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  1. Really happy to finally be able to show this side or spectrum of Second Life, and the overall zeitgeist of the virtual generation in general, it is really something that's very rarely explored or showed in earnest.
  2. Pre-record things either using TTS or other people's voice (paid or free) then upload them as gestures c=
  3. VR is getting more traction (much slower than previously anticipated but they still do), and they have the advantage of more younger users who are more active on social media and creator platforms, not to mention being the new thing SL is still way ahead in term of active users and many other things, I wish the planned VR viewer / project for SL works out though so we'll have that at least
  4. Did this a while ago so I thought I'd share it c= I hope it's useful
  5. Vultures casting shadows of pigeons preying on our trust
  6. Speaking of other platforms that are getting all the media attention right now because they are made by bigger companies with more resources; many of those platforms cannot compete with SL on some critical fronts due to the nature of their brand images LL know this already of course and they've been good at taking advantage of the fact. Other than that, a lot of what SL is lies in what it means for us, LL is still way ahead compared to all other in term of how they treat SL and its Residents - like how a true metaverse and its people should be treated. Many new and would-be metaverse
  7. I'm happy to see that LL's taking steps to distance SL from often-divisive politics and I fully support the idea / intent But I second what someone said in the thread that because what's political and what's not can be very ambiguous, I really don't think LL should implement this new rule (or at least not have it worded as broadly) Especially when a lot of SL's own released content / post / communication are sometimes political in nature, we really risk having a substantial portion of our Residents feeling alienated if they feel like they're not allowed to express their political opi
  8. Been there a few times, glad LL decided to preserve the site as a heritage site
  9. I think the reason banlines haven't been made bouncy consistently and still trap or eject people is that it's just hard or resource-intensive for LL to find the root of the problem or to change it without messing up something else, we mainland explorers might need to start a public funding campaign and raise the money needed to make it financially sensible for LL to really try and tackle the issue
  10. The Infohubs are fine as they are. You can always mute anyone you consider offensive. Investors don't run away from seeing people socialize normally
  11. Well, Second Life already has a rule which basically says "don't be racist", that's already as clear as it can be. What tend to happen when someone or an entity try to push that limit is either borderline tokenism or a parody of social justice and equality instead of actual justice, and equality. When either of those happens racial relations usually sour instead of improving.
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