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  1. If you are using Firestorm's viewer based AO, turn it off and reset skeleton and animations. If that fixes it, the AO is using an animation incompatible with your head. If it doesn't fix it, leave the viewer based AO off, then detach all worn objects including HUDs, confirming in the "Worn" tab in your inventory that nothing is being worn, then reset skeleton and animations. Starting with your mesh head, slowly start attaching things until the issue occurs again, then you should know what is causing it. You can go in order of suspected object, such as head HUD or other head
  2. WhosYour Daddy ImYour Daddy ListenToYour Daddy ObeyYour Daddy Sugar Daddy MyBabys Daddy Bone Daddy IssuesWith Daddy JokeFactory Daddy LongLegged Daddy Mac Daddy DayCare Daddy Deadbeat Daddy Iggy Pop Cherry Pop Cola Pop Tart Pop Top Pop Tootsie Pop De Sire Because someone thought "Sire" would make LL more money than "Papa". I just hope they aren't also handling budget decisions...
  3. Do you use Malwarebytes? If so, see this bug report and the comments for how to whitelist the viewers you use in hopes of stopping teleport crashes.
  4. So It's been over 5 months since my last report. I've been sitting on a new round of stats for a month and wanted to do a more in-depth studies such as splitting reports into body by gender and body+breast mods, but just haven't have the time to work on it lately and still wanted to release something so it's yet another head and body list. Top 300 heads with 136,093 unique wearers (up from 20,419 unique wearers) : Top 300 bodies with 145,390 unique wearers (up from 21,840 unique wearers) : Things of interest this round include: #1 is STILL holding at 40% market s
  5. Yes, this is Phoenix - Kelly The vendor location is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhage/149/97/27
  6. It will be the same thing as it is every year. Art exhibits, art exhibits everywhere!
  7. I'm a kitsune. If you tried to eat me, you'd get major cotton mouth or be coughing up hair balls for years. https://gyazo.com/23f6283eab0d2877896e6f4c06207d7c
  8. The reason blocked users send their victims money, typically L$1 at a time, is the hope that you'll send it back. Once you send the money back, they will then look at their transaction history and under the record where you gave the money back they will see the location you were at when you did it. This is how they stalk people.
  9. As I mentioned in the Animesh Developers group earlier: Animesh and user avatars have to be animated separately with synchronoized animations. There is no sitting-on & following effect capability on its own. There is a feature request accepted for the capability, but I doubt we will be blessed with it any year soon. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100864 fwiw Also, fwiw, attach points would work similarly where you "assign" the attach points to a unrigged link and it will then "bind" to the attach point the skeleton uses and follow on an offset pos/rot.
  10. I've only ever heard of a posted "prim limit" mean land impact, not prim/link count.
  11. No, it's been going on since November of 2019. That's when a change was made that introduced a series of bugs like BUG-228939.
  12. I'm not sure how llGetObjectDetails() would be used in regards to object inventory, but I have been bringing up the need for llGetInventoryDesc() for some time in the server meetings. IDK if/when a dev can make it happen, but seeing how quickly llGetInventoryAcquireTime() was implemented when I recently brought it up, maybe there is a better chance now than there was this time last year.
  13. I still see on_rez() & object_rez() randomly not trigger in certain apps of mine. I've had to script my more critical apps to not use either.
  14. There is no LSL script function to directly handle link inventory. @Rider Linden mentioned in the last server meeting that he is interested in implementing a new scripting function for interfacing with object inventory. I suggested it should have link capability. This feature request has already been filed too.
  15. I'm still trying to get that to become a reality. 😕
  16. Product Engine still holds major influence and continues to dictate development/feature implementation behind closed doors. Sadly, most of the people making policy/development/feature decisions are not users of the platform at any level, recreational nor enthusiast.
  17. Just as the title says. What brands offer clothing that has "pulled up" & "pulled down" states? I know Wretch & Starbright offers them, but their clothing is only for the Kemono body and its various mods. So I'm curious who else offers them and for what bodies.
  18. It might not be fishing pyramid schemes promoted by alts, but it still stinks the same.
  19. Sadly, no script can anticipate a teleport without remote communication/interference before the teleport happens as once a teleport process begins, all script scopes are frozen until the teleport completes/fails and scripts are loaded again. llMoveToTarget() is a script bound property so once set, it doesn't have to be called again to remain active. The script just needs to remain loaded in the region and running. Most times once a remote teleport has occurred and the script using llMoveToTarget() loads in the next region, the property auto-activates before any changed event can trig
  20. Reminded me of Magika - Heartbeat a little.
  21. The primary reason free content is ungiftable is to deter the grief vector of some bot/idiot using a third party(seller) to spam send inventory offers, forcing to victim into a situation where they have to mute/block someone who is not the actual griefer.
  22. Even with public build and public object entry off, people can still "drive" objects onto your land, stand up and leave them. It's always a good idea to use a short autoreturn time if you're not using public building and a moderate autoreturn time if you are.
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