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  1. Curious when/where this happened as grid scope experiences were only offered to the few people that participated in the closed beta. There was no public offering.
  2. Still, the trend is that, with each passing year, more things are becoming no-mod. This especially goes for human mesh heads, human mesh bodies, human mesh clothes and mesh hair. And it isn't no-mod scripts or containers to blame. It's creators' conscious decisions.
  3. The most important features to me are always the ones yet to come...
  4. Got a marketplace listing url for said dress? I'd like to see it.
  5. Are you seeing Animesh? It uses a bento skeleton applied to an object and animation functions. Here are some Animesh nekos I assembled: https://gyazo.com/47c1b73c370c604fc11b8380ed79f1f5 Those are not user avatars. They are objects. Animesh objects.
  6. If you mean Top Scripts or Top Colliders, then no. I'm talking about something mere mortal Mainland parcel owners can also use as well as catering to scripted applications, not just usage by moderators. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SCR-451
  7. So as mentioned in today's server meeting, a change to llTeleportAgent() is being worked on apparently. There were concerns brought up about what limits this function should have in regards to teleporting someone to somewhere not owned by the same land owner. I think a destination should either be same land owner owned or public access or accessible to someone in the land group the destination uses if not public accessible. I do see some good uses cases, but it would be a shame if the grief potential, even while land owner operated, outweighed the benefits. What are your th
  8. Just an FYI, such setups can most definitely miss things as it's using sensors which have arc based ranges, meaning spherical or segments so unless there is complete overlap of all scanned areas of interest you will have blind spots. Also, there is a limit to the number of returns sensors can make so anything beyond that limit could be missed. It would help if we had a script function to scan a parcel with filtering options and specified object key return limit.
  9. I think this depends on what a user is looking for. If it is stimulating conversation, then yes, they will need staff/patrons to talk to. If it is ammenities or game/story immersion, then how developed or advanced the content, NPCs and/or environment is might matter more.
  10. I have yet to see a Vivendi body in the wild. As far as masculine feminine bodies, is the Nana body too "much": Have they tried the Kupra Kups version?
  11. Your guess is as good as mine, but one can assume one or the other. Maybe they liked the effect those deformers had on their other mesh bodies.
  12. I have yet to run into anyone wearing the Mirana body in the wild. I collected a second round of head & body stats this week during events and did notice several dozen people wearing the Mirana demo deformers with their Lara or Freya bodies. Top 200 heads with 20419 unique wearers: Top 100 bodies with 21840 unique wearers: #1 is still around 40% market share this second week. I did notice an avg. 6x increase in Kupra encounters from the week before. It's listed twice due to each having different creators, assuming the original creator later went with
  13. The map tile service has not been uplifted yet, but is currently being worked on.
  14. You don't have to use an experience to make guests see an environment you set up in the parcel's Evironement tab in About Land. Your guests/alts only need to have World > Environment > Use Shared Environment checked. The only time an experience would be more flexible is when you want even more specific usage of an EEP environment like when someone enters a building/basement/dungeon/cave or when you want to change to a completely different environment on the fly than what is already set on the parcel. Guests/alts will have to allow in the experience and the experience will
  15. Uplift hopefully means more time for Lindens to be more involved with the platform and its users in all respects.
  16. Unless they hire people that have the innovation and skills to develop/evolve features that will attract new users it will most definitely be "business as usual" for years to come.
  17. Reminds me, I've tried using the Range header with HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER but it doesn't seem to work right when using a starting range other than 0, like Range,bytes=500-999 Web pages that return 206 with a starting value of 0 return a status of 499 when greater than 0 is used. Other web pages return a status of 200, but the data is from the start of the page. Anyone successfully use it before?
  18. How do you know they were Linden alts? The only time I've run into grief from "company accounts" was when a group of ProductEngine accounts a few years ago thought it was funny to raid a sandbox I adminned and shoot guests with giant physics and continued to do so from outside of banlines once they were banned.
  19. Derivatives have been brought up many times over the last decade, as well as "owner-after-next" permissions and each time, LL devs publicly announce their fears of making any changes to the permissions architecture.
  20. But exporting and using an external script to split off head slider values from an xml file should not be SOP. We need an offically offered/supported alternative through eitehr new head-only & body-only shape assets or a viewer UI and/or scriptable UI(HUD) to adjust/load/save individual head/body params.
  21. To be fair, Premium Plus never materialized. I guess revenue was still comfortable enough for them to decide the optics of more greed would overshadow the already ridiculous tier/setup/premium fees. The pandemic was their public excuse not to go forward with it.
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