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  1. Just some advice. Don't assume that Turning off rezzing blocks all rezzing. Turning off object entry blocks all object entry. Turning off scripts blocks all scripts from running. because it doesn't.
  2. It was announced in the last Concierge meeting that the land store is now back online. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/509gysn88pqv
  3. When I say "younger" I'm not talking attracting the same age dynamic as Roblox.
  4. I've told SL devs for years that if they want to attract and entertain a younger audience in SL, they need to implement some competitive gaming tools/mechanics or give us script features to do it, but they'd rather focus on a non-graphical mobile app and call it "Mission Accomplished". 🙄
  5. This is not a thing. It has only been a suggestion/wishlist item brought up in the server and content creation meetings recently. Oz said in the interview that there are no map features being worked on, only getting the operation working again. Map features can come later.
  6. Project Muscadine currently is a project viewer and simulator code for body shape and body physics support for animesh. There currently are no regions on aditi that are running the code like there were over a year ago, but the viewer still exists. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/
  7. If Project Muscadine was implemented in full, including attach point support, then we wouldn't have to search the internet to find mesh and then try rigging/weighting it when we want to simply put something like an instrument or cup or knife or gun or sword or ball in an NPC's hand. We could use what is already available in-world and/or not have to do any rigging/weighting. @Vir Linden Please end our suffering soon! 🙏
  8. Yeah, wearing this on AV Center will encounter the +/- 30 degree turning buffer users have which is responsible for one person seeing you facing one direction and another seeing you facing slightly different than that.
  9. Map tiles have been broken since November 18th. That is over 3 months ago...
  10. Sadly many of those "combat" HUDs are horribly designed to not have timeouts or cleanups with the attacks. The attacks will linger until autoreturn if one is present.
  11. 2 times in 4 years? Maybe they were just exploring SL and not hunting you down? I sometimes decide to check out places I've never been to before and run into people I haven't talked to in years in the process.
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