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  1. Anyone on the EEP viewer has any screenshot on how mainland windlight with EEP looks like?
  2. VES is moving, we're selling our old parcel to anyone interested c= better take it fast as there are some interested buyers already! Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/228/114/21 Size: 6208m2 Prims: 2131 Price: L$42,000 (6.8L/m2) Perfect location for those of you who need high-area high-traffic land with protected waters!
  3. lucagrabacr

    Need new computer.. thoughts on this one?

    The CPU and RAM are ok, though personally I'd get an overclockable K variant of a processor if I have the money (SL relies a lot on single-core performance, not saying it's not using multiple cores but still), that GPU is ok but it is a generation behind the newest one, and is one of the lowest-tier ones, you can get a 1060 for very cheap prices nowadays (or 1660TI if you prefer newer GPU but don't need raytracing)
  4. lucagrabacr

    On Hold. But Why?

    Just wait for them to resolve it c= it's not within their interest to suspend a user over nothing and if you haven't done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about
  5. lucagrabacr

    Furries of Second Life - Why This World Is Our Home

    Thanks Reyetta! And I'm already very grateful for all the support furs from the SL furry communities have voiced in the comments, I wouldn't know how to react if there's even more of those!
  6. lucagrabacr

    Really cool furry SL promo video

    Thanks for the shoutout! I've posted the video in the machinima subforum though
  7. lucagrabacr

    Secondlife Real Estate

    You should know pretty much every aspect of Second Life to seriously get into real estate in Second Life. From the technical, community and financial side. Since buying and reselling land for profit as Lindal explained is becoming less feasible to do especially with the stiff competition of existing land barons who have been doing that for years, the more feasible option would be to develop land and upscale its value for renters by making it appealing for them to rent from you at a price that's higher than the competitions. Going "we're the cheapest" is not gonna work because there are already many out there who are doing that, making it almost impossible to use that strategy to make a meaningful profit unless you're willing to invest tons of money into ungodly amount of land with profit margin so narrow even with many lands it would take so long to see a return. Know who you are targeting, preferably people who are in community(ies) that you're in, and develop lands which appeal to their specific needs or demands.
  8. Over the years of me being on Second Life I've met and became friends with many furries from all across the globe who are truly wonderful people. And within those years I've came to realize that Second Life and the philosophy of Virtual Existentialism / Embodiment allow us furries to genuinely fully express who we are without any physical constraint, among many other benefits they offer. This video was made to show to the world, the wonderful furry communities on the virtual world of Second Life, and to all furries out there who wish to transcend their inner selves into the virtual plane of existence and join us in this wonderful world. c= I hope you guys like it!
  9. lucagrabacr

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    It depends on context, intent and result. Trolling your friends or with them for the laugh where no one is physically or financially harmed, or emotionally distraught, is fine. Trolling other people without being obnoxious and with the knowledge that they would be 100% ok with it is also fine (a'la april fools' jokes kinda trolling)
  10. Run a custom-coded bot client window on a second screen on a very powerful PC
  11. lucagrabacr

    Deanonymization because of copyright, whats next?

    It's necessary for them to know your basic RL information for regulatory purposes (at least I assume so), not to mention SL is a user-created-content-centric platform where accountability is important if not mandatory. I'm sure LL has no intention of leaking anyone's information to any third party under normal non-criminal circumstances.
  12. lucagrabacr

    Do you talk about SL to your RL family/friends?

    Only those who might be interested in it or happen to know because I just wanted to tell them about it, otherwise I see no point in telling most of my family members about Second Life as most of them can barely use computers.
  13. lucagrabacr

    What do you think about morphs?

    I have some hairs whose seller used morphs on the ad images, at first I didn't notice, but since I already knew the hairs are good I wasn't bothered by it. I would say it's a bit weird in my opinion for people to use morphs to sell Second Life products though, I much prefer actual SL avis in the images just like Skell.
  14. lucagrabacr

    10 million people watch a DJ in Fortnite

    Fortnite has the advantage of having the mainstream audience and media attention due to its popularity, and thus this sort of 1-time event is viable, however it wont compete with virtual worlds like SL or VR platform like Sansar / HiFi in the long run unless Epic drastically expand their goal with Fortnite as a platform.