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  1. It could be a great way to get people experimenting with non-mainstream communities. I'd love an around the world area. It would play havoc with the tree types but imagine having choices between say historic Japanese, Moroccan, adobe, and more. So what if it wasn't 'real', it would still have it's own immersion for those who accepted it for what it is.
  2. Ghosting. When you'd crash, except your avatar would stay inworld and you couldn't log back in. If you had another account, you could go visit and say hello to your other self standing there. You had to write a ticket and wait to get properly logged out, though there was a trick to use. It had something to do with the system checking something every 14 minutes or something strange like that.
  3. To be honest, it would be more fun for some of us than trying to play the refresh game and failing at it.
  4. Is there a map on site? Or a way to get a notecard with locations? Group notices are good, but only for groups already joined or subscribed to. If each region has a forced landing point (like Hair Fair), then a notecard with slurls is best (imo) because at least there will be red beacons to follow. If direct TP is on, then even better . Maps have the advantage though of being able to see quickly which other stores are in that area.
  5. It feels to me like there is less diversity of creativity on the grid these days and has been for awhile. I agree with others that the focus on events plays a big part in this. There's the pressure to keep churning things out for them and also a financial pressure to make sure the limited selection of items at an event are likely to sell in high volumes. Put the two together and I would guess it's difficult for many event-orientated creators to find time to make a greater range and diversity of items. There also seems to be fewer ways to find smaller creators. I used to run into all sorts all over. I don't remember how it happened, it just did. Or at least it felt that way. The shopping groups should be a way, but they're often so enormous I get lost in the notecards and give up. About the lack of diversity in communities, I wonder if those various imaginings and fantasies didn't get sucked into the fantasy of a perfect (mesh) body in a perfect (mesh) house, with a perfect (mesh) wardrobe, a sort of imagined hyper-realism. Not everyone of course, but perhaps enough that they lost the critical mass needed to be self-sustaining. Maybe I just hope this is true because then there's a chance people will eventually grow tired of the quest for perfect hyper-realism and get back to doing fantastical things which are properly impossible in real life, like taking a contraption you built in your back yard out for a flight over the sea
  6. That far off? Has something more been said?
  7. Any way of organising it will work for some and not for others. I hate shopping and tire easily, so the by themes suggestion would be great for me. I could do hair one day, take the boy alt in another, and so on. I'd spend more time, it would be more easily manageable and I'd be far more inclined to spend money. As it is, I end up confused, overwhelmed, and if it's predominately overly-sexualised clothing, feeling out of place, wondering why I bothered and increasingly grumpy. But of course those choices and environment are exactly what many want. It works well enough for many, but could it work better? I'd love for the SL-sponsored events to feel more different from other shopping events. (They do in layout but not really in terms of stores.) Perhaps the work to make them more diverse needs to be in seeking out and encouraging niche creators to participate rather than relying on who applies. And what can be done to help nurture the grid's once abundant diversity?
  8. You can also buy abandoned land directly from the Lindens for L$1 per square meter. There's a lot of decent land on open sims available this way. Easiest way to find it is to open the map, look for big green spaces and TP to a likely one. Click on the land to get the "About Land" window. The parcel named will be Abandoned Land and it will be owned by Governor Linden. (And then fly around some more to see if there's anything you like better ) To buy it, you need to open up a ticket and describe the area you'd like. Sometimes they put it to auction, but if it's a fairly generic parcel, then a Linden will come along in a few days to make your parcel and set it for sale to you. The whole thing seems more complicated than it is. This is the wiki page on Abandoned Land. Information about buying is near the bottom.
  9. At this point, I think I'm going to wait for the campers 'cause that's more suitable to what I want to do (a hippy-esque crash pad/hang out/playground open to everyone) and with it being a smaller plot I'll be able to do a better job without over-taxing my crappy heallth. It's a variation of something I did on mainland years ago but never figured out how to draw people in. It's the community and landscaping on Bellesseria I'm interested in because they make it all much more possible. I don't know if anyone will be much interested, but it's close to my heart and I'd like to try. Being in a different time zone and not able to spend hours on the auto-refresh game though, I'm just hoping I'll get lucky with a launch or that people will still be interested in exploring even after they've moved on to the next new shiny. All of this uncertainty is tiring me out though, which means less energy for trying to get one.
  10. If it arrives boxed, you have an automatic back-up copy sitting there in your inventory. Some of us find that useful.
  11. Given that this didn't happen in eight years, I suspect we just might be safe
  12. In Blender, you can Create a new object to add to your first. If you do this in Object Mode, they'll be two separate objects (which sometimes makes sense depending on what sort of manipulations you'll be doing and your prefered manner of going about this). To join them into one, click on one, then the other, then click on the Join buttom in the Tools tab. The order you click on them matters. The main one last usually works (like the stereo box, click on that last). Or you can Create the new object in Edit Mode. That will add it (your cylinder) to the original object (the stereo box) so it's all one thing. You'll just have to be more careful about getting exactly the right bits selected for manipulating. Each uploaded object is allowed 8 textures. (More than that and weird things happen.) For the stereo and knob example, use the Materials function in Blender. (Material tab, + button on the right, then New to add a second). Assign the first material to one bit and the second material to the other. This works for either Create in Object Mode or Create in Edit Mode approaches. There isn't one right or even best way to do anything in Blender, though your proposed method is needlessly complicated for something like a box and cylinder. Start working on your project and play around a bit, including different approaches (save frequently so you can return to earlier points if you need to). It's all learning
  13. Perhaps "automated" would be a better descriptor for MP redelivery than "automatic".
  14. That was someone else. My shop is digitially "restored" ancient art and antiquities, mostly Roman. If you fancy anything there, let me know and I'll send it to you. Words are still difficult to put together, so best if I stop now. I can get them out but it takes a while. I hope your day has something lovely in it.
  15. Don't mind me. It wasn't the best morning healthwise, probably shouldn't have tried to take part in a conversation. It's just nice to talk with people sometimes though
  16. Has to be that only one wears it and it's scripted to accomodate a passenger as well. Can an av sit on something another one is wearing? I've forgotten the answer to that.
  17. Oh yes, very sure. Beds are for wearing, not picking up by mistake Which reminds me, has anyone mentioned wearing an entire furniture folder yet? Even I haven't managed that in RL. Yet.
  18. Sorry, I accidentally took my bedroom floor into inventory again.
  19. Look under the Account Summary on your dashboard. Near the bottom it will show your Land Holdings. A premium account with an old 512 Linden home but no other land should have 1024 in Allowed holdlings, 512 in Current holdings and 512 as Available for purchase. The extra 512 can be used to cover or help with tier elsewhere. You've had it all the while, but it hasn't been used.
  20. Free hair. Group-gift free hair. Free to join group-gift free hair. Teleport to get free to join group-gift free hair. My letter's on a lucky board. Yay, more free hair. What am I going to do with all this hair? I probably should delete some of my hairs.
  21. Given that there's so much effort put into RL advertising and media to try to make us feel lousy about ourselves, our bodies and our homes so we buy crap we don't need, it makes sense some turn to a place like SL to try to alleviate the pressure. There are positives to that of course, like it's less expensive to try to meet these hyped-up needs in SL than in RL and it's easier on our landfills. But there are also negatives, especially in the way that doing so reinforces the exaggerated needs in our minds. I've used descriptives like hyped-up and exaggerated because advertising and media work because they play on real, legitimate needs but turn them into something different, expectations which can't be met (because if they were, we wouldn't buy as much). I think what we do here can be useful to explore what's going on in our minds, what our needs are (both legitimate and hyped-up) and how we're trying to meet them.
  22. I started with GIMP because it was free. It took a while but I managed to learn it alright. Don't have enough experience to compare it to anything else.
  23. I'm not inworld much, but You sound kind and courteous, which isn't a bad thing at all. I wonder if putting some of this in your profile might help. With a positive slant, mind you It would help anyone you're speaking to know that it's politeness not lack of interest on your part. I'm not inworld much right now, but feel free to add me as a friend. I sometimes have problems starting conversations too because of health problems, but maybe we can muddle through together
  24. Definitely a better idea Lil Thanks @Marianne Little and @TyrannyElemmiire . That's most encouraging. I'll give it a go.
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