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  1. i assume so, i just downloaded it
  2. I have been trying to use the Catznip viewer but everytime I log on my hands as well as others hands around me are all streched out! We all look like we hav ebeen hot with a deform attack? Other than that the viewer is great, graphics and speed are very nice. Help??
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else find it sad that their avatars have a nicer wardrobe than us? In fact, our avatars have nicer everything than us. is it not maybe a problem that we take care of our avatars better than we take care of ourselves?
  4. I recently went to the display of new homes for second life premium members and I love them, I go to the sign p page to upgrade to premium and they are not listed! What gives?
  5. Hey folks, I am behind the times and an just looking at getting a meshocked body. I have the Justin head from catwa, what would be the best mesh body ton for that?
  6. I was wondering if there are services offered anywhere on the grid like counselling or even psychiatrists? Does anyone have any info?
  7. I recently tp'd to Damien Fate's store to do some shopping but found that his store was gone and had been replaced by another store, a woman's fashion store. Is FATEwear gone?
  8. You mean I have to click on each individual part of the couch and not just the couch?
  9. Can anyone point me in the right direction for instructions on how to place furniture in skybox for example and permanently attach them? I mean so when you "take" the structure back into your inventory and place it out again the piece of furniture is there in the same place? Is it easy to do?
  10. So I have a catwa head, the Justin, and I am trying to buy hair. What are "Appliers?" How do I "apply them?" DO I drag and drop an applier into my Justin HUD? I am so confused! HEEELLPPP!
  11. Hey, lately when ever I use the viewer firestorm (My fav viewer) it crashes. It has gotten to the point that i am only one for two or three minutes and it crashes! Constantly! It is the reason I canceled my premium subscription. I can not figure out why it is doing this and it is the latest version too.
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