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  1. Lucia Nightfire

    Need ideas for drugs

    Make me one as described below:
  2. Lucia Nightfire

    SLUniverse is Closing

    Agreed. That place is an echo chamber with many users suffering from a severe case of hive mind as well as many users perpetually stuck in "the good old days of SL" mentality, utterly refusing to accept what SL has evolved into thus far.
  3. Lucia Nightfire

    Paid for updated Landmarks.

    Support would have to change the region UUID, but I doubt they will as it might cause many other things to break.
  4. Lucia Nightfire

    Flipping a prim 180 degrees

    Two different people with the same handwriting? 🤨
  5. Lucia Nightfire

    How do I report a land or person for animal intercourse?

    If loving nekos is wrong, I don't want to be right...
  6. Lucia Nightfire

    Looking to hire roleplayer

    This sounds like a job for Animesh, heh.
  7. Lucia Nightfire

    Let us remove the firestorm experience...

    I brought the issue up long ago with Linden experiences that won't let you forget or block them. The official response was, "These experiences are special and enabled for all residents. In the event of a bug or exploit with these experiences, we can disable the experience until the issue is addressed." At least the Firestorm experience is land scope limited and able to be added on a parcel/region's blocked experience lists IF it ever was compromised. There are many Linden grid scope experiences though that cannot be added to a land's blocked experience list.
  8. Lucia Nightfire

    Anyone recognize this texture?

    If you show me the object in-world I can tell you who uploaded the texture. This data is still available to the viewer and Phoenix use to include it in the object inspection modal, but it was not added in Firestorm's object inspection modal despite there existing a feature request for it for many years.
  9. Lucia Nightfire

    Looking for Asian Mesh Head

    Maybe look at the Raven Bell brand heads. They're 2k and under, mod and have demos.
  10. Lucia Nightfire

    Sansar Diagnostics Overview

    We miss you in Secondlife, Med. Hope you are happy. Hope you are well.
  11. Lucia Nightfire

    15 YEARS!! but I am sad (horrible interview truth)

    That's strange. I seem to recall a certain 15 year old user publicly stating in front of a group of people in WT just a few days ago that he uses his age and status to influence Governance accounts by telling them lies and half-truths. This is like Bizarro World stuff.
  12. Lucia Nightfire

    Sitting on an other sitting avatar

    One of the many post-release feature requests being considered for Animesh is the ability to rig a sitter to a bone via a script function. This would be the closest thing to an "avatar" sitting on another "avatar".
  13. Lucia Nightfire

    Kidnapping Hackers (as in "hackers who kidnap")

    There was that incident in 2008. Aside from that, I'd say it's mostly empty threats. I still wouldn't give out personal information willy nilly though.
  14. We need animation reform to give us the ability to override one or more animation parameters, not just speed. Things like changing(overriding) priority, start frame, end frame, frames per second, reverse direction, looping, easing, etc. We need global start time referencing so the viewer will never get desynched. And, of course, we need the ability to insert(override) IK's into an animation, with affected/targeted bone(s) input, local position/rotation. Basically, the ability for one or more of your bones to reference/impact/avoid other bones on your avatar, other avatars or global positions. This will give us bodily and environmental feedback. Couples animations have critically needed this for years.