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  1. Anyone know of any big mountains to climb in SL? This is one thing I have never seen in sl.
  2. Hey Folks, A number of years ago there was an SL men's clothing store that also sold real clothes. You could buy a tee shirt for your avatar or pay for a real one and have it sent to you in real life. Does anyone know if there are any inworld stores that are doing this currently?
  3. Does any on know what size the pic you want to upload for your profile pic has to be?
  4. What's brown and sounds like a bell? Answer: DUUUUUUNNNNGGGGG!
  5. What are some things you miss from the:good old days" of SL?
  6. They claim you can use them for one shopping such as Amazon so why not SL?
  7. Can anyone tell me if you can use a visa gift card to buy linden with?
  8. It's more than just that though. Why do all these games on steam look great and the scenery is complete? You don't have to wait for anything to rezz and there is never an issue with fps? Why can't SL be the same way??
  9. I want to start off by saying this is not a rant, just.a question. Why is it I can go on steam and play games like truck simulator and drive fast and everything is clear and seamless and nothing needs to Rez or anything, and then when I go on Second Life with the same computer and try to drive on the Linden roads it is a rezzing night mare? Why??? Same computer folks???
  10. Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone knows if there are still SL Police groups around? They used to be years ago, they were independent groups that basically helped people out?
  11. So the answer is one would have to sign up and sit at your computer for an hour trying to get one by constantly refreshing?
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