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  1. Are you serious? I've become a big fan of the following quote as of late. "Everything you just said was wrong." LL reversed the decision because I was right. Let me say that again in case you missed it. I was right, they applied the policy incorrectly and they granted my request. I think if anyone needs a "basic understanding" of anything it's you, and the thing is the English language. Thanks for trying to troll after the fact but you're a day late and a brain cell short. I think I'll just ignore you from now on. I have no time for people who can't bother to read before they reply.
  2. I was once 3rd tier Enterprise level, No clue when they dropped me down. (I was a Land Baron in the days before Zindra). It was all good as long as I was giving them thousands a month in land tier. I also could have been more clear in my OP but I was really PO'd. They denied my cash out tier increase request. Some ridiculous line about last months average sales and to try again in a few months. All I know is I hit the ceiling several weeks in a row before making the request and USD cash was accumulating in SL instead of my pocket. That answer was unacceptable and after a full week of back and forth (and me being unnecessarily rude once, unfortunately) they reversed the decision and bumped me up a tier. Next week I'll be getting my new teeth and it'll be barely in time for my trip to China. Thanks to LL for jumping me up so I could gather the cash I needed to get them in time. It could have been less aggravation but it did get done. I wasn't looking forward to going on an International Televised Robot Competition with my nasty old cracked up fake teeth. Thanks!
  3. We're sorry but you didn't make enough money fast enough for us to allow you to take the money you made out this month. No your 12 plus years in world, full records of who you are, and the fact that all the records of your income are clearly visible to us and through your store, we will not allow you to have your money. " These limits are in place to facilitate a business relationship between you and Second Life," Umm how does charging me a small fortune to cash out, making me wait days under normal circumstances for money and now not allowing me to take out my money that I earned facilitating anything? These people are really a fun bunch to deal with. If this wasn't my sole source of income....................
  4. Yeah but it wasn't really his name =) I kinda figured that was the case too. Notice I avoided that entirely this time by just saying "the owner"..
  5. The more land you own the cheaper it is. LL has Tiers for land owners and discounts apply the more regions you own. That advantage is a "Bulk Discount" like many businesses offer. It never goes as low as $40 a Region.It has nothing to do with age in world or sexual preference. At one time, many years ago, I owned multiple regions and enjoyed the discount but it never even lowered to $100 a month for a mainland region, and I had 19 regions. Some regions enjoy a Grandfather status as described by the previous poster but IIRC that is a modest discount. IMHO, anyone claiming to only pay $40 USD a month for a full region is telling you a story. You're also falling into the Mainland VS. Private Estates debate. Private estates, ie homesteads, cost more because you have more control, more terra-forming power and more land powers. Better isolation, scenery, neighbor control etc. If you don't need those extra powers move to the mainland. You'll pay less.
  6. Sin, and anyone else who has lost items. I got hit by this and lost a folder containing a lot of projects and scripts. This was a "projects under construction" folder so had a lot of half finished stuff and supplies to build with. Pricey folder to lose and a lot of work gone for good. I was not able to save most of it but I was able to recover some on my own. If you go to the Testing grid the "Lost" folder ,may still exist where it was and you can copy scripts or textures out to your desktop then re-import them to the main grid. If you can save any objects as DAE or mesh in the test grid you can re-import those too. The testing grid updates inventory irregularly and you can't save actual objects there but you can recover some things like scripts and NC's and get a list of exactly what got lost.
  7. Thx! I gotta log in with the laptop to post pics. I had a blast building it. I can shut down the NPC's if they get in anyones way. I started SL 10 years ago just to make Machinima. Still haven't made one here lol. Search has been turned off and I've moved all my listing LM's so the place should stay pretty empty now.
  8. I built LED Paint as an art installation for Xmas and it turned into a 30,000 light full region sized futuristic city. The Greedy Landlord just raised my rent over 20% so I am giving up the island and this will be gone on the 17th. Until then you have full permissions from me, the owner/ builder, to use it for any filming for any reason you wish. Contact me for rezzing rights if you need them. On the wrong PC to post pics, I'll add them when I get home. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Forest/169/131/852
  9. We are a New Fun Roman Bath House themed, Ladies Day Spa and Male Dance Club. Here's where the Ladies go to unwind and we need Men for them to unwind on! We just opened 2 weeks ago and are already getting great reviews and booking lots of parties. Come be one of the first to help build a reputation as a fun place for Women to be pampered as Goddesses and ogle hot guys. Must love to pamper Women, look good in a Toga and a Thong and be willing to learn to dance and give good Massage RP. We are discussing a Greco Roman wrestling ring so be prepared for that too. :matte-motes-big-grin: You keep 90% of your tips and always get a huge cut of party Rental fees. Free Home if you need it on a fun island. Applications on the desk. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Forest/141/155/30
  10. That was it! Ceaser II, I still have that disk somewhere lol. God that was soooo irritating! "Plebs are needed, Plebs are needed, Plebs are needed."
  11. I keep hearing the voice from the original Civilization game "Plebes are needed!" lol We are rehearsing and training and preparing to open a Roman bath House that caters exclusively to Women. A lot of these are scheduled treatments just before ceremonies so we can be fully staffed when Ladies come for their Pampering. It's very much a Power Exchange for them. Plebes are servants just barely "off the chain". They will carry around drinks and flowers and hand out scented oils etc. You get a free changing room/ home,on the island and a fun RP hangout. Any tips you get you keep 100% This isn't really a business, We are Role Playing a business. Contact me in World, Come by and check the place out. It's an interesting island. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Forest/140/157/30
  12. Well that just confused things even more. Avatar "Resident", gifted an item and was able to review it. Avatar "Legacy" Different item, Different store, was able to review it. Avatar "Legacy," unable to review the same item from the same store that the previous Legacy named account was able to. Makes no sense to me. Sorry to be so vague with the names, making sure I don't name any names or stores directly.
  13. I think everything with LL should have the "YMMV" suffix! =) I gifted some other stuff last week to new employees. I'll do a run down and see if anyone did/ could review it. At least one person has a resident last name too. Never hurts to add more info. to the JIRA. I'm also sure it's way up on LL's list of bug fixes. *cough*
  14. The point was to see if they bought it for themselves or gifted the item, as they didn't say in the OP. It stands as a true statement. The person doing the gifting is not able to review the item at all. Only the person it was gifted to can. I never said that every person with a gifted item would get to review it. I can't speak to that issue. Sounds to me like there are major bugs and people should be filing JIRA's. I gifted my alt a Toga less than a week ago and my alt was able to review it so I personally know the system currently works as intended for an item gifted to an account with a legacy name within the last week.
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