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  1. Apologies. I've been put in my place yet again. Sorry for being so stupid.
  2. You're welcome to see what I've done. I only have the houseboat for a month, so it had to be put together quickly (and all of my ideas were for a trailer, a traditional house or adapting it into an art installation in one of the old Meadowbrook houses) and the underwater part was trickiest. I did want to make the most of it while I have it and probably went a bit, erm, overboard It's a giant open plan space, and I do mean giant. Because it's so temporary, I went with what I had or could get quickly and for free (AleyMart on the MP). None of the neighbours have done much with their underwater areas, so it's just endless posts stretching on forever. Screening those out made my space feel less daunting, but someone clever could figure out how to incorporate it. Neighbours working together could create something really special. Even a few plants down there would help. As none of the neighbours were using theirs though, I figured they wouldn't exactly be bothered by some exuberance in mine so I set it out to please myself, the Octopus, and hopefully intrigue those who stop by and tempt them to stay awhile. Under the houseboat itself, the sand slopes upwards. I haven't really figured out how to use that space yet. It's rather pleasant though, like a secret room. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/73/36/16 Have others done much with their underwater areas? I've only seen a few pictures.
  3. Low-prim gardening in an endless sea of pilings
  4. MUST HAVE TREE FOR BETA GRID!!!! will be much fun to be a tree on beta grid. that wide open rolling plain needs trees. oh noes you will be most peeved and distracted when building alt has to waste time messing about with the mesh body again instead of just getting on with uploading. you know what will happen, you'll procrastinate on doing things which involve her having a human body on beta grid and fart around being a tree. YES TREE!!!!! edit: She has the tree. Sync beta grid sync.
  5. This whole "wear mesh to prove your investment" thing really doesn't sit well with me. That I got distracted from finding suitable shoes again or got fed up with trying to make alpha cuts work and just went system actually means I prioritise my friends over fiddling with my avatar's appearance. My stamina and time inworld tends to be limited because of health problems - why waste any of it on superficial things? It's rather the opposite than the assumptions above. Other people's time will be limited in other ways too, if they choose to spend it on people rather than faffing around with mesh, so what? It just means they enjoy the interactions and not the clothing an av bit. The same would go for a romantic partner. But if he or she makes up weird interpretations of my actions and is that heavily invested in appearance, are they really paying any attention to the person behind the system body? To be honest, that feels like more of a lack of "investment" to me. As for longevity, it's 10 years here and I fully expect to be showing the nice young nurse in the care home around my shop some day. Goodness knows how complicated it will be to dress an avatar by then though. I still won't be fussed about shoes. Hopefully there will still be plenty of others following their own paths too. So basically, if you want to prioritise appearances or be prejudiced against system bodies or people who do things differently, just own it.
  6. I did this a year ago through a group a friend and I set up. It was the first time either of us had bought or owned land and it was a bit intimidating, but in the end it wasn't difficult. I just did it methodically and re-read forum threads before moving on to the next step of the process. Depending on what you want, buying abandoned land directly from the Lindens can be an easier way to find a suitable combination of size (including the group bonus) and location as they'll cut the parcel to your specifications.
  7. Please do. Bring friends. I made this to share
  8. On behalf of Lady Hepta, the six-armed Octopus, her squid court and assorted and sundry minions, you are all most cordially and enthusiastically invited to join us in the Octopus' Garden, resident for the month of August at the Bell Dwell Guest House in the Dockside region of Bellisseria. It happened on very short notice, so it's still a bit of a work in progress but there are two dance floors courtesy of Disco Bacchus and his magic balls, places to hang out and chill, birthday cake, things to explore and sights to behold. Enormous thanks to Bryce and everyone at the The Bellisserian newspaper for giving us this wonderful opportunity through their raffle. It is very much appreciated. Please come and help us make the most of it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/81/5/22
  9. I have a home again, of sorts, for a month, that's open to everyone to come visit. It's in Bellisseria. I won a month on a houseboat in a raffle and I am making the most out of it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/81/5/22 Bring friends, hang out, enjoy
  10. I like the way Carmsie Melodie phrased it (or whoever she got it from for the sign): "The only real things in Second Life are our feelings, so please take care of each other." There is just so much truth in it. The pixels are just pixels, but the rest - the care and effort and emotion, that's what's real and what makes this mad place so very special.
  11. OK, I misunderstood your 2) above then.
  12. Has the Omega system been set up for Ruth 2? I think Ruth 2 uses the standard system UVs so it should be possible. That would be the way to get a purchased skin onto Ruth 2, but only for Omega-compatible skins and only if the Omega system creator has set one up for Ruth 2.
  13. I don't know about that. I think it's more that the complainers are the vocal ones and the rest of us get on with it more quietly or just ask questions. As for your examples, those of us with a strong kinesthetic approach to learning would surprise you with what we can do and how we go about it. There's always a subtle tactile element to my public speaking and overt ones in my preparation and most definitely in my learning how to do it. Audio learning as the sole way of acquiring manual skills is a red herring. But some will learn better with a verbal description to accompany their physical efforts and some will learn better from reading first or seeing it done. You always have to do it yourself in the end though. But all I'm really asking is to just be a bit more careful with how you word things. Given how difficult many people are inclined to make things for themselves, why throw even more obstacles in their way like demeaning a format you find problematic? It might be part of the solution for someone else.
  14. Some people do alright with reselling gachas. It's a risk though and probably takes a good understanding of the gacha resale market to succeed in. But yes, sales here are primarily by creators rather than retailers. Most of us get into it because we just like making things or we can't find what we want, so we learn to do it ourselves. Collaborative building used to be the mainstay of SL, people contributing their different skills and ideas to bring a project together. Nowadays, more of the work is done in external programs like Blender or GIMP but there's still an ecosystem of full perm components you can draw on to help. That can be very satisfying, a lot of fun to play with and much more manageable to learn. Since you want to promote others and be part of a team, have you thought about becoming a customer service representative or other type of assistant with a brand you love? It might be a better fit with your current skill set and you'd probably learn a lot about running a shop in SL.
  15. Part of the trick of working with LODs is figuring out what you can get rid of without having a significant visual impact. Your basic structure (8 rectangles + 8 rectangles = 16 rectangles = 32 tris/triangles) is friendly to holding itself from a distance. That's an excellent starting point. Are you interested in expanding your Blender skills to learn how to remove bits? Ditching the rounded trim pieces will save lots of tris, so that would be a good place to start on making your own custom LODS. The vertical and much of the horizontal trim could be simulated through an additional texture which has both trim and siding. From the pictures, I don't see why you couldn't learn how to make the octagon roof in Blender (though not the weather vane). It would be tricky to make the shape in prims but you could do it in about five steps in Blender, from the top of your tower. Also, crumple to nothing is a cheat but sometimes it's a useful cheat if the object doesn't need to be in a long range view (i.e. from a distance, it would just look like a normal Continental roof line). Just some thoughts. It might seem daunting, but I think you're probably closer to being able to do this than you realise. You understand spatial relations very well and that will give you a big advantage.
  16. Can you see how different this is from what you wrote earlier? Really horrible format. Horde of people who are convinced. If you didn't mean to make it sound like you're looking down on use, why choose those words? There are other ways to make the point which are more readily understandable, like you'd prefer it if there were more searchable documents and that you find videos too time-consuming and frustrating. If it's related to your preferences and your experiences, it comes across as just that and much less judgemental. When it's phrased more clearly, new approaches become easier to see, like pairing a written summary of steps with a video. Would it be worth asking some of the better Avastar video makers to do that? Or maybe someone else who wants to help but doesn't have the depth of knowledge to write a tutorial from scratch could offer? I agree that the whole system could use some improvement. Shall we try to brainstorm on how?
  17. And for those of us who don't have access to a live teacher for one reason or another, and certainly not one we can ring up at a moment's notice, or can't manage a full class because of health, work, family or other reasons? In person teaching has its place. It's a fantastic resource when it's available. Well organised and presented videos have their place, including the capacity to repeat sections and revisit it whenever you want. Written forms have their place too. Isn't it great we have so many different forms to draw on? Then each person can seek out what's going to be most useful for their individual and particular needs in that moment. There is no need to say things like "video is a really horrible format for self learning" or make snide comments about those of us for whom they've proven to be the most suitable format available.
  18. Thanks for the optimism JessycaJayne, but I haven't managed to even get a place in Belli yet or find a way to become part of the community. The question for me is how much more energy to expend on trying. With every new thing popping up, there's just less need for another one and more competition for people's time. I'm not very good at any of that so it's probably best to just accept that the time when my idea might have been viable has already passed. But I do wish everyone well in their endeavours. You're all building something really wonderful here.
  19. Do you mean as a creator of individual items or as someone putting together a sim? I'm not sure there's an answer to this question if it's the former. The individual items I have difficulties with are things many people enjoy. Many effects in SL tend towards sounds or visuals repeating on a short loop. The longer the loop and the more variation the better for me, also lower volumes. Setting default volumes lower could be something creators could do, then owners can increase it if they want to rather than just going with it loud because that's the way it was made. I just keep sound off as a matter of course though, because SL sounds tend to give me a slow build up that's not really noticeable until it's too late. Some patterns have elements within them (like stripes, checks or spirals) which increase the rate of visual repeat even when the texture is moving slowly. A spiral-type pattern is harder for me than an irregular one. Spiral water ripples are where I run into it most often. But many will enjoy the hypnotic quality of the water ripple spiraling around and those patterns tend to work better for some builds. If it's on the level of a sim/region/parcel, then it's quantity as well as speed. How much of the screen is moving? Is there anywhere safe to put the camera and still be engaged with what's going on? Lights in a corner are easier to cope with than a flashing animated dance floor. Does it really need to be moving? If it's contributing to a club atmosphere, then it probably does, those are difficult to impossible places for us in RL anyway. If it's a sign in a store and the owner thinks it's a way of getting more attention, then there are safer ways of doing that. Have you looked inworld for any groups to ask in? Or maybe a disability awareness sim? I'd be interested to know how others with related issues negotiate SL and what gives them difficulty. This discussion has been really helpful for me. I've been working on things to make a sort of psychedelic hippy environment, so playing with the brain visually has been part of that. If they go public (though it's looking less and less likely that it will), then I'll build in ways to caution and inform those who are photo sensitive and also separate levels of intensity.
  20. This looks great. There really isn't much need for my hippy hangout place, is there? It's hard to give up a dream but there isn't any point in continuing. Well done on this and all of the other wonderful places in Belli. Have a fantastic time.
  21. Neither vendors/franchises nor gacha resale really work with promo events or definitely not with 1L1H. With gachas, you have to buy the items individually at a certain cost (and with no guarantee of which one you'll get). Sell them for less than the pull price at the machine and you'll lose money. With vendors/franchises, all you get are the vendors themselves and all the risk and expenditure of trying to sell from them. You pay for the land to rez them on and get 20%-45% of any sales. The rest goes to the creator. The vendors are scripted so you can't change the price. If the franchise has a promotion, it probably won't be suitable for your own event. It will be whatever the franchise decides to do. 1L1H requires you to have the right and ability to sell an unlimited number of copies of an item for 1 linden, essentially giving it away and hoping for volume sales or people making additional purchases. It's for things you make yourself. It won't work for either franchises or gachas. The things you can buy full perm typically have restrictions on how you can sell them. Selling "as is" is always forbidden, you have to add to it in some way - they're components for building and creation, not stand alone items. Some FP creators have a minimum price or restrictions on how their components can be used in promotions and gifts. Too many people giving away or selling similar items for next to nothing undermines the ability of others to sell. 1L1H only makes sense after you've built up a large selection of your own items. Start with that. Franchises may seem like a way to fill up a mall and generate more sales, but they're not. You still have to do all the promotion work, you're constrained in how you can do that, and many shoppers will be turned off when they see yet another franchise. You'll be better off joining with others, where everyone is promoting the area and hopefully bringing in customers who'll look around a bit.
  22. I've found videos easier to learn from when the keystrokes are recorded and displayed. The teacher doesn't need to spell out every hotkey combination and if it's from a menu I can see how to access that menu straightaway. With written tutorials, there was always a time, several usually, when I'd have to stop to look up one of the more basic elements I hadn't yet learned or couldn't recall exactly enough. Maybe that's easy for you or you didn't have to, but it would throw me off track for the one I was working on and hampered my progress. Also, video tutorials are often project orientated and some of us do better with that. Amongst the disorganised, person talking to himself while he putters along videos, there are many which are well-organised, complete and easy to follow. Finding a series and teacher whose approach works for me (BornCG) helped immensely. Now that I'm further along, looking up specific bits in written form will often suffice. In theory that's quicker. In practice though, it usually takes me a few tries to figure out the right wording for the search and I end up spending at least as much time in the search as I would watching through part of a good video. Given the different ways people have of learning (like the visual, audio, kinesthetic model), any one way just isn't going to suit everyone. Please don't disparage those of us who need different approaches than yours. Our needs and ways of doing things are just as legitimate as yours.
  23. Just to check, are you saving the snapshot inworld and then downloading it from SL to your computer or are you saving directly to hard drive when you take the picture?
  24. Genuine and sincere question here: If a particular person's words bother you so much, why not simply ignore them in the forums and block them inworld? Are you hoping they'll post something you like eventually? It just seems like the simplest and most practical solution.
  25. Thanks for the kind thoughts. The downside of waiting is that the more of Bellisseria there is, the harder it will be for a new community place to get noticed. When I first started trying, people were enthusiastically posting about the cafes and other places residents had made to share with the community. That's fallen off already and the "look what I found" posts are about the Moles' wonderful efforts. What will it be like in a year? I simply don't have the stamina or energy to do much to promote a place so I was counting on getting some of the Belli exploration effect to help. Meanwhile more infrastructure for things to do is being built, which is great for Bellisseria but does mean less attention to go around for everything else. If it's two years, then I'll have to pay the increased rate to continue with the alt's premium in addition to the increased price for the two prems I use for my shop. All of that will be harder to justify with my limited income. Basically, when I made the alt premium to try for a Belli house, it was affordable and making a community space that would be used by others seemed feasible. The longer it takes to get there, the harder it will be and eventually it will cost more too. As for right now, it's become like the rest of my life, with the limitations imposed by chronic ill health keeping me on the sidelines, observing others enjoying life and me exhausting myself trying to join in. I had thought it was something I could do, but it's become just another thing for me to fail at. For the sake of my health, I have to put a time limit on how long I'll continue to waste precious energy on it. I do wish everyone else well and hope you all find lovely homes to build your dreams in.
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