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  1. That is so true! SL has a steep learning curve, and merchants end up doing a lot of explaining of the basics -- something that really should be a Lab job. But if we decline to help customers with these basics, we are told we provide poor customer support
  2. I really hope so too, but I'm not optimistic. They'd have to find an alternate source for the roughly $ 1.5 million that this fee increase represents. (2.5% of $60 mill.) Currently, they don't have many options except Marketplace and Premium subscriptions -- unless they get creative...
  3. So I guess speaking up does matter sometimes. The Lab has decided not to cut the group count for Basic memberships after all
  4. I'm in favor, as long as they get to keep their inventories. And one year may be on the short side, especially if you're repossessing their land. But those are details -- if this has the potential of improving performance for all of us, I say go for it.
  5. Probably wise. It's quite possibly an illegal copy, too.
  6. Isn't it implied which way a vector goes? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  7. My question exactly. Doubling the fee seems heavy handed and mildly disrespectful. So please?
  8. Oh, I will, if I have to. I'm lucky enough to have a limited number of products, so the effort is quite manageable in my case. Longer term, I will also try changing the product mix, tweaking my promotion strategy, and eating fewer carbs. I have not given up. I am, however, asking Linden Lab to rethink their strategy for recalibrating the SL economy a little.
  9. It's not a bad idea, but the downside might be that it favors the big, established brands and becomes just another barrier to entry for new, small brands. And I think the playing field is a bit uneven as it is.
  10. Good idea -- but why not also let the back end do this? That would also handle cases where the group creator no longer is active. Plus, some group owners may prefer the inflated count...
  11. I understand that it requires coding. But it does seem like a fairly simple task, and one that might have a significant performance benefit if the member count is as important as it seems. So please put that on the to-do
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