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  1. Animesh is gonna be a big thing, guys

    Keyframe motion would be more reliable, predictable and far less faulible than pathfinding. Its just more complex to setup.
  2. Animesh is gonna be a big thing, guys

    Scaling is another alledged post-release feature to be considered. It has not been filed as a feature request, though.
  3. How do I report a land or person for animal intercourse?

    They still exist. The strange thing to me was the creator's fascination with how long canine sperm can live in the human body and the hopes that some day animal hybrids would result from such intercourse, heh.
  4. I get Sansar...!

    Oh there be sex stuff in IMVU. You must not be looking hard enough.
  5. json parse unicode

    Maybe we can also get entities support someday too, since LL's own api's use them.
  6. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-07

    The wiki isn't typically updated to make new functions visible until they are released grid wide.
  7. Rezzing Object without Rez Object in Contents

    You can also verify what is rezzing the object with the llGetObjectDetails() function and OBJECT_REZZER_KEY constant.
  8. Experience errors....

    The solution is to purchase a grid wide experience when that feature comes available. If it does that is.
  9. Diphylleia Heights police is looking to hire you

    "Consensual Police Brutality", only in SL, heh.
  10. Experience errors....

    The two scenarios I mainly worry about sending a user a message is: if experience_permissions_denied() triggers with XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED immediately after llRequestExperiencePermissions() executes, which is the only way to assume they have the experience already blocked. if experience_permissions_denied() triggers with XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED_LAND within the expected use period after llRequestExperiencePermissions() executes, in case they wander on to someone else's parcel then grant perms or use a menu selection.
  11. privacy

    Two things(bugs) to remember about parcel privacy: [#BUG-4356] Parcel privacy settings hides accounts within the parcel from the outside, but avatars within the private parcel can see avatars two sims away. [#BUG-37601] Parcel privacy only works as expected when at least one agent is on the parcel ban list
  12. Experience ID - my own owned Experience?

    Use NULL_KEY to get the experience compiled with the script. llGetExperienceDetails(NULL_KEY) The third element in the list is the experience key. llGetExperienceDetails()
  13. dance clubs

    Have you thought about starting your club on Sansar? I think you might get more guests there even if it is by accident.
  14. Detecting different scripts

    Have the table/game also validate OBJECT_CREATOR and OBJECT_CREATION_TIME of a no mod HUD prim using llGetObjectDetails(). Make sure you never used the prim in any other application that might have been mod so that it will only be unique to said game.