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  1. PsychoPercy wrote: How you have avatar sex Trust me buddy, it's not worth the effort to learn. As it was once said by an old SL friend of mine...."Pixel sex is like kneading bread dough...it's dry and makes your wrist hurt after a while".
  2. ChinRey wrote: KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Most crowded clubs in SL I AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE !!!!!! LOL! You can't really have big crowds in SL anymore, not the way you could a year or two ago. Avatars have become so heavy now that often a dozen or less of them moving on the same dance floor is enough to lag the place down so much only bots and afks can manage to hold on. TRUE....if your computer is a POS. FALSE...If your computer didn't come from Walmart.
  3. Now I have a headache. Now that you mention it.......I think I do too.....
  4. I've been seeing it here on the Forums but mostly inworld. Many "M" clubs hiring Hosts...Voice Verify. Even some that hire for "Security". None Adult rated. (I agree, the Adult areas require it the most). There have been scattered other little jobs, where that was a requirement. And I think that's completely BS. Could be why they're constantly hiring too. I've been here for 8 years. And to me, a "forced" voice verify, almost feels like a violation of my privacy. Might not make sense to most, but it does to me.
  5. Okay, I'm about to go off on a very short but to the point rant here. And for starters, troll me if you will, because I'm certainly not posting this to gain friends or brownie points..... Almost everywhere inworld that advertises for SL jobs, DEMAND voice verification...for male AND female. What's up with this junk? This is SECOND LIFE. You remember? The place where you can "be whatever or whoever you want". Remember that catchphrase from days gone by? Well, how the $#%$ can anyone be that...if they have to "voice verify" just to get a pathetic little SL job? I sometimes th
  6. What is it with all this "must be voice verified" junk on SL these days? I thought SecondLife was all about "be whoever/whatever you want". How can anyone be that, and have to be voice verified to get a virtual job? Sorry, Second Life is just that...a Second Life.
  7. Hey thanks for continuing to make it more and more difficult for part-time content creators (who by the way can't afford software to make good meshes, or have the time to learn that Blender junk), to be a part of the creators side of SL. Way to go, ruining it for the little guys. LL sure is good at that.
  8. To answer your question for them...No, they're not listening. Only to the comments that side with them. They're bent on pushing forward on this latest blunder. They care not what their users want/don't want. Wasn't it Rome that fell because the rulers let the power go to their heads?
  9. Wounded pride? Crying? Um, wow. You read all that from my words? Seriously, I don't care what people know about me. If I cared, I certainly wouldn't be on FaceBook or be open about RL in SL. No, my "pride" isn't even wounded. I laugh at how you just assume that it is. Ok, all the stupid bullhonky aside..... Yes...people should have a choice about all this Yes..its up to people just what they choose to share on the web And very doubtful that LL will listen to any of the complaints in this blog While the sky is falling and the chicken-littles are running away...I'll still be enjoying this g
  10. I was not "outed" persay. My SL profile just doesn't list those things that were posted about me. I had my FaceBook link in the web part of my SL profile. He (i think Shockwave is a he, not sure by the pic lol) obviously loaded my page from that link and reposted the basic info that shows on my FB page. Therefore, he did post information about me that is not listed on my SL profile, which IS against the SL TOS. It doesn't matter that yes, I put my link there. Its still against the SL TOS to repost info about someone if its not explicitly listed in their SL profile. Shockwave can backpeddle al
  11. Posting RL information about another, that is not posted in their SL profile, is a violation of the TOS. Please retract my information at once.
  12. For one, I never said anyone HAS to have or accept anything. For two, I never gave you permission to post information from my FaceBook page. For three, I have not stated that I support this whole thing. Just as I have not stated that I don't. Linden Lab will do as Linden Lab see's fit, no matter our opinions.
  13. What you don't seem to get is that WE don't opt into the Facebook connection. ANY person with access to the WWW has access to our SL profile now, AND can link to it from his Facebook page. We now have no control over the dissemination of our information outside of SL. Paranoid? I think not. Then don't post anything on your SL profile that will expose who you are RL. Simple. And yes, thats an element of Paranoia. Look it up. It all boils down to people getting paranoid about having their SL selves discovered. Thats not going to happen if they don't post RL info on their SL profiles. How
  14. "Liking" a page via FaceBook, whether it be a web-based SL profile or a blog on some low quality website, does not pose a "security risk". Linking or Liking doesn't and will not expose your credit card info, home address or social security number (for Americans). All it does is shows the exact same thing any one else would see, who chooses to view a profile. LL isn't sharing our personal info with FaceBook. Show me where they state that fact, any where. You can't, because thats never been stated or even insinuated. Unless some one is stupid enough to post their RL info (address, phone, etc.
  15. 3 Simple Solutions to everyone's Paranoia: 1. Don't want the world to know your SL/RL Info? Simply don't post anything "personal" on your SL Profile. 2. Don't want your SL account linked to FaceBook? Change your SL Email address and Contact Info so that its different from your FaceBook Account (assuming you have one). 3. Don't have FaceBook? Then theres no problem. LL isn't making anyone sign up for a FaceBook account. Lets face it...LL isn't going to take your whining and complaints in to serious consideration. They stopped doing that a few years ago. Let LL do as they will. Its their
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