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  1. Why Don't The Lindens Change This Annoying "Owner" Message?

    You could have also titled this thread, "Why doesn't LL fix a lot of things?".
  2. CDS System abusing me

    It isn't everyday that the door gets closed on a Q&A thread, but I can hear it creeking right now.
  3. Sansar

  4. Unless I am blind, I assume the Tonic bodies are no mod because I'm not seeing the word "mod" in the creator's store, the demo's FAQ or Read Me notecards nor do I see any "Mod?" category in the mesh body addict's website for mesh bodies, only for bento mesh heads.
  5. Best Vehicle?

    Cindy Henusaki makes great vehicles. Most if not all use the ACS system. You can also test drive them all at her store too.
  6. WTF is "all alpha hair" ???

    These styles do nothing but add unnecessary avatar complexity. They include multiple styles all in the same linkset and allow one HUD to change parting, bangs, over the shoulder, over the chest options, windy or non-windy style. I've seen several makers doing this now making linksets that rack up tri counts in the several hundred thousands, the worst I've seen being over 740k. As far as the no mod mentality, it could also be avoided if creators would simply bother referencing OBJECT_CREATION_TIME for each link with the applier/HUD RX scripts which would also allow people to "trim the fat" if needed as well as consolidate their attachments into one linkset/outfit to save attach slots. I have yet to find hair, clothing or accessories capitalizing on it.
  7. Breedables and lag

  8. Laggy sim distressed real estate

    I also would look to see if there are any prim babies or prim baby accessories present. I have found that prim babies are a major lag contributor. I was helping someone looking for land once track down the source of what was consuming all available script timing in the region and found a house with 5 prim babies running around.
  9. Looking for shops with extremely high platforms

    Not enough aquarium platforms on SL...
  10. Whither AOs?

    Many creators are not active with participating in or following content creator's meetings, server release notes or even the wiki to know when new functions become available. This leads to many products remaining unchanged for years or leads many new creators using dated script examples to build their products off of. Many people go with what is popular and/or tried and true, thus what has a ton of good reviews on marketplace even if it is old. Other creators don't have the time they did in years past to create, trial and update things. Many people don't use FS's AO because they want something that works out of the box with having to set up anything.
  11. It isn't a killer, flesh wound, scratch, itch nor even a gleam in the eye to SL.
  12. Scripts Allowed on Estate but Not?

    No, but there are certain abilities in roles that, upon promotion, require relogging before their execution is possible.
  13. Without going into detail, it is a deterrent to griefing vectors.
  14. Scripts Allowed on Estate but Not?

    INB4 another "vehicle users should have complete supremacy/autonomy over any/all land settings" debate, your perceived inconvenience does not allow you declare any combination of land settings as griefing with intent. There are many reasons to not allow public scripts, primarily, resource control of worn scripts in high traffic areas/events.