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  1. thanks for the info Rolig, it's appreciated. i ended up going with a paid solution. it works pretty much as you desribe. it uses only two scripts, one for the HUD and one for the linkset. setting it up allowed me to understand the process much better. i realize i can do it myself next time. thanks again to both of you.
  2. hi Rolig, thanks for the code and taking the time. not sure if i understand fully. i have to name each part and put a script in it using that reciever code? and does each button get it's own transmitter script and also give a name to each prim that acts as a button?
  3. thank you Qie, i understand. i still need an answer to my original question though, if anyone knows.
  4. i kind of understand the logic, not that i could do the scripting though. the receiver script would know what face was touched but how would it know which of the faces of the mesh is in fact that face? the thinking going through my head is, a mesh is an irregular object with an arbitrary number of faces, mine has almost 200 parts, how would the script know that the finger nail on the right forefinger is face 173? if it doesn't have a script in it the only way i can think of is by it's name, and if that is the case then i would have to name each part, that would take as much work as doing it the original way.....although their would be a ton less scripts, which of course is a benefit. i'm not good with scripting, i just need to get this done so i can go forward with the rest of the project. i thought i had found the solution and was hoping there was a way of propagating the scripts instead of doing it by hand. would you be able to help me through this? if you can i would be glad to do something for you or pay it forward in a way you suggest, do a good turn for others in return for your help.
  5. hi Qie, thanks for replying. here is what i am trying to do, i have an character avatar that i have sliced into parts so i can make sections invisible using a HUD, basically the same as mesh avatars like slink and such. to do that i'm using a receiver script and a transmitter script. each HUD button(prim) has a transmitter script and each mesh part has a receive script. bumping the channels is so each part has has it's own unique channel so when a particular button is pushed the right part gets set to alpha and not all of them. this just the way i thought of doing it, but i am open to doing it anyway that makes the most sense.
  6. hi, i need to place a script into about 200 prims, plus each itteration of the script has to have it's listening channel bump up by one number. for example, you have script that does something, you set it to listen on channel 189 and drop it in a prim, then you take that same script and change the channel to 190 and drop it in another prim. you then change the listening channel to 191 and drop it in another script.......and so on. i have to do that a few hundred times. is there a way to automate this task? any pointers or suggestions very much appreciated.
  7. thank you all for the help, it's gives me many clues to follow.. Zagnut i'm going to follow your directions step by step too see what happens.........thank you. the version i'm trying to modify is 4.0 i will definetly inquire with the inworld groups. i suspected it was the link order but there is no way, that i can see, to determine in what order parts were linked. so the inworld groups should be able to help out with that. thanks again people.........when i get the answer i will update this thread.
  8. thanks for your help. at least now i know it should work that way, that there's nothing wrong with the idea.
  9. hi Freya, thanks for replying. what i did was rez the collar on the ground. then rezzed an unscripted mesh ring. i linked the ring to the collar. then i took it into inventory and wore it. the collar was clickable, i got a message in local chat "rvl ready!". the open collar slave hud reads the collar and reports it is intergrated. when i click on the collar, no menu comes down. when i access the hud's menu and click on "collar menu" no menu comes down. another thing i did was, i unlinked and removed all the unscripted collar parts. that left me with only transparant scripted parts. i wore just the transparant parts and it worked just fine. i then rezzed the parts on the ground, linked the ring to it, then wore it. the same result as before. no menu shows up but it is clickable and the hud reads the collar. i then unlink the ring, wear the transparant parts again and it works again. so for some reason it seems, linking the ring is intefering with something. if there is anything else i can offer or try please let me know thanks for your suggestions and questions, i will try the in world sim.
  10. i've been trying to link a mesh object to an open collar but when i do the collar stops working. i tried making the object the first as well as the last thing clicked on before linking. i've taken the collar apart and tried linking in different order without good results. the slave hud recognizes the collar and the collar remains clickable but the menu does not come down. if anyone can tell me what i'm doing wrong i would appreciate it. i've searched around a lot and haven't found much info on scripting or modifying the collar so if anyone has links to resources along those lines that is appreciate as well. thank you.
  11. i know this is an old thread but when i went looking for how to make a tiny mesh i found this thread quickly and it had the answers i needed right off. one user was having trouble with the extra geo turning black in world and stuff so i thought i'd offer what i think was the problem in case others find this thread and end up with the same issue. i'm pretty sure that since the user already had made the mesh completely, when they added the extra geometry they forgot to give the added geo UVs. if a mesh or part of mesh is lacking UVs nothing can map to it......like color,alpha or textures. in zbrush, as far as i know, if you add geo after the object already has UVs, you have to unwrap it all over again.......meaning new UVs. i'm sure in an unwrapping program or probably in maya there is a way to add UVs to pre existing UVs.
  12. wow so second life is closing down? well it was only a matter of time.
  13. welcome Ebbe to one of the worst forums on the net. personally i think SL 2.0 is an idea long over due. i have no idea if if will be done "right". but the idea is right on the mark. this is the first idea from LL that shows somebody actually has a clue. it is further my hope that SL 2.0 rids SL of over 90% of the people on this forum.
  14. everytime i come back here i get reminded of why i stay away. we all have our opinions, lets leave it at that. this was not the place to voice my personal views.
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