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  1. The metaverse is not merely a digital space, but an answer to a very human question. I would've spent a third of my lifetime on SL later this June, this is my love letter to existence and the metaverse c=
  2. The possibility and leverage I've been alluding to exist with SL's current technical state taken into account, the days of technical advantages are certainly over for the most part but within the entirety of everything that is SL, lies certain sets of unique potentials just waiting to be harnessed
  3. I can't get into too much details for a few reasons but they are things that are not so apparent, these are real and SL is far from having no chance
  4. A lot of what you said is true, but there's still a chance for Second Life. There are elements unique to SL as a whole, and only to SL, which allow certain sets of possible paths for growth and unmatched competitive edges to exist in this day and age. That window of opportunities is closing rapidly but it's still there
  5. Edit: Realized this is the thing someone on this thread posted a few days ago, but oh well Saw this on Linkedin earlier CNBC wrote about Roblox and how it's "the" metaverse, it's probably silly for us but SL need a drastic move to take back the narrative
  6. Having better accessibility will certainly help, I'm totally for that, but even then people still won't get excited about SL more than they are now. When something excites people accessibility becomes less of an issue or barrier for adoption. Yes, we had a massive evangelizing base but what they were selling to people was still "this" image of SL, it's a great and beautiful thing but it can be better. We can make it so when people see what SL is all about, they will not only want to be a part of SL, but feel the urge, the need to, as if they are missing out on something great if they don'
  7. We have the necessary infrastructure. We are still, as of yet, the biggest virtual world in the world, we have the momentum, we have the content, and we have the creators and userbase necessary to keep going. Those are the things we need more than better tech or infrastructure, those can come if we make more The main thing that prevents Second Life's growth is brand perception. Now don't get me wrong, I love Second Life, the Lindens with how passionate and genuine they are and I'm sure most of us here do, so don't take this as me saying SL or LL aren't good enough, SL is still the biggest
  8. Second Life can be WAY bigger than it is now with little to no risk, it's almost insane how conservatively SL's potential is being harnessed, I'm sure a lot of the Lindens believe that as well, they're really smart people, the right people just need to see and believe that as well We are losing momentum with each passing day by sticking on mostly preservative direction, we can't lose more before SL's few edges got overshadowed by competitors slowly creeping in
  9. Update: we're at 133 confirmed potential attendees right now Some communities (mostly mainland-centric communities, but others that are not as well) have shown their interest to be co-organizers of the rally and more details on that will be released soon in phase 2 of the rally's promotion!
  10. It will be done across several regions on mainland with roads where there are barely any residence around c= (Waterhead and surrounding areas with roads)
  11. Disclaimer: Some people have somehow gotten the impression that a rally is a "protest" for some reason, so just putting it out here that this is a supportive, positive kind of rally to show our support and encourage LL to do more, and continue doing their great works, show them we're not afraid of positive changes! c= but most importantly so everyone can see how much SL's Residents care and are grateful of this world! And just how special SL is Join the biggest virtual rally in the world! Supporting and encouraging even more modernization of SL's image and for SL to be imbued wi
  12. A short Second Life inventory tips for when you have hundreds of thousands of items and thousands of outfits without the time to manage them
  13. Achieving super-slowmotion machinima on SL where super high framerate which is required for true slowmo might not be possible, by harnessing AI-powered video frames interpolation (Flowframes). The framerate for animations of characters or objects might also not be high enough, so this technique can be used when that's becoming an obstacle when you're trying to achieve super-slowmo on your SL machinima This technique can work well when you know and understand the limitations of the interpolation AI's ability to predict the form of frames between frames Credit to Zewanderer for telling
  14. Made a video about it It might have also been caused by their recent company relaunch and management change, I don't think the old IMVU people or any other considerate virtual world platform would do this kind of thing https://venturebeat.com/2021/01/25/imvu-relaunches-as-together-labs-raises-35-million/
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