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  1. Yup, there are certainly some people who make much more than the others and many who make less, I was just citing the figure to point out that people on SL do still make a decent amount of money
  2. Yes, Second Life users (creators, inworld service providers, business owners, employees of those businesses or simply freelancers) cash out 60-70 million US dollar each year, and I know a friend of mine who makes around $5,000 a month, and they aren't even one of the biggest creators.
  3. Living the life Location of Soft Linden's Linden Bear; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ihruree/7/249/21 Working on a video about mainland right now so releasing this for the time being c=
  4. No, it would make one of the most used means of communication on SL seem way more trivial and undermine SL's dedication of being a virtual world platform. There are ASCII arts and symbols already, not to mention gestures, those works just fine and are fine but straight up emojis is just no lol.
  5. I just woke up when I heard from my friend that the new continent was open and I rushed to stream it and then make a thread about it when I didn't see 1 in General Discussion lol, didn't occur to me that they might've put it in the blog posts. I did edit the thread's title though! (plus people can discuss it here now I guess : P)
  6. LL already made a video of it sometimes ago it seems, around 1:40 you guys can hear the name of the new continent, I'm not quite sure what it is, "Bellaseri"? Edit 2: I'm stupid, LL mentioned the name in the blog post it's "Bellisseria" Sailed there earlier from southern Sansara and livestreamed it c= it was gorgeous ♥ Edit: Just thought the name might be "Bella Chérie" or "Beautiful Dear" in French
  7. Whoot! The new Linden Homes continent is here!
  8. They might have removed the default avatar selection in one of their signup page variations to see if it would increase signup page conversion rate by preventing people to assume that the default avatars are the only / the best kind of avatars one can get on SL
  9. Explored southeastern Sansara with some friends 3 days ago c= drove a bus from my place at Kuula down to Black (and then tried to cross to the offroad hilly bit but it was too much and the bus tipped over) was laggy but fun, we drove to the new intercontinental channel that connects Jeogeot to Sansara (or at least where it would be at southeastern sansara)
  10. Yeah saw that too! I hope they move it back to connect it to the mainland again. New update: SSP regions' names began to pop up
  11. SSP regions are beginning to appear East North of the new channel Edit: forgot to post, also new watersims south of Sansara
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