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  1. i did! until you guys approached me. So please cease and desist. I thanked you for your well intended offer. i do not have the authority to close this post but please if you can find someone who can, do so. I am working on it too.
  2. thanks for the adult advice althoguh i dont consider having it closed an unreasonable request. i was ignoring the thread, thank you very much - until Jewell here hsowed up at my house and granny started IM me, now other im comes in - so i am back here trying to figure out what these people are bothering me for. Any grown up advice on how to handle unwelcome harrassment? TX
  3. if you come to my house again i will report you to Linden Lab.
  4. ARE YoU A MODERATOR OR DO YOU WORK FOR LINDEN LAB? You gave this answer a day ago - why did you come to my house in world today if this has already been answered? I think maybe we need to look into you and why you are acting like a self appointed police office. I ask again, did you take a picture of the neighbors lawn? NO
  5. COULD WE PLEASE GET A MODERATOR HERE?! PEOPLE ARE IM ME IN WORLD AND COMING TO THE HOUSE - this is really rude. I asked how to report the neighbor, the question was answered. please be more respectful of my privacy - i dont see why the forum needs to spread over inworld?!
  6. thanks but as i mentioned in the thread already - it is helpful for people to read it before rplying - I am not one month old.
  7. I NOTICE YOU DIDNT HAPPEN TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE NEIGHBORS HOUSE :))) Any reason for selective nosiness?
  8. I think it would be sufficient to end this thread now as the question has been clearly answered. Thank you all for your kind help!!! Snarky ones, i send you a glass of wine to help you relax See you on the grid.
  9. I have done this multiple times both during the build and after the IM. I am extremely conscientious. This is good advice in general and for us all. But please rest assured, i am not my avatars age nor some hothead who runs before thinking. I am asking this question on this forum becuase i have already done my due diligence. That is why i am very surprised at this neighbor who does not seem to understand the property tool herself and has clearly not inspected her own land before starting an issue. I could care less what happens on her land. She cares about mine but isnt really using a proper method of addressing it or of managing her own affairs. This indicates to me someone hard to deal with and I asked this question in order to prepare for any outcome.
  10. Sylvia, I am so disappointed, i have read so many of your threads that were very helpful and friendly... Perhaps you should reread my post. There are no particle leaves on her lawn. I also said I am happy to move anything that is an issue, preferably the old fashioned way and not by appealing to LL. i wish to know how to do it in the event I need it. Don't know why my inquiries inspired such a negative response from you. But then maybe you consider it dramatic of me to reply? I just wanted to share my disappointment as I found you to be a major contributer on these forums and a reason I keep reading them (in my older avatar) even though I have not posted before.
  11. I DO NOT SPREAD LEAVES ON ANY OTHER PROPERTY Why would i make this public if i was violating any rules myslef? Thank you for your helpful comments. I am sure this blow over with a muting.
  12. thanks for your help everyone. I WOULD NOT MAKE THIS POST IF I HAD LEAVES OR ANY THING AT ALL INFRINGING ANYWHERE. i dont want to report anyone, i simply want to know how to do if this escalates. 11 -- eleven years in sl and i never had anyone approach me once like this. I will ignore the negative comments and be grateful for the helpful and constructive ones. TY
  13. I just need to know where/how to report, please - I guess my original question got buried in there, but its there! TX
  14. update - I forgot that this house is my alts, a male alt. Which makes a lot of sense after reaaaaading my neighbors male-hating profile. Will she relent about imaginary tree-flowers when she learns that I am a mini-penguin avatar? Kookoopi
  15. Who do I complain to about a difficult neighbor? I received a very rude IM from someone I have never met complaining something about leaves... i think the exact words were "tree flowers" WTH? Just one rude line about me having to move something. No intro, no please, no specifics on the issue like location, didn't even bother to say which of three neighboring houses she was in! There are better ways to ask things! The way you approach things will have a good deal to do with how it gets settled. Upon inspecting my garden I see that the neighbor is in fact in clear violation of her property boundaries. I want to nip this in the bud and have whoever the powers that be for policing such things come and settle this immediately. I put a lot of time and money and effort into creating a lovely home - but if i have to put up with a shrew for a neighbor, I'd rather just move. Can someone resolve this? I will tey but one read of this persons profile will let you know why I don't think it will go away on my say so *rolleyes* FREE SL TIP = If you write NO DRAMA in your profile, don't engender it!
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