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  1. I raise draw distance high enough to be able to drag the distance needed with my cam rendering all of the land on screen. Its usually 2x the length of the parcel(s) of interest.
  2. If art exhibits and museums are you thing, you should check out Sansar as that's the primary form of entertainment there. 😉
  3. Sorry this just "popped in there", heh.
  4. Forgot about that myself. Seems if all originally saved notecards were resaved/removed from the "compiler's" inventory no copies owned by anyone else can be read else EOF is returned with line reads. Haven't done much testing. I assume it has to go through one of LL's inventory maintenance/cleanup cycles first. IDK how often that occurs either.
  5. And the avatars at that time still look better than what Avatar 2.0 offers in Sansar, heh.
  6. Script timing is more important to put under the microscope than memory. A region runs at 45 FPS, meaning 22.222222ms of timing per frame. Open Stats by using ctrl-shift-1 and look at the "Time" sub-parameters at the bottom of the floater. These show what's using timing in the region. The more scripts in a region and the more things they do(see Script Events in the same floater) the more script timing will be consumed. Back in 2011, reported script timing at the object level via llGetObjectDetails() and OBJECT_SCRIPT_TIME had more of a 1:1 reported vs. impact on script timing. Ever since then over the years that ratio has lessened to an average of about 1:4, meaning an object with fully trended and constant script time of 0.125ms will consume 0.5ms from available timing in Stats. This ratio also varies from what kind of script functions are in use especially if they trigger updates. Once all available timing is consumed, region FPS will start to go down and timings will start to go up. Script run rate % and eps will also go down since fewer script events will run per frame. Also, understand that there is no fair resource distribution of script timing across parcels that each have different owners like there is with the distribution and limiting of prims per land owner. So with all this general information, your basic goal is to not let all the scripts on your land consume more % of the region maximum available timing(22.222222ms) than the % of the land you own in the region. You say you own 1/4 of a sim, so that would mean to not let the total script timing of your scripted objects exceed 5.555555ms. Now, with that reported-to-impact ratio I mentioned, you have to reduce that value even further to 1.388888ms. This does not take into account scripts worn by your guests which will also impact timings. This does not take into account other activity that consumes timing, such as net timing (http usage, child agent connections), physics timing (physics movement, shape changes, pathfinding, etc), agent timing (object update checking in and around agent FOV). This does not take into account if your region is a Homestead as multiple Homestead regions will run on a single host server CPU core and report lowered script run rates. So "in theory" if there are only 4 parcels owners in the region, each owning 1/4 of the land, if each owner's scripted object totals don't exceed 1.388888ms, script run rates "should" always be near 100% and region FPS "should" always be near 45. But, since we don't have fair script usage enforcement, it is all too common for one land owner's scripted objects to consume more than their fair share in the region. Here are some examples of how people can abuse their share of script resources, whether knowing/caring or not: One land owner owning a 4096 sqm parcel which is 6.25% of the land in the region, rezzes dozens of Amaretto horses that consume 33% - 50% of the script timing in the region. One land owner owning a 4096 sqm parcel which is 6.25% of the land in the region, logs in dozens of AFK accounts whose attachments consume 33% - 50% of the script timing in the region. Here is a feature request to bring us enforced fair script use. There's also an issue that with today's high streaming cost content and the current generic land impact calc, that script counts/memory do not have any actual impact on land impact. Here is a feature request to make scripts have a more correct effect on land impact.
  7. I recommend: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VRDz-Lesbian-Bed-V12/14530994 It has dedicated lesbian couples animations. The look of the bed isn't that great, but the animations, especially the RNP sets are ok. I moved all the animations to a better looking rug and converted it for use with Animesh sexdolls with my Sexytyme app which has over 70 themed female playmates. It's an easily affordable piece of furniture too.
  8. It was added several years later. All experience functions from llSitOnLink() to now do not make use of experience permissions script events and instead use their own synchronous error control return which is better flow control.
  9. You want llReplaceAgentEnvironment(). Just understand that neither llSetAgentEnvironment() nor llReplaceAgentEnvironment() have access to ALL the parameters that the UI can change.
  10. A movelock "assist" that can't be overpowered by keyframe motion collisions or "special" pushes. A sit teleporter that bypasses landing points, but must have public rez enabled "somewhere" in the sim. Also, I think you're a little late to the party with the other "discoveries" as llSitOnLink() has been out for 3 years now, heh.
  11. In regions that have a lot of overlapping prims, objects inside other objects or agents inside objects, agent time will be higher the more agents that have these in their interest list. I suspect it has something to with viewers constantly checking bounding boxes of every agent or object in the interest list and verifying if they are fully in line of sight and should trigger updates if they haven't yet.
  12. Even if there was a ruler displayed next to your avatar during editing, that won't stop anyone from being whatever height they want, nor stop land owners from protecting their businesses using crude practices that rely on limited available data.
  13. You think people aren't already using LL region servers to mine BTC?
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