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  1. In terms of speed, llListFindList() is on avg. 6x - 7x faster than llJsonGetValue() with the same sized/dimension list and array. Hardcoded lists use a slightly higher memory footprint on query than the unwrapping/expanding caused by llJsonGetValue() reading a hardcoded json string. Pick your poison.
  2. 99.9% of "avatars" in the Complete Avatars category are ONLY clothing or clothing & hair or clothing & hair & skin, all meant for some popular cartel body. There is no head or body. It really grinds my gears whenever I see a listing that says "Complete Avatar" and it is anything but. 😣
  3. You first. And I am not talking a paperback. Best,
  4. TP crashes are NOT fixed. I have literally tp crashed 5 times in the last 2 hours. 😣
  5. Maybe when they are standing due to the 30 degree lateral rotation buffer, but not when they are sitting on a pose stand playing an animation that overrides the system animations.
  6. If only we had dynamic bones and colliders at the least or cloth physics at the most, but then the dinosaurs on their toasters would not be too happy, but then again, they could just turn those aspects off in their gfx settings and watch everyone walk around with stiff hair and clothing, heh.
  7. That had to change sometime as I forgot to tier down once back when I was selling regions and got hit with fees over my current tier rate for an extra month despite not actually owning enough land to be in the bracket I was in. I distinctly remembering at one time, tiering down was a thing that should not be forgotten. I wonder if LL made a public announcement over that change at some point.
  8. We need a zombie giving a thumbs up emote for necroposts.
  9. What's with all the standing? I thought this was a sit object that made the poses. I checked the data for that animation and noticed some oddties with the rotations using variable keyframes while the pelvis only used 2 keyframes, plus it's 1.5 seconds long with 1.0 second ease in and out for some reason. If this object is publicly accessible, such as in a store, can you please tell us where it is located in-world so we can test it? Can you also please file a bug report about the issue since you mentioned it affects LL's viewer as well. Thanks.
  10. @Creative Starfall BTW, I asked you questions in the other thread you posted about this issue.
  11. They're not talking about the difference between different avatars. They're talking about the difference with the same avatar between two viewer instances.
  12. There are literally hundreds of human themed "pose balling" locations in search when searching "AFK", including escort places.
  13. Some questions: Are both avatars sitting on a pose stands which animate both avatars or are any avatars standing and using an HUD to animate them? If both avatars are sitting, please do the following test with only 1 avatar on your pose stand per viewer: Do not detach anything while sitting on the pose stand else you risk triggering a bug that stops animations. Turn off any AO's. Make sure hover height is 0.0. Go to Preferences > General > My name (to hide your name tag) Go to Developer > Avatar > Animation Info (to display all currently playing animat
  14. Never heard of them. Their listings look like rebrands of full-perm clothes. Since Sansar has so few people maybe they can get some recognition, but hopefully not with stuff that is not supposed to be exported to other grids. 😉
  15. There is no need to check if an animation that is supposed to be playing is playing first before playing it again unless you're wanting to add diagnostics to check for when/how often the scenario occurs. I've had to replace bento ear/tail scripts with ones that periodically play the intended animation to counter issues of animation loss which can happen when using the viewer's Reset Skeleton & Animations option or when a particular bug occurs when detaching/standing from an object that requested animation permissions.
  16. Here's a record for me when the the region I typically hang out in went to AWS: [2020/11/11 04:58:10] Env Monitor (KVP)(GS): Animesh Adult has restarted. Start Date & Time: 2020-11-11 @ 04:58:01 PST Last Est. Stop Time: 2020-11-11 @ 04:53:12 PST, Est. Downtime: 4 minutes, 49 seconds Last Sim State Save Date & Time: 2020-11-11 @ 04:53:15 PST, Sever Time Loss: 4 minutes, 46 seconds Last Est. Uptime: 50 days, 23 minutes, 2 seconds Environment Change: Sim Version & Sim Host have changed. Current Sim Version: 2020-11-09.551942, Prior Sim Version: 2020-09-11T22:25
  17. I would put autoreturn times on every parcel in those regions or your going to have "trouble", heh.
  18. What isn't triggered? I see attach() triggered with attaches from ground, attaches from user inventory, detaches to user inventory and drops to ground.
  19. I'm sure the excuse begins with a "U" and ends with a "T". 😉 Nobody get too creative now...
  20. It helps to limit/block terraforming by agent or script, optimize all objects in the region if pathfinding characters are present or if not using them at all, disable pathfinding and lastly, limit rezzing that would allow physics spam or limit the amount of physics already rezzed in the region, including any excessive amounts of keyframe motion and volume detect objects. The latter is important to limit collisions handling with agents, other physical objects and the ground. Also, use Convex Hull or None for object/link physics shape instead of Prim as well as set objects to Phantom where possi
  21. I see them partnered with someone else, who, in that profile, claim that they partnered "your" partner today. Something weird is going on here.
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