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  1. For starters, I'm super excited by all of this! I'm not going to pooh-pooh anything yet until I've really had a chance to play with all this amazing new stuff. Seems to me an upcoming version of SL is going to incorporate hand/finger tracking as well as face-tracking a la FaceShift. I have a ton of experience with both, thankfully! As for animating such a cool rig, I've been just doing basic stuff in QAvimator up until now, using 3DS Max for my mesh and vertex weighting. Clearly, I'm going to have to graduate to a better animation tool. Can anyone recommend a good animation tool that'll work
  2. Great news! Am I crazy or do many of my previous rigging experiments seem ready for these changes? I tried some on in the new viewer and found that some of my rigged headgear actually change size/shape as I changed the avatar... Am I dreaming? Was this always the case? I guess I can go back and look at in another viewer. I am just spazzing out... but, "Yay!!!" >(';')<
  3. ERMAGERD! That picture is just plain amazing!!! ()
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