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  1. Thanks a lot Kwakkelde, reading your suggestion I resetted normals, made an uv unwrap and for a miracle now pieces upload. Maybe we will never know what the error means.... but looks it is working. Will try also symmetry tool instead of mirror copy. Thanks
  2. WARNING: load_face_from_dom_triangles: Unable to process mesh with empty position array; invalid model. WIndows 7, 3ds Max 2012, Maya 2012, Autodesk FBX converter 2013. Unrigged mesh. Exporting from 3ds max in dae, or import object in Maya then fbx converted to dae, or export fbx from max and converted to dae. Seems to have this trouble only on : mirrored objects, objects coming from splines and converted to editable polys. Already resetted transformations and scale in hierarchy panel. Resetted all pivots points. I'm pretty sure is an exporter problem, but can't find the right settings. Any idea? Thanks :)
  3. Thanks for the replies:) @ Cathy Yes I saw the amazing work u did, but that will need an adjustment made to the viewer, and after all I can see a bit the deformation just rotating the joints directly in Maya. And you're right, the problem lays in the distance of the vertices from the joint, that mess up weights in movement. @ Nalates I agree with you, this avatar file is poorly rigged, and still give errors in Maya. Just try to go to bind pose with the avatar body selected. Pinches all the bones on the back. I have to do a research on how to do the weights transfer in Maya, still I don't find an exhaustive video on Blender, guess that Gaia Clary is still working on fixing the SL rig files. I'm not an animator technician, but I don't understand why we can't keep rigging to the mbones ( that are the ones that determines movement anyway) and simply manually add correct weights to collision bones. Even if, as is now, and as I see, collision bones interfere with movements, and in my opinion should not. Look for example at the BELLY. Is parented with mTorso, but its influence goes down till pelvis. So if I add the BELLY influence on that skirt, it will move with torso and break the belt line that moves with pelvis. So is better to wait for a fix of the SL wiki files? Will they be aware of the problems?Imo in this way rigging is completely broken. What do you think?
  4. So I took my skirt, already rigged for standard sizes, adjusted the shape for Ruth, downloaded the .ma skeleton, and started to rig again in Maya (2012). And there starts my problem. I copy the avater skin weight to the skirt, then manually adjust the weights. While the old skirt was weighted finely to hips and pelvis, the new skirt is bind to PELVIS, R_UPPER_LEG, L_UPPER_LEG, to follow the deformers. Tested on a standard size M, in fact deforms quite nicely. The trouble starts when walking. The collision bones acts pretty weird on movements, and is very difficult to predict it in Maya. So now I'm trying to fix it manually, but looks like a long way and not very good. Maybe is because the new collisions bones move the pivot of weights, so all skirt behave too differently? I'm short of ideas atm...and don't understand what I'm doing wrong. here is the old skirt (with pivot on hip) vs the new skirt (w pivot on L_UPPER_LEG) any help is greatly appreciated :)
  5. first test, works like a charm. One size to rule them all, gj Lindens
  6. I can't agree more with your words, Chosen. (can I print the post and pin on my wall? ) I'm doing mesh clothing for SL now, and took a while to figure out how to make good meshes suitable for SL. But I come from a (self made, sic..) learning process on Blender, from the basic of modeling to texturing, weighting and so on. I had so much fun doing the basic to advanced tutorials in 3d modeling, from subdividing a sphere to carving a funny face in and make it laugh, that when I started doing mesh clothing I could easily concentrate on design and particulars, and SL importing bug fixes. For what I have seen (just a glance, Maya is my next step) Maya is a powerful and complete software, with an affordable learning curve. I'm still a "3d noob",and for that I continue to do tutorials: this is the best way I found to escape frustration, in my personal experience. If you do like that, you will see that 3d modeling is not rocket science, and you find your personal smooth workflow. Another thing that helped me a lot for SL, is to follow tutorials on 3d modeling for games, once you have the basics. Good luck for your future creations P.S. I never learned to make proper sculpties...too many limitations
  7. Thanks, very useful video Yes, as I was thinking is a refined work optimizing a mesh for the different lod..
  8. @Amphei Jierdon and Nirmanakaya Yalin : Thanks for the comments. Making a video on how to make the shirt and LODs is on my video tutorial to do list. yvw and yay Amphei Jierdon wrote I think, I found a way to do that LOD stuff? Is using modifier "Decimate" a good idea?. was thinking the same.. or, as ( I am a noob modeler) I start with very low poly then use multires (and all the loopcut I need) to define the stuff.....saving copies of low-medium-high multires could work?
  9. Thanks for your beautiful tutorials, finally I understand a lot of things: are the most clear and useful tutorials I've ever found. Please show us how you do your perfect other LOD ^^
  10. I'm doing clothes meshes but there are major problems. better look at this https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23477? anyone has update? this jira post stopped in october.
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