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  1. It's more than just that though. Why do all these games on steam look great and the scenery is complete? You don't have to wait for anything to rezz and there is never an issue with fps? Why can't SL be the same way??
  2. I want to start off by saying this is not a rant, just.a question. Why is it I can go on steam and play games like truck simulator and drive fast and everything is clear and seamless and nothing needs to Rez or anything, and then when I go on Second Life with the same computer and try to drive on the Linden roads it is a rezzing night mare? Why??? Same computer folks???
  3. Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone knows if there are still SL Police groups around? They used to be years ago, they were independent groups that basically helped people out?
  4. So the answer is one would have to sign up and sit at your computer for an hour trying to get one by constantly refreshing?
  5. I am thinking about signing up for a premium account but I want to know if there is a way I can know in advance that there are new homes available as this would be the reason I would want to sign up?
  6. Hey folks! Anyone got any suggestions on the best surround done for a skybox? You know, the VR kind that make it look like you are really there?
  7. Does anyone know if there is a definitive list of LMs where on can set “home” to?
  8. Hey folks, When I use firestorm or the official second life viewer all is great! But when I use Singularity I am a cloud? Has anyone experienced this? Anyone know why or how to fix it? If it was all viewed I would say it is on my end but it is singularity only?
  9. Does anyone know if you can buy socks for signature bodies? I mean something that you can wear to cover your ankles when there is space between your shoes and bottom of your pants? Thanks in advance!
  10. Quick question, something I’ve always wondered but never asked. How do I wear high top sneakers with out it overlapping with the bottoms of the legs of my jeans??
  11. So, i was using the firestorm viewer and switched to the second life viewer and my AO works? What on earth is that all about?
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