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  1. I thought I would make a short(ish) video on the Poser in Black Dragon. If you like to photography yourself or make blog photos it is a really cool and useful feature. Yes pose adjusters are available, but they are scripted which limits the precise positioning. This is built into BD and has a finite control over movement of all our bento bones
  2. The only time my ***** needs to talk to me is is when she is hungry or wants attention! good kitty 😉
  3. I know I posted here before, but I recently did a bit of a "make over" and also wanted to give a shout out to Wren's Nest for her work on the custom shape!
  4. Just visit most of Mainland. It is still there
  5. SL videos have kinda always been a niche art form i think. But oh well still fun to make!
  6. I wonder if Linden would publish the regulations or new laws that require this of them? That seems to be reasonable. I understand they are probably trying to go after those that may try to launder money etc... maybe even try to eliminate so alt accounts, who knows, but citing the actual regulation that requires this would be real nice for those of us who might wish to check into these claims
  7. This is an area I believe Linden should really concentrate on to get and retain new members, especially the live singers events. I think alot of people have no idea what they're missing cause they really haven't any idea what's going on. Sure you can use the search for 'live music' events - even if people knew that was there, but then the results are muddied with other 'stuff' Maybe, just maybe, when opening the Search, instead of featuring Call Girls and Strippers in the top boxes Linden could mix it up a bit more...?
  8. as far as DOF, the 'preview' in the snapshot windows gives a pretty accurate preview. and I just shoot with and w/o DOF to make sure the face and foreground details are in focus. Just mask them in PS
  9. Not sure this is the right forum,but I have a MC with the ACS script and was wondering if anybody knows how to fine tune the steering controls for a more controllable ride? not fast and racing just more stable and not crashing into the left and right walls all the time lol yeah I know i need "practice" but they put all these adjustments in there but nobody ever explains what to adjust for more of a beginner" experience.Any Suggestions?
  10. for flickr uploads i never downsize. Flickr is made for the 'photographer' who often are shooting pics 20megs or higher. I believe though 6000 is the max resolution in the viewer. I sometimes shoot 5000 but mostly just double my screen resolution at about 3840. I also use a high pass sharpening set to about .8 and on a overlay blend for the final sharpening
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