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  1. There is never links between viewer and scripts . The scripts are server side . So if the viewer crashes , it s an another issue
  2. Hello . Is there a specific category for "animated meshes" in the marketplace ? Searching by keywords is pressty useless and redirects me often to "animal meshes" who , of course , are not animated
  3. It s because you have changed to a sim flagged "no-script " - Usually , the listener is recreated in the destination sim after a teleport - llGetOwner() never gives null . In addition , in doing this hypothesis , your line llListen(-224, "", llGetOwner(), ""); will become llListen(-224, "", NULL_KEY, ""); and so this listener will listen everybody ( so the owner too )
  4. And in september 2020 , one month before the election , it was hacked in some specific places as Georgia
  5. It was one year ago . But even 10 days before the election , it was not solved :
  6. The "pro" answer was only if you embedding the video in a new page .. But it doesn t explain why the video doesn t work in the internal browser with direct vimeo URL
  7. It s wrong : lldetectedtype returns all objects containing a script with the mask-bit SCRIPTED set to TRUE Notice this script can contain anything ( no listener , no loops etc ..) In addition , even if the script is flagged as not-running , lldetectedtype will return with the mask SCRIPTED My opinion , is that you use llSensor to detect some objects , and you guess that the parameter used by llSensor/llSensorRepeat should be the same . In fact it s wrong For instance , you have an object non-physical who contains the basic defult script ( "hello
  8. Ok . It s a bit curious to limit at half the hard memory available . Why this ?
  9. Maybe you have an old version and the firestorm team has rolled back ? Ir Maybe tou have compiled by yourself the viewer in forcing the max value My version is Firestorm 6.2.4 (57588) Jul 12 2019 00:15:15 (64bit) (Firestorm-releasex64) with Havok support . It s the last version
  10. It in my computer , can you explain this ? ( of course my graphic card is not limited to 1GB in hardware )
  11. You are misinformed . Firestorm has a limit to 1 Gb . and it blurs some images
  12. Indeed you will need to delete it . .if you want that the player has ony an allocated time for all his answers . We were not sure about what you were expecting . Indeed the player could be confused that while he continues his answers he is stopped brutally after some time and he is forced to click again , even when he golds the hand on the game . He ill think about lag or bug when in fact it s the design of your script If you want nevertheless to force the player to click again after his 20 seconds allocated for his answers , i suggest you to warn him when tje time
  13. Second life uses again some float 32 bits . 24 bits from these 32 bits are used for the significand precision Around 4000 meters , 12 bits are used for the integer part , 12 for the fractionnal part, so you can t expect a precision better than 1/4096 meters , around 4 millimeters gor any regional measures In addition the innacuracies can be amplified by the rotations along one regional axis The only solution is IF and WHEN second life will use 64 bits for coordinates For the "good height" to build , the answer is , more you are close to the point 0,0,0 ,
  14. There are several little other things missing : Firstly : you are creating a listener at every touch but without delete the others . So after a quizz of 100 questions , your script has 100 active listeners , with 99 who are useless . It s a waste of resources of the region Secondly : you are generating a listener for any touch , even when the user is too far to be able to answer . By chat , the user is limited to 20 meters , 96 meters if he s shouting , so it s useless to generate a listener and waiting some seconds for nothing . People can touch prims at more distance than
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