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  1. actually, if you install them in the main FS folder under C/Program files,, you can lose the windlights on updates. Best to put custom WL under app data/roaming/firestorm folder
  2. justbe thankful some time isn't metric, and other times are imperial standard! 😅
  3. "accepted" but not proven, and what "evidence" there is a great deal has been proven to be outright faked, or misleading, uses "recalibrated" numbers.... in fact the examples you cite are proven with historical data to not be true....
  4. most men "pay" for sex, one way or another!
  5. just remember - it may not be a "lady" you are bumping pixels with!
  6. I thought I would make a short(ish) video on the Poser in Black Dragon. If you like to photography yourself or make blog photos it is a really cool and useful feature. Yes pose adjusters are available, but they are scripted which limits the precise positioning. This is built into BD and has a finite control over movement of all our bento bones
  7. The only time my ***** needs to talk to me is is when she is hungry or wants attention! good kitty 😉
  8. I know I posted here before, but I recently did a bit of a "make over" and also wanted to give a shout out to Wren's Nest for her work on the custom shape!
  9. Just visit most of Mainland. It is still there
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