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  1. Progress Update Bellisseria Continent Map - 20th August 2019 Green = New Linden homes and new Houseboats developments completed Light Red = New underwater areas formed within the past week or so Dark Red = The Moles are working on these areas (starting in the north then working down south) SSP Continent Map - 20th August 2019 Red - Top right (whole area now green) + bottom Pickle island (work continues) Orange - New trailers/campers SSP83X - 20th August 2019 Campers/trailers work still on-going here Bellisseria Groups Update - 20th August 2019 The Bellisseria Citizens group and the Bellisseria Community group have surpassed the 2, 000 members mark. The Bellisseria Events group has some catching up to do. Great selection of groups though so far to keep connected on whats going on.
  2. LEA Update (19/8/19): "Later tonight we will be posting all of the e-mail communications we have had with Linden Labs. Thanks and have a Positively Happy Week !" - Tansee Lets hope it's positive news going forward.
  3. It's been a year since the Second Life grid survey first noticed the new 80 ssp regions on 19th August 2018. The day after on 20th August 2018 myself and many others discovered the new batch of regions on the map. Then this SSP? thread started on 21st August 2018. 1 year later since the ssp regions first appeared on the grid See the progress made during the past here above! SSP continent is the testing ground for the Moles The Bellisseria continent first year anniversary will be 15th April 2020. That would mark one year since it opened to the public with new Linden homes and houseboats
  4. Will the cooling towers end in this way in the distant future ? 😂 The second video feels more like the real life version of the Bellissaria continent. Especially if you skip to 55 seconds. 😄 just imagine this is all done in regions
  5. First time I've seen Iridium packed with green dots
  6. Saturday morning dancing next to the Bellisseria Fairgrounds
  7. New bridges in SSP246, SSP247 & SSP262. Looking good so far. Underwater area on SSPE266
  8. Bugs Bunny uses the sonic screwdriver to stop the [Curlex] Tactical Nuke Bomb going off. I was safe in the hazard suit 😂 Nice views from the top looking towards the new lighthouse I think we are safe for now!
  9. The three towers from the SLURL map.
  10. It's going to be like chernobyl with a huge exclusion zone. Only the Moles will access on 3 meter island with their suits on so they won't get exposed to the virtual radiation. Get ready for the road checkouts. ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚
  11. Boat party in the middle of Calm Waves
  12. Is there a official name for the new huge landmass with houseboats on either side ? Many are saying it's Pickle Island or Squishy Pickle.
  13. We all love it though 😂 It's nice the Moles are adding new interesting areas as they go along.
  14. Is that the official name Pickle island ?
  15. Found this box in SSPE248 LEAVE 6K FREE for the future http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE248/30/47/65 Just noticed that these little dots (campers/trailers) appear when you zoom in/out
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