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  1. It's going to be good to see this new area grow.
  2. There is no clear way through and I hope the water channels will come back on the west side linking the continents.
  3. Has anyone noticed now that no one can fly or boat between the continents from the west side. There are regions missing and no go areas.
  4. Why not just have one huge continent in the middle then continents surrounding it with water regions. @Patch Linden why are there no new airstrips on the new extension area ? The older Linden Homes continent has some nice ones there. Can't they be moved over or something ?.
  5. Yeah just noticed that 😂 Good to see interest from the SL community on new opened areas and developments.
  6. Has anyone seen these new areas pop up around the edges ? These are new houseboat areas that the Moles have been working for the past few months over at the SSP continent testing area.
  7. Looks like the new ssp extension has joined up with the Bellisseria continent (south)
  8. First Ebbe Linden Bear - L$250 donation which goes to the American Cancer Society. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Christmas Expo/107/194/29
  9. Hahahaha to power the new extension right ? 😂
  10. There are now 4 new Test Regions north of the SSP continent. What on earth are those moles testing now ? 😂
  11. Am I thinking the Linden Reveal island or the Lights of Hope Linden region will be replaced with either the SSPWE2019 1/2/3 islands sometime on 5th December ? 3 days to GO!
  12. Wow just look at the new SSP extension now.
  13. Nice and quiet walking the streets in SSPE298. New train station or rez area in the orange box perhaps in SSPE332. Looks like there may be a bridge over the railway tracks.
  14. The new home development has started in SSP601 and in SSP602.
  15. Found a ice floe platform in Moonia region Looks very nice indeed. Came across this track in space in SSPE342 Work continues down south New SSP Extension Down the south of the SSP continent it looks like the Moles have started building down there. Looks like a train line in the centre (SSP373) going down south then turning towards the east around the coast. Looks like bridges have been added along with round structures. Land restructuring going on i think here... The round structures relates to SSP83X. ..
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