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  1. Lucia Nightfire


    IMVU turned into a Kim Kardashian / Kanye urban skankwear fashion clone.
  2. Lucia Nightfire

    Help ! Turn a string into an integer ?

    Last time I tried, it didn't. And neither did llParseString2List. But you are right. I just tried again. Apparently, LL has changed this somewhere within the past few years. Thanks for pointing that out.  Be careful when relying on llList2Integer() to convert a bitwise string to integer as it won't work in LSO compiled scripts. [02:33:03] llList2Integer([desc]) Mono: '0x10' = 16 [02:33:03] llList2Integer([desc]) LSO: '0x10' = 0
  3. Lucia Nightfire

    Ladies - what do you think about sex in SL?

    When you get into "shared experience" territory, LL has stated tpv's cannot implement features that their users will render differently from the rest of the userbase. This has to be a feature implemented by the LL.
  4. Lucia Nightfire

    Ladies - what do you think about sex in SL?

    If LL would finally adopt modular IK override capability for existing mod animations, you could make almost any couples animations work together regardless of body shape differences.
  5. It's part of the behind close doors policy.
  6. Don't look like any Cinderella, Jasmine or Ariel I've ever seen, heh.
  7. I don't believe Zindra needs a land bridge or water way going to it at all.
  8. When are we going to start getting script functions that are not tied to major features? We used to get them every 3 - 5 months until Andrew Linden left at the end of 2013, probably around the time devs were pulled for Sansar. Since then we've only gotten llGetAttachedList() in 2015, llSitOnLink() in 2016 and llName2Key() & llRequestUserKey() this year. There's a huge backlog of script function feature requests that have been accepted. They also are needed to evolve the platform and won't have anywhere near the 1 - 1.5 year implementation times that the some of the recent major features have had.
  9. Lucia Nightfire

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-11-05

    Same for BlueSteel. Some Animesh objects of mine ended up having a 15 land impact increase instead of 14, heh.
  10. Lucia Nightfire

    Show linked set

    Also some of the examples are not efficient when they call llGetListLength() via for loop condition input instead of assigning it to a local prior and referencing it for condition input every increment instead. Using it as an initializer is fine of course. Some will probably just argue preference there too, though.
  11. Lucia Nightfire

    Question about collisions and attachment

    The closest appearance to an avatar sitting on an attachment you can create is to attach an Animesh character. Having an avatar sit on a object with volume detect mode active and having them use a standing animation is the closest appearance to a standing avatar not colliding with another standing avatar you can create.
  12. Lucia Nightfire

    SL Chugging >>> Now it's Buzzing! 🐝

    Hopefully when the texture cache project viewer is released this won't be as necessary.
  13. Lucia Nightfire


    Getting tired of this...
  14. Lucia Nightfire


    Are we under attack again? Getting logged off again...
  15. Lucia Nightfire


    Maybe we just need the option to remove or replace locations from picks? You could file a feature request for that.