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  1. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetFreeURLs
  2. Regions are being rolled back currently because of this bug. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230881
  3. The conversation has been brought up many times in the Content Creator meeting, along with animation reform in general. There are many applications and use cases that users desire to be satisfied. Developers are aware of them, but have stated they don't know the best way to update the current protocol and introduce massive change into current infrastructure seamlessly and without users, products or the viewer needing a way to support old and new protocols or a way to switch between protocols with minimal/no user intervention. Still, it is something of interest with both devs and
  4. Buy more land in the same region or have the estate owner raise the region's object bonus factor. The latter is less likely, especially if it is on Mainland.
  5. And stalk anyone that comes onto the parcel just to say, "Hello"? Also, what is "SF"?
  6. It's "Oberwolf Linden" helming a now, 5 month old, completely blank profile...
  7. I've said it a million times. In regards to CEO and VP of Engineering, they're going to hire complete outsiders, people who have never logged into SL a day in their lives except to do R&D in preparation for a job.
  8. From L to R, land impact while nude is 181, 176 & 147. They each use an ASR - Aeon head and Utilizator - Kemono body + kemono body mods. The hair is probably the cause for a majority of the land impact.
  9. You can also make your own animesh elf companions/NPCs. Here are a couple that I made for "business" purposes: https://gyazo.com/a94bced5ca23f4992328c33b2a14dbc3
  10. You can also use keyframe motion up to a certain velocity/omega threshold on something the avatar is standing on and your avatar will be move with it.
  11. I sense this thread will turn into a George Carlin homage.
  12. "Why do they call it 'taking a dump' instead of 'leaving a dump'? I mean, after all, you're not really taking it anywhere."
  13. It seems you're referencing objects that people can walk through/into to trigger collision based script events which typcially don't trigger with sitters unless they're sitting on physical objects. Experiences do not offer any additional functions to automatically trigger events in such environments. You will still need to use some form of timed or sensory method to detect when sitting users enter an area.
  14. I've already answered both questions. A user does not need to be in an experience nor over experience allowed land to send them a "text". I do not understand what you mean by "triggering" and experience. You can use the script function, llAgentInExperience() to determine if a user is either over land your experience is allowed and/or if they have the experience allowed on their person and if they are, then send them a text? Sending them a "text" is not the same thing as sending them a request to participate in said experience via the script function, llRequestExperiencePerm
  15. It's viewer-based animation starting/stopping fast timed to locomotion change. One big problem with using viewer based AOs is that there is no feedback on locomotion state "claims" or "stakes" like there is when using llSetAnimationOverride() where, say, if one scripted AO is overriding Walking and Running and you wear another scripted attachment that wants to override one of those locomotion states, it can check llGetAnimationOverride() to see if that locomotion state is already in use and/or if an animation in it's inventory is already bound to that locomotion state. Sadly, almost
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