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  1. Lucia Nightfire

    filter collision for RLVa

    llDetectedName() might be better as it shouldn't fail in heavy lag like llKey2Name() can. llCollisionFilter() may be of use. At least as a primary script resource gatekeeper before checking additional object details downstream.
  2. Lucia Nightfire

    What makes you block someone?

    Read the "Muted?" section in my profile's Picks tab. It explains the criteria for my muting people. Some might even get a laugh out of it unless they're uptight.
  3. Lucia Nightfire

    How to make a script programmatically

    You can lock operation of a script to a host by referencing its creation time, using the llGetObjectDetails() constant OBJECT_CREATION_TIME. You just have to use a unique host that only you created that will not be used with any other application. So either rez a cube or upload a mesh and only use that host for your script to operate in. Assign verification(check current link's creation time versus hard-coded creation time) to a global integer in state_entry() and reference said global integer at the start of each vital script event. If your object is mod, another area of concern might include checking if another script exists in the same link as your script. It's a concern because certain functions can trigger the same event in multiple scripts in the same link.
  4. Lucia Nightfire

    LSL-only, grid-wide communication

    I've used my grid-wide experience for years with my update servers that update KVP entries with their current urls and products in the wild that check the KVP db for the current url before sending HTTP requests. AFAIK they don't get shut down or blocked and still allow contributors access so products in the wild don't get broken. I am aware of a few experiences like this and they are still accessible, existing scripts are still working and new scripts are able to be compiled with the experience.
  5. Lucia Nightfire

    is the venus m3 head and eve body not a good idea to put togeter

    Why be locked out of modding your body? Maybe consider kemono / fitted kemono instead?
  6. Lucia Nightfire

    May sound like a conspiracy theory but...

    Firestorm 6.0.1 (56538) Dec 13 2018 19:42:18 (32bit) (Firestorm-Beta) with Havok support Could still be my crappy connection as I'm not seeing it atm.
  7. Lucia Nightfire

    May sound like a conspiracy theory but...

    I'm currently on 32bit FS and see the issue. Thought it was mostly due to my current crappy bandwidth more than anything.
  8. Lucia Nightfire

    Forced teleport? No, it's not rlv...

    Unless moderation, teleport and/or experience notifications are off, you should get a report of who/what teleported you.
  9. Lucia Nightfire

    Read Objects's Description In Contents Inventory

    A request to get an inventory item's description was requested here. Probably needs to be requested again. llGetInventoryCreator() can get an inventory item's creator.
  10. Lucia Nightfire

    Rudeness in general

    Incels gonna incel.
  11. Lucia Nightfire

    Clickable Map Links

    Also, make sure the region name is escaped.
  12. Lucia Nightfire

    Animesh Questions

    Animesh does not yet support attach points. Animesh does not yet support body shapes.
  13. Lucia Nightfire

    Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?

    Do you have temporary mesh rezzers rez something in between the time you selected the object and checked Animesh Mesh? I can't repro yet.
  14. Lucia Nightfire

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Being able to filter limited quantities items would help especially since many gacha listers incorrectly list permissions.
  15. Lucia Nightfire

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    See the detriments I listed above. You're not going to see exotic(high tri count heads/bodies/hair/accessories) avatars, esp exotic bento avatars and esp w/o attachment support which is needed to facilitate many RP and interactive elements used in AFK.