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  1. Had fun on a livestream earlier redecorating my place then hanging out and exploring with some of my friends c=
  2. SL is cooler than myspace or friendster c=
  3. Oh my it's Kavya (I know her on Linkedin and have read some of her articles about working on LL while she was still working with LL, which was positive at the time), it makes me a bit sad to see her doing this especially with the overt political overtones, I just wish this whole thing would be resolved smoothly without any negative impact to us residents, as most of these kinda things, contrary to the proclaimed intent, usually never end up improving anything
  4. It's happening right now! https://www.youtube.com/c/NateAbisu/live Edit: Here are the replays of the livestream c=
  5. It's under "Move & View", and as someone already explained in the post it basically stops your vehicle for a bit depending on how heavy the vehicle is in term of script / complexity if the thing is set on "stop". Good vehicles usually cross in around or less than 1 second, but most vehicles don't cross that fast. The feature is great when it works as intended, but most of the time it just sends vehicles flying around clientside for a few seconds. Interesting to see people who prefer the prediction feature turned on, because every explorer I've met prefer it being turned off once they know they can. I'll post a gif showing a comparison of a vehicle's behavior between when it's turned on and off. Edit: Here's the gifs Prediction turned off in slow speed: https://gyazo.com/13db14e124a06487b9355cf2b3381b66 Prediction turned on in slow speed: https://gyazo.com/1f6945e7a12f2196ca6925284b774e60 Prediction turned on in high speed: https://gyazo.com/27a67619e5d7bd7210a9ef442010ad1a And this test was done with a well-scripted car, most cars on SL use the ACS script which is much heavier than this and usually takes longer to cross Edit 2: Maybe if it can be made so when someone's on foot, then prediction is turned on, and when someone's in a vehicle (sitting on an object) then the prediction is turned off, then it would be a great compromise (with the option for those who like them always turned on being able to turn it on at all times, of course)
  6. To those who are not familiar with what region crossing prediction is, it's basically the thing which most of the time makes your vehicle seems as if they're flying around or phase into the ground on region crossings. The intent behind the feature was good as to make region crossings more seamless but it does exactly the opposite, making the idea of SL exploration a joke to many people who are unaware of the effect being caused by the feature. Literally almost everyone I know don't know what this feature is, what it does and that it can be turned off, and many of those people just think it's just lag, giving mainland and the idea of mainland exploration an even worse unfounded bad reputation than it already has. So many people don't know that SL has connected mainland continents, roads and oceans, and so many people think that "mainland is just laggier by default" which is a technical myth that's somehow sustained over the years, and having people think vehicles would just normally go flying around on mainland adds up to the misinformation about mainland and SL exploration. I wish LL and TPVs would have this setting turned off by default , what do you guys think?
  7. Some behind the scenes stuff from my previous "7 Years In Second Life" video, and my upcoming Second Life sailing / flying / driving communities / exploration video c=
  8. Found this plane perfectly balanced and rotating around an obelisk for who knows how many years now (I've seen many of that kinda obelisk land around mainland, but never 1 with a plane stuck on it lol, someone must've crashed into it or crashed far away then the plane flew there) https://gyazo.com/fb56e1ce7adcb2e80e88fc413c599c7a
  9. Considering the huge amount of userbase and sizable market SL has, I'm sure either LL or someone else would try to recreate it in some way somehow
  10. Making a new topic of this to be more clear on the title, the land can be found here guys c= contact me for inquiries and offers
  11. Land's still available, the water is sailable, contact me for inquiries or offers c=
  12. Don't usually post my livestream replays here, but the boat race was really unique! it's always really fun to showcase SL's exploration communities c= ❤️ (or part of it)
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