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  1. Here's where the last name submissions were discussed in the last Web UG:
  2. There aren't going to be any rolls this week according to Simon Linden in today's server UG. Code wasn't good enough.
  3. In the last Web UG, they mentioned getting something like 6,000 submissions and it will take time to go through them all.
  4. Buy M4 Venus and wear the "M4 Venus - Neck [LL/Normies]" neck.
  5. The layoffs, the focus on events instead of world/avatar building tools, etc.
  6. I'd imagine they put a freeze on cashing out in Sansar to prevent its "economy" from collapsing, especially after recent news, heh.
  7. Maybe someday LL will have time to tackle scripted fly control.
  8. Heavily keyframed/animatronic sex animations still plague SL. I can count on half a hand the number of existing animators that primarily offer long length, full motion capture, light edited, sex animations today. 90% of sex furniture assembled today uses animations from these few animators. SL is also plagued with a 15+ year old animation protocol that has only had one major change during this time, facilitating the additional bones bento brought along with allowing larger file size and/or animation length. We need animation reform that allows scripted override of hardcoded animation settings. We need to be able to override priority, be able to start and stop an animation at # frame(s), loop it between those frames, control animation speed, be able to insert IK's such as bone targets of same or other user(s) as well as global position targets, with local pos/rot offsets. We need to have global start time referencing so animations seen between multiple viewers are always in synch, especially when used in conjunction with global events, such as rezzed object manipulation. Being able to "build" an animation by script would also allow pose creation on the spot, without having to rely on a viewer.
  9. The colliders on that hand need to be adjusted bad. It was pushing in her lips before visible contact.
  10. If the listing has pictures, those pictures contain the unix time they were uploaded to the server. Right clicking the listing page background and choosing "View Page Source" will show this data. This is the best reference you have at the moment until LL adds listing creation/update dates to the listing page, something that's been in discussion for some time now. The ability to search by date range or listing age is also something that has been discussed.
  11. That's a chunk of change to pay for a product that doesn't have much of a description, pictures, a SL map url to an in-world store to see examples of content made with it and whose creator has zero information about the product, an in-world store let alone anything else in their profile. Looks like one huge red flag to me.
  12. Yes even I forget things and have to ask, heh. Does anyone have a link to the definitions for group content types with the World API returns? I've have gotten returns such as "PG_NOT" & "M_NOT" for General content groups and "M_NOT", "M_BET" & "M_AO" for Mature content groups. Even though I don't think I can depend on this data, I'd still like to know the exact meanings and differences between them. A page that explains the differences instead of speculation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Listens and sensors had their priority handling changed at the end of last year. touch_start() > touch() > touch_end() should still queue as they always have.
  14. The Limited Quantities filter was requested to filter gachas since listers apparently don't use the Gacha category. At the same time, using it allows people to still see normal no-copy listings. There probably is no magic combination of filters that will satisfy everyone's needs. Another big addition no one is commenting on is that on listings for things you have bought or have been gifted there are now links in the dates that take you directly to the order or the invoice so you can redeliver from there instead of having to wait on order search to finish and even then sometimes search cannot find what you're looking for. Thanks LL for the Limited Quantities filter. It makes my searching of "Animesh" listings less of a pain.
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