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  1. Exploring The Digital Ruins Of 'Second Life'

    Oh haha I thought you meant the voice was so bad it almost made you switch to the criticized journalists' side
  2. Exploring The Digital Ruins Of 'Second Life'

    Whoops, was it too loud? my bad in the editing
  3. Exploring The Digital Ruins Of 'Second Life'

    Included this person's article in my latest video calling out bad journalism about SL
  4. Are Linden Bears Still a Thing?

    They still are. I personally own one from a Linden which I got recently, and I know a guy who collects them and put them on display on their riverside parcel
  5. Exploring The Digital Ruins Of 'Second Life'

    I don't think it's the OP's blog post, I checked the blog writer's twitter and he posted a screenshot of his SL "Journalism" there and his avatar's name isn't Jazzimus. I wish he had done a proper fact-checking before posting that article, as in no way that's an opinion piece and unfortunately for him he had knowingly or unknowingly publish lies.
  6. If you copy the link address of the image and search for it on, you will see that it's a picture of a product / of SL gambling covered by some sites
  7. Showing people that SL can be a great sailing simulator c= will show this to the sailing simulator people and see if they would like it.
  8. Why does it cost serious money to own a sim?

    Value is subjective and I'm pretty sure LL have decided with a reasonable degree of confidence that people are willing to pay that much for a sim. But yeah, what Pamela said, there might be some upcoming changes to sim prices with the upcoming move to the cloud for a certain type of sim or new type of sim. Plus, if you really think a full region should only cost that much, you can get it for $59-$60 a month with 59-60 annual premium alts that donate to group land (though you will have to pay $72 a year in advance for all of them). Or you can just find 58-59 other people who are willing to go annual premium and help with the land's tier / fee.

    *Sixty just wanted to correct Because groups get 10% land tier bonus from group donated tiers
  10. I think it would be useful for everyone and mainland land owners if there are map legends (icons) for upcoming / ongoing events that are posted on the events page. So when someone opens the world map, they can enable events legends and see which place has an upcoming / ongoing event. I'd say that would make more people use and utilize the events page, and boost the appeal of mainland even more too What do you guys think?

    The forum is not the place for this guys, normally I'd say open a support ticket but in this case I don't see how this is LL's responsibility. The sim owner has full right of what they can do with their sim as long as they don't violate the TOS, and as a poster has already posted above this is most likely considered as resident-resident dispute by SL. If the sim has been closed down, maybe try contacting LL through a support ticket and see if they have a backup of the sim and would re-open the sim temporarily to allow you guys to come and take your stuff to put down somewhere. Otherwise your best bet is to keep trying to contact the sim owner and see if they would allow you to take your stuff. (or as Solar Legion said, somehow buy the sim from the current owner and pay the tier directly to LL) Seeing how you guys manage to get a lot of people to post in the forum, I'd also suggest for you guys to get a full-region mainland land (there are some for sale) and pay the tier together through donated group land allotment it can be cheaper than a private homestead or full region if each of the donator go for annual.
  12. Thanks! So it does have follow up(s), might need to put my doors' permissions to owner only until I know if it's safe Great find though, makes me wanna go out and look for even more
  13. Mole Town

    I've been looking for Mole Town! (Seen the ad for it at some infohubs but never could find it on search) thanks Animats c=
  14. RIP 10 missing women avatars thankfully their ill-fated crossing might have improved sim-crossing safety for us all. .. and yeah I already knew these are just jokes, I'm a member of the LDPW fans club group inworld I always almost inspect stuff around me and see who created them. Still wondering if the Mole Times is a recurring thing though, do you know of any other Mole Times issue?