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  1. Years ago, notecard reading was querying the dataserver every call by llGetNumberOfNotecardLines() or llGetNotecardLine(). The server now caches the entire notecard data on the first use of either function if it isn't already cached. That could result in a 1 - 10 seconds delay in return of data. That said, the 0.1 delay no longer seems necessary nor does the 255 byte return limit especially when a few KVP functions can return up to 4095 bytes. Maybe someone should file a request for a new notecard reading function with no delay and larger return capability. Maybe can get some attention then, heh.
  2. Looks like the RC's went to and Cake went to instead.
  3. @Qie Probably a 0 taper sphere. Legacy prims max out at 1.0 for streaming cost & sculpts, 2.0.
  4. Amazon Lumberyard is similar although they yet to offer a currency, marketplace, domain frontpage and/or social media connections.
  5. Using uri's for owner & creator would be less overhead.
  6. Where are the shineys? It's boring not having any new script functions to play with.
  7. No roll, no fun.
  8. No updates = boring.
  9. @Patch That looks like a FEMA camp to me. Is LL accepting refugees or something? Do premium accounts get hobbit homes?
  10. The "pay my rent" bots are not hijacked accounts. The owner created them then delayed using them for half a year or more to add to the obfuscation of a legit looking account. People are less inclined to give money to blank profiled day1 accounts.
  11. When will we be back to regularly scheduled shineys? Cause this well has run dry.
  12. When I went to Skinny Dip Inn and noticed that with 60 agents in the region, there was no spare time left. The total average script timing of all agents in the region consumed 3.5ms - 4.0ms of timing the rest most likely are being consumed by all the vendors in the region. There may even be a few that are using excessive script timing. A look at Top Scripts will show this info. What stood out though was the number of active scripts in the region, which was over 14000. The average script count of all guests was under 4000 leaving 10000 for everything rezzed in the region. This is an excessive amount and should really should be less than half that value. There are many events going on in the background that are not reported to sim stats. Some of the top events that have the most severe impact the sim are script loading/unloading and mesh physics data caching. The former occurs with scripted attachments entering and leaving the region as well as with rezzing. The latter occurs with any mesh object whose physics data doesn't exist on the server. The server downloads and caches this data before the entire object is released to the server for rendering, whether it be a rezzed or attached mesh object. While this data is being requested and is caching, the entire asset handling thread is waiting on this caching to finish before another mesh's physics data can be cached. This blocks other events on the same thread and causes major region FPS fluxuation, delayed rezzing, delayed attaching and a delay for attachments to appear on guests entering a region. See
  13. For a security update, I'm surprised only went out to LeTigre and not all servers last week.