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  1. I investigated bakes on mesh viewer, and It seems that bakes on mesh just uses 6 special texture uuid's to represent "this face should be BAKED_UPPER", very similar to how media and invisiprims work. I created a wiki page listing those UUID's: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Textures Is Bakes on mesh going to keep working this way? Will these UUID's likely change? if not, I can see creators releasing updates to add a hud button or an omega applier to apply the bakes on mesh textures, and then users can get to using system skins
  2. yes. please put the models on the bento testing page. I tried to myself, but the entire wiki has been locked for months
  3. Hi all. I just released a free kit of meshes and animations that show you where exactly every bone in the body is and how it rotates. I passed out the meshes to some of you at the last meeting, but I'd advise getting the release as it also contains a hud with 618 animations for testing the rotation of each bone individually. I and my clients have been using these for years. Hope you also find them useful https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Avatar-Testing-and-Visualization-Kit/9842033 
  4. I wanted to know what the new limit on bones per animation was in Bento. I could not find any information, so I did some research of my own. I am happy to discover that Bento does not seem to have any meaningful limit on how many bones you can upload in one animation. I just uploaded a single animation that poses all 206 mBones, attach point bones, and collision bones, and it works. I did have to fight with avastar to export said animation, but once I did, SL has no trouble with it
  5. How many bones, exactly, did bento add? I made a list using avatar_skeleton.xml from the latest viewer ( I counted 107 new bones (31 body, 30 finger, 46 face), 15 new attach points, and 0 new collision volumes. Did I miscount?
  6. Here's an idea that would make it possible for animations to reliably set a bone's position back to default, but it would require a change in the .anim file format. I propose we add a new flag to the anim file format to specify that translation channels are relative, rather than absolute. What does that mean? currently, <0,0,0>m in an anim file (32766,32766,32766 internally), means the bone is at the same location as it’s parent. I'll call this absolute positioning. It could be changed so that <0,0,0>m means the bone is in the default location from calculating shape and joint offsets. That would mean an undeformer, for any shape, would just be an animation with all translations set to 0. Translations to mPelvis are already treated this way (0 means, the offset above ground that was calculated as proper based on leg length and such) For backward compatability, a flag would be needed to specify old or new behavior (relative or absolute). I propose that the field named "looping" be changed from a boolean field to a bitmask field. Now, looping would remain the lowest bit in this bitmask. relative translations could be the next lowest order bit. 0 means old, absolute translations, 1 means new, relative translations. This field would have no effect on mPelvis translations This would enable a few niceties besides just reliable undeforming. It would also mean that translations work better between different avatars. Say you have two face meshes. one is long, the other is short. You make a translating nose wiggle animation for the short face. it works nice on that face, but if you play it on the long face, your nose will be moved to the location it should be on the short face, causing deformation. If translations were relative, this animation would work on both these face meshes, and any other, regardless of where they decide the nose goes. What would be the impact? This is a viewer-only change, so only the viewer needs updating. And, assuming no animations were uploaded with the looping flag set to something other than 0 or 1, this will not break any existing content, or any re-uploaded content. No tools like avastar immediately break, but they can be updated at the creator's leisure to support this new animation style. The bvh importer could immediately take advantage of this flag by just presenting a checkbox in the upload, next to the looping checkbox. I also posted this as a feature request jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-20027
  7. The latest version of this viewer branch is at http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/vir-project-1/latest.html . Nyx's link is out of date
  8. I use low graphics settings, except for setting object detail to mid (renderVolumeLOD to 1.1 or so). I get 15 fps in normal places, 1-5 fps at places with a lot of alpha textures, or over 15 avatars on screen. sculpties don't matter all that much, as I only see high lod when zoomed into it. Not many people I meet day to day use sculpties that look bad at medium LOD. I'm on an NVidia GeForce 5200fx
  9. yikes. I guess the lesson in the belgium article is don't get in the way of the copyright holder's profits
  10. True. I have heard it said "You havn't seen angry residents until they start throwing physical megaprims at your meeting"
  11. no. sorry. my statement is just accumulation of 4 years of discussions about license, license changing, and reverse-engineering in an different open source project. I'm familiar with copyright mostly as it applies to open source software. Can get some information on it from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellectual_Property Here's a long primer from my project's lawyers: http://www.softwarefreedom.org/resources/2008/foss-primer.html I'm unable to find a short document to explain the difference written by anybody I trust, but googling copyright vs trademark leads to quite a few results
  12. making something from scratch is never a copyright violation. It may be a trademark violation, but that's completely different
  13. no 3d cursor? how do you set the center of rotation for an arbitrary group of objects to rotate/scale around?
  14. You can make blender 2.5 behave like Maya. I don't know how good the emulation is, having never used maya, but it changes the camera controls to all be on alt-click, at least. You can choose it either on the splash screen: Or in File > User Preferences > Input:
  15. Tapple Gao


    I think there really must be a mistake in the prim costs. I can't immagine why they went to the trouble of implementing complex physics shapes if they don't intend users to be able to make builds big enough to walk around in
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