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  1. I have yet to run into anyone wearing the Mirana body in the wild. I collected a second round of head & body stats this week during events and did notice several dozen people wearing the Mirana demo deformers with their Lara or Freya bodies. Top 200 heads with 20419 unique wearers: Top 100 bodies with 21840 unique wearers: #1 is still around 40% market share this second week. I did notice an avg. 6x increase in Kupra encounters from the week before. It's listed twice due to each having different creators, assuming the original creator later went with
  2. The map tile service has not been uplifted yet, but is currently being worked on.
  3. You don't have to use an experience to make guests see an environment you set up in the parcel's Evironement tab in About Land. Your guests/alts only need to have World > Environment > Use Shared Environment checked. The only time an experience would be more flexible is when you want even more specific usage of an EEP environment like when someone enters a building/basement/dungeon/cave or when you want to change to a completely different environment on the fly than what is already set on the parcel. Guests/alts will have to allow in the experience and the experience will
  4. Uplift hopefully means more time for Lindens to be more involved with the platform and its users in all respects.
  5. Unless they hire people that have the innovation and skills to develop/evolve features that will attract new users it will most definitely be "business as usual" for years to come.
  6. Reminds me, I've tried using the Range header with HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER but it doesn't seem to work right when using a starting range other than 0, like Range,bytes=500-999 Web pages that return 206 with a starting value of 0 return a status of 499 when greater than 0 is used. Other web pages return a status of 200, but the data is from the start of the page. Anyone successfully use it before?
  7. How do you know they were Linden alts? The only time I've run into grief from "company accounts" was when a group of ProductEngine accounts a few years ago thought it was funny to raid a sandbox I adminned and shoot guests with giant physics and continued to do so from outside of banlines once they were banned.
  8. Derivatives have been brought up many times over the last decade, as well as "owner-after-next" permissions and each time, LL devs publicly announce their fears of making any changes to the permissions architecture.
  9. But exporting and using an external script to split off head slider values from an xml file should not be SOP. We need an offically offered/supported alternative through eitehr new head-only & body-only shape assets or a viewer UI and/or scriptable UI(HUD) to adjust/load/save individual head/body params.
  10. To be fair, Premium Plus never materialized. I guess revenue was still comfortable enough for them to decide the optics of more greed would overshadow the already ridiculous tier/setup/premium fees. The pandemic was their public excuse not to go forward with it.
  11. Some music while you wait for delivery:
  12. Strange thing is, every 10^3 test cube after the first behaved accordingly, not moving with movetotarget unless I set gravity to 0.0 and CoF to 0.0.
  13. Are you speaking for the average user or the technical savy/curious user? 😉
  14. It does care, but apparently the effects of mass on llMoveToTarget() have been weakened versus years past as a 10^3 cube still moves to my location easily unless I change density to Osmium level. llSetVelocity() would be a better candidate for "not caring", heh.
  15. If the body shape parameter changing by LSL feature for Animesh in Project Muscadine was offered for user avatars then it would be possible, but it would have to be in temporary asset form factor like BoM as body shapes are hard assets. There is already desire/interest from the community to separate head and body params into their own shape files. This could allow complete flexibility. The problem is, LL devs would only offer it via viewer UI, which would make it a single use case feature, sharing the same fate as the viewer-based poser feature they've been sitting on. If they a
  16. I'd like to know what they're going to pass onto us and call "savings". Also, you think corporate greed will allow passing up the chance to milk consumers, who are already (relunctantly) willing to shill out over $100(renting) to $200 (owning) for a region, for every penny they have? There currently is a high demand for regions so why would they drop pricing now?
  17. A full few seconds after collision suggests the presence of the script release bug that was introduced over a year ago that has yet to be fixed.
  18. Start selling mod and/or low priced mesh heads and bodies that rival the competition in terms of features and quality.
  19. Scripted procedural animation capability would allow for many things, including in-world pose creation. Too bad innovation has been put on the back burner for years.
  20. The developer responsible for the introduction of that behavior back in November 2019 said they'd like to work on a fix someday. If I see/hear they're working on more features nobody asked for, I'll remind them of this problem and how it should have been given higher priority instead.
  21. Coincidentally, all this week I decided to fire up my old head and body tracker system and hung out at several popular events to gather data. Here is what I recorded: Top 200 heads with 10462 unique wearers: Top 100 bodies with 11409 unique wearers: How about the market share that #1 has... #33 & #34 have different creators. I guess they decided to let "someone else" be the premiere for that brand AFTER the initial release... Top 200 head & body combinations with 10116 unique wearers: Use the this chart to either see where your head & bo
  22. It's Adamburp Adamczyk's SL birthday! Please IM him and tell him "Happy Birthday!" He'll gladly appreciated it. 🙂
  23. Please file a detailed bug report at https://jira.secondlife.com Including a short video that shows the problem occurring will help too.
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