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  1. Looking for an experienced copywriter with excellent marketing skills to write out product descriptions. You will be given a free copy of the product inworld to get a full sense of what's being sold. Please send me a notecard inworld with your current rates, and any examples of past work.
  2. Didn't even know that existed. It helped; thanks =]
  3. A full perm script that I have includes a particle emitter, but it uses its own format. I'd like to take these particle values and edit them into the traditional particle script, but since I have very little experience with scripting, I have no idea which values go to which line in the script. Here's an example of the format it's using. list STEAM_PARTICLES = [0, 3, 1, <1.00,1.00,1.00>, 2, 0.10, 3, <1.00,1.00,1.00>, 4, 0.10, 5, <1.50,1.50,0.00>, 6, <2.00,2.00,0.00>, 7, 8.00, 8, <0.00,0.00,0.00>, 9, 8, 10, 0.60, 11, 0.10, 13, 0.50, 15, 5, 16, 1.80, 17, 0.01, 18, 0.07, 19, 0.00, 21, <0.00,0.00,0.00>]; Any ideas?
  4. It's just Windows Defender. Just found it odd that this one time it thinks it's a problem.
  5. Thanks for the info. By the way, this is unrelated to the issue and I'm not even sure if you're the right person for this but I got a virus warning from the recent 64 bit beta. Never happened with the previous versions. Just thought you should know.
  6. Think I figured out the problem. I filled in the faces at the bottom of the physics mesh, and used the Analyze tool. I'm able to go through it now, but oddly enough the viewer still shows the hole covered up. Doesn't matter now I suppose.
  7. This has been a common occurrence. Whenever I create a thin mesh with a gap in it, the physics mesh will change and fill in the hole that avatars need to able to go through. When it's stretched, the physics mesh changes to its intended shape. Example below. Left is the stretched mesh, and right is the original. Physics mesh. Is creating a larger mesh the only solution? How do walls with doorways handle this issue?
  8. AO baking isn't inherently bad. Also, I do agree baked shadows shouldn't be used. Gloss and AO baking is fine though. Some creators overdo it, and others don't. Shouldn't refuse to do it and shame the people who do just because of a few bad apples. I disagree with this very much. Although you do get a higher pixel density, you're also saying goodbye to any basic lighting, shadowing, and additional details such as imperfections (scratches, dirt, worn edges) that make the object look more realistic. Lots of professional developers today bake the standard AO and lighting to add more detail. Final Fantasy XIV, a currently popular MMORPG which I like to play, does this for example, because even though the game supports advanced lighting and shading by default, all assets look better with some baking involved. You'll achieve much more detail by baking. It's pretty much the standard today. Blender recently got a new shader for PBR textures, and they look fantastic when baked into an object for SL. Baking textures is a great workaround. Plus, it sells. Creators just need to be more cautious when baking and not overdo it (adjust the lighting and AO values). Seamless textures have their place in large objects. If you want to achieve great detail with smaller objects such as furniture, bake and edit your textures. How many of the thousands of SL users participated in the thread?
  9. Let's face it, SL is an ugly, outdated looking virtual world without the Advance Lighting Module enabled and the proper materials. Considering most users have this disabled due to using old computers, creators will use baked textures so their products can look nice for people who have it off. It's true, some people overdo the baked AO, but IMO it looks better than a flat seamless texture with no additional details added. Seamless textures work great on large buildings, especially if you add another mesh layer on top of the floors/walls with baked AO. However when it comes to smaller objects such as general decor and furniture, I believe baked is the way to go. Older video games did the same due to limitations. I'm hoping the Advanced Lighting Module becomes the norm someday soon.
  10. Somewhat unrelated, but most of the performance issues could be solved by letting people have the option to only render objects within the single parcel they're in. Just a suggestion for any devs that may be watching this thread.
  11. Well thank you all for your responses. I've decided to do some revisions to the project I'm working on for the sake of the user. As much as I would like to see my objects as detailed as possible, I understand that in the end it's performance that matters.
  12. I'm wondering, modern computers have advanced a lot through these past 10 years. Is it really bad if someone exclusively uses 1k textures for objects such as furniture and decor? In fact, most games today have moved on to 2k textures.
  13. Thanks, but I meant the file size itself, not the dimensions of the image.
  14. Since SL automatically converts PNG images to JPG, is it possible to examine an uploaded texture on SL to check the file size for optimization purposes?
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