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  1. I "think" this was brought up yestreday at the server UG: Idk if the solution is needed for external servers to accept https-in from LL servers or if it's only for LL servers to accept https-in from external servers or both.
  2. The maturity rating is one of personal prefence to limit searching or operation. The only recommendation LL makes with an experience's maturity rating is that the profile name and desc should meet the requirements of a G rating. There is no ordinance that says you must use an Adult rated experience in an Adult rated region. LL doesn't do this with their Horizons experience.
  3. I assume this is a land-scope experience? What function is returning the error and what specifically is the error code number? Are you sure that you are standing over the parcel with the allowed experience? Have you verified with the viewer's Show Property Lines feature? (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P)? Is the object using the experience function in the same region as you?
  4. Maybe include factors as difficulty in making the hits and dodging the hits based off distance to/from target, the size/speed/power or the artillery used versus defense/agility/luck of the target. All this creates a score for each attack which repitition math can be done on. This assumes mostly projectile type combat, but other things can be considered with melee based combat.
  5. Multi-style hair all in one linkset = "Let's lag everyone that renders me!" This is one aspect Project Arctan will address and in the process, make existing customers mad at creators for using such tactics when their complexity goes through the roof.
  6. It's not deprecated yet. It might be next week, though. The only other-than-owner parameter I can see being "slightly" useful would be TARGETED_EMAIL_SCRIPT_COMPILER which would only send emails to the person that compiled/saved the script, which would be what "creators" would want/need/prefer in an end-user environment. Again, I say slightly as the only real benefit is dynamic email address pointing without the need to access a remote db to get the current email address.
  7. There was some brief discussion in the server UG about it, albeit not much from LL as they didn't seem to want to talk about it, a disturbing trend that started recently.
  8. There was no discussion of this fast-tracked function with the community in any UG, no public feature request jira, no public testing and no public awareness until today. Typical SOP...
  9. I would expect no less from an 8 year old blank account.
  10. Without insertable IK's and/or modular animation capability, any kind of sports animations will look pretty crappy in SL, especially with any difference between two body's sizes and/or limb lengths.
  11. Also, I don't recall llTargetedEmail() having any discussion in any of the UG's or any feature request filed on the jira. Funny how the only regions the function exists in on aditi don't allow people to save scripts. So a function of unknown intent, operation and lack of public testing is suddenly being put on an RC on agni. After looking at the TARGETED_EMAIL_ROOT_CREATOR & TARGETED_EMAIL_OBJECT_OWNER constants used, I question why there was even "time to tackle" this function. And I bet it's conveniently too late for any changes to its operation now that it made it this far without any public awareness.
  12. Maestro, are you going to return to moderating the Server Beta UG?
  13. Could be someone on an illegal tpv using a "bounding sound" attack. Firestorm's Sound Explorer can show you if an avatar or an object triggered the sound and its "owner".
  14. This came to mind only because I saw it recently when updating my hair farm. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rosy-mood-MESH-hair-Policy-Fat-pack/12824665 Bella by Argrace would be another one, but it's no longer available. https://gyazo.com/6a4ac48beb22b20e7c2aa11b3630f97b
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