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  1. Ebbe stated in an interview there is no such plan. Doing so would alienate land barons and risk some sort of exodus, even if they tied it to Premium Plus.
  2. Buying them a Mystery Machine and a great dane would be cheaper than a mesh body or head these days.
  3. We desperately need a facepalm reaction button. Confused just won't cut it most times.
  4. Even if they hadn't set up roles, any accumulated money should have been paid to at least owners within 3 days, so sounds like something is wrong.
  5. The experience risks being assigned "Suspended" status by LL. I have yet to see this put into practice though, possibly due to the effects it could have on products in the wild that depend on said experience.
  6. I know a few charter members. Most do no log on anymore. The ones that still do have always acted like what comes out their backside is gold and/or doesn't stink.
  7. If you think EEP is a s*itstorm, wait until you see what they are going to do with terrain & sim "surrounds". That is coming and with elevated priority at the whim on one particular developer. Priority over dozens of more important things that would make SL/content operate more efficiently. Priority over requests filed by actual users. Many users, over many years.
  8. The following user groups are primarily text communication based: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server/Sim/Scripting_User_Group http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Open_Development_User_Group http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group
  9. Yes, querying llGetAnimation() on a high frequency timer is typically how it's done since we do not have a change event or triggered event based equivalent, something needed not just for Animesh attachments, but certain hair, wings, tails, accessories & magic/particle effects attachments. One method I've heard used as a donor/surrogate script are ZHAO-II AO scripts with llStartAnimation() & llStopAnimation() replaced with the Animesh equivalents. I have not verified this as I just wrote my own Animesh AO script, but the method seems sound/plausible.
  10. Open search, type "sex", start hopping place to place.
  11. Flexible prims have no collision properties and will clip through heads, shoulders, boobs, backs, arms, legs, anything. We need dynamic bones and colliders. Not just for hair, but also for dresses, skirts, tails, bits and organics. Many, if not most, of the MMOs created in the last 8 years use them. I wish SL wasn't perpetually years behind the standards, heh.
  12. To be fair, most of the things you mentioned were not conceived nor implemented by Andrew or Kelly Linden, but yes, there have been far too many partially-implemented features over the years. Even Animesh, BoM and EEP were partially implemented. I think its better to balance backend work and feature work in tandem. As far as "slowed down", they've been slowed down for years. It didn't help that Sansar became a huge waste of time & money. That platform's failure skewed management's decisions on what to pursue feature-wise and it's unfair because features were certainly n
  13. You can assign animations to your avatar's locomotion with http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetAnimationOverride With the arms and legs bound to the body, I'd imagine "walking" would resemble either that of a caterpillar's or flopping around like a fish out of water, heh.
  14. Some of the game making/operating problems/limitations I deal with in SL: 45 FPS environment 32 bit integers, floats 64 KB max script size 64m scaling limit 54m encompassed link limit No scriptable UI No backed real world programming language w/ full library of unnerfed functions with unnerfed operation No way to turn off interpolation at the agent/object/link level with position/rotation/scale changes No way for multiple scripts to synchronously access/change a single shared global memory source (memory, not data) No way for scripts
  15. I miss the level of innovation in the features Andrew and Kelly Linden gave us every quarter. That ended after December 2013. There haven't been any Lindens that work on features full time since. The primary developer that offers features has been working on anything but for over a year now. It's the same with all other senior staff who seem to be the only other employees allowed to work on features. No other "game" company I'm aware of operates like this.
  16. How the No-Mod mindset wasn't as prevalent as it is today.
  17. The cheeseburger you get will never look like the one on the board/screen/commercial.
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