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  1. Given the following stipulation from the new gacha policy: I think there are a variety of ways to make a vendor that still fits the spirit of "Gacha" but remains within the letter (and to varying degrees the spirit) of the policy. I've put together a script that can configured in a few different ways (all of which give a known item upon payment) and I think it would be useful if @Patch Linden or otherwise could provide some guidance as to whether these possibilities are in violation of the new policy: (roughly in order from most-acceptable seeming to least): Limited time sale: (mode 1, any nextItem option) The vendor lists an item for sale for a short period of time, anyone may buy the item while it is listed. (Common items might be more likely to be shown at any given time, if you want a rare you may have to wait until it shows up) Conveyor/Fixed order Restocking (mode 11, nextItem 1) The vendor lists an item for sale for a medium amount of time, after an item is sold, the next item in the queue will be listed, and the queue is shuffled when the timer runs out. If you buy as many items as there are in the set before the timer runs out (and nobody is competing with you) you will get one of every item. Random Restocking (mode 2, any nextItem) The vendor lists an item for sale indefinitely. After it's sold, another item will be put on display. (If you want a rare, you may be inclined to purchase commons in the hopes a rare will show up, but you always know what item you will receive from a purchase) Anyone else have other fun ideas? with the script below there are also some other variations that could be fun, for example, mode 9 and a small gTimeAvailable could encourage people to keep buying an item to keep the vendor fixed on it. Reference Script: //"I can't believe it's not Gatcha" script: integer mode = 1; // Modes: (actually a bitmap) //1: 'limited time', each item is shown for a specific time then another item is shown. //2: 'Switch after purchase', change the item after purchase. //3: Both of the above. //4: 'reset time after purchase' the timer goes back to gTimeAvailable after a purchase. //8: 'Randomize list after coutdown' integer nextItem = 0; // 0: totally random, // 1: conveyor belt // 3: conveyor belt & randomize list order after each cycle. list gNamePicPrice = [ "Notcha item 1","texture 1",50, "Notcha item 2","texture 2",50, "Notcha item 3","texture 3",50 // no final ',' ]; //options only relevant in modes 2 or 3: integer gTimeAvailable = 300; // each item shown for 300 time units; float gTimeUnit = 1.0; // ticks down once per second. // // end config variables. // integer gIndexSale; // index into gNamePicPrice; string gNameForSale; integer gPriceSale; integer gTimeLeft; set_for_sale(integer index) { llSetText( (gNameForSale=llList2String(gNamePicPrice,index))+ llList2String(["","\n"+(string)gTimeAvailable],mode&1), <0,1,0>,1.0); llSetTexture(llList2String(gNamePicPrice,index+1),0); gPriceSale=llList2Integer(gNamePicPrice,index+2); llSetPayPrice(gPriceSale, [PAY_HIDE ,PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE]); } choose_next_item_random() { gIndexSale = 3*(integer)llFrand(llGetListLength(gNamePicPrice)/3); } choose_next_item_conveyor() { if(--gIndexSale<0) { if(nextItem&2) gNamePicPrice = llListRandomize(gNamePicPrice,3); gIndexSale=llGetListLength(gNamePicPrice)-3; } } default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_DEBIT); if(mode&1) llSetTimerEvent(gTimeUnit); } timer() { if(--gTimeLeft<0) { gTimeLeft = gTimeAvailable; // only use 1 next item selection method: if(mode&8) gNamePicPrice = llListRandomize(gNamePicPrice,3); if(nextItem==0) { choose_next_item_random(); }else if(nextItem&1) { choose_next_item_conveyor(); } set_for_sale(gIndexSale); } llSetText(gNameForSale+"\n"+(string)gTimeLeft, <0,1,0>,1.0); } money(key id, integer amount) { // taken directly from the Wiki: if (amount < gPriceSale) { // Customer has not paid enough llInstantMessage(id, "That's not enough money."); llGiveMoney(id, amount); // Refund the money they paid return; } if (amount > gPriceSale) { // Customer paid too much. Refund the excess integer change = amount - gPriceSale; llInstantMessage(id, "You paid more than L$" + (string)gPriceSale + " your change is L$" + (string)change ); llGiveMoney(id, change); } // Customer has paid at least the right amount. Give them the item. llGiveInventory(id, gNameForSale); llInstantMessage(id, "Please accept your purchase worth L$" + (string) gPriceSale); if(mode&2) { // switch after purchase if(nextItem==0) { choose_next_item_random(); }else if(nextItem==1) { choose_next_item_conveyor(); } set_for_sale(gIndexSale); } if(mode&4) { // reset time after purchase gTimeLeft=gTimeAvailable; } } } *script was not tested thoroughly, may contain bugs.
  2. @Patch Linden Hi Patch, I think banning gacha is a good start and one of the better things LL has done in years to make SL a better place. but what about breedables those are causing a lot of problems and theire heavy scripts is creating lagg etc all over the grid.. with breedables it is random also what to get and costs a lot of L$ in the process breedables are even pricyer then land tier! i would suggest Linden Lab to take a close look into breedables. Dratzo.
  3. Perfect way to run off Second Lifes last few active players. This makes no sense without actually implementing something new, it's just taking away. I smell a rat. Recently the state of California sued Activision/Blizzard for grosse and I mean way overboard grosse conduct within the company. Is this going on in this online company? This decision to remove. How about doing something CONSTRUCTIVE, UPDATE YOUR GAME ENGINE, IT'S EXTREMELY POOR, OUT OF DATE AND BASICALLY MAKES THE GAME UNPLAYABLE FOR MOST. 100% OUT OF TOUCH WITH IT'S OWN COMMUNITY, AGAIN. THUMBZ DOWN. I'd like my money back for investing in gacha scripts and machines and the uploads for advertisements for it. How about that, will you pay me my money back? It's why I spend most of my time someplace else now.
  4. Hi, So i discover on monday that my gachas (non copy) items of one specific folder i made, the "accessories" one, were gone just the folders and pics are left... The copy items are still there nothing missing. I try cleaning my cache but it did nothing, I also verify my transaction history and no one took my items and I disconnect and reconnect but nothing. I also verify my trash folder and my found object but nothing and i try to get connected to another device, cleaning the cache and all but nothing... (all tested with official viewer and firestorm viewer) the number of items of my inventory seem unchange too. I contacted the support, for the moment they make me try to loading the latest version of the official viewer and cleaning the cache but nothing still. And today they put a script on the loading screen to repair a "corruption" but it make me log fast as usual and nothing change. I am waiting for other tests with the support ppl, but i wanted to know if someone here had lived the same experience as me and have any advices. How it looks for my floatie folder, some have still arrow on the front because it have pics Example of one folder : Thank you. Have a good day.
  5. Here at PureVibe are hosting a shopping event. have a total of 52 available spots. Please apply at the following link! Starting February we will start letting the creators pick their spots! There is No fee to participate other than your time applying, picking out your spot and setting up! Shop owners can start decorating on Friday, February 15, 2021. No specific theme and you will have to create a new product to be sold ONLY at the shopping event. After it's over you can sell it where ever you want. PureVibe Shopping Event
  6. I need help please! Is there a printed list of banned words somewhere?? I have literally taken out ALL the words in the keywords field, it's COMPLETELY empty and it STILL won't let me list the item. I don't know which words I'm using that are banned but there are other listings of the same products listed already on MP (gacha items), so how did they get to list their items and it won't let me list mine??!!
  7. Hi dears, I don't know if this is the right place. I have double gacha and would like to barter them, does anyone know if there is a dedicated post where I can describe them and maybe find someone interested? Thanks for any suggestions 🙂
  8. Hi there! I recently purchased a bunch of Gacha vouchers. I have a few multiples of the same kind, and I wanted to sell them. I use Firestorm viewer, just for reference. So when I right click the item I want to list, the options "copy to marketplace listings" and "move to marketplace listings" is grayed out. What am I supposed to do?
  9. Not really sure if this is right place to put it mostly is because i dont want to sell but to trade I have two Astralia - enchanted sky nails for Legacy and I am wondering if there someone who is willing to trade same nails but for Maitreya. This gacha is at the collab 88 at the moment.
  10. I recently put my land up for sale. It sold immediately, taking me very much by surprise. The buyer has cleared the land by returning everything of mine. But all my lovely houses - an entire extended Gacha collection called 'Primavera in Toscana' is not in my inventory. It's worth around 8,000 to 9,000 Linden in total, because of rarity value. I'm not very experienced with Gacha because I'm not all that keen on the whole concept but I love that particular set of buildings, so I made an exception. Now it's all gone, however. Has anyone had similar experiences? Or can anyone suggest anything that can be done?
  11. I love to shop, but I hate scrolling through the endless pages of Gacha items there should be a separate MP for this as its gotten ridiculous If you agree please reply hopefully we can inspire a change
  12. Heya I saw an item being sold as a gacha on mp, but I actually recognize it as a prop from another creator's furniture. I know some props used as part of AVsitter need to allow copy and transfer permissions, so I'm guessing this person may be taking advantage of that and selling the items to others. My question is, who should be the one reporting this? Does it have to be the creator or can anyone report? (in addition to letting the original creator know, of course) Thanks in advance!
  13. Hiya everyone! I want to share an amazing resource with you all! Who doesn't like giveaways & contests? There is a brand new SL contest & giveaway Hassle-free page! No catch! We strive to stay up to date with the latest giveaways across the grid inworld & social media but we need YOUR help! If you can check out the page, share the word, tag, like & follow so we can reach everyone across the grid and help everyone have access to it! https://www.facebook.com/SLGiveawaysContests/ Also many asked & we did it! SL Giveaways & Contests now has an official Discord too!!! Click for your custom invite! https://discord.gg/UkGm8be
  14. Please supply the resellers with a notecard with the details of each of the items they are selling for you so the reseller can copy and paste those details in the Details Tab on their Marketplace page. Even when clicked on at a in world store the shopper would be able to get a detailed notecard. Only putting #4 Bed with the broken record of, "I am not the creator of the items in my store. I am a Gacha reseller. I can not refund or replace items." in the Details Tab doesn't give me any incentive at all to even consider buying that bed. Lost Sale and many more lost sales because of No Details. I'll move on looking for a bed that a creator has provided the shopper with full details about the bed they are selling. Here is praying a Gacha creator will shed some light on why shoppers do not need to know any details at all about their Gacha items when listed by resellers.
  15. I think I have heard about places where you rent a booth, and place your gacha stuff you want to sell there. Does anyone know about such places? Do you use them, as a customer or seller? Does people come there and buy? What is the rent?
  16. Hi This is my first post i hope i am in the right forum and i am new to SL- Ok I am looking through the marketplace and found this brand called - Milli Head that is (Mesh rigged) by Gacha (i think it was a fab back in 2016) the look is so different and as a new SL making a Avatar is a big step right... Well i have been looking through the market pages but i can only find Milli Gacha heads and VCO is always attached i think it is the skin. (i have add a image from a blog post - it is the look and Avatar i want) If anyone knows in the SL marketplace where i could look and to find all the parts for my Avatar. Thanks.
  17. Hello everyone and We like to announce the grand opening for our new gacha store The Family Attic.. Need some cheap decor? New furniture but a little in the pockets? Looking for that special hard to find gift for someone wonderful in your life? Or just want to add more pieces to your collection? We have everything and anything from the new to the old and other items that you may not even know you needed. We have great selection and great prices. And we stock our shelves everyday. So come on down and pay us a visit. You may just find what your looking.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Velvet Isle/46/96/22
  18. Hello! I'm trying to create an unpacker script for gacha (no copy items). is there any way to make the content appear in the folder and not in the objects? while it gives out just objects one by one. string START_TEXT = "Touch To Unpack"; // Text on rez string END_TEXT = "Item Is In Your Inventory"; // Text on completion string OPEN_SOUND = "6f61a589-b000-b685-d198-8c50d35dc926"; // Opening sound UUID default { state_entry() { llSetMemoryLimit(llGetUsedMemory()+1024); llSetText(START_TEXT, <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 1); } touch_start(integer n) { if(llDetectedKey(0)==llGetOwner()) // Detect owner { for (n--;n>=0;n--) { integer j=llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ALL); for (j--;j>=0;j--) { string name=llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ALL,j); if (llGetInventoryType(name)!=INVENTORY_SCRIPT) { llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(n),name); llTriggerSound(OPEN_SOUND, 1.0); llSetText(END_TEXT, <1.0,1.0,1.0>, 1); llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()); // Script self-delete } } } } } }
  19. Hello folks 🖖 I looking for gacha (seems 2017-2018 years), don't remember the name and the creator 😒 with marijuana theme, there is was safe, desk, weeds, plastic bags with weeds or some like this, bills etc. Kind of growing lab🙄 All is mesh, high quality (i mean mesh 😊). I know It's hard to find from that description, but true shopaholics and gachaholics can know that or see it. Help pls 🙌
  20. Gachas seem to be popular items, but I see a lot of sellers on Marketplace marking gachas with huge, sometimes surly disclaimers. Most are along the lines of "buy at your own risk, zero refunds, zero redeliveries." That doesn't sound legit, and I avoided gachas... until tonight. I was in a friendly sim, saw an interesting gacha item for just L30, and took a gamble. Nothing was delivered. I wasn't surprised. I sent a friendly IM to the seller (there were numerous copies of this item available) and asked when delivery would be fixed. Before a reply came, SL sent an automated message: "Your object has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by <sim> due to parcel auto return." Strange, I had never received the item so could not have lost it. This made me wonder - when buying a gacha inworld should I right-click > take it? Maybe so. In any case, I opened Inventory, went to my Lost And Found, and the gacha item was... not there. I sent back to the sim where I purchased the gacha, right-clicked on each identical item in the seller's collection, but none indicated "take." Maybe the system returned it to a different folder, or the object was titled something unusual. So I searched my inventory for keywords, parts of the object's name, and other "close" words. No match. I then re-sorted my inventory by "Most Recent," but still no luck. The object in question was a Japanese fan with an floral design to hang on the wall, so wouldn't have been blocked by a G/M/A content filter along the way. Maybe the SL Lost And Found process copies the item, deletes what was found, and sends the copy to the owner. If so, maybe this "copy and paste" process wouldn't work for gachas (nor for any other "no copy" items. Long story short, this made me sympathize with residents who have complained of not receiving gachas. I also had to sympathize with the gacha sellers, because the system itself did not send the item to my Lost And Found folder as it had indicated. I understand that gachas may be a big part of SL economy, but if these items continue to cause problems for residents, sellers, and likely for SL then that part of the economy is making SL sick. I'm glad that some people have a good time with gachas, but given how many feel ripped off by them I'm surprised that SL allows the problem to continue. Maybe there's no need to get rid of gachas, just to change them. Could the permissions be modified by the original gacha builder so that they are sold with C/M/T options? This or other alterations might interfere with the resale trade, which it seems is the root of the problem - not the gacha, but some of the many hands they pass through as they are sold and resold. Too many dealers taking a cut, until finally the buyer gets nothing... Lesson learned: no more gachas for me. And because gachas in Marketplace aren't always labeled as such, from now on I'll be buying only items with "copy" permission. Mahalo / thanks for listening to me vent.
  21. Simple question! What can you do with gacha items that you already won and now got 4 copies of each?
  22. We have renovated our favourite location at Godrics Hollow. We have lots of fun stuff to do up on our town platform - shopping, gachas, an arcade with tons of games, DMG original mesh main store, Godrics big gacha resale store, some nawty stuff (its an adult sim). Come and check it out. :) We have land rentals on the ground. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Citrus%20Cove/119/85/3002
  23. helo ! i was wondering if the there was fashionable people out there, that could help me with my SOS? so, basically im looking for any info regarding asian aesthethic on sl? like good asian brands out there, stores, gachas, etc. i did my own search but i kinda fail miserably, since sometimes it seems is better to know someone expert on the matter and whenever i try to do my own shape with random skins i dont quite get the result i want... i hope is not illegal or anything, but i want some result like this random resident ♥ (see pic below)
  24. Hi All, Can someone please tell me how to sell a complete gacha set on the marketplace as one unit? I want to ensure that if/when it is purchased, the customer gets the FULL set and not just one item. Thanks for all your help and advice in advance. AJ
  25. Hello! Looking for Bamse - Liberator Carbon [N3 on the pic]. I couldnt find the item in MP. Please contact me if you have it. I'd like to have that gacha.
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