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  1. On 25th February 2021 there was a new article posted about Second Life on Quartz which is a rather interesting read about the effects of the pandemic and the Second Life economy. There are some newer statistics for the past year for those that are interested in this blog post. Here is the article link
  2. The Moles have added five new SSP regions just east of the purple SSP regions which are closed for public access. These new regions could be apart of the next upcoming Linden Home theme or maybe for another project they are working on. We will have to wait and see. The big batch of pink SSP regions are no longer on the grid.
  3. Friday morning view of SSPE1747, Direct Current and SSPE1742. Direct Current SSPE1742
  4. Thank you for everything you've done Oz for Second Life. Good luck for the future.
  5. More Stilt Linden Homes added on the new regions near the bridge at SSPE1108. Starting to look nice from the bridge onwards. As of 15th February 2021...
  6. Here is a map of the log homes railway as of 8th February 2021. Here is the newly built train station and a big loop around located at SSPE1110. A new railway tunnel (shown in purple on the map above)
  7. View from the mini-map and a view from the air.
  8. A lovely new area has been built in SSPE1109 with new Stilt Linden homes on the coastline and a new tall bridge in SSPE1108. Looks really nice so far.
  9. I asked the lab about more details about the upcoming launch of the mobile app via Twitter and here is their response. I would imagine we will know more before Easter unless the development has been delayed or something. - 26th January 2021
  10. I would imagine before the end of 2022.
  11. Looks like more than half of the pink SSP region names are not showing up as of 17th January 2021.
  12. New railway station and track (loop around) has been added in SSPE1111. In the distance the recently opened Stilt home regions. New railway track highlighted in blue on the map below. Not open to the pubic yet. The new railway track does go further west which is not open.
  13. Constantine Linden has added a new Stilt Homes section on the Linden Homes Second Life wiki page. Changes made on 21st December 2020. I like this part
  14. A nice selection of Linden home themes to choose from this morning SLT. As of 7.17am SLT/PST
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