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  1. I got my wish that we return to the days of the grid going down for hours to do maintenance. Too bad its too dark outside to go out and play. Wait, I'm too old to do that anyway. WHEN WILL IT BE BACK ONLINE?!!!1!!1!!one!!1won1!?
  2. There's a bug with that mode that still shows objects attached/rigged from neck and above while sitting. Its a major distraction when one would like to see their partner (or their body) in mouselook during "intimate" settings. 😉
  3. Lets go back to the days when the entire grid was shut down for hours. I sort of miss those days.
  4. Or you can create/script Animesh spectators to do the job for free as long as you have "free" prims available, heh. #DEYTUKURJURBS
  5. I think with the revised legacy profile work being done they should add a section with a link for the user's mp wishlist.
  6. You cannot restrict permission to one user. You would have to file a feature request for such behavior.
  7. Building and modding is something that is disappearing from SL as it has been trending toward becoming another fashionista platform where no-mod content is the norm and standing around with pretty avatars fishing for likes/comments is more important that actually doing things.
  8. Didn't HF acquire 41 million dollars from private investors last year? Where'd all that money go? The CEO/board's beer, hooker and cocaine fund?
  9. Other than turning into another Kim Kardashian "urban outfitter" platform IMVU did get one thing right and that is derivatives, something SL has needed since its inception and something LL has no intention of implementing.
  10. Would sure be great if those new llGetObjectDetails() constants could ever make it to RC, heh.
  11. Why do I see this leading to a future where AFK workers can be heard occasionally screaming, "Dey tuk ur jurbs!".
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