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  1. It was! And playback speed was super sketch. I did end up creating a few base FX for just that reason. Like the glitter bomb transition, that was all black screen particles in SL and layered into a key-framed explosion. Instead of one for each of the 3 dancers like I originally had, I made 1 for all 3, that cut out 2 tracks for that transition. I gotta learn all these tricks 😃 I've started using proxy files and I've turned on playback scaling. That helped the preview speed a little. I may just switch to DaVinci now before I get to stuck on this UI.
  2. Thanks! Yes. That is one of the reasons I started using Shotcut. It has a "decent" chromakey filter. At a couple points I had 14 tracks open for all the separate FX and that was about all this PC could handle. I set up a simple Green screen from prims but the blue screen actually worked better for me. It depends on what you're laying it over for a background.
  3. Morning, I just started using Shotcut and used a bunch of SL footage for the exercises. It turned into a fun little video. For a free video editor it's not bad at all. French Maid Dance Party There's a good sized Circus & Sideshow set up @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werenfort/144/92/1266 There's a high wire with animesh performers and some other animesh actors around. They are my work and you can use them and the set in videos without restrictions. And my Sound stage @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Werenfort/141/96/1487 currently has a fancy
  4. Just wanted to say that the Boolean AND reduced the findings to 58 matching items. And every item was a catwa beard. catwa ANDbeard That said, I 100% agree keyword spam is a huge issue. Even the Booleans don't always work.
  5. If I did #2 I could sell enough to be a multi-millionaire and then I could afford Numbers 1 & 3 as well!
  6. I just came here to say this. And that you have to block them, not ban them. At least that's my understanding. I have heard both now though so I'm not even sure anymore. 😃
  7. He has the same issues I do. People aren't making "animesh friendly" rigged items. Especially for creators to use and resell. Rigged mesh shoes and hair with low LI when rezzed would be very popular. There's only one or two FP hairs that come in under 100 LI and zero shoes that aren't like 2000 LI when rezzed. I even learned Blender to make a few simple things myself but I'm not good enough to create much past the tutorial mug. I've added the avastar plug in and am about to start buying mesh models from 3D content sites and rigging them myself. Just adding another level of compl
  8. I need a guitar, bass guitar, saxamaphone, trumpet and a few others if we can work together. Also need some fantasy & human avatars to use as NPC's. Rigged and decent LOD when rezzed. Could be a few more things too, I love building and need some new models to work with. Rigged mesh with a lower LOD when rezzed, most standard avatars rez out at hundreds of LI, especially hair & shoes. Someone really needs to make FP hair & shoes for animesh use. Must be FP as I am a merchant and will be reselling a finished product. Thanks for looking!
  9. I never did either, until the issue of missing listings started. Now it's the first thing I do after I hit the quick fill button. Haven't had any issues like that since.
  10. Are you using a unique SKU # for each new listing you 'quick fill'? There was an issue with listings getting deleted that were created with quick fill, if the original listing was changed or deleted. That got fixed if you used a new SKU for each new listing. That (using a SKU #) "disconnected" the new quick fill listing from the original listing, it's worth a try, it may reset the keywords too, if you aren't using one just make one up.
  11. I make animesh musicians, including skeletons, elves and such, and you could put them in a scene rezzer. It's also fairly easy to turn a standard avatar into a ghost and slap some animesh scripts in it. I've got a good base script (each musician is HUD controlled for it's actions and I have a master control that will direct all band members at the same time.) and can set one up for any (rigged mesh) instrument you have copy & mod perms on and animations to go with it. Not sure a HUD is the way to go for rezzing the band as you wouldn't have tight control on rezzed position, maybe if i
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