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  1. It's a lovely memorial to remember Ebbe. A nice quiet spot on the Bellisseria continent.
  2. Last year at SL17B Patch Linden announced the Stilt Linden home theme (#6) on 23rd June 2020 during Meet The Lindens series at SL17B. The SL17B Enchant was the preview demo region for them. The Stilts release was Monday 21st December 2020 I believe because of the Uplift to the cloud which pushed it back. Soon after the launch there was deployment issues and the Stilts were rolled out in phrases. The Chalets was unveiled to the public at the 2020 SL Christmas Expo on Friday 4th December 2020. On Tuesday 30th March 2021 Patch Linden announced released the Chalet theme #7). It's not co
  3. The Moles are building the new Chalet railway currently which is really exciting. From what I can tell the railway line starts from the west side of the Hydrant region through the central part of the Chalet regions eastwards then it turns up north towards the Wild Thing region. Most of the line is under construction but the extension up north will continue in the days/weeks ahead. There are new underground tunnels (which floods at the moment), new rez zones dotted around, a new bridge and tons of Chalet homes being added. View from SSPE2214 above of the new underground tunnel
  4. SSPNCR first preview via https://maps.secondlife.com/
  5. Ebbe will be sadly missed by all those knew him. He understood Second Life and made a huge difference in so many ways.
  6. You may find this blog post useful for the latest Second Life users and regions. Second Life Daily Concurrency Levels - January 2021 to May 2021 The Second Life registered users data stopped working back on 21st October 2020. The last count then was 64, 687, 961 for total resident signups.
  7. The views from SSPE1791 bridge. Loads of new Stilts being added around SSPE1790. New Chalet homes will be added here very soon. It's starting to look really good so far.
  8. It appears to me that possibly the next Linden Home theme preview is either located in SLB Enchant or in SLB Spectacular. The SL18B exhibitor builds are located far west I think separated from the main SL18B regions. Once the builds are completed then these exhibitor regions will merge with the main SL18B regions again. The SLB Water regions are display regions so that the landscape don't full into the void.
  9. SSPNCR region has appeared on the east side of the green SSP regions (closed to the public). I wonder if it has something to do with the SSPRR region down south.
  10. Last year the Stilts (theme 6) was announced at SL17B on 23rd June 2020 after Patch Linden session finished (during the last 15 minutes) which was apart of the Meet the Linden series. The LH Demo region (SL17B Enchant) opened shortly afterwards revealing the new Stilts Linden Homes. The Stilts was released in phrases starting 21st December 2021. Theme 8 is likely to be previewed at SL18B and most likely be released once the birthday is over (1st July 2021+). Patch earlier this year said "this new theme will blow your socks off and will have unique capabilities". I believe this will be th
  11. Bellisseria continent as of Monday 24th May 2021. It's amazing how much space in the blue void there is south of the log homes and stilt homes for further expansion. The red highlighted area is the latest batch of the new Stilt regions added as talked about above.
  12. View from Drumlin Farm previewing the new Stilt regions and the Sea Witch region in the far distance.
  13. New Regions Added: SSPE1771 to SSPE1782 View from SSPE1772 looking South
  14. The end of the line north of the log homes continent looks really nice now in SSPE1110. There seems to be a new region added to the SSP cluster area named PSS Test. SSP development area where the Moles and Lindens work.
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