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  1. Well, Second Life already has a rule which basically says "don't be racist", that's already as clear as it can be. What tend to happen when someone or an entity try to push that limit is either borderline tokenism or a parody of social justice and equality instead of actual justice, and equality. When either of those happens racial relations usually sour instead of improving.
  2. To help make Second Life known by more people who can benefit from using it, preserve and promote its core values, make it the go-to destination for those who want to truly express themselves and realize their world because those things are impossible to get 100% right in our physical world c=
  3. Second Life has always been the least racist or discriminatory place on the internet since its conception, to try and make it even less so is impossible and will only do the opposite of that.
  4. There have been a lot of discussions regarding this phenomenon and I think a lot of people attributed it to the default camera position that's by default very high, and I think that's why
  5. Yeah I somehow forgot to mention gravity as I was writing that lol, must've been one of those nights
  6. I think it is due to how things have a tendency to become a sphere after they amass certain amount of mass coupled with other formative factors, and form a spherical formation as extrapolated by orbital mechanics
  7. LL's legal team need to look into this and sue the ancient Mayans for possible trademark infringement
  8. If you have / rent your own parcel with parcel permissions access you can set it so others outside your parcel can't see inside! c=
  9. Welcome back! c= And yeah I found out about that too sometimes ago and I really wish I have something like that
  10. I thought about suggesting a similar thing as a perk for premium members, not on abandoned lands though but on protected lands, but I guess that'll take too much coding and might seem unfair. Maybe allowing temp rez (by simply changing the return time) for 1 minute on all protected lands? Might increase the value of most roadside properties, or it might not because I guess a lot of people value the certainty of not having griefer rez things next to their land compared to people who value rez zones (like I do which is why my places are almost always besides a rez zone) so I guess the current balance of protected lands with some rez zones is ok, because those who prefer safety will get a land next to a protected land without rez, and those who prefer having a rez zone will try to get a land next to one.
  11. Many viewers like the SL official viewer and Firestorm put a lot of the load on the CPU, I'd say get a computer with at least 8GB of RAM if you're on a tight budget, and 16GB if you can pay the extra cost, for the GPU or graphics card get at least a 1060 or something with an equivalent performance (like the newer cards but with equivalent performance), and for CPU you'd want something with the most per-core-performance that fits your budget, which you can check on https://cpu.userbenchmark.com and make sure the computer has an SSD and install your viewer on the SSD. I've also made a video about SL PC building recently and what you should consider;
  12. That's what I thought and mentioned in the video too! That you guys / LL aren't using the GPU more and put more of the load on CPU because most SL users are people without a good discrete graphics card or none at all c=
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