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  1. If was implemented land owners and their guests wouldn't have to see their neighbor's ugly prims.
  2. Never hurts to also evaluate for valid key with something like: if ((key)message) or even string trim of spaces and/or substring 36 digits: key k = llGetSubString(llStringTrim(message,STRING_TRIM),0,35); if (k) I do this mainly with textbox entry as I've accidentally clicked enter after adding the key creating a newline or was copying the key from chat or a spreadsheet and included unwanted spaces.
  3. Throwaway accounts do this exclusively with 0 return time land abroad to restock their alts when their last account gets banned. Governance will not remove the ban boxes no matter how many times you AR them either.
  4. I'm sure Cake will be a different version that these so does that make it a Straight Flush? heh
  5. sadly won't work from an HUD as the function is host centric. You will have to execute it from the rezzed object you want targets to be forced sat upon. I lobbied to get it to allow remote sitting on anything the target owns, but it was denied. It seemed the author wanted the feature to be as simple as possible which is a shame.
  6. I've heard certain dens of sin like visitors who are young, dumb and full
  7. Updated? There was nothing special before and nothing special now.
  8. I'm curious if the driver for this feature and animated mesh was more to help reduce lag and scene render memory than it was with the actual demand from users and creators, heh.
  9. Main Channel went to Magnum & Cake went to LeTigre & BlueSteel went to That'll be $27.50
  10. It just doesn't sound intuitive or user friendly to have to turn on edit links and scale the root prim just so the rest of the link scales up or down by script. If they have can already scale the root by hand, wouldn't they just be able to scale the whole thing by hand? Am I missing something?
  11. These functions also make scaling simpler than looping through all links changing sizes, local positions and rotations.
  12. may be of interest.
  13. Afaik, supplemental animations are only going to be used with new animation override functions. You might want to confirm that at the next Content Creation meeting.
  14. Animated mesh is still an object linkset that has a root link and will allow linking and delinking. Legacy prims will perform just as they do with any linkset. They just won't be apart of any animations since those are only rendered with mesh links that have rigging data. This will allow ease of building scenes, settings, buildings, furniture, vehicles, etc. and combining them with animated mesh, especially with existing content. It will allow packaging them for rezzers as well. Animated mesh is not an only-rigged-links exclusive. As far as land impact based on bones actually being used, wouldn't the animation itself dictate what bones are "dead" or "freewheeling" and not the skeleton. As far as we know there will be no skeleton customization offered.
  15. Personally I don't think land impact should need anything special other than a minimum value, sort of how pathfinding characters are done, but with legacy prim land impact being honored instead. With pathfinding chars, legacy land impact is not honored, meaning, a 255 link linkset or 25000 land impact, tortured materials legacy prim will become a 15 land impact character with llCreateCharacter(). Mesh land impact is honored, so a 900 land impact mesh pf char will still be 900 land impact with llCreateCharacter(). So with max([32 or 64,actual land impact]) that only increases with prim torture, material changes or size changes like any normal linkset, I don't see anything else special is needed. A minimum is the only thing needed to curve abuse as far as rezzed animated mesh is concerned. That is to prevent rezzing thousands of 1 land impact meshes for tiny critters like bugs or flowers, etc. With attached animated mesh, there will have to be something else done, whether it be a hard limit on # of attached animated mesh allowed or a # of slots consumed by a single animated mesh.