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  1. Wonderful Maddy has been sending me test scripts for the last couple of days. One is "tire swing" and it rather distracted me from Very Serious Matters that I should be working on like ancient Roman oscilla. It being somewhat difficult to adequately capture in a picture, you are all most cordially invited to come try it out for yourselves. Slurl is in my sig. (Technical info, fish is a child prim on a path cut "string" which I alphaed out cause it made more sense in context. Script is Maddy's modification of Gao's.)
  2. Interesting idea, but it's a wee decorative thing that absolutely cannot command 15 LI. I love outside the box suggestions though, as you'll see below
  3. But that's not what I did. Is the "woe is me" comment a dig at me for being honest about my health problems? It feels that way. I dissemble about them enough in real life, it would be nice if I could be honest about them here. They do impact on how I'm able to interact with the Bellisseria community. Do you feel I'm wrong in being open about it?
  4. Apologise? Where did that come from? Not me. And the insults? They're not really called far. I didn't attack you or anything. Simple disagreement with what I wrote would be fine. Anyway, I said my piece. You're not interested. I'm going to take my own advice and leave you to it. All the best.
  5. There will always be a few who are either attacking or come across that way. Responding in kind just escalates the situation. The impression I have of you is that you enjoy some aspect of that escalation though, like the adrenaline rush (which is addictive) or maybe feeling like you're better or maybe the support you often receive from your friends afterwards. Even if you don't like the escalation, the love-in from your friends will reinforce your pattern of contributing to this recurring situation. It's what you do that you have the most control over. If you enjoy escalating things, then own it. If you don't, then look to change what is in your control.
  6. Expressing the frustration makes it easier to go through the process of trying to get one sooner rather than later. With regions being released as they're finished, many of us consider it worth continuing to try. For myself, my interest is in making a quirky place for the community to explore and engage with. Because of crappy health, I can't spend much time inworld so it's a way I can still maybe feel like part of the community. I'd like to get in with a permanent place before the exploration dissipates and the sense of community is diluted through size. That's already happening. This is why I keep trying and hope to get a place of my own soon. The longer that takes, the harder it will be to make the rest of it happen. The clock is also ticking on my alt with the available tier (took the plunge before the price rise and before I realised how difficult it was going to be) and I'd like to be able to give my idea a proper go before it's time to decide how much more money to put into trying. This should be just a thread for people to let out their frustrations, find others in the same situation and maybe share some advice on how to approach it all. So what if a few get dramatic about it? It's the internet, of course that's going to happen But it does help to vent sometimes.
  7. The fish went in before it opened to the public, I just hadn't thought of anyone else being up there with them until reading the mermaid posts here. Thank you and @Kotelle for the inspiration. I'll avsitter the other corals up there today. It's been a surprise how few people look up despite all the colour, but you certainly have an excuse since it's land . The fish and coral are all from Alial Allen's Something Fishy shop, the "wall cover" plants are from her Fantasy China full perm shop.
  8. Sorry I missed you. The mermaids got me thinking about the mermaid-friendly area in the houseboat itself, and one thing led to another.... Look for the most colourful coral amongst the fish. That's all I'm saying for now
  9. It doesn't need to care about wind. It just needs to give some semblence of movement akin to what you'd see in a gentle breeze. A bit of x and y would be nice, but even just some rotation around the Z axis would be sufficient if it's not overtly regular. I tried your second script in my mesh and it sent the suspension string all over the place. Oh, that would be a matter of the origin being in the wrong place. I'll try it with the origin moved tomorrow, need to have a wee rest now. Thanks Maddy x
  10. Changing the orientation in Blender to work with the script is easy to do, and generally easier than messing with scripts. Easier with the prim shapes which allow it too. No Z for wind vector. That's good to know Saves me trying to find it
  11. I'm not mer, but until the end of August I have the use of a houseboat and all mer are very welcome to frolic in the garden, the aquarium (you'll have to cam up to it ) and wherever else fits with your personal preferences re breathing (I'm thoroughly ecumenical in mine ) Here's a slurl for the underwater garden. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/72/43/16 If anyone wants to get it posted in the Belli mermaids' group, please do. It's only for the rest of the month though, unfortunately.
  12. Flexi the string perhaps? The oscillum itself (what we're calling the dinner plate) doesn't flex, being marble or terracotta. But maybe the flex could go in the string it hangs on...? (Edit: No. It makes a brilliant antenna but fails as a suspension string. Can't get a cylinder (.5, .5, .01, with 90* rotation on y) to move via flexi wind.) OK, I started with target omega because I've been using it for other things but was coming to the conclusion it was unsuitable. I'm still learning what's suitable for what. Not shiny, at least for this but maybe another one. Also the hanging dinner plate type probably didn't make sound. "Wind chime" is just the best descriptor I could think of for the movement. It can be awkward describing historic artefacts when they don't have a clear recent parallel. I'll read up on llWind and the others you mentioned. @Mollymews Will look into this too. I tried @Madelaine McMasters's second script inworld and it gave a nice movement on a cylinder, though the orientation was off. I'll try it with my mesh on the beta grid and change the orientation in Blender if needed. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help. It's all much appreciated. I'll post back to let you know how the experiments go.
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to script some subtle random z-axis oscillation into a very simple mesh wind "chime" (a Roman oscillum, think dinner plate on a string and you're pretty much there). My attempts to put a llFrand into target omega have only given syntax errors, so before I plow on trying to figure that out I'd just like to ask if that's a reasonable direction. In trying to research this further, I came across a mention that llFrand means a server call each time so now I'm trying to think of another way to do it. A steady back and forth will look odd though. A touch start giving a small series of key framed movements might do the trick, but only if people are curious enough to poke at it. Any suggestions? Just some back and forth on the z-axis to give the illusion of movement in a gentle breeze.
  14. Remembering to turn particles on is the very important key. Then it works fine and dandy and helps dry out the Byzantine camel after he's had his lunch.
  15. Thank you so much Rolig. It's made my morning that you liked it. Time zones and such, even staying up late means I miss most who come by. You're welcome whenever you wish x Thanks especially for the pictures I love that you made friends with Venus and the sea horses.
  16. Wee dance party with the sea horses and the Etruscans. The one in red is my brother Augie in a previous incarnation. The man dancing with him is our friend, Morgan. Disco Bacchus of the Magic Ball exchanged his glittery high heels for swim fins and is somewhat cross because the sequins didn't stick to them. Except then he forgets so do come along to entertain him please
  17. I think at this point my emotions have moved into a sort of "hope they never arrive" because as long as the big release hasn't happened, there's still hope I might get one of my own. Odd state of mind, but that's where I'm at.
  18. The clothes hook bench has 7 objects (5 lamps plus camera so 1 object to import I think) and the picture frame shows 12. Even discounting the lamps and camera, it looks like the picture frame will import a link set of 7 objects. Is this true?
  19. Sorry I missed you Racy. Your evening would be my middle of the night unfortunately. Hope to see you soon though.
  20. Thanks Nika. Just replying here to get the slurl on the page, see the sig below. Hardly anyone's stopped by though, so if you (OP or anyone else) want to chat with a friend or lark around on the toys you'll likely have the place to yourself. The region is dead quiet too.
  21. making the most out of my month in a Belli houseboat everyone's welcome, by the way. slurl is in my sig and first pick in my inworld profile.
  22. Apologies. I've been put in my place yet again. Sorry for being so stupid.
  23. You're welcome to see what I've done. I only have the houseboat for a month, so it had to be put together quickly (and all of my ideas were for a trailer, a traditional house or adapting it into an art installation in one of the old Meadowbrook houses) and the underwater part was trickiest. I did want to make the most of it while I have it and probably went a bit, erm, overboard It's a giant open plan space, and I do mean giant. Because it's so temporary, I went with what I had or could get quickly and for free (AleyMart on the MP). None of the neighbours have done much with their underwater areas, so it's just endless posts stretching on forever. Screening those out made my space feel less daunting, but someone clever could figure out how to incorporate it. Neighbours working together could create something really special. Even a few plants down there would help. As none of the neighbours were using theirs though, I figured they wouldn't exactly be bothered by some exuberance in mine so I set it out to please myself, the Octopus, and hopefully intrigue those who stop by and tempt them to stay awhile. Under the houseboat itself, the sand slopes upwards. I haven't really figured out how to use that space yet. It's rather pleasant though, like a secret room. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dockside/73/36/16 Have others done much with their underwater areas? I've only seen a few pictures.
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