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  1. Do you know about the beta grid yet? Free uploads on quiet sandboxes, very useful for the constant trials and errors of making good mesh for SL. About the ears - would a head alpha (or alpha cuts) work?
  2. Either the Smooth button in the Shading area of the Tools window in Object mode in Blender for overall, or the Smooth/Flat ones in the UV tab in Edit mode if you want to be more selective. This piece should be fine with the Object mode one.
  3. I didn't see that, I would have supported you there. It's getting some support here, so please share in it.
  4. Maybe a way to do this would be to have a rotating area for historic builds, changing quarterly perhaps. Then it could be an interesting place to visit, not lost forever, and would also allow more builds to be saved while keeping operating costs manageable.
  5. Leave it unlinked and phantom and use transparent prims to replace the physics you need (a ramp if there are stairs involved). That really is the easiest and best solution at this point. So sorry you got burnt by a poor creator. Good luck with your project.
  6. How much of an improvement mesh bodies might be depends on things like how much of your skin you have showing and what graphics settings you tend to use. When graphics are low, all those dozens of faces on the mesh body can do weird things with lighting. If you're wearing long trousers, it truly does not matter if you have air-brushed smooth legs underneath. And so on. My boy alt tends to wear trousers and long sleeves so why carry all that extra geometry around just to have it alphaed out? Mesh clothing over a system body with alphas (not alpha cuts) is my prefered way to go. They've fallen out of favour with those who spend lots of money and thus with those who sell, but it's a good inbetween and not as complicated as the whole HUD & alpha cut routine. (Alpha cuts are all those tiny faces on a mesh body that get made transparent; a clothing alpha is a single piece worn on the system body under a mesh garment. You'll be wearing a full body alpha under a mesh body to make the system one invisible.) My health and stamina are lousy, so every extra minute I spend trying to get dressed is less time I have to do more important things like talk with friends. The building alt got a mesh body so I could have bento hands on the beta grid but otherwise it's more trouble than it's worth to me. Even when I have both my building alt and main in summer dresses, I don't notice one being nicer than the other (unless of course the lighting is being glitchy and the mesh body shows up patchy). The whole mesh body eco-system has complicated shopping no end as well, but that's just part of slife now. I think we've lost more than we've gained with this.
  7. Definitely the Winchester of the campers. It's big too, so it can make a neighbouring space feel more closed in. I really hope people get bored with it or at least come up with ways to vary it. The Moles have done a fantastic job of creating variety in their landscaping and here residents are going Same Same Same.
  8. Really best to ask her to demo. Thwarts the surprise I know, but it helps. She can also look at the overall quality (texture work, make sure the complexity is reasonable) as well as the fit.
  9. Marketplace and most inworld clothing vendors allow gifting, chose the gift to option from the menu and it will ask for the name of the account you wish to gift it to. If an item you already own is transferable, you can send it to the person inworld directly. As for lending, there's absolutely no way you can guarantee that a transferable item will be returned. Whether you get it back or not depends on the other person. If you gift-buy something that is "no transfer", they simply will not ever be able to return it. Once it's in that person's inventory, they own it and are able to wear it just as they would with something they've purchased for themselves.
  10. K, if male system avs had built in ding a lings, system trousers would have been painted over said system ding lings. And because that would have looked weird, we would have had a period of invis*****prims.
  11. Take a look at your system feet and then tell me you want your manhood represented by something similar....
  12. Tari, you're not one of the people who often laughs at those they're disagreeing with. There are a few who do, and the negative tone of the response is clear. A couple in particular will go through and laugh at pretty much everything those they're disagreeing have said, even when the subject's changed. What you do is very different. I certainly can see the difference and I'd wager most of the regulars do as well. You don't fall into that pattern of laughing at someone you're locking horns with over several pages of a thread.
  13. Some adults use "role play" as a euphemism for sexual interaction. Apparently it's not cheating if it's "role play" 🙄
  14. I'm disabled. Neither I nor any of the other people with disabilities I know find the word itself insulting or demeaning. Sometimes it's said with an insulting or demeaning attitude, but that attitude tends to come through whatever language is used. Things like deciding on our behalf what is insulting or demeaning is itself demeaning.
  15. First usage we still have record of predates the internet by 800 years It's Lancelot, of Arthurian legend. In that story cycle, he was fostered and didn't know his identity or parentage. Le blanc chevalier was used to designate him until he found out and claimed a name. It was also used as a hereditary title in medieval Ireland.
  16. The Lindens are working on addressing this. Here's a post in the Linden Homes thread, advice is to AR. They do recognise that it's a problem.
  17. whew. thanks for the clarification, Theresa. i'm so used to thinking of skins as a single unit i'd forgotten they aren't a single texture
  18. So I'd have to start wearing a mesh head in order to use BoM to get rid of the alpha cut nonsense on a mesh body? I have zero interest in wearing a mesh head.
  19. If a griefer was looking to get a rise out of someone, then these reactions mean the griefer has won. Best thing to do is to shrug it off and just not care. Why give a random stranger on the internet that much influence over your emotions? If it persists and interferes with building work, then follow some of the good advice in this thread.
  20. If it's a ground cover or a blanket spread out on the ground, then a 2 tri plane may well be the optimal lowest lod. The penultimate wouldn't need much more, 15 tris would be a pentagonal "box" with to but no bottom.
  21. Depends on what it is. I've made a couple of things recently which had similarly low numbers because they didn't need more. Lil will be experienced enough to check for LOD collapse inworld.
  22. Sounds like a RL course in the software you're using might be a place to start.
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