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  1. Governance will NOT do anything against a cluster of noob avatars standing around on tiny platforms at high altitude. I've AR'd this in many places for years. Nothing has been done, nothing will be done. If LL was even 1% serious about combatting such abuse they would change the taffic calculation to exclude "inactive" scenarios. Such scenarios would be no # meter(s) change in user position while not sitting no # meter(s) change in user position while sitting no # meter(s) change in sit object position while sitting no controls usage after # minute(s
  2. We need remote animating capability, possibly facilitated through the Mod Keys proposal. Said temp animations don't survive taking into inventory, owner transfer or region restart.
  3. Just a small FYI. llTeleportAgent() and llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() have a low repeat usage threshold, like a burst of 3 executions in 3 seconds then repeated failure until another 3 seconds of no execution attempts before another tp is allowed. This goes for all same-owner scripts in multiple objects in the region. There is a 2 meter minimum distance requirement.
  4. Maybe add a timer script to set PRIM_SCRIPTED_SIT_ONLY to True when when you are not in the region or within # meters?
  5. A bot essentially is a user account. The alternative would be to use an Animesh object to play the animations from inside its inventory. Animesh uses the bento skeleton so they can look like a user avatar when animated. Here is an example of muscle-bodied avatars I used when making an Old Spice "commercial". 😉 Those are objects, not user accounts.
  6. Yes, rain, rain clouds & snow always cut out my connection. During the 2006 - 2009 years SL was such an addiction, I'd take the chance of falling off the roof and dying to wipe the lense on the satellite LNB of any rain droplets or snow build up until I made an access hole through a window an A/C unit occupied and used a long pole with a rag attached to the end to do it safetly. Those were the days... Yeah, Hughes used to allow unlimited downloading between 2am and 5am (can't remember which TZ I was offsetting), but then when they started catering to other markets, that went away too.
  7. I used Hughes internet with SL from 2006 - 2009. It used a 2 watt LNB and latency was about 0.25 seconds on avg. I used it because at the time, dial-up was my only other "broadband". I had to deal with a 250MB daily download limit and later, low speeds during prime time hours because Hughes started catering to other markets and shafted their internet users. Today, I would hope latency has improved, but the nature of satellite tells me it won't be by much.
  8. Feature request for Events censorship protocol similar to what this forum uses: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230075 Feel free to comment there with any ideas.
  9. Weird. Not seeing any events with wordy dirds. What date and category?
  10. Curious when/where this happened as grid scope experiences were only offered to the few people that participated in the closed beta. There was no public offering.
  11. Still, the trend is that, with each passing year, more things are becoming no-mod. This especially goes for human mesh heads, human mesh bodies, human mesh clothes and mesh hair. And it isn't no-mod scripts or containers to blame. It's creators' conscious decisions.
  12. The most important features to me are always the ones yet to come...
  13. Got a marketplace listing url for said dress? I'd like to see it.
  14. Are you seeing Animesh? It uses a bento skeleton applied to an object and animation functions. Here are some Animesh nekos I assembled: https://gyazo.com/47c1b73c370c604fc11b8380ed79f1f5 Those are not user avatars. They are objects. Animesh objects.
  15. If you mean Top Scripts or Top Colliders, then no. I'm talking about something mere mortal Mainland parcel owners can also use as well as catering to scripted applications, not just usage by moderators. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SCR-451
  16. So as mentioned in today's server meeting, a change to llTeleportAgent() is being worked on apparently. There were concerns brought up about what limits this function should have in regards to teleporting someone to somewhere not owned by the same land owner. I think a destination should either be same land owner owned or public access or accessible to someone in the land group the destination uses if not public accessible. I do see some good uses cases, but it would be a shame if the grief potential, even while land owner operated, outweighed the benefits. What are your th
  17. Just an FYI, such setups can most definitely miss things as it's using sensors which have arc based ranges, meaning spherical or segments so unless there is complete overlap of all scanned areas of interest you will have blind spots. Also, there is a limit to the number of returns sensors can make so anything beyond that limit could be missed. It would help if we had a script function to scan a parcel with filtering options and specified object key return limit.
  18. I think this depends on what a user is looking for. If it is stimulating conversation, then yes, they will need staff/patrons to talk to. If it is ammenities or game/story immersion, then how developed or advanced the content, NPCs and/or environment is might matter more.
  19. I have yet to see a Vivendi body in the wild. As far as masculine feminine bodies, is the Nana body too "much": Have they tried the Kupra Kups version?
  20. Your guess is as good as mine, but one can assume one or the other. Maybe they liked the effect those deformers had on their other mesh bodies.
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