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  1. Whats still yet to come outlined in red and it's subject to change as this is the SSP continent where the Moles work. Green / open areas on the Bellisseria continent so far...
  2. Two new SSPE regions have been added (as of 20th October) in the south west of the Bellisseria continent. SSPE291 SSPE307 Seems like a nice place to have a houseboat near the ocean. Seems the development on the east side of the campers has either stopped or been delayed. From SSPE281 going down south then turning west. The Bellisseria Continent Map - 21st October 2019 SSP continent (closed to the public) This relates to the Bellisseria continent... (green) - open areas (red) - areas to open very soon Looking forward to whatever will come with the south development and the new extension. Still makes me wonder what the moles are doing on the far right just under the houseboats area (top right corner).
  3. More campers and trailers added on the west side of the Bellisseria continent. The newer ones are down south around SSPE178. Who wants to play pac man ? 😂
  4. The circles on SSP83X in the middle relates to one of the winter expo 2019 regions shown below...
  5. The new Bellisseria continent being built is keeping me logging in every week. I love the new cool areas the moles are building.
  6. Second Life is not dying. Second Life will be around for many more decades yet. It's still growing with Private Estates and Linden Owned regions showing positive growth (0.5%). The Bellisseria continent is still expanding down south. There is a huge community there now and it's set to become ten times larger during the next 6-12 months. Learning islands and Social islands are still around which are still active. The old orientation islands and help islands are still around but with hardly anyone there. Linden Lab are adding improvements and new features every year. The land prices have come down which has helped a lot. The lab are adding new places every week to the Second Life Destination Guide. There are so many amazing places there along with loads more. What's Next for Linden Lab ? Yes, some of the focus has turned towards Sansar in recent years and in a way I wish they would spend their full attention on Second Life. Sansar has low currency numbers with events held now and then. Time will tell how success it will be as the years go past. SL avatars will live forever 😐 I've been in Second Life for almost 13 years.
  7. I joined back in late October 2006 and I had a pick from a drop down list of last names First - my real first name Second - voyager sounded cool at the time (reminds me of startrek / voyage through the metaverse)
  8. SSP83X map changes over time 11th October 2019 20th August 2019 9th June 2019
  9. Thanks very much. The cruise ship rezzed alright in rez zones in some areas however it does encounter trouble when trying to set off. The captain area on the bridge is cool and all you have to do is click ride > approve the notifications to attach everything. Region crossings work fine.
  10. Cruise ship ride around Pickle island
  11. New dock south of Pickle island. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE271/110/28/23
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