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  1. Made at Zombie Hollow warning: While the content is SFW, the song tiitle and a couple words in the song are a little raunchy, so maybe the audio might be NSFW
  2. When i do a pic for a blog post the clothing is the most important but I like shooting 'in world' in different sims and not in studios or staged sets. But I would have to say without a doubt Using BD poser is nearly a must! Find a decent starting pose then the poser to just get the arms and hands right, or even to make major pose adjustment. And then finding the the right WL setting
  3. I think its been going on over a weeek at least. I thought maybe the change with BOM and the new FS viewer, but even logging in to my home, can take sometimes a good 5 min for the body pieces to load and I am all put together, Never really used to be like that that I can recall. Ive updated all my drivers and nvidia driver - my machine has plenty of power with 32g ram and a gtx 970 and a core i7, it has just been a bit annoying and one never knows if a Windows update screwed something up again, lol
  4. Is it only me or has getting things rezzed lately seem to be taking forever? Not just tp'ing into places, but attaching clothes and stuff onto myself. I'm on FS I had the latest version with BOM and I just tried to roll back and install the previous version, that didn't help. Also installed the latest Windows update then tried rolling that back. Sometimes it can take 5 min or more for a piece of clothes to rezzz, if at all! sometimes I have to relog multiple times to get something to rezz. So i am wondering if it is just me, or if others are experiencing this as well
  5. actually, if you install them in the main FS folder under C/Program files,, you can lose the windlights on updates. Best to put custom WL under app data/roaming/firestorm folder
  6. justbe thankful some time isn't metric, and other times are imperial standard! 😅
  7. "accepted" but not proven, and what "evidence" there is a great deal has been proven to be outright faked, or misleading, uses "recalibrated" numbers.... in fact the examples you cite are proven with historical data to not be true....
  8. most men "pay" for sex, one way or another!
  9. just remember - it may not be a "lady" you are bumping pixels with!
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