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  1. This video seems out of place considering LL's recent shift in focus with Sansar. It has the same old regurgitated talking points used when advertising Secondlife years ago.
  2. If you're wanting to be seen, you probably wouldn't be using parcel privacy, though.
  3. Again, I am not aware if there are exclusions for land owners, estate owners, estate managers or group owners to still be able to see minimap icons, or presence in the People menu or Radar menu.
  4. I was a "guest" on public access land when I was experiencing that behavior. I am not aware if there are exclusions for land owners, estate owners, estate managers or group owners to still be able to see minimap icons, or presence in the People menu or Radar menu.
  5. Figured I'd share an experience I had yesterday while hunting down a bug. While in the region, Nautilus - Hannibal I noticed that parcel privacy was additionally not showing minimap icons for agents , nor were these agents shown in the People or Radar menus. This behavior was the same while in an adjacent region looking in. Agents are not hidden from scripts or the World Map, though. This behavior was too specific to be a bug. It had to have been a hidden console parameter left on by a Linden or support. The region was restarted today and this behavior is no longer present. The question is, how many of you would want this functionality to be included with how parcel privacy works now? I'm asking now in case this is something new LL might have been testing but might try to make as a Premium Plus option only, which I disagree with. Knowing about this ability makes current parcel privacy behavior seem utterly incomplete and I think EVERYONE deserves better. Here's a brief video of the behavior in action where I was crossing back and forth between a parcel with privacy active and a parcel without privacy active. https://gyazo.com/043ec6a918fc32940f24bf31d0408ee8 Here's the feature request to make this standard behavior for everyone. If you're interested in following the discussion there, please click the "Start watching this issue". https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227885 Please keep the comments here on topic. Thanks.
  6. If there was an "always get into a full sim" benefit to Premium Plus, would that be appealing enough to buy into it? I'm mostly asking the shopaholics. 🙂
  7. If @Vir Linden would give Premium Plus land owners the ability to rez animesh characters with a 500 Ktri cap limit on their land, I would gladly pay 2x or even 3x what I'm paying now for Premium. I have the available prims to burn! 🙂
  8. Remember when using the wiki instead of "Release Notes" didn't require waiting on link data to compile? Pepperidge Farm remembers...
  9. One thing you never see with hair is cleanup of hidden faces which can remove 40 - 70% of triangles with the hair strand making method shown in the video which lead to a 246 Ktri hairset. I have yet to see any hairset in SL with cleaned up triangles on the insides.
  10. Maybe I'm completely misunderstanding things but how does shifting to focusing on events going to bring in any significant revenue? They're struggling to bring in new users as it is. What kind of entertainment is LL going to be able to book that would interest completely new people into creating an account, associate a payment method and pay to see said entertainer(s)? How often do major events need to occur to be profitable? This sounds like major last ditch territory to me when the best they've offered so far are DJs and comedians few people, if any, have ever heard of.
  11. I would not hinge dreams on development in SL so easily. SL is notoriously over a decade behind the standards of other MMO's and even further behind on game creation tools than what you can do with Unity or Unreal. LL has not advanced their script library in the last 6 years outside of adding functions for major features, like materials, experiences and animesh and projects are ALWAYS released incomplete or needing follow-up work that may or may not ever come. A majority of the work over the last few years has been strictly on backend while work on major features is handled by developers juggling other work, dragging out said feature work, 18, 21, 28 months at time. Bottom line, when engaging with whoever is interested in helping you, lay out everything you want to achieve in detail and verify what can and can't be done, what is and isn't possible. Many people have come into SL with huge ambitions only to be majorly let down with either the lack of features/capabilities to achieve their goals or if land is required, the realization of just how expensive tier fees or private island costs can be.
  12. *barberyumyum* by toraji Voom uses realistic hair textures
  13. Those Glassdoor and BBB posts seem to follow a pattern on what the real problem is, heh.
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