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Found 25 results

  1. Hi! "I'm Violet, I'm 27 and I live in Fox Hollow, Jasper County. I have a beautiful baby daughter Aria, unfortunately her father left just after I got pregnant. We live in a lovely 2-bed house in the suburbs of town, and I work at the local hospital." I'd loooove for Violet and Aria to have some family to share their lives with...I'm looking for; - Parents - Siblings - Aunts/Uncles - Cousins I'd also really like to have that special guy in my life and am looking to date too! I'm on UK time, so my usual online times (SLT) are 11am-2pm Mon-Thu, 11am-3pm Fri, 1am-4pm Sat, 1am-2pm Sun. If you'd like to meet in world and get to know each other a little, please drop me an IM or reply to this thread my contact details are: SL: Violet Hexem Discord: Violet Hexem#0666
  2. Hey! So, it's hard to meet people in SL, even harder to meet people that want to be in SL relationship that don't act weird about it or just want to do sexual things all the time. That's not what I am looking for so if you are. Please just don't waste our time and respond to this. I would like for us to start off as friends of course and let things happen organically. I am only looking for a SL relationship, I am currently in a RL relationship. Roleplay is also a must for our relationship, and we can discuss it more through messages. About me: I am bisexual so gender does not matter to me. Also I prefer a human avatar. I do want kids in the future, and I do want to get married eventually. I am chill and laid back. I love having fun and going on adventures, and in my relationship I like for my partner to be able to plan things for us to do together. Because I will do it for them. I am funny and goofy, I love to have a good time. I'm not the type to go to clubs BUT I am not against it because I love to dance and with the right person it would be fun. I could go on and on about myself but that takes away the fun or learning about each other. But if you are interested don't hesitate to add/pm me. I am usually online.
  3. Well am looking for Mr right in second life am currently looking some gentlemen somewhere about my age at lease am single but try to find on second life real life is hard finding and got turn down too many times so I want to give second life a try too many fishes in the sea. now try fishing second life waters. lol also am very shy once get meet me but I can open up once I get to know you more we can meet up in anywhere in second life but not premium though since am not. this is me in second life I love to sit down and have a cup of joe and chatting.
  4. Hello, I have been in SL for years now... I used to have plenty of friends but never had a SL boyfriend. However I did have plenty of good and best friends that sadly are no longer coming to SL to spend time with me. But I would like this to change. I would like to find someone contemporary, between 22 to 32 years old (as I am 27 currently). If you are interested we will schedule a date and we will get to know eachother if you wish. Im pretty sure you'll like what you'll see 😊 Waiting for your answer! XOXO
  5. Teen girl looking for a man or woman who wants to age down to a teen between the ages of 14 to 17 possibly 18, before you ask why i love playing a teen but would love to have a boyfriend in roleplay to go on dates with to the prom and so on and even go to school with. if this interests you let me know. now i say boyfriend but i am open to girlfriend as well. im also looking to making new friends as well to hang with as a teen i play a 16yr old girl. anyways message me inworld. might want to nc me cause i get capped. asrielleashworth Resident. also looking for a family as well if i can find one.
  6. Looking for a rp boyfriend who can help manage my club. I dont need your Lindens lol. I'm just looking to have a Family and empire. Message me here or in world Monaiesha
  7. Hello everyone, my name is BloodyKitty230, also known as Kelly. I am 22-years-old and also Genderfluid (goes by she / her or he / him). I am biologically female. For awhile now I've been looking for a boyfriend, someone to love, hang with, and just be partners with but have had no luck around Second Life. Due to my current living situation I can't really talk on mic except to voice verify if need be. I'm online Monday - Sunday anywhere from 9AM - 10PM SLT Timezone is UTC-08:00 Pacific Time. IM's tend to cap so please send a notecard my way if your interested! Serious inquiries only. Must have mesh body & head, be older then a few months (or at least have a mesh body if your under that). I'd love to get to know you guys.
  8. Hello SL World, I am a modern/urban roleplayer who is seeking a roleplay partner. Unfortunately, everywhere I go in-world, seems to be a pump-n-dump sexaholics breeding ground. Though quite a few attractive avis there...lol. I have recently joined the Town of Cedar Creek, a family/urban roleplay town it seems, and was hired on as a Police Officer. So I'd be looking for someone who was interested in living there. I don't have a home yet, so house hunting could be fun. I come from an affluent family in Northern California. My father is a state senator and my mother owns her own real estate corporation (NPCs, unless this thread leads to something different, but that's what I've roleplayed as thus far as I begin my story in this new town). I attended college with expectations from my parents that I would simply return home and take up some executive position in my mother's real estate corporation, but out of spite, or being rebellious, maybe a bit of both, based on some friendships in college, I moved out to Colorado to be free from my parents oversight and micromanaging personalities. More of a guy's guy, and not out to my parents or friends back in California, I finally built up the courage to start dating guys in college. So, relatively new to the scene and nuances of what most would consider the gay lifestyle, I tend to just have my own style and looking for a friend to take on this journey called life. So, lets say I'm looking for a roommate(s), maybe, to start and letting their stories develop from there. Obviously, open to suggestions and ideas. Additionally, I wouldn't mind re-working my backstory, if someone was interested in the parents or sibling roles either. My story is flexible at this point, I haven't had many interactions where my background has come up. So if you are interested, I'd love to meet you and see if we both have similar ideas. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone my name is Aubrey, 5'2 dark hair and tan skin Kim Kardashian-looking. I am looking for a cute and fun loving guy to be around. I just hopped back onto SL. I like dark goth guys, but I am open-minded. Message me on SL thathotcheerleader and we can chat/meetup Thanks!
  10. Hi I’m zef lafel I’m starting new on secondlife cuz I really needed a fresh start I’d love some friends and maybe if I get along with someone boy or girl maybe a sl gf/bf plz don’t be took irl About me : Im single 22 Canadian I love to sing love to paint , draw and sculpture with clay still starting Thoe I love all kinds of music including die antword I’m help full I love family I’m good with kids and babies I love animals I love dancing even Thoe I can’t I love writing stories and making comics I love DC and Marvel stuff kawaii and supernatural stuff and punk stuff is my fav Secondlife me : Im still in nooby starter Avi would love some help to find ways to make it better I love to shop take pictures and make friends I want a sl family one day ... If interested plz message me on here or IM me on sl my user is z3f
  11. Hello all. I am a woman, 35 years old, I live in Argentina, I run my SL every day, I am almost always connected. I consider myself calm, dedicated to what I do. I am not going out to parties much, I prefer the simplest things and with less people around. I do not look for relationships for RL, only for SL. I am looking for a person who likes to be in SL, who spends time connected here. A partner for my SL. Especially speaking Spanish, be kind, companion and patient. We share things together, and if you like to design better yet, more things to share. A male, over 35 years of age. And preferably have experience in Second Life (not new accounts). If you are interested and are looking for a partner like me, get in touch with me and we chat
  12. ~^`Hiya I am Valerie 25 years old. I am looking for love. Ofcourse first friends and then looking how far it come's. I love music and Love to shop XD.I have Flickr as well. I love making pictures but Not that much I am busy with it LOL. Don't have a family right now, But I am always open to have one. I am not into the cam, voice stuff some people are and that's fine, but not for me sorry. I am straight so looking for a men.`^~
  13. Hey! I'm Katleena Adour. I'm 22 (in SL) and I've been on SL for about 7 years. I took a 2 year break, but now I'm back on. I figured I should start a new account and a better life. I enjoy family roleplay and I'd like to get into one. I'm looking into buying a house at Cedar Creek. I would need a roomate for that. I'm looking for new friends to hang out with and explore with, and a male partner as well. I like to visit the beach and pretty much explore around SL. I want kids, but I would like a partner first. I'm also open to sisters or brothers or anything really. I'm super fun and openminded. I'm really easy going most times. I get on afternoons and evenings. I'm in the USA Central timezone. I love cats! I would also like to get into photography so I need some cute friends interested in modeling for me to practice on!! Anyway if you have any questions IM me. I'm a really nice person and I get along with anyone! Katleena
  14. Hey, I'm Katleena! I'm 22, and I'm ready to start a family, but first I need a partner. I don't have any $$ sorry Might get some in the future. I'm a fun, open-minded chick who pretty much loves doing anything. I'm super open to things like talking on the mic or chatting outside of SL. I'm new, so I would really like someone who can really show me things and help me out. I will do anything for the person I love. Gender or age doesn't matter. Just need a reason to log on! IM me!
  15. Hello. I'm looking for a boyfriend who is willing to be apart of a family in a roleplay community. Not here to date RL, and I don't want anyone here under the age of 21 RL to apply here because thats not cool. Now I'm a high class ***** and I have standards. I need someone who is completely meshed the hell out, no default avatar that you looked like you just got ran over by a steamroller. I don't want someone who is clingy cause I need my damn space; I need someone who is good at taking harsh jokes even sometimes mean ones but not at all serious. I ain't got time for people who got sticks up their asses and can't take a joke. I dont want anyone who has the " AESTHETIC NIRAMYTH MESH BODY " im so tired of seeing that around its just boring now. I want ORIGINALITY. I want someone who is humorous. Someone who can handle me at my best and handle me at my worst and lord knows my worst is *****ing horrible even for me. You can message me inworld @JunQueen and we'll see what happens. Also anyone who applies must be approved by my family first if you don't get approved..........................NEXT!
  16. Note: I won't be revealing his SL name, same goes for his *****. Lately my bf (I mean EX) didn't have much time for me and was always "busy" He rarely calls me, and when I call him he'd be like "Not now, I have a deadline to finish." So me being an understanding gf let it pass. He doesn't know that I've started playing SL just a few weeks ago, and what are the odds. I saw a guy that has a SL name somehow similar to my bf's name (what an idiot for incorporating his RL name) So my curiosity got the best of me and boy was I thankful. I approached the guy and he was talking with a very *****ty girl (mind you, they were having a very steamy conversation) I said "hey~" And the guy responds with a "Hi ;)" Immediately the girl with him IM me to back off. At this point my guts is telling me that it's him so I asked my RL bff to check on him in RL. My bff went to his house and was greeted by my ex bf's mother. His mom said that he was upstairs working on something in his computer (pffft) With that said, I called him in RL. 1st ring no answer, 2nd ring no answer, 3rd ring no answer, 4th ring still no answer. I somehow started laughing at myself and thought that I was just over reacting. On the 5th ring he finally answered, his voice was pissed. So I told him to chill and asked where he was. RL convo: Him: Babe, I told you I have a deadline and it's nearing. Me: Oh sorry to disturb, I just really miss you. Lately you've been MIA. Him: I know and I'm sorry, I'm at my colleague's house, needed some help with my project. Me: Colleague's house? Ahhh, it's ok. Good luck on your project. (note: while I was talking with him on the phone. The guy I assumed was him in SL had an "away" status.) SL convo: (note: His "away" status finally disappeared and resumed his steamy conversation with his *****. He also asked me if I wanted to join.) Him: You have nice t*ts (referring to his *****) *****: Want to come over? I'll let you rub them Him: Sounds good, wanna join us Sapphire? *****: Find another d*ck, he's mine. Me: Project. Him: What? Me: Hahahaha, working on a project. Was the project about having sex inside a game? With a *****? Him: I don't know what you're talking about, if you didn't want to join you could've said so, crazy. *****: Haha, must be a virgin in RL. Let's go baby Me: It's me (RL name) You lying bastard. Have a nice time with your *****. By this point I was really furious so I blocked him and the girl then I logged out, a few seconds later he called me. RL convo: Him: (RL name)? I can explain. Just don't hang up. Me: Sure, you owe me an explanation. (My voice was dangerously calm) Him: You were always busy and it gets lonely, plus when I asked you that night you forcefully said no. Me: BUSY? ME? (I finally let the anger come out) WHAT ABOUT YOU? AND JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH YOU? Hahahaha yeaaaah sure, you know what? You're a big waste of my time, don't ever call or show your face to me again. I ended the call and turned my cp off. To this day, he's still asking for a second chance. We've been together for 3 years.. I miss him but at the same time I'm angry at him. Should I give him a second chance?
  17. Hi I'm kitty ? I'm single on secondlife and irl ... I play as a femboy in secondlife What's I'm looking for : someone who is serious about relationships and will take it seriously irl and in sl Idc about distance as long as your loyal faith full and acknowledge that I'm yours I'd like you to be loving an down to earth or just be your self around me A bit about me : I'm hoping to date some one around my age or older not any older then 29 I'm 21 genderfluid from Canada I wanna be comic book artist I'm an artist love anime brutally honest fun to be around love to sing and Skype I'm mostly into my art and photography I also write shorts story's and I'm old souled I'm Wiccan I'm bisexual ?‍❤️‍???‍❤️‍?‍?
  18. Hi there, I'm Braxton. I'm hoping to find a boyfriend. I'm in my mid twenties, and would love someone to be with. I'm a computer science student and a graphic artist. I'd love to meet someone kind and caring.
  19. Hello everyone! Looking for a gay dating RP, if we mesh it would be long term and ongoing. I love to RP, but I'm not really interested in joining an RP sim and playing some character. I'd like to have the experience the whole process of meeting a guy here and roleplaying the whole dating and if we mesh eventually hooking up. I'm para-rp, and would want the guy to be the same, with good, long and descriptive emoting skills. I'm an effeminate guy in my mid 20s, a total bottom with a submissive streak, very feminine and girly. I'm looking for a guy who's strong and confident, dominant side is a plus, can be sweet and romantic and knows how to treat a gurl, take me on dates, really charm me and make me fall for him. My general playtimes are early mornings and afternoons SLT. Important: I am not looking for RL at all. This would be completely in SL and nothing more. If you're interested in this, drop me a private message, and especially with a sampling of your emoting skills would really get my attention!
  20. ellow im alex aka alexarosey id like to find a seocdlife partner id like to get to know you of corse i find my self always being solo every where id like to take the time to get to know some one a little bit about me :im 21 from canada im an artist im learning to cook and dance i like to feel sexy and cute i also do photography to i edit my own pictures i also write poems and write songs poems to
  21. Hello everyone! Looking for a gay dating RP, if we mesh it would be long term and ongoing. I love to RP, but I'm not really interested in joining an RP sim and playing some character. I'd like to have the experience the whole process of meeting a guy here and roleplaying the whole dating and if we mesh eventually hooking up. I'm para-rp, and would want the guy to be the same, with good, long and descriptive emoting skills. I'm an effeminate guy in my mid 20s, a total bottom with a submissive streak, very feminine and girly. I'm looking for a guy who's strong and confident, dominant side is a plus, can be sweet and romantic and knows how to treat a gurl, take me on dates, really charm me and make me fall for him. My general playtimes are early mornings and afternoons SLT. Important: I am not looking for RL at all. This would be completely in SL and nothing more. If you're interested in this, drop me a private message, and especially with a sampling of your emoting skills would really get my attention!
  22. ˜”*°•.˜”*°• Hi I'm Alexa aka Alex would love to get to know you Feel free to im in secondlife About me : single looking for the right guy /girl Im bubbly love photography art music singing and I write to love cuddles to inbox a im a good listener want more come and get to know me :)! •°*”˜.•°*”˜
  23. I would love a boyfriend preferably someone with darker tastes. I'm up for anything. And if things get serious we can make it official of course.
  24. I don't want to over do the relationship but I want to do things that are to no expense and harmless to do. Like today I wrote a poem for him and I don't know if he'll like it: It goes like this: Roses are red, Oceans are blue I like kittens, But not as much as I love you You are my seductive strawberry So scrumptious and sweet Your words are like liquor You knock me off my feet Am I going to far or should I give him this poem? Let me know down below.
  25. ellow I'm alex as you should know lol I'm seeking someone who is serouse about this first off I'm in open online relationship with my Hun Kenny aka my senapii me and him met on Instagram he's not on sl yet ok so what I'm looking for is someone who would like to be my second bf /gf or mate plz only if your serouse I'd like to get to know you first we can start off as friends a little bit about me I'm 21 I'm an artist love anime I'm really into my art love photography and I'm bubbly if you want me comment we can Im or add me name up their
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