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  1. In the Edit window, look at the box where the sculpt map would go. If it's blank/not there and it doesn't say sculpt or give a prim shape, it's mesh. Some people sell mesh components that can be used to build with - texturing mesh will largely be easier but otherwise it should be similar enough to old school prim/sculpt building. Some people sell mesh that's a whole piece to be textured. Some people sell textured mesh to use in your builds. Etc. Big thing to watch out for with sculpts and tortured prims is LI (land impact, the new 'prim' measurement for land). Doing much of anything (like adding scripts or linking to mesh) can skyrocket the LI ('prim equivalency') for sculpts and tortured prims. Just something to watch out for, especially if the parcel you're building on is running out of prims/LI. The Builders Brewery group is still going strong. Helping Haven is good for classes too. Worth checking out what both places have on offer. Good luck and welcome back.
  2. We got mesh about five or so years ago I think. Whatever I try to write will be corrected so I'll just leave it to the experts here. If you've been inworld in the last few years, much of what you might reasonably have assumed was sculpted was mesh. In my opinion, it's worth the effort needed to get to grips with a 3d software program like Blender.
  3. That's just the old D&D group approach in a different setting. Delayed gratification makes it all the sweeter. Good luck with your group.
  4. May I politely suggest that at this point in SL it's quite possibly worth learning how to make mesh instead?
  5. Don't know if it would suit you, but there's one in a shop across from mine at an event which starts tomorrow. I don't remember the store name, just noticed it an hour ago while I was finishing up there and thought I might try a demo with my building alt. (Yeah, the one who isn't supposed to spend money ) The event is called California Dreaming, runs 5th-20th August. Long way, wander down from the landing point. Turn left after the gachas building and it will be on the right side. Short way, grab a TP from the first pick in my profile. That goes to my shop at the event (and is largely there for my convenience, but hey you're welcome to use it too ). The store with the hair is directly across the street. Hopefully there's more throughout the sim.
  6. I uploaded today, several times on beta grid and once on the main grid. The only problem I had (well, once I got the faces back on their correct materials ) was how quickly the LoD collapses to lowest at the size I'd like it to be. In other words, completely normal for SL.
  7. Sounds like you've stumbled into a really important aspect of mesh - changing size can change the LI (land impact = 'number of prims'). It involves things like the geometry of the item and choices the creator made while uploading the mesh into SL. In the edit box, look for the LI number of a newly rezzed wall. Then stretch your wall out and check again. If there's a big difference between the two, try building your wall by linking unstretched sections. Or there might be a compromise between the two - try stretching the wall section to see where the spike in LI occurs. Did you link anything else to it? Scripts, sculpts and tortured prims can make LI jump. About rezzing speed - sources I trust say that prims are standardised, which means less information to be sent to your computer, and (the untortured ones at least) tend to rez sooner than mesh. That fits with my experience, especially when my internet is playing up and everything is slower. But mesh doesn't necessarily cause lag after that. If things disappear or go blurry, it could be a graphics card matter where the graphics memory fills up, dumps some stuff and then has to download the information again. The cause of that could be some combination of complicated mesh, lots of large textures, a long draw distance, or the sheer quantity of items in the area. Lowering draw distance is usually a quick way to help with that.
  8. I did some Adventing with my building alt so she would have some clothes and also to broaden my horizons in terms of what creators are doing these days. It was great when it came in a box and I could just delete the extra sizes, knowing that there was a safe copy in the original packaging should it be needed. And it was, as her size and shape are still evolving. Even went back in to a couple to find notecards and LMs that I wouldn't have kept otherwise but was glad to have. Needing to rez and fill a prim, make sure nothing got left out in process, label it properly and all of that got tedious quickly. I much prefer boxes over folders because they're instant back-up copies and I've found it useful to have them. ETA: I'm one for intentionally wearing boxes to quickly see what's in them so I appreciate it when creators put their advertising picture on the outside. Thanks to the few who still do that.
  9. The day the furniture folder decided to make a fashion statement....
  10. I'd like to have the choice of a few different inventories (and the ability to designate which inventory/ies I want an item to go in) so that I can have access to easily searchable folders of infrequently used stuff (like seasonal decor) without them loading every. single. day.
  11. IMO ideals don't have to be absolutes. Would a word like 'principles' work better? I know Joe put his propositions forward in terms approaching some sort of absolute but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to limit the conversation to that kind of thinking unless we want to. I'm reasonably certain I don't.
  12. I'll play along Prok, because SL on my new computer refuses to see the .dae files I wanted to upload and test and I can't figure out what's wrong It's probably 'secondlife' in my head, all one word, no real emphasis. It's something I do, as and when my disabilities allow. Maybe that shapes my view of SL. I can't be inworld enough for it to be immersive and it's less passive than other things I engage with. It's part of my slow, quiet life.
  13. Maddy, you went out of your way to quote me there. I don't know if you're challenging what I wrote or riffing off of it. It was a shift I thought might be useful to Tari. It was intentionally short and had just the one point so it wouldn't get lost. Critical thinking and a seriously inordinate amount of curiosity are high amongst my ideals. I'd recommend both to anyone but recognise not all are inclined to do so. Ideals can become their own type of encouragement. They've been more effective for me than other people tbh. That's just me; I'm not going to get prescriptive for anyone else. Do you see people and self as separate from ideals or anchors? I think it's all entwined. Ideals (for me) are values I consider important enough to highlight so they don't get lost and forgotten amidst all the distractions of people. The places curiosity has taken me is why I don't mind the 'anchor' imagery or the idea of some sort of point to return to. Not necessarily to adhere to, but to re-examine in light of new experiences and current understanding. The bit about lying and truthfulness is complex. I prefer 'right speech' as a paradigm because it's encased in ideas of compassion and helping others. In general, of course be honest. But sometimes it's too much, or too harsh, or even just wrong. IMO the biggest danger may be in getting so caught up in a self-image of always telling the Truth that it becomes circular and insulated from critical engagement. We've all seen it, the person who makes false claims to facts because she's convinced herself she's always right. Anyway, that's my take on the things you brought up.
  14. just a failed attempt to be a bit silly. toilets don't work as toilets in SL. you can put sex animations in them or tipjar scripts or use them as decor or part of role play or as a lucky chair, but if you count that then everything (at least that's moddable) is potentially useful in SL, including Chin's wearable online indicator.
  15. ok, let's try it again. telegraphing joke: toilets
  16. Tari, what about this sort of thing (anchor in OP's terminology) as an ideal to keep aiming for, even though it will be missed? Then it can be used to help learn from mistakes made and as encouragement to keep trying. Would that sit better with you?
  17. There is a very good reason why you shouldn't buy it. It requires a mesh body and head. See the part in capitals in the ad: Omega is the brand name of a way of 'applying' clothing and skin textures to a variety of mesh bodies. Some mesh bodies and heads require proprietary 'applier' systems (their own brand is the only one that works). Some mesh bodies and heads also work with the Omega system as well. It's like the generic applier. I don't know what ST5 is, but numbers in skin names can refer to lightness-darkness. Like the palest will be Tone 0 or Tone 1 and the darkest 5 or 9 or however many shades that creator makes. Each creator does it differently though, so it's worth taking a moment to figure it out for one you like. Look for a skin that says Classic or System Avatar. Those will work without a mesh body or head. Older skins will work too, but might not be labelled as Classic unless the advertising has been redone. This is all very confusing. It must be exhausting to be new or returning. It does eventually start to make some sort of sense.
  18. Oops. Gives you a hug and furtively digs through inventory looking for a tissue to rez....
  19. No, it meant that sometimes she gets it so wrong that it turns really quite comical. I guess part of me hopes that it's intentionally so.
  20. LOL. OK then, your anti-theological position regarding the existence of God/gods, religion and various other related things. You know, the ones you keep bringing up.
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