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  1. Thanks UK!

  2. Thanks UK!

  3. Teleporting Without Intervention

    Linden Realms existed for a year before the experiences closed beta even started. About Land is not the right place to look when looking for region dependent experiences. Look in the region experience list in Region / Estate instead. Those are either Key or Allowed experiences. Many if not most Linden experiences are auto-grant type which do not create explicit permissions dialogs when calling llRequestExperiencePermissions(). They cannot be forgotten or blocked either. New Linden Realms was created after Linden Realms was shut down for two weeks starting January 5th, 2016 due to the discovery of a security exploit.
  4. Teleporting Without Intervention

    IIRC, this used to be the case until after the grid wide massacre on Monday, June 4th, 2012 where dozens of griefers spent half the day traveling the grid force teleporting everyone in a region to other remote regions. This was due to a permissions exploit with the teleport functions. After that incident, LL changed a few key areas of functionality in the name of security, weakening performance. Most notably, explicit permissions request dialog when requesting teleport permissions even from an attachment and a 2 second throttle added.
  5. Your dream house

  6. Griefer Text

    If you are at a location that doesn't allow public rezzing, like an infohub, this is probably a titler that someone wears on Avatar Center while the child prims move the target's location(s) and display hover text. It is typically only used by sitting agents else they give away who is using it if they move around. I would recommend using Firestorm's Area Search, unchecking Attachment, Physical, Temporary & Child under "Exclude objects" while checking Attachment under "Only list objects that are:" and clicking Apply. In the list of objects, sort by distance and look for any objects within 0 or 1 meters distance that are owned by anyone other than you. You can then try moving away from this owner and if the hover text remains and the object distance remains the same, this is probably the object in question.
  7. Could Someone Explain About the Ears, Please?

    You guys either don't get out much or shop around much, heh.
  8. Retrieve Group Name - With HTML Cleanup

    There are over 2000 named entities not to mention the dec and hex numbered equivalents. There are many cases of a number value having 2 to 6 different named entities as well. We really need an LSL entities support function the same as php's encode and decode functions. The scripted alternative requires at least two "library" scripts to house all the named entities and number values.
  9. Key to name for key of group?

    Your parsing is using more than 8 values for spacers.
  10. Looking for items

    Why not post what it's called, who makes it and/or the mp/store link?
  11. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-06-25

    What is this "Contains new Main Channel code" in the Animesh release?
  12. Worm Farm

    Its another racket, like fishing games, heh.
  13. Rez a Bullet in Prim attached to Avatar

    If you're able to rez, why not rez an interceptor shield plate instead? I've dealt with "shields" that auto-retaliate against mouselookers in the past. Its a stupid concept. Mouselook does not mean someone is 100% going to shoot you. Many people naturally walk around and look at things and people in mouselook. Your application is only going to annoy others and make you into a griefer.
  14. My most wanted feature yet to come! Terrain!

    My guess is you better take up scuba diving, heh.