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  1. Avatar Rendering Complexity - What's Your Record?

    Since you're an obvious troll and most likely just another of my many "fans" on an alt, why not IM me about it in-world or come visit WT and we'll talk about it there, that is, if I haven't muted you already.
  2. Your most recent wonderment

    My most recent wonderment came a few hours ago when Animesh test regions on aditi went public access. Seeing actual animated objects instead of alpha cycling or puppeteering was inspiring. I pray that we get a better resource abuse deterrent than the current low bar tri count cap as I can't make anything detailed looking with the 20k limit. I certainly can't assemble my own avatar into Animesh as it uses over 100k tri's for the body, clothing and hair.
  3. Avatar Rendering Complexity - What's Your Record?

    I sometimes hang out in "Sandbox - Weapons testing (no damag" which is a Linden sandbox that gets its fair share of griefers like any other sandbox. The pics I posted in my jira were not taken in that region. Whoever told you anything out me sounds exactly like the same scumbag blackhat griefer whose fun has been taken away repeatedly by my jira's. I would distance myself from them as they have involved their associates in security violations with Linden Lab in the past which have resulted in their bans.
  4. Avatar Rendering Complexity - What's Your Record?

    I call it testing as I was making pics for a jira about the specific problem. When I did the testing I was in an isolated environment where no one else would be affected.
  5. Avatar Rendering Complexity - What's Your Record?

    "Hold my beer" 2.137 & 2.2 billion. I win.
  6. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    My biggest disappointment is that after years of begging LL to implement the capability of making NPC's they finally began working on it, but a few weeks before the big release(within 2 days of this writing) they announce a restriction that will render the feature useless for most of the users in SL. If you want to see in detail what I'm talking about read the following jira:
  7. Need help for script texture applier

    If I'm understanding correctly you only want your applier to work on specific mesh prims or not at all if any unauthorized prims are detected. We recently got access to an object's creation time via the OBJECT_CREATION_TIME constant for llGetObjectDetails(). A mesh creation time is unique by creator. There should not be two different mesh assets from the same creator with the same creation time even with bulk uploads. This means you can use creator key + creation time as an identifier since it cannot be changed by script or normal prim modding means. You can check creator key + creation time values for each link in a linkset referencing values stored in a list along with what texture and/or params they should receive. This method will work in mod linksets no matter if common identifiers such as object names, descriptions, settext or link order are disturbed such as when someone consolidates their rigged attachments into one linkset. You can also use this method to check for the presence of foreign/unauthorized mesh prims in a linkset.
  8. Is tracking your sl camera and banning you a TOS violation?

    There are experience based games that will alert you not to move your camera too far from your avatar. The reasoning is to prevent you from camming into areas your avatar isn't actually standing in, possibly cheating by seeing targets, goals or rewards you have to find through natural exploration. If we ever get camera controls reform, scripted camera resetting or scripted mouselook forcing could be an alternative to alerts and/or punishments depending on game play.
  9. Clear Memory Question

    Curious. I do use the memory defrag method of list appending in most Mono apps so I could be confusing behaviors too.
  10. Clear Memory Question

    To be picky, you really should use llGenerateKey() and not like elements(in this case, the same key added each time) when testing memory consumption of lists in Mono. I'm sure some computer science grad/enthusiast can explain how Mono handles like elements present in any given memory block to lower the memory footprint.
  11. New llGetObjectDetails() constants ready?

    Yes, when the former constants were being implemented, I requested a change in performance so that more than one evaluation could be done with the same operation. Previously, they only returned 1 or 0 for whether or not an object was sat upon or selected. Now they satisfy that argument as well as for the number of sitters or selectors making them more efficient and less one-dimensional.
  12. New llGetObjectDetails() constants ready?

    OBJECT_REZ_TIME, and OBJECT_RETURN_TIME were not intended to be implemented this time around and won't be any time in the foreseeable future.
  13. It's so easy to fix

    Sorry, it just popped in there.
  14. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-09-18

    Better than "Internal Fixes", heh.
  15. The Skill Games

    But remember, all those extra fees are for LL to maintain legal counsel any time any gambling laws need to be litigated. How often is that happening again?