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  1. Lucia Nightfire

    Linden Homes Preview

    The houses have pretty high land impact for such basic designs. The thing to me that is unacceptable is the number of scripts and the script timing each house is consuming. Script counts range between 21 - 45 and timing between 0.046ms - 0.092ms, this in a region that still has 14ms available timing and 99% script run rate.
  2. Lucia Nightfire

    Valid Characters in Script Names

  3. Lucia Nightfire

    Agent SLURL loading bug?

    Firestorm is much better at handling URI resolution as it can handle dozens of pending resolutions whereas LL's viewer can only do one at a time and times outs too quickly.
  4. Lucia Nightfire

    Valid Characters in Script Names

    The DEL character(U+007f) can be set but only via script.
  5. Lucia Nightfire

    My sim has been griefed non stop, i ned urgent help please

    Aren't Estate Owners now able to restart a region remotely from their own Estates page?
  6. There may be websites that bots, as they travel the grid, send parcel information to that may allow search interfacing by users.
  7. Lucia Nightfire

    Group Tag Animator Removal - Thoughts?

    At least there was an official post from LL warning of the coming change. Now if we can just get Oz Linden to do the same before he breaks any more dated script function behavior. 😉
  8. Lucia Nightfire

    Too many static avatar bot's in SL

    The presence of the full bento skeleton does have some render cost. That is why there is a minimum 15 LI charge. Granted, the actual impact itself varies with the hardware doing the rendering.
  9. Lucia Nightfire

    Too many static avatar bot's in SL

    It's been brought up in the Server and Content Creator meetings a few times. They admit it will have wide-spread land impact increases on already rezzed content. Oz Linden has stated he does not want to support a dual system, the existing one for already rezzed content and the new one for anything that will be rezzed after it is implemented. The possibility of having another wave of available prims has been suggested, but no solutions have been finalized nor has work on the project begun, but they continue to elude that it is coming.
  10. Lucia Nightfire

    Too many static avatar bot's in SL

    Animesh land impact is not arbitrary, but is based on charged triangles. The formula is 15 + (1.5 * charged Ktris). Charged triangles are High LOD tris plus any tri's over the 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 ratio for Med, Low and Lowest LOD's. It is explained at the bottom of this page. Your life sized orca probably has a LOD triangle schema like 10000,5000,2500,1250 or less, but your micro orca probably has LOD triangle schema like 10000,10000,10000,1 or 10000,10000,10000,10000 which will have an additional 125% or 212.5% land impact than if the creator stayed under the "optimized" ratio. Even more fun is to come when Project ArcTan is implemented and texture memory will start adding to land impact.
  11. Lucia Nightfire

    A Sansar Journal

    The big bars are also from when Sansar went live on Steam too, right? Has interest completely tanked or what?
  12. Lucia Nightfire

    Requesting Information about a Tyrant Admin of a Sim

    Thanks to the internet, or maybe lack of RL socializing, 31 is the new 12, heh.
  13. What are these customers choosing? Are they buying these dolls for use in private on their own land? Are they buying them from marketplace or a in-world store? If so, are you aware of the mesh triangle count restriction and the charged triangle based land impact penalties involved? Have you seen Animesh sex dolls for sale that have bento hand and facial animations as well as distinct moaning/orgasm sounds with their own unique voice, their own particle emissions and/or "spunk" layers, their own removable clothing and/or accessories. Do they have the capability of using any existing furniture you already own without you having to set up anything prior? Going back to the previous mentioned restrictions, are these sex dolls even attractive or do they look like default system avatar XML rips with low quality bodies, hair and/or clothing? Is the owner going to bother purchasing new hair, clothing and accessories periodically to keep said doll looking appealing or periodically purchase new expensive sex furniture to keep the "romance" alive? What about instead of buying and maintaining, they instead go to a place that has Animesh characters for use on site at a hourly rate or for free? With the aforementioned limitations, in terms of attractiveness and performance, are Animesh characters even able to compete with user avatars wearing exotic/expensive mesh heads, bodies, hair, clothing and accessories with interactive sex systems, sounds, emissions, RLV interactiveness and/or attachment interchangeability? What I'm getting at with all these questions is that presently, Animesh sex dolls have an extremely difficult time competing with the already massively saturated and free sex AFK market. There is an over-abundance of attractive user avatars available for free sex that no Animesh object could even come close to resembling to nor performing like due to resource restrictions/usage and/or script limitations alone. I mention "free" because presently, most AFK places still do not employ mandatory tipping. Many do not take a percentage of tips. Many use AFK as a secondary means of garnering traffic. Many use AFK not as their primary business model but instead, as an aside or an attraction. The honor system has lead to a major problem of non-paying customers. Land owner's and/or business organizer's hands are tied in most cases so they leave the AFK participants to fend for themselves since they are under no obligation to protect them as there will always be more coming to fill the void. Lastly, can Animesh sex dolls give the necessary sensory feedback, satisfy the same thrill seeking and satiate the same psychological needs of customers who engage in AFK primarily for the slim chance that someone on the other end may be watching and/or enjoying them and may possibly IM them for further interaction and RP possibilities or is the use of a sex doll primarily for self-gratification or cheap entertainment?
  14. Lucia Nightfire

    Requesting Information about a Tyrant Admin of a Sim

    You must pass this test to get back in the region:
  15. Not a chance AFK is going away nor will be impacted by Animesh sex dolls.