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  1. lucagrabacr

    Skydome landscaping

    If you've really bought a skydome object then pretty much what Lindal said, but in case you meant you've rented a skydome rental, they usually have a control panel (sometimes in the rental box) that allows you to change themes (the ground texture, sky texture). Some skydomes that you can buy also come with this kinda feature, so make sure you read the manual or product description
  2. lucagrabacr

    Tech issue - lag & ping time

    What viewer are you on? Have you tried using another viewer? There's also a possibility that your laptop decides to use your laptop cpu's integrated graphics instead of your GTX660M since SL might have not been detected as a game by your laptop, try right clicking on the executable of the viewer you're using and see if there's an option to run it with your GTX660M
  3. lucagrabacr

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    You can be your avatar form on Facebook as a Page. A Page can pretty much do anything a normal Profile can anyway
  4. lucagrabacr

    What do you all get on SL for?

    I get on SL to live just like how I live in the physical world c= I realized the countless possibilities of SL and the reasons me and many other people get on SL for essentially make our (or at least my) existence on SL no different to the definition of living
  5. A short tutorial on how to change your default camera preset in Second Life c= Found out about this years ago in a blog somewhere, and thought about sharing it with you guys because it HELPS a lot in increasing immersion or making your camera better in general if you don't want to keep using Second Life's default camera position I hope it's useful! Enjoy!
  6. lucagrabacr


    If you're on Firestorm you should go to your quick preferences button (it looks like the Firestorm logo) then uncheck "show color under cursor", if you're on other viewers you can look the same or similar setting in the preferences menu
  7. You can't upload your own 3D models, textures, animations, sound, make your own scripts and have them be parts of a persistent shared online virtual world on GTA V. Many mesh heads and mesh bodies on SL are much more high-quality compared to GTA V's character models (hence they are laggier, but still, they are of higher quality) Of course GTA V is better in things like physical simulation and shooting mechanics, but those aren't what SL is about, and the performance on GTA V is good because it's one of the most optimized games out there and doesn't have user-created content in it. Most buildings on GTA V / Online is empty and doesn't have an interior model, while most buildings on SL are occupied and owned by people, with their furnitures and personal belongings in them I have over 500 hours in GTA V / GTA Online but as much as I like having fun with my friends playing GTA, it's no comparison to the depth of SL, what it represents and what it means for the users who use Second Life
  8. Enable Advanced Lightings in your preferences menu, turn on Shadows and Water Reflections. SL is very capable of looking good if you have a good enough hardware. Also most places and stuff on SL are user-created, so if you see a place that "looks bad" as in having not-so-detailed-looking objects in them, it's because the owner of that place chose to have those objects there which they are entitled to because it's their place SL is technically not a game and SL is updated more frequently than most games, there have been tons of improvements made over the years And since you brought up number of users, if SL were to be compared with video games in that regard, it would consistently be on the top 10 most played games according to Steam chart with its average of 30-50k concurrent users
  9. lucagrabacr

    Road trip/voyage of discovery - advice?

    Whoops, my last post was posted before I finished typing the content somehow. In addition to the areas I mentioned in my previous post, I was about to mention the old teen grid (I think it's called Meiji) which is like a miniature, Sansara, and Zindra, the adult continent Also if you're gonna cross sims with vehicles a lot, make sure you disable "predict position during region crossing" or something along that line in the Firestorm viewer preferences / settings, it kinda solves the "vehicles flying around everywhere" issue with laggy vehicles!
  10. lucagrabacr

    Road trip/voyage of discovery - advice?

    `1The SL mainland is divided into 5 main continents or conglomeration of continents - 1. Sansara the original continent with its roads, lakes and varying biomes, which is connected to the swampy Heterocera continent with its pa through water 2. Jeogeot with its long countryside roads and rez-enabled gulf where people like to do war games 3. Satori with its long roads just like Jeogeot, but with a different biome, which is connected with Nautilus City Island where people get 2x prims for their lands, Nautilus Continent which also has roads but has many bodies of inland waters, Blake Sea which is a privately owned collection of regions where most airports, yacht club and related activities are centered at
  11. lucagrabacr

    Remedies to declining SL?

    SL is stagnating but it isn't in decline, but yeah, I agree with you that first user experience or impression can be better.
  12. I'm aware this has been suggested a few times in the past, and has been done on a 3rd party viewer which is Black Dragon, and can be done on most viewers too through the debug settings. But still, I think there should be an easy-to-access solution for anyone who wants to have this camera preset that they can do with the click of a button (through toolbar button or a setting in preference, for example) I'm not suggesting changing the default SL camera of course, as most of us are used to it already and I'm sure it's the way it is for good reasons. But it would be neat for both old users who want to swap between camera presets easily and new users who might find this camera preset more preferable. It does increase immersion by quite a lot, and probably much more suitable for people who prefer it to be that way. I have personally seen new users and people reviewing SL saying how "weird" the default SL camera is, so maybe having this option would be beneficial for everyone. What do you guys think? Edit: I think the reason LL hasn't implemented this yet is because many seats' default camera is set for the SL's default camera, which kinda break or changed when the camera preset is changed, but still, if that problem can be overcome (or simply let creators adjust to the new optional preset) it would be a nice addition to the default viewer.
  13. lucagrabacr

    Retention rate explained

    I've tried that countless times when trying to get gamers into SL but it only works for the types of gamers who care for such things (MMO players who are into MMOs for the character customization, housing and the social aspects instead of the combat, for example)
  14. lucagrabacr

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    The happiness that comes with virtual existence or virtual embodiment as I explained in this video
  15. lucagrabacr

    The Home and Garden thread

    The moment I got a realistic trash disposal system https://gyazo.com/faf9386ae7a6683c6587a3191f920096