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  1. I used bunny control 😂😂😂 The lighthouse on the larger isle let me in
  2. No ETA so far for the second batch.
  3. A visit to the lighthouse in the Calm Waves region
  4. A major new development going on now far south of the SSP regions (original ones). Looks to be more houseboats from the looks of things. A few Moles working lol
  5. Yeah. It's been very busy every day so far which is a good sign.
  6. I'm surprised the mountain / high hill areas have not been built on yet. The views would be nice looking towards the sea. There is still alot of empty land around and the lab will fill these spaces soon before expanding again I think.
  7. Just look at the Linden Homes wiki page for expansion plans. Don't forget there is still alot of empty spaces around. The new continent will get ten times bigger in the weeks/months ahead. Would be nice to see new sandbox areas / rez zones.
  8. Some photos from the past 24 hours 😀
  9. I love the Bellesseria Community Pool!
  10. My prediction was 100% right. Yay new Linden Homes
  11. Half way through April already and still no launch. My prediction is the launch of the new Linden Homes continent will launch sometime within the next few weeks.
  12. The new sign-up page looks like this right now
  13. Even with the max draw distance we still can't see anything nearby. Shame really. I'm wondering what the lab plans to do down south over at the original SSP regions. They remain empty or are they ?
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