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  1. So I am really into the soul and RnB club scene but I cant find any of those places on SL? They sure aren't in the search? Can anyone help me?
  2. Serious question everybody: So, I have a woman who I very much love but I fear i sometimes have issues that I maybe don't handle the best and to make a long story short, are there actual counselors on SL that a couple can go to talk to? A neutral third party who can listen to them and help set up guide lines and boundaries etc.?
  3. I am thinking about going premium and I was wondering what the prim allowence is on the Linden Lab homes?
  4. So when I look at my chat logs on my computer, I found the spot from the directory in firestorm, the chat is all in strange symbols and not letters? How are we supposed to read this???
  5. As Huey Lewis tells us......
  6. I searched for the answer to this question on the Knowledge base but couldn't find one. So what should the "dimensions" of a pic be to fit perfectly in your profile pic? and does anyone have any good sites that can do that?
  7. Oh my goodness thankyou!!!! It finally worked, you ladies are geniuses!!! I owe you big time.
  8. I see all that but I don't see any option to "clear"
  9. I checked the appearance to see what I as wearing and there is nothing there that shouldnt be???
  10. I chose the "force rebake" form the Firestrom drop down options it didnt work
  11. How? I have a lelutka head, how do I use the HUD to erase the word "demo?"
  12. How do you “find them and put them in order?”
  13. I have finished my new avatar but for some reason I cant get the "Demo" words off the top of my brows, and no i am not wearing demos i am wearing boughten brows. I check my " worn" tab and I don't see anything that says demo. I even undid my avatar and built it up again form scratch, but the "demo" words are still there above my boughten brows? Why? Heeelllppp!
  14. So does anyone have any LMS perhaps?
  15. So a woman asked me why there is nothing on par with the "Man cave" events they have for men, but for women? IS there??
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