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  1. I always use A SKU because I use "Quick Fill" a lot. There was a bug a couple years ago where listings that were made using the Quick fill/ copy button would be reverted to the original copied listing. Over 100 of my listings were reverted and some were then delisted for being duplicates. Using an original SKU for each new listing separated it from the original listing in the MP servers and defeated the bug, so I started using them and never looked back. I made up a system for them and they are occasionally handy for an easy private search term. Would recommend.
  2. Red skies, red Sun, hard to breath outside. I'm outside of Jacumba. Valley fire has the area choked in. Building a place in the desert. The date should be 9/1 but I have dyslexia so tough =). About 30 seconds in you can see the sky.
  3. Darn, not the reply I wanted. Thanks for it though. I went digging through the lsl and found a couple things I may be able to work with. I can't read audio levels with ll but I can set up a sequence and send expressions. Not the best option but it is an option. Just gotta dig through the mesh heads until I find one I like that I can work with and set up a mouth puppeteer. You'd think lip synch would be enabled in a virtual world. Maybe I should start a jira for accurate lip synch or at least a script function to read in world audio levels.
  4. I can't get voice to work unless another avatar is near? Doesn't seem right but I've never used voice before so may just need to learn the tricks. I set up a couple gestures but that's not right. I don't have enough fingers to do everything at once and still roll camera. And that just makes random lip movements, I want to puppeteer the mouth. Am I missing some insight as to making an avatars mouth move? I even tried a couple scripted gadgets but they weren't right. This is my first attempt at lip sync. Not thrilled.
  5. Can't wait for them to get it up and running! I've been waiting. Even downloaded the project viewer a couple months ago but it's been disabled. The only reason I learned Blender was to build and rig stuff for animesh, but I really don't like the UI. Want to get my Skeleton band done and Halloween won't wait on the moles. Attachment point support and size sliders would be a blessing to animesh, but I've been wanting them since the initial test. Like everything else here, I'll probably end up doing it myself and just spending too much time on it lol.
  6. I need a couple things created & rigged for animesh use, FP of course. Drumsticks, a Tambourine, a guitar & maybe a bass for now. A microphone possibly. Standard avatar rigging. Nothing fancy. I've rigged a few things myself but I don't get along well with Blender. Could lead to a lot more, basically every instrument eventually. Should be somewhat low LI as they will be rezzed in world. I make a lot of animesh and am always being asked for things for them, like low LI shoes and hair. Big hole in the market right now.
  7. What you need is that character as a "Rigged Mesh" imported in world then we/ you can Animesh it. I'd suggest the "Wanted" section. You need someone to create that, texture it, rig it and get it in world. You need a mesher and a rigger first, then a scriptor. Make sure it's tested for size (the beta grid is great for this since uploads are free) as you can't resize it once it's uploaded.
  8. It works for me all the time. Reading other replies I am going to experiment with Group tags. I almost always have mine on so that could be why it always works for me. If a forced landing point prevents even a minority of customers from finding things, that's not good. I may have to rebuild the store and move things around so those old links at least don't send people into a wall or a floor so I can get rid of it.
  9. If you are following a TP or a link and get stopped by a forced landing point simply hit the link again! Teleporting from the forced landing point will allow you to go straight to the link location. Stores change, things get rearranged, old links may lead to unviable landing spots. Forced Landing points only work for people coming onto the property from another location. Just click the TP a second time when you land and you'll go right where you want to be.
  10. Broke out my retired laptop yesterday and the MP loaded fine on that. yay! Has to be something in this PC. But none of the new things I uploaded are showing up in my product list. grrrr I uploaded an item Friday that still isn't in the list. So still wasn't able to list any new items for over a week now. Always something. Gonna go clean my cookies etc, update all my viewers and see how it goes today. Sales have been unaffected (AFAICT) and it isn't universal, so it has to be a me issue. Move along, nothing to see here. Thx for the replies!
  11. Look into RLV. (Restrained Life Viewer) It's an alternative viewer that lets people do things like trap each other. That script already exists. Not sure if you can find it for free but there is a quicksand trap for RLV that does everything you're asking for.
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