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  1. Just found Abnor Mole Bandit 60 boat in SSPE1111 and it actually shows up on the map.
  2. The new tunnels are located here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1461/121/82/41 - head northeast for the other one
  3. I have highlighted in red the new railway track which is still not completed yet. If you follow the train tracks both eastwards and southwards it's really impressive so far. The Moles Add New Train Tracks - September 2020 Update - Part 1 Log Homes Railway Progress From SSPE1460 To SSPE1457 - Part 2 Here are some snapshots going down south.
  4. New visual on SSPEC on the map. Lot's of work going on I would imagine now.
  5. Looking forward to the announcement Please keep us updated on the latest developments.
  6. Yeah it's new track which will go up the east side of the log homes continent. On the map its a long green line which splits into two. It's going to look amazing once finished I think.
  7. SSPCI region has appeared on the right of the small SSP regions up north.
  8. Has anyone noticed these new blue waterway spacer guide objects along the side of the east coast of the log homes continent ? More water regions would be lovely. Looks like the Moles are making more progress along the south coast (then heading up northwards) with new homes and new areas being built. Nice new lighthouse in SSPE1149.
  9. It would be nice to see automatic trains across the railway network on the Bellisseria continent. The railway seems pretty quiet at the moment. Within the next few months or so the train tracks will be built over on the log homes continent on the east side. There could be live map boards at each train station. A small selection of trains could work to rez. That would be great fun.
  10. Very sad news its closing down. The ticker board on the wall is the only thing I can see that says its closing. Is there a notecard or announcement about this from the shelter owners ?
  11. Details concerning an acquisition are normally kept under lock until plans are finalized. Ebbe has said that it may take some time before they approve it. I would imagine the lab will put out a blog announcement or press release when it's been completed. Hopefully before the end of the year most likely we will hear more.
  12. The Moles have been working on the QA Vault region as this comparison shows below. June 8th 2020 14th August 2020 Any ideas on whats going on here ?
  13. Wow that's cool a new hidden area in the falls. Loves new hidden areas. 😍 Bugs searches for carrots but resets the computer instead 😂 Finds loads of cans of drinks and alcohol laying on the desk. Not good for bunnies! There is a supply crate, leaking barrels, plasma balls and much more. I think new area is very beautiful indeed. It's not done yet though. I hope water don't come though
  14. New developments happening on the south part of the log homes continent in SSPE1159 going eastwards. Looks like the Moles are now working on building new homes around the coastline heading north. New Log Homes now in SSPE1159. Imagine living next to the cliff side with the amazing views across the sea. I love this water stream in SSPE1160 below.
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