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  1. I had the same issue but learned that refreshing the page after uploading a picture would give me back the upload section with all pictures in place. Seems to be back to normal now.
  2. Process started Wednesday Morning before SOB. Cash in PP yesterday after noon. Technically 3.5 working days.
  3. I don't know what service you are using or the amounts involved but I haven't had a transfer hit in less than 3 business days in a long time and the average is 4. I only had that (1 day transfers) happen for about 2 months, right after the previous rate hike that was supposedly for "Faster and better cash out turnaround", then it slowly drifted right back to 3 or 4 business days.
  4. Shape support and attachment point support would solve a LOT of issues. Would love to see that happen.
  5. Animesh accessories. Low LI and rigged, must be FP or creators can't use them and creators need them the most, but at the least copy & Mod perms would sell to a lot of people with animesh they want to customize. It's really an empty market niche. Low Poly/ LI rigged mesh clothing, especially shoes & hair. There is One FP Animesh hair available on the MP and no decent low LI shoes. No Male hair at all. There's a lot of room just in the rigged hair dept. for low LI animesh hair. It's hard to create new Animesh looks if they all have the same hair and just texture shoes. Things like a guitar that is rigged for animesh, tons of guitars on the MP, not one that's rigged let alone FP. I'd buy a full set of rigged FP instruments right now. Things like drum sticks. Drink cups, fairy wands, hats etc. I spent 3 days creating and rigging a simple cup in Blender just for a bartender. I am not a fan of Blender lol. A violin would let me create a wandering violinist. A rigged Falcon would let me create a roaming Falconer NPC to walk around villages. Hand weapons like swords and guns. Rigged mesh, Low LI and preferably FP options for Animesh creators.
  6. If you list it with Full Perms you should deliver it Full perms. To do less is false advertising. I bought from a merchant that did that to me and I was PO'd because the wording in the ad was vague (alluded to "some" items "possibly" being restricted until an application had been filed, it did NOT say "You are getting all "no transfer" items), and the perms were listed as full. I did get my FP item after jumping through hoops, I suppose i should have reported that listing after that but I didn't. I do know I will never buy from that type of listing again. It's fine for them to restrict it to an application process, but that needs to be clearly laid out and the ad NOT listed as a Full Perm item.
  7. Someone else (on the SL reddit) did the math so I didn't have to. From a $20 USD customer buy in, the creator receives just $13.08 after cashing out (Assuming 100% MP sales). Just 65.4%. LL absorbed 34.6%, or nearly $7 of that money... Over one third. Add in Premium, rent and or tier, upload fees etc., easily lowers the end result to 60%. That means LL is skimming 40% off the top. 10% MORE than what they call the "Industry average".
  8. SL is my living. It is my main source of income and without it I would be hungry and homeless. I'm glad you can consider this all "fake" but since 100% of my sales are on the MP this equates to a 5% decrease in my weekly paycheck. I don't make a lot, 5% is a lot to me to give up for absolutely nothing. They have added no value and given me nothing for the extra money they are now taking from me. The last time they did this it was supposedly for faster credit processing. And it was sweet, 24 hour turnover, for about 3 months, then it slowly drifted from 24 hours back to 2 days and now it's right back to 3 or 4 business days. exactly the same as before the raise in fees. They take more money and give no added value and they keep doing it to the creators who are here making this place what it is. I'm gonna go start my own VW, but with Blackjack, and Hookers.
  9. Then YOU should avoid those places that do these things. Problem solved! Just a note for everyone reading, (Banned word for adult & animal relationships) is not really allowed in SL. Even the word is banned. Simulating the act with real animals is generally a no-no but with Fantasy beasts, like Dragons and Furries, is OK because there is no law against it anywhere so LL doesn't care. However real animals are another story. LL has even purged the MP a couple times and have closed down sims for it. There was a huge purge a year or two ago that ended up with long term players being perma-banned. They (LL) don't get everything, we know how "hit and miss" enforcement can be, but they do frown on it and will remove it. Werewolf, not a problem, real wolf, possible perma-ban.
  10. llGiveOpinion(Another screw to the people that actually create the things you see, wear and sit on in world, and the people who work every day to make it a better place. Instead of the yearly raise an employee would get we get a Semi-Yearly decrease in pay. I guess it beats getting fired like other LL employees have recently. "Others charge more", but others don't charge people to buy play money, charge people to use the play money, charge people to change the play money back to real money and charge yet again to take it out. LL gets 4 slices of the pie, we as creators, get what's left and have no choice if we want to keep cooking in their kitchen. Every time they make an announcement it's about making each slice bigger for themselves. Capitalism at work, they get more, we get less, if you don't like it leave. LL seems very adept at shooting itself in the foot yet it keeps on limping along. Rather than try to attract new blood they choose to drain more from the old bodies still hanging around in the dungeon. Someday LL, all those old bodies are gonna dry up. Someone is going to open up a new world with content creation, an economy, and spend money to get new players. Until then I guess we can "pay to play or go away" huh?);
  11. You could use an updater script in the gift box. Gift box gets rezzed, e-mails the server and the server delivers the actual gift to whoever rezzes it, then poofs. One rez, one use then it dies. That way your gift box can be "No copy - Yes Transfer" and whoever rezzes it will get the item delivered from the server directly to their inventory so the item itself can be whatever perms you set. You'd only run into problems if the gifter decided to rez the box themselves but that would be their own fault. Just expect that it will happen so be ready to explain nicely "You should have read the note card.".
  12. Those are in a special folder and for some reason you can't equip parts or objects straight from it, as you noticed. Something weird about those items is because everyone has them, I think you don't really have them in your inventory unless you drag them out of that folder. To get around it wear the whole outfit from that folder and save it as a new outfit, then it will appear with your other outfits and you can equip parts from there,
  13. Are you serious? I've become a big fan of the following quote as of late. "Everything you just said was wrong." LL reversed the decision because I was right. Let me say that again in case you missed it. I was right, they applied the policy incorrectly and they granted my request. I think if anyone needs a "basic understanding" of anything it's you, and the thing is the English language. Thanks for trying to troll after the fact but you're a day late and a brain cell short. I think I'll just ignore you from now on. I have no time for people who can't bother to read before they reply.
  14. I was once 3rd tier Enterprise level, No clue when they dropped me down. (I was a Land Baron in the days before Zindra). It was all good as long as I was giving them thousands a month in land tier. I also could have been more clear in my OP but I was really PO'd. They denied my cash out tier increase request. Some ridiculous line about last months average sales and to try again in a few months. All I know is I hit the ceiling several weeks in a row before making the request and USD cash was accumulating in SL instead of my pocket. That answer was unacceptable and after a full week of back and forth (and me being unnecessarily rude once, unfortunately) they reversed the decision and bumped me up a tier. Next week I'll be getting my new teeth and it'll be barely in time for my trip to China. Thanks to LL for jumping me up so I could gather the cash I needed to get them in time. It could have been less aggravation but it did get done. I wasn't looking forward to going on an International Televised Robot Competition with my nasty old cracked up fake teeth. Thanks!
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