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About Me

  1. I have a need for a full sim builder to build sims, or update existing ones. I'm easy to work with and will pay well, but I am very exacting in what I want. Job Requirements English Speaking. Ability to organize things and have good skills when laying out lots of objects. Sketch out an idea of how the build will be before hand. You must be able to build to a general theme (eg: Fantasy, or Retrowave). You must be able to enter skill gaming regions. No exceptions. (If you cannot, please read here for information: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Offic
  2. Hi Lindens and Moles: Could you please define this so everyone knows the correct information: What is the actual conversion rate of a SL meter to RL feet/inches and vice versa? I have looked for this info but have never found the specific and accurate definitive answer - just guesstimates. Having these conversion rates officially defined by LL will be helpful in scaling buildings, avatars, etc. Maybe you could create an official LL/SL scaling grid texture to put on various meter sizes of prims (1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 64) which would be tres cool tool and immensel
  3. Hello: Apparently this topic is very often. I am learnig to build. I am trying to build my house, my mesh house. I started in SL editor doing some base model. I imported it to my PC to work with it in Sketchup and/or Blender. For me, the first one is more easy to use, but I am learning slowly the second that confuse me a lot. I made this basement for the house (with Sketchup), with door and one floor, export my collada but... when I try to upload to SL, any time, any way, I can't walk through doors and some parts of the floor, stoped by "invisible" walls (triangles) that already can
  4. Looking for a builder who can do a custom home. Please contact me inworld at Finn McCulloch (finnmcculloch)
  5. Hi again Second life Fourms. It's a long while since i was on the game and i have been working on alot of scripts. Recently i re-watched the HBO chernobyl serie and got inspired to try and build a Powerplant in second life with a few friends. Tho i strongly recall that we all had 1 issue with the game. The prim count- Our main problem with Second life is that we would like a big building with alot of small rooms but it would take up 200+ prims. Dose anyone know of a program, designer and/or place you can make/buy/get buildings with a low-prim count? Thanks to everyone
  6. I am very new to building, I wanna build stuff to put in the marketplace, I don't where to begin. I'm afraid if I do it in world, it won't be good enough. I have so many Ideas! Any advice would be awesome!!
  7. does anyone knows what happened with textures nowadays? all my textures cant seem to be stretched and stay in their original sizes, that they created unpleasant texture boxes (in original sizes) on the whole platform, and not one big stretched texture. i tried to rez in various places and all came out the same. must be something in my own (avatar) setting? i even tried to resize my existing carpets, and they created boxes out of the current size too if i resize them bigger. what is wrong? anyone knows how to solve this? please help. how to solve this? really appreciate any helpful an
  8. BenjilaBonj

    Physics Issue

    Hello, i've encountered an issue which I can't seem to get my head around. When importing objects into SL, I've been importing mesh with a physics shape too, which is analysed and imported. When the mesh is set to 'prim' the physics works perfectly. However when objects are linked together and set to prim, sometimes it doesn't work. Which is fine, so I then go and unlink the objects to their individual parts, set them each back to prim to apply the physics shape only to find that they now will not apply the map at all. Leaving objects being completely phantom. I cannot get my head around
  9. Am I correct in thinking that if I wish to put a swimming pool on my land with its own water, it needs to go on a raised deck to avoid the sim water? The store Im considering buying from is in the sky so their sample pools are flush with the ground with no sim water to worry about. Any advice gratefully received. I am not what you'd call an experienced builder lol.
  10. To those who may take heed, Might I ask if it is possible to import/export files betwixt Microsoft 3D builder (generally for 3D printing) for Windows 10 and Blender 2.8; being able to edit and create, animate, and the like....and utilizing lithopane as well...? And then transporting that upon SL? I am, of course, new here....I do understand some things, but I'm confuzzled on a lot others 'bout SL..... however, I do love to create a plethora of things, scenes and buildings upon the 3D builder, but if I can correlate with various tools/mediums, it'd be a unique wonder! Any sort of aid
  11. Hello! Does anyone know if you can display a texture, or even just view it, by using the asset UUID?
  12. A couple of disclaimers before I get into the issue: I'm a complete noob at building/terrforming and anything of that sort so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I also wasn't sure if this was the correct forum to post this in so please move this if needed. I live in a sim that doesn't allow terraforming but I've found a house that I'd really like to use that has a basement. The land itself is pretty uneven and on a slope so I'm not sure if I would even be able to make it work down there. I'm okay with using it on a sky platform but I'm not really sure how to make it work like that e
  13. I was blacklistng some ojects in a sim but accidentally blacklisted one I did not mean too. How do I find a list of blacklisted objects so I can undo it? Right Click > More > More > Derender > Blacklist Please help!!! I lost my entire wall lol
  14. Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of positions including teaching, coaching, supervising clubs and more! We are looking for creative, dedicated and friendly individuals who not only have an interest in RP but wish to make a difference in our community by bringing new ideas and alternate perspectives. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. Please keep in mind that you may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check our schedule and faculty pages for currently of
  15. Currently developing a new sim and have certain projects that I need completed in order to proceed with my vision. The main issue will be buildings created in order to increase the look and feel of a Mega city that is alive. If this is something you would like to discuss or take on please contact me at Caralawson95. Drop me a IM or leave a notecard and I will get back with you when I am online.
  16. LoveGloss


    Today I was decorating the apartment of a close friend when instead of rezzing the desk I accidentally rezzed the desk ad to the floor 😭😭😭 I can’t gwt it up and I need help!
  17. For the past month now, I have had a huge problem. I will import a house which is 33 land impact. The second I try and resize it, or put a door script in it, or link a prim too it, it jumps to 110 land impact. The house itself is only 35 prims. This has happened on the past 3 houses I have imported. I have never had this issue in the past. I am using the same tools to create the houses, add physics, the same door script... the same everything. Yet the past few houses have done this. The triangle count is low, the hulls are low. I don't understand what is causing this, and what I can do to fix
  18. Hi there! I'm looking for people to help me build a fun new RP sim. Looking for builders and investors, I've already got a great idea. I've been on SL for 4 years so far and I love the RP community, but a lot of good sims have gone under lately. I want to recapture what I loved about some of those and share it with everyone! The lore actually comes from the background I wrote for a previous character on a past sim. I've put it all together in a Google Drive folder so feel free to look and comment. Keep in mind I can tweak stuff as needed, but it should serve as a good foundation. If you're int
  19. Eli Linden


    他の言語 ベイク処理テクスチャとはどのようなもので、これがメッシュに必要なのはどうしてですか? 主な機能 メリット 仕組み ウェアラブルなベイク処理チャンネル ユニバーサルウェアラブル ベイク処理テクスチャを使用するためのメッシュ設定 新しいチャンネルでの作業 Animesh での作業 スクリプトのサポート ステップバイステップの例 テストコンテンツ 既知の問題点 メッシュでのベイク処理 とは、システムアバターのベイク処理テクスチャをメッシュアタッチメントで表示できるようにした機能です。 ベイク処理テクスチャとはどのようなもので、これがメッシュに必要なのはどうしてですか? 標準
  20. Eli Linden

    Bakes on Mesh

    Em outros idiomas O que é uma textura baked e por que usá-la no mesh? Maiores destaques Benefícios Como funciona Canais usáveis e Bake Itens de vestuário universais Definir uma mesh para usar texturas baked Trabalhar com novos canais Trabalhando com Animesh Suporte a script Exemplo passo a passo Conteúdo de teste Prob
  21. Eli Linden

    Integrazioni sui Mesh

    In altre lingue Cos’è una texture integrata e perché dovrei volerla utilizzare su un mesh? Caratteristiche principali Vantaggi Come funziona Canali per elementi indossabili e integrazioni Elementi indossabili universali Impostare un mesh per l’utilizzo di texture integrate Lavorare con i nuovi canali Lavorare con Animesh Assistenza allo Script Esempi passo a passo
  22. Eli Linden

    Baking sur maillage

    Dans d'autres langues Qu'est-ce qu'une texture bakée et pourquoi la vouloir sur le maillage ? Principales fonctionnalités Avantages Comment cela fonctionne Objets portables et canaux bakés Objets à porter universels Régler un maillage pour utilisée des textures bakées Travailler avec les nouveaux canaux Travailler avec les Animesh Assistance en matière de script
  23. Eli Linden

    Horneado en malla

    En otros idiomas ¿Qué es una textura horneada y por qué la querría en malla? Principales características Ventajas Cómo funciona Artículos de vestir y canales de horneado Artículos de vestir universales Configurar una malla para usar texturas horneadas Usar los nuevos canales Usar Animesh Soporte Script Ejemplo paso a paso Contenido de pr
  24. Eli Linden

    Gebackene Texturen für Netze

    In anderen Sprachen Was ist eine gebackene Textur und warum sollte ich sie für ein Netz verwenden? Hauptfunktionen Vorteile Funktionsweise Kanäle für tragbare Objekte und Backen Universelle tragbare Objekte Definieren eines Netzes für gebackene Texturen Arbeiten mit den neuen Kanälen Arbeiten mit Animesh Skriptunterstützung Schritt-für-Schritt-Beispiel
  25. Okay, only reason I’m posting this right now is I’m at work and I’ve been dying to know but don’t have access to my computer. If you guys can even redirect me to a site or forum or topic that could help me a bit, I’d appreciate it. I’m creating builds inworld and I want to upload them to the marketplace. The whole part I’m not sure about how to go about...is placing them into something to rezz them and the scripts that would go with it to give the user a HUD they can use to match their (lets say) linden homes. I’m itching to open the game up and just start playing and
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