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  1. If you're seeing my video in "Red/Blue" anaglyph, try changing the video's settings (click the gear) to 2D and make sure anaglyph is off. Happy viewing!
  2. A quick follow-up. With the release of the latest "Oculus-ready" beta viewer, you cannot revert back to the one from 2014. Even with "update manually" checked in the settings before you try to log in with the old one, as soon as you try to connect to the main grid you're told "You must update to the latest build." That's... not good. That wrecks a lot of a the fun projects I've been working on. At least I made one last video before the switch-over. As a major advocate for Second Life, I feel like there is going to be egg on my face after this. I just want to cry.
  3. Yes, the latest build is very frustrating... given how great Linden Lab's original Oculus-capable viewer was back in 2014. I've been limping along using that one ever since. It produced such great results that I never updated my Oculus drivers beyond .6.01 (to remain compatible with that one-off project.) Now, I'll have to figure out how to revert everything back... and that's not going to be easy. Anyway, here's something I made with the "old" Oculus-ready Second Life Viewer: As you can see, there's a huge difference in the quality of the "o
  4. For starters, I'm super excited by all of this! I'm not going to pooh-pooh anything yet until I've really had a chance to play with all this amazing new stuff. Seems to me an upcoming version of SL is going to incorporate hand/finger tracking as well as face-tracking a la FaceShift. I have a ton of experience with both, thankfully! As for animating such a cool rig, I've been just doing basic stuff in QAvimator up until now, using 3DS Max for my mesh and vertex weighting. Clearly, I'm going to have to graduate to a better animation tool. Can anyone recommend a good animation tool that'll work
  5. Hi, Cecilia! I'd love to share my story with you. Would you be willing to meet in world? Can I friend you?
  6. Great news! Am I crazy or do many of my previous rigging experiments seem ready for these changes? I tried some on in the new viewer and found that some of my rigged headgear actually change size/shape as I changed the avatar... Am I dreaming? Was this always the case? I guess I can go back and look at in another viewer. I am just spazzing out... but, "Yay!!!" >(';')<
  7. AnneRouse, this isn't the best way to get in touch with me-- just message me in world. I'm going to send you a fresh kit and then investigate why your Fatted Calf is getting a script error.
  8. No joy. I filed a ticket on the issue and I'll post whatever they suggest to this thread. Seems someone sweeping through the Marketplace listings is being a bit of a busy-body today. We merchants love that, don't we?
  9. Well, I submitted a ticket-- that'll be the first step I expect. Seems a little tedious that my work was flagged as "Not As Advertised" because the category was "BDSM Costume" as opposed to "BDSM Accessory."
  10. I recently had some of my newest products flagged for being in the wrong category. The notice I received kindly suggested a new category for the work. I updated the product to be in the new category (everything looked up-to-snuff before I hit "Update") and hit "Update." However, when I go to edit the product again, it still shows the old category. Anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure how to get support with this issue...
  11. ERMAGERD! That picture is just plain amazing!!! ()
  12. Found an even "better" example: Someone ordered something on April 8th and it was delivered on May 2nd.
  13. I am looking closely at the difference between my "Orders" page and my "Transactions" page. An item just appeared in my "Orders" page on May 2nd. In my "Transactions" page, the order was placed on April 28th. That's just sort of terrifying.... Maybe I did have a lot of sales and they're only just now being cataloged...
  14. I think one thing people neglect tracking is how many times your items appear in search results (Reports->Top Searched Items) and, on a more granular level, how many times those items are clicked on and viewed (Reports->Top Selling Items). Do note that the "Top Selling Items" also lists the number of times that someone has viewed the items, not just the number of times it was purchase. This is hugely importantant, because it indicates that you've made an "impression" on a customer. If your impression-to-purchase conversion ratio is really low, that probably means your item is attractive
  15. Regarding the re-listing of items, I think it within reason and within the bounds of "fair play" to re-list and item that has zero sales and/or zero reviews. It's entirely possible that one might list an item only to have it flooded out by a massive listing of similiar items by another store owner. I can't tell you how many times my items have been flooded out by someone else's "one-in-every-color" batch of new items. As and aside... Gosh, it would certainly help customers if each listing we did had the option to have seperate SKUs in it-- you know, a drop down for each color / pattern /
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