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  1. yes they apparently changed the UUIDs for bakes on mesh i think thats the reason the omega thing is not working anymore
  2. yes they apparently changed the UUIDs for bakes on mesh i think thats the reason the omega thing is not working anymore
  3. i am not sure if this is the right place anymore but i am having trouble using the bake on mesh skirt texture. When i use IMG_USE_BAKE_SKIRT my mesh is showing GRAY even though i was making a universal wearable for it using some textures i had. Someone experienced similar problems? maybe worth a jira? What adds to my confusion is when i add a legacy skirt using a totally transparent texture the before mentioned texture suddenly shows! Here its Gray wearing only an universal wearable with top, bottom and skirt texture. Adding an invisible skirt, suddenly texture of the univer
  4. i dont know about maya sadly. just make sure the bones are not scaled..
  5. it might be the scaling deco. Bones should have a scale of 100% or 1.0.
  6. hello, i love the feature! its much less trouble then clicking alpha slices on a mesh body e.g. Anyhow using the bake for BAKE_SKIRT i get some weird texture when taking of the system skirt clothes from my avatar: The consequences are that when you don't wear a system skirt clothing, you end up with that yellowish texture which seems to be some kind of clothing or hair texture. I would expect if you take off the system skirt, the bake would be transparent. this is how it looks as expected using the skirt_bake with a system skirt using a texture that belong to the dress (bake_upp
  7. ok great thanks one thing to start looking for
  8. hello, is there any description on how the complexity is caculated, i cant find any hints yet and i am puzzled, i made 2 mesh bodies, which have the same polycount one script inside, one has render complexity of about 45000 the other one has 79000 while virtually nothing has changed between these 2.. Then i am wearing a mesh body of another brand and it has 20000 complexity, while using probably 4 times as much polygons..
  9. might be also an issue with bone limits, remember sl only allows 4 bones per vertex. If youre over that limit sl reduces the weight list, which might result in similar mishaps
  10. yes the problem still persists sadly, iwas asking some sl groups and many have the same problem, tho many thought its been a secretly introduced security feature , like banking logins render invalid after 15 min.
  11. hi sanya, as far as i know all items with alphas that use the alpha blend method have these issues, i cannot imagine others brands dont, as i have never found a way to avoid that glitch in ages. What i know also is being overly picky at my own creations, and thus i think you should maybe let that problem just be a problem hehe
  12. did you checked joint position in the importer dialog, usually ticking this with a blender mesh gives wild results.
  13. hi gaia will this file alow to bind the mesh to a different pose, e.g. legs rotated? i was having that problem today, i was binding the mesh to a different rest pose with rotated legs, but the rigged mesh had delocated bones only (instead of rotated).
  14. does anyone know why lindens were not doing shape keys or morph targets instead? I think there would be lot more potential in this technique especially considering mimics.
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