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  1. A short and concise tutorial on how to reduce prim count or land impact from your Second Life land without deleting anything I hope you guys find this useful
  2. You can always talk and be with yourself no need to have a bot that will cost you $400
  3. Well to me that would reflect a side of their personality and that in itself is a form of projection of one's inner-self. Edit: Was going to write this in my previous post but I thought it won't be necessary; even the "troll" kind of avatar reflects a side of personality of whoever's behind it
  4. One's avatar appearance always reflect the owner's inner self-construct or a side of it to some degree, and embodying that embodiment also affect the inner construct or one's perception of themselves. It's a feedback loop
  5. A GTX 1060 6GB would be sufficient for SL. SL mostly depends on the CPU's single core performance, so look for one that has a high s-core pts on cpu.userbenchmark.com thats within your budget range
  6. These are the voices of 3 trans people who in part, through their virtual embodiments, discovered or formed a more cohesive construct of their inner selves
  7. Hanging and exploring with friends as usual c=
  8. For the single most misspelled company name It's 2019 and even known news outlet still misspell it
  9. Facebook's Horizon is not gonna compete with the niche that SL is in, I explained why I think so in my video
  10. So Facebook's Horizon just got announced yesterday and while it will exist in the same virtual 3D social space industry or market that Second Life is in, it's in a completely different niche and will totally be tailored for an almost completely different audience, here's my quick thought on it
  11. Go inworld then see and check things for yourself. Going here in the public forums to ask for participants is like going to a town center and ask people to help you complete your papers.
  12. Had fun on a livestream earlier redecorating my place then hanging out and exploring with some of my friends c=
  13. SL is cooler than myspace or friendster c=
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