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  1. So I decided to make a "company profile" kind of video for this game where I make ships used my SL avatar for it
  2. The majority of trans people have nothing to do with the people in a particular extreme of politics who lobbied for those things. There are people out there who claim they represent the "trans community" or "voice" who just exploit them as a platform for stepping stones while ruining the image people have regarding trans people.
  3. I usually just do the honest thing and tell them that I gotta do something or go to someone else, then tell them to take care c=
  4. Yes, it's done by abusing the media system though I won't say exactly how (for obvious reason). Just disable media and enable it when you really want to use it (like when watching stuff with your friends on a TV)
  5. Use media on prim or buy one of the TVs on the marketplace, then set the link to direct the viewers to your website. Make sure you tell your audience or students to enable media. Be aware that some web features might not work as well with SL's built-in browser / media browser
  6. It was mathematically impossible for the Axis nations to outproduce or outnumber the allied nations during WW2. Even if they somehow have won, regimes or societies based on unnatural enforcement of human nature usually don't last long. The relatively sensible civilization we have today lasts because the laws and set of human morality or moral standards it has appeal to basic and natural human instincts or desires (to be safe and as free as possible as long as it doesn't hurt others)
  7. LL or SL haven't and shouldn't police people's freedom of opinion and expression as long as they don't break the law or incite violence. Even if you disagree with some people's opinions it's better to just ignore them or agree to disagree than set a or another precedence for thought policing, because the very ugly consequences go both ways
  8. No LOL most furries and people I know hate the look, they missed the mark completely. I know you're very probably being sarcastic but still
  9. Happy new year everyone c= It's a new decade and Second Life is still alive and well. More than anything it's a testament to the values and principles it very ferociously stands for despite all the unwarranted negativity it received over the years. Second Life is still the most technically sophisticated platform for a 3D virtual world, but what Second Life is in that regard rose from its foundational bedrock values and principles - to be a virtual world where anyone can become and do whatever they want. It's easy to take all this for granted but for our own sake, remember; no other virtual world offers as much as SL does in term of freedom and being an actual "world". Many of those other worlds easily dispose the idea of creating an actual world in favor of a more technically-feasible "instanced" or "rooms"-based "virtual world" - a very statistical and "most people (who don't really use virtual worlds) don't care" approach that in itself is a testimony to how little many other platforms care about the grand vision of a virtual world, a mockery of its spirit by basically saying "It doesn't matter". And many of them unsurprisingly failed But most importantly, we know the values and principles the people who built and is building SL stand for, they are ones that align with ours and the spirit of building a true virtual world of unadulterated freedom. Unlike so many others who almost very predictably will bend their knees and throw away our cause the moment the wind gets too strong. And for that Second Life is the holy land of our virtual way of life on which soil we literally build our dreams. I tend to sound preachy about this but the few of you who know me and what I do beyond my forum posts probably know that already, I wish everyone a happy new year ♥ For reference in case you don't follow social VR news; High-Fidelity is basically closed Sansar changed direction into being a "VR Platform for Live Events" Sinespace doesn't have a clear value preposition compared to competitors NeosVR, RecRoom, AltSpaceVR remains very niche Facebook's Horizon basically horrifies everyone because Facebook being Facebook VRChat has much less active users compared to SL, still doesn't have a way to monetize, and is not really a virtual world Many other social VR startups basically don't know what their value preposition is And for non VR social 3D worlds; IMVU is not really a virtual world, they're the literal, actual 3D Chatrooms people tend to say SL is, on different niche from SL OpenSim grids remain very niche, some big ones died, many are rife with problems and no actual development Out of all these other worlds (mentioned and not mentioned), I only see 1 which can be an actual competitor to SL in the future.
  10. It depends. If it meant to be read by others later, I prefer forums. But for real-time interactions I prefer SL c=
  11. Read that article and tweeted the author complimenting him for his rather extensive take on SL, a nice break from the usual 4-paragraphs "Second Life is dead" nonsense
  12. Were you trying to rez on a rez zone? On your minimap, right click and choose "show parcel boundaries", the small boxes you see on some regions are usually rez zones c=
  13. Second Life is the least "intended-for-kids" 3D virtual world IP out there. If you make SL YT videos and don't deliberately try to gain minors as your audience, you shouldn't be too worried. The FTC would have a very hard case against you and they don't have a reason to, whoever's in charge of issuing fines or responsible for COPPA vague wordings won't risk damaging their image and reputation by fining innocent people they clearly don't have a strong case against
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