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  1. Yeah, wearing this on AV Center will encounter the +/- 30 degree turning buffer users have which is responsible for one person seeing you facing one direction and another seeing you facing slightly different than that.
  2. Map tiles have been broken since November 18th. That is over 3 months ago...
  3. Sadly many of those "combat" HUDs are horribly designed to not have timeouts or cleanups with the attacks. The attacks will linger until autoreturn if one is present.
  4. 2 times in 4 years? Maybe they were just exploring SL and not hunting you down? I sometimes decide to check out places I've never been to before and run into people I haven't talked to in years in the process.
  5. There is a "statistical" method you can do with the looping too. Start out doing 128m increments, then 64m, then 32m, then 16m, then 8m, then 4m, each interation ignoring the positions you've done so far. This will statistically get you hit(s) sooner than checking every 4m linearly. I've used this method for years in my parcel flag scanner when I look for parcels of interest.
  6. I bet creators that offered that service today would be pulling their hair and/or teeth out knowing that the end-user just might modify their "art". The horror...
  7. It's "cell shading". Something some toonish avatars used with prims and sculpts before mesh came. The only downside is that it adds another mesh layer when worn, thus more complexity.
  8. From seeing the pics provided and not actually using the software, maybe "decode" the 16 bit integers for position and rotation? From my rough estimates, those are equiavalent to: For +/- 5m position: = ((# - 32767) / 32767) * 5 For +/- 180 degrees: = DEGREES(ASIN((# - (# > 32767) - 32767) / 32767)) * 2 where # is the 16 bit integer. This quickly done in Excel, FWIW... Someone else may have a finer tuned calculation.
  9. It fails to correctly calculate bone translation on bones other than pelvis so I think that is major.
  10. It sounds like you want to use an HUD to make your camera follow someone else or something someone else is sitting on and they/those are moving. This is not possible in SL with a one-time execution of llSetCameraParams(). Only following yourself can be done with a one-time execution of llSetCameraParams(). Many have asked for new camera params to allow auto-follow of objects or agents, particularly a target key input. The alternative is to execute llSetCameraParams() on a fast timer, but it looks horrible and choppy.
  11. Seems my "Darkheart" request was deemed favorable at the last Web meeting I had with LL.
  12. We can't even get a Mod/Copy fair. Full-perms events would be a rare animal.
  13. There are many brands missing. Tonic, Altamura, eBody, LucyBody, Absolut, Utilizator, Kalhene Many brands also offer more than one body.
  14. I guess I'm going to have to do a another compile of the data I've gathered, which has been slow lately due to focusing on other things. Here's my last compile from last month: It includes data for humans, anime, furries and ferals.
  15. If only this would mean no more no-mod heads/bodies or rather, no more people proliferating buying said no-mod heads/bodies. 😉
  16. When you get into 4p or more, you're typically only going to have multi-2p or multi-3p scenes with each group doing the same animation set, positioned and/or rotated in a different direction. Debauchery's "swingers" furniture is an example. The exception is with BDSM where sitter #3 or #4 and up are typically "extras" all doing the same animation and positioned around the primary scene.
  17. I've had the same issue with crashing during teleports. TCPView shows a connection created and establish to the target server, but no teleport occurs, the connection closes and a crash follows. Teleports were fine for a week or two and are back to every 4th or 5th tp equaling a crash.
  18. This was brought up recently with this and that bug report. There are several limits with constraints in SL's animation protocol. In the "hand holding" scenario, you're limited to targeting an offset of ground at either a local point or local plane. And that constraint is active for the entire animation. This may be fine for posing, but also most likely means you won't be doing much movement with the rest of the body like in couples dances. It might work for pole dancing as long as said dance requires the user to keep a hand on the pole at all times. The alternati
  19. Roblox doesn't offer complex AAA "looking" avatars like SL. Roblox avatars are slightly evolved Lego men at best. The "worlds" are also simple looking like something out of Animal Crossing. The user dynamic is not the same as SL's aging audience either.
  20. Probably because by the time the script hears the message and checks if the object belongs to you and/or is worn, the attachment is already gone from the server so it can't get any data on it.
  21. Nice. I can't even get LL's viewer or even Firestorm to correctly recognize a PS3 controller...
  22. Has enabling the new HTTP_EXTENDED_ERROR parameter for llHTTPRequest() helped any?
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