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  1. Thanks so much, you're a gem! xx
  2. Hi everyone, I just got a new boat home on a lovely piece of land, and it said there were 4 styles to choose from - can anyone tell me how you change the style of the boat? I've looked all over, but don't know what I'm missing. I can see how to change colour etc, but not the style of the boat itself. Thanks in advance, PinkRayne
  3. Hi Bearded I dropped you an IM inworld, would like to chat about this so please could you get in touch? Thanks PinkRayne
  4. Errr... ummmm... errr... What did you say again? Just saw your picture and can't quite concentrate, Diva for a reason huh :ppp HAWT! OH... and *waves back!*
  5. Hi! I'm the owner of HOLY SHIrT! Clothing range and my business has got to the point where I need to take someone on to free up more of my time to design and create. I have an inworld store and a MP presence. Inworld store: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Official%20Munkin%20Island/211/57/21 MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/145611 Flickr group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2416746@N24/ Requirements: 1. You must be experienced at photography 2. You must be familiar with Flickr 3. You must be reliable, professional and very friendly Duties: 1. Look after the blogroll, contact blogg
  6. Thank you for your comprehensive explanation Astrid, it's much appreciated. I think for now, I will go with the standard sizing option. I will download the 5 standard sizing avatars and use them. Is there a guide that explains how to make my garments bigger and smaller easily within blender? To create my pieces I have used the standard SL avatar within blender. Thank you again x
  7. PinkRayne

    Texturing mesh

    Hi You need to edit your texture in PS/gimp, give it your own design. You then upload your texture template into SL, and apply the texture inworld Hey presto! Pink x
  8. Hi all I have very recently started making my own meshes, playing around for a few months and now have about 3 items I think are good enough to texture and sell. I now have one size of each piece of clothing, so: A) Is there an easy way to make more sizes of each to conform with the standard sizing B) Would I be better to do 'fitted mesh' and where can I find a tutorial to guide me through this process? Thanks so much for your help. Pink x
  9. For designers will this be automatic, or will we need to buy specific fitted mesh templates? Very exciting news!
  10. Hi all, i'm looking for some bloggers and/or photographers for my mesh clothing. I have a store inworld, a marketplace store, and stalls at another location. I also design for the fatpack event. Of course all the clothing used in photos/blogs will be free of charge, that goes without say :) I'm not sure where this post would sit best within the forums so any info would be fab! TYSM xxxx
  11. Hi hun, Thanks for the reply but not really what i'm looking for at present x
  12. Hi all I am looking for a large skybox, around 1000 prims thereabouts, for my clothes store. I have seen full skysims available for around 1400L per week which would be fine but I am struggling to find some for commercial use through search or MP. Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks in advance, PinkRayne xxxx
  13. Thanks for your response, the store I bought is definitely full perm so that is not the problem - I can delete the boards, move them, edit them... you name it, I just cannot put them up for sale (or the contents). Does anyone have any other suggestions? TYSM xx
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I bought a store recently (full perm) and it comes with sales boards built in. The problem is, none of these boards will let me set my items for sale, it simply will not let me tick the box at all. If I try and set the default action to 'buy' it says "can't set buy object as the object is not for sale. Please set the object for sale and try again". I've contacted the creator who spent about an hour with me trying to work out what was going wrong to no avail. He can set the boards to buy, just not me. I have even tried a few viewers to see if it is
  15. Hi all, I am looking for a skybox or sky land for commercial purposes. I need to be able to have my own LM and store name in the web bar on TP. If anyone has any sky stores I could have a look at that would be great. I am open to just renting land in the sky and I can place my own store there too, if anyone has anything on offer. Please let me know if you have any land that may suit my needs and I will arrange to have a look in world. Looking to do this ASAP. Thank you, PinkRayne
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