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  1. Oops! Polenth is absolutely right; my period after the website URL generated that message. I gave that instead of the MP URL because MP doesn't allow a creator to organize things. My Website (besides being fun to do and I hope interesting to browse) breaks things up into collections. Let's try again: https://enyoshop.com/
  2. Since I started this topic I hope it's OK to suggest you look at my shop. I have only one really skimpy dress (and I made that by request). See everything at https://enyoshop.com. (If you shop inworld you help me support the sims I'm in; LM links are on the home page.)
  3. Thank you Milly! I hope you'll stop by my En Yo! shop sometime. Some of you have mentioned events. I've explored those but not participated. They're expensive, feel like an airport terminal and benefit only the promoter; I just feel I would rather support a music venue (Nat's, The Fern and Pasos Latinis) or urban community.(Christopher Street). But that's just my preference.
  4. Thank you Malin! I knew that info was out there but now I know where it is.
  5. Thank you Orwar! Good points all. I'm mainly saying that those hangouts and clubs depend partially on the rents from shops to stay open. Moving only to MP and events really has a ripple effect that I'm trying to get a handle on with this discussion. And maybe going farther: is there a way to entice more people into those shops? How do we make that experience more pleasant and fun?
  6. OK, I know I should know this: what's a mainstores crawl?
  7. Hi Rabid. Everything you wrote is true, just as it is about shopping on Amazon instead of running all over town finding stuff. But it's also true that we all need interesting places to visit in SL, so we can wear and use all that great stuff we brought. LOTS of those places are on sims that rely on rents from shops to keep them going. And when it comes to urban-theme places, nothing looks worse than a street of empty shops. (That's just like RL too.) So my request is about looking beyond the shopping as just a way to buy stuff. Just like "Buy Local" campaigns in RL towns, it's the idea of supporting a community.
  8. I'm really happy hearing all the "I shop inworld" comments! It looks like I am going to be down to one fixed rent shop and four percent-of-sales ones, so we'll see what happens.
  9. This is a request (actually a couple of them) from me as a pretty new creator. First is, please try to shop inworld, not just on MP. Marketplace is our Amazon; everything is there, all searchable and Oh so easy. But it's inworld shops that make SL's cities and malls interesting and vibrant. The rent I pay helps the music venues on those sims stay open; the colorful shop looks WAY better than an empty storefront. (Just like RL, by the way.) I always put the SLurl in there so you can "See item in Second Life, and I always try to use that when I visit an MP shop.) Sim owners, you could help! I now have two shops in places where I am paying a percent of sales instead of fixed rent. I think there would be WAY fewer empty shops if more owners did this, and it would be a real shot in the arm for new creators. Imagine walking thru Detroit, or down New York's Christopher Street, and seeing unique new things behind every window? What do you all think? If you're a customer, creator or sim owner I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  10. Well, I'm sure trying to do that. Take a look at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/231536/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=Gown
  11. By the way my own body is Maitreya. Perhaps my choice to go with the masses is impacted by being perhaps the last person in the USA to give up my Betamax for VHS. (If you're too young, ask your mom.)
  12. Still interesting and varied responses coming In with lots of food for thought. Thank you!
  13. It's actually happened to me a few times already; I made a gown in Freya because someone asked and then added it to the vendors for all future sales.
  14. THANKS EVERYONE for your comments! I'm sure there will be more over time; it's one every clothing creator has to answer all the time. I think my own NOT-cast-in-stone answer is going to be that I'll make Maitreya, the three Bellezas and the two Slinks. And if I meet someone who says "Can you make that for my body?" I'll make it and add it to my vendors (assuming I have the template for it). I just did those versions for my Chapala gown and sent a notice to my En Yo! Group; we'll see what happens.
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