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  1. What I do when I need multiple timers is a global variable to set the 'end time' for the timer tick against unix time. then compare the current unix time against the variable on each timer event. This works for me as it helps me keep straight (if I use good var names) to know what's fireing on what intervals. Now granted most of my timer needs are at intervals of more than 1 second, usually a minimum of 10 seconds, so I'm not sure how accurate it would be on fast pulse, but I don't really see why it wouldn't . You could also reset the variable after the 'do stuff' is finished sim
  2. "As a security measure, parcel owner, estate owner, and estate managers can not have their objects returned by this method, except when the object returns itself. " I"m thinking that since you own the object being returned you cannot use this method to return it. So going back to your original question, I'm not sure if there is a good solution.
  3. I think of Elsie till this very day I remember how she´d turned to me and say: "What good is sitting all alone in your room? Come hear the music play Life is a cabaret, old chum! Come to the cabaret!"
  4. You defined "my_list" as a global in the header section but you also redefine "my_list" with the list keyword in the touch_start event. That second time that "my_list" is defined in the event creates a local version of the list that is limited solely to the event and does not get passed to the function when it's called. So when you try to set the "end" variable in the function with the call to get list length it's using the empty global "my_list" and is set to zero. The for loop does its first check and since i equals end (both zero) the for loop exits immediately and the function exits norm
  5. A few that come to mind for me: DV8 PixelDolls Angelwing Material Squirrel Mischief (**MIS**) / JANE! (Jane! still has a MP but i've not seen anything new in a few years now) (Janie Marlowe started with MIS and sold that brand and started up Jane! after. both brands are now gone as far as I can tell). House Of Europe (HOE) Wetherby's VoguE Mentine Sassy edit: Oh and Burroughs. Jewelry and eyes. Best eyes I've ever found even now and the ones I still use, I got from them in 2011.
  6. At the risk of falling into a circular logic flaw, I'd say one reason that flats and high feet sell so well is that is essentially the only options available. All feet have some combination of flat, low, mid, high, and point options, but we generally only see the flat or high and so if we want to wear shoes at all, we buy flat or high. I, for one, am always on the look out for mid and kitten heels and boots. I might be wrong, but I think if more designers started offering up the those options they'd see regular sales enough to encourage more. My suggestion to the OP is to startup a c
  7. Also you can have the hud detect when the avatar leaves the region, via the CHANGED event, and auto detach/delete when they do that if that is a desired action. Having it auto detach/delete when the avatar leaves a general area is also possible but require a bit more coding
  8. That they did, which is why the IRS clarified. Fortnight and similar are real money in, no real money out, as opposed Linden dollars being real money in, yes real money out. It is a convertible virtual currency under that specific definition: ie: convertible back to some real world currency a defined but variable exchange rate. And that is the specific clarification that the IRS made in their publication. I think that maybe the fact that is has a variable exchange rate in and out depending on "market" conditions just enhances that idea. But I do agree that calling the in world tokens 'do
  9. I get what you are saying, however on form 1040 (which I file) (Schedule 1) for 2019 there was this: "At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?" It threw me for a loop to be sure because it was a brand new thing that directly tied back to my activity in SL. Yes, I understand that by the IRS's only publications they are listed as property for calculations related to capital gains, but still, it is now at this time being required to at least report yes/no if you ever got any during the tax year,
  10. Since 2013, the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, recognized Linden Money as a convertible centralized virtual currency for purposes of tracking for money laundering and other things (if I'm reading things correctly in a quick search). But it probably wasn't until Tilia came along as a registered money transfer service (subset of MSB, again if I'm reading it right), that this became something that is drawing the attention of banks and other institutions. It might be related, also, to the fact that starting with the taxes I filed this year was the question about if I held any vi
  11. Nanokini by Insanya.
  12. I came to say much of what Drakonadrgora but they said it much better I just wanted to add that If you are looking for a comprehensive wardrobe management system, you might look at the CTS Wardrobe. I know a few people who use it and like it, it's just not for me, personally. it's got a visual web interface too which is a plus, but also it's a downside if the maker ever stops supporting it. that's a caveat to be considered. But if you are looking for a simple, i just need to swap things out occasionally, add/remove huds, change shapes, etc. find a scripter and see if they can
  13. A 3rd reason is what is referred to as "ghosting". Sometimes during a teleport between regions an attached item becomes detached upon landing/appearing in the new area, but your viewer doesn't detect that. So your viewer will still render it, but nobody else can see it. One clue that an object has been ghosted is you can't take it off. In the past the solution was to relog and get your viewer to refresh your worn object, but with some recent viewer updates there is now an option on the Avatar health menu to "refresh attachments" which will force the viewer to recheck what's worn and replac
  14. They have presented this class at least one time before this one, maybe they will do it again.
  15. oh, good! I was looking for the derail point so I could inject my little bit of self humor further down /lol I used to do that when i first started in SL. A few years later it was, "meh, just dump the stuff to inventory and i"ll sort it out later." now 10 years later, I have to file a travel plan a week in advance of venturing into my inventory, plus I have to carry extra supplies and hire a S&R team to come looking for me if I've not checked in on schedule or are more than 24 hours late from my expected exit time. Trust me after 10 years of treasure hunts, it's not a
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