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  1. Thanks. I just found it strange because it worked before even on my main avatar, and the only reason I use my main is because all my mesh bodies are on it, I don't feel like repurchasing the mesh bodies again just to have it on an alt, that's a lot of money, but I'll see how it goes.
  2. Hello SL users. I'm using Aditi Firestorm OS if that matters. For a few months now I have been having issues with Second Life Aditi grid. I've reinstalled, have done a clean install, have turned my graphics way down, and it's still the same thing. Basically what is happening is, I'll log into Aditi, It'll take at least a good 30 minutes of loading because of my inventory from my main chairacter, and then during that 30 minutes, I'll end up loosing connection. Now I know that wifi is slower than a stable connection - Which I'm currently on wifi.. but I've never had this problem until the new release of the bento viewer has come out. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem... and may know how to fix it... because when I'm loading, I continuously turn my wifi off and then turn it back on and it loads a little more and then stops, then loads again, and I have to do it 5/6 times before everything is loaded. Thanks
  3. Ok, I am having the same problem as everyone else. I have followed the steps that have been here changed everything. I've even gotten the email for the new VMM viewer-- which still doesn't work. I have tried 3 different viewers. CntrlAltStudio, Firestorm, and Singularity I'm still getting the same message. "Initalizing your Marketplace." I am also unable to drag anything into the merchant box it gives me a red circle with a red line through. I'm seriously wondering if LL should just let us upload directly through Marketplace or just leave things alone.
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