer chewing me out that I should be willing to change my avatar's shape to fit her clothing rather than her creating an alpha that actually covers all possible bulge points of her shirts, its made me pretty fed up with designers who think they are gods and that they cannot possibly make a mediocre product. .... well not that i have this problem often... actually it has only happened just this one time. But the woman was insane, demanding that i change my review or she would flag it. Then she deleted the product from the marketplace to get rid of my review. Some vendors are just not very honest.

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 Yumeni Rieko wrote:

Options I hope this doesn't mean that now mesh clothes are going to look like you are wearing a bodysuit and it taking the shape of every curve you have in your body. Just like the breasts of the woman in the video, real clothes don't stick to your breasts like that. They are not supposed to look like the clothes are part of your skin. If a dress is supposed to look loose around your chest area and not take in the whole form of your chest I hope it stays that way and it won't look like you are wearing a very tight bodysuit.



Well in that case it could be that sizes will still be needed. But that's how it is in real life too. If i buy a shirt that is too small for me.. it does become like a painted on body suit on me.. if i can manage to get it on at all. but you do make a good point. I also wonder if the new fitted mesh will respond to physics... will the fabric of loose fitting clothing move with you? will flowing parts of a dress catch the wind or move with your legs as you walk?

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I personally have always hated mesh. It doesnt look much different than the orginal clothing. The HAIR SUX.Sorry I like it when my hair moves just like normal hair does. As far as I am concerned..Mesh is a step back wards and looks like ruth or or big chunky clay animated charcters like toy story.....

Ofc I have seen flexi mesh in other worlds such as blue mars and its a little bit better...LL wil not open up the flood gates and just give it to us. They know that by doing this at a snails pace they can seep those few precious lindens out of everyones pocket one slow step at a time.. Ultilization at its fullest....

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ok  i understand all this will work with the avi body but what about all the appliers we have  for like lolas phat azz,ghetto booty and so on ?

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I would think they would still work with the fitted mesh. I don't know if mesh breasts are generally made as phantom objects or not but I would think they would need to be (that's assuming phantom means you can walk through the object like it isn't there) made as phantom so that they don't collide in unpredictable ways with the fitted mesh. And appliers would still be needed for the mesh breasts/butts/tentacles or whatever other unrealistic proportion one would want to use. I personally think the mesh breasts look stupid, but that's just my snobby opinion. and I believe any appearance one would want to have should be reasonably accommodated, no matter how stupid I think it looks.

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This is the best news from Linden Lab since the addition of Avatar Privacy and increasing the number of groups!  At last, we can make clothing that looks realistic!  Hot diggity dawg!

Torley used those models to demonstrate the technology, and did it well.  Which body shape you prefer is a matter of personal taste, insignificant to the question at hand.  In the video, he demonstrates that Fitted Mesh will conform to the avatar shape even if you push it to such hideous inhuman extremes as the self-proclaimed "Standard Sizes."  The point isn't about the shape; it's about the fact that the technology works even if you push the limits.


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I have mixed feelings about mesh. I'm a designer-new to this type of creation. To me, a LOT of mesh clothing just looks alike.  I suspect that is from a wide-spread lack of knowledge on how to truly use programs like Maya and Blender to be creative. I see a lot--far too much--of "add a cylinder and shrink-wrap it. I'm planting my virtual butt in the seat of overly Blender class I can find. I know I want more that this oft-repeated look for my designs and after-market mesh is generally not up to standards. It's a long road, but I know I want to make my design visions a virtually reality. I do know that I'll be delighted to have to package up 5 different sizes of items.  This will leave me much more time to actually create.  

Remaining open minded.


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I am glad to see MESH is evolving, but I beg clothing makers to NOT stop making, layered, normal prim and sculpted clothing. In my opinion, most the MESH clothes I have seen are horrible, fit terrible, look bad. Textures, very nice, if in fact you see the MESH at all, lol, most the time it is a poorly fit outfit, naked, or half hollow avi standing there. I myself, and many many others will not buy MESH clothes, and won't work with it  ( on builds: not all cases of coarse..Land Impact/loading costs..   sighs...) till the dust settles. But I look forward to it's evolution.  :)

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Now that our clothes can look amazing. 

Will LL Second Life Developers create a smoother nicer looking avatar?

It's wierd having a rugged jagged body with attachments and perfect clothing. Only to take them off and be wierd looking and square in places.

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I can say only one word: AWESOME!!!

Sometimes it was a nightmare to fit mesh clothing, my shape is between the standard M and L male sizes... but not anymore!

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At least one fitted mesh product is alreasdy on the market.

Fitted Mesh boobs from vString.

You can demo them, which will show you some of what this will do and how it will work in SL for other products.

Try using the shape slider for breast size, cleavage, and bouyancy - all of which will now effect them. And um... avatar physics also effects them, for some rather vibrant results. :P

- What that tells me is the same thing could be done with bikinis, blouses, and t-shirts, and I'm sure this market will take off very fast given... teh interwebz...

If you could apply avatar physics of the chest to an attachment in a different location then the dream of male avatars in SL since 2003 will finally come true. :P


On the serious side... its not perfect and textures will map a little quirky if your shape is too far from what the designer used - so for body parts you'll need to keep an eye for MOD products you can adjust the texture scaling and position of. This won't be a concern for clothing though.

It will solve miracles - if your shape is too far different from what it was built with, you'll probably have issues - but to know what those will be we'll need to see some clothing hit the grid...

Anyone know of any fitted mesh clothes on live yet?


Oh and... expect LOTS of comlaints from Firestorm users. Their viewer isn't supporting it yet nd I see no date on their website for when they will... they see your fitted mesh item stretching off to coordinates 0,0,0 of the sim, which for mesh boobs can look rather hilarious...



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Bought my first liquid mesh today. I don't like it.. Unless I'm doing something wrong the mesh cuts into the avatar and you have to make your proportions off. The waist was the worst..no more nipped in waists without sacrificing backside measurements. Sorry I'll stick with rigged mesh

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Do you need to but fitted mesh in Marketplace or InWorld? If it does how much will it cost and where or what link?

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@Unfriended: Fitted mesh is just as picky about your shape as rigged was. Its going to take mesh makers a little while to reaize this and continue to use the standard sizes as a "starting point".

- Its just its no longer the end point anymore.

@Akimuto: Anywhere you can buy anything else in Second Life, people can sell fitted mesh - if they so choose.

@BRandee Hammond: 2009 called, they miss you. Its now 2014.


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