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  1. Why am I reminded of that Jesus painting that was ruined by that one old lady or Whistler's Mother ruined by Mr. Bean?
  2. I'm just saying find the donor content first (body, head, hair, ears, tail, clothing) then you can ask for someone to make texturing for that content. No one is going to design a head, body, clothing, hair, ears and tail just for you, but they more likely will do texture work for an existing outfit.
  3. I think you're better off just making it out of available content (body, head, hair, ears, tail, clothing), leaving the hardest part to the hair, ears, tails texturing.
  4. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228939
  5. And the list still hasn't been alphabetized despite @Keira Linden saying on May 6th it was "on the list to be address". I guess Uplift isn't giving anyone any time to work on simple things. 😕
  6. llAttachToAvatarTemp() can transfer ownership, but then it exists in "temp attachment" state where it can never go to your inventory, unless it fails to attach. Attempting to use llAttachToAvatar() with someone else's permissions will result in a "Script trying to attach to someone other than owner!" script error.
  7. What does "Changes to support group chat infrastructure improvements." entail? 🤔
  8. Sounds like a sub-conscious coping mechanism to me, heh. I've had it happen to me probably a dozen times, primarily because I used to hang out in SL's weapons testing sandbox where there is an abundance of idiots on illegal tpv's. After running 3 sandboxes for over 10 years, I've encountered copybotters literally over 15,000 times. These days, not so much.
  9. Instead of "copybotted" I assume they mean one of the many no-copy "duplication" means bad actors have been using for years, particularly with gachas. Said duplication means include scripts and their current memory states. Gift cards, vouchers and even some breedables that are sold through a scripted vendor initially exist as an "unregistered/unredeemed" object in the user's inventory which can be boxed/sold/traded. A server is usually contacted by the scripted vendor upon sale and a yet-to-be-redeemed total is incremented for the item type sold. It isn't until the item is attached/rezzed where it can communicate with a server for the first time, providing scripts are not off at the region level. At this point a serial number can be assigned, sometimes also added to the object name. The problem lies between the time of sale/receiving and the first server communication. During this time, bad actors can duplicate the item and either redeem the copy them self or sell the copy to someone else who redeems it and as long as the yet-to-be-redeemed total for that item type is not 0, the related server should offer whatever service/object is affiliated with that item type. If we had a way for an object to register itself prior to the vendor selling/giving it to a buyer, it would make it harder for bad actors to sell duplicates. There would still need to be a way for potential buyers/traders to check serial numbers with a server/vendor to verify if an item has been claimed or not. This would be aided by the method of including the serial number in the item's name so it can be seen in the inventory of a reseller's vendor object or in the contents section of a Marketplace listing. I think an AllowAgentToBuy() & PERMISSION_SELL_OBJECT method which allows only a certain agent to buy an object rezzed by the vendor would be more feasible, though. Said function would have inputs such as Price & Copy, Content, Original mirroring what can be set on a object via a user's viewer.
  10. It happened at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Hannibal/182/124/64 The hidden console setting apparently was left on by someone for some reason and was "changed" when the region was restarted. I ran into the condition when I was investigating https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227882
  11. FWIW, the parcel privacy ceiling is 50m above ground. IIRC, it was added in server version I'm still waiting for public access to this parcel privacy behavior where you are also do not show on the radar/minimap: https://gyazo.com/043ec6a918fc32940f24bf31d0408ee8 No, I am not crossing regions in that vid.
  12. It is not secure. Data is permanent unless there is a change in prim torture that causes a reduction in prim sides/faces. Example, data written to side 8 then the prim is changed to a sphere, there is no longer a side 8. Changing the prim torture to allow for a side 8 again will not recover data. Data survives prim duplication/shift-copy. I wouldn't create products using it as it is not offically supported for data storage despite the benefits it has over all other means, particularly the synchronous data access.
  13. It's KVP, not KPV, heh There was this feature which would have given us synchronous access to "prim memory", something unique to SL. It's why developers couldn't wrap the heads around it, heh.
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