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  1. Yeah, I believe they got the views from advertising the videos (I know because I saw them as advertisements while watching other videos other than from finding out their channel when looking for SL videos on YT)
  2. These stolen videos are actually doing disservice to SL by smearing its name, I checked the comments on the videos and most of them are negative just like the like / dislike ratio because they are so badly edited, and millions of people who watched the videos might not realize that these are stolen videos and are not SL's official videos. Here's one of the stolen videos; If you read the comments you can see that people are not realizing that it's not a video by SL's official channel and are making fun of it, it's really ridiculous. @Linden Lab @Tommy Linden
  3. I wanted to, but as I said in my post I wasn't sure if these people have anything to do with LL, because if they do then they might actually have the right to repurpose those videos.
  4. So I've been seeing SL video ads from this particular YT channel called WWGDB, which isn't really out of the place if not for the fact that the videos they use to advertise SL and their website are clearly ripped off from other videos, either from SL's official YT channel or from some other YT channels. Up until this point I thought that maybe LL and the other content creators of those videos had a deal with the website so I don't think it's too weird, but just now I saw a rip of one of my SL videos being advertised by them, so now I know that these people might be using people's videos without their explicit permission. I checked their website further and saw that the website is owned by an Israelian-based online marketing company called Pikoya. Do LL have a deal with these people? If so then I can see no wrong in them using these videos as any machinimas containing SL contents might be rightfully owned by LL according to the ToS about machinima or something. And I don't really mind having one of my videos being re-purposed to advertise SL, as that's what the video was originally for anyway. These videos they ripped off are clearly heavily advertised with millions of views on them. The thing is the way they repurposed the videos are just a bit off, as evident by the horrible like/dislike ratio on their videos, which made me question whether or not this company really has something to do with LL. Almost everything about the website and their channel just seem sketchy to me. What do you guys think?
  5. SL = Video Game

    Yes, I believe it was Lindenworld which is the precursor of SL. I think a sim can be more powerful if they buff up the hardware, but I'm not sure by how much because I lack the technical knowledge in the matter.
  6. SL = Video Game

    Such HUD would be a creation of the users and not as how it was conceived by the creators. SL currently has around 24 thousand regions or simulators, most of which are filled by things created and owned by the users. Which can be expanded by adding more. An SE world has tons of empty spaces with limited amount of blocks. It also gets very laggy once you have many objects in the world, I know because I used to own a dedicated SE server.
  7. SL = Video Game

    Then SE is not a game. I'd still say it's a game however because the survival mode does exist and you can die in survival mode if you run out of oxygen or get attacked by the planetary creatures or drones which count as an objective or goal to survive by design.
  8. SL = Video Game

    SE is a game because it has set objectives and SL is not because it has no set objectives.
  9. SL = Video Game

    SE as a whole package is a game, however, creative mode is a component of SE's whole package which is a game by definition, and as how it was conceived by its creators. As for the previous post, not every pastime is a game.
  10. SL = Video Game

    Which does mean SL is technically more versatile than SE, though SE is more specialized in certain areas as it is a game meant for those things. Still, by definition SL is not a game as there's no set objective which is the definition of a game. If every 3D application where people have controls over 3D avatars is called a game, then it's a misunderstanding of the term and doesn't make every aforementioned kind of 3D application a game.
  11. SL = Video Game

    Some technical limitations yeah, but there are tons of things you can do on SL that you can't do on Space Engineers. I can't pop into someone's server as a furry or an anime carrying longcat-shooting cannon without those servers having those kinda mods, for example.
  12. A little advice needed

    Join the furry / anime communities of Second Life, we're very friendly!
  13. SL = Video Game

    I think it would need principal user objectives or forced limitations by design for the users to be called a video game, so no technically speaking it's not. Even the video games you listed have principal user objectives even though they are very open-ended which is to survive. And even in sandbox mode of say, Space Engineers, there are forced limitations or set of rules imposed upon the users (you need to put certain parts to make your ship behave in certain ways, and there are limitations of what you can make, whereas in Second Life you can make anything). And most importantly, the creator of those games meant those games to be video games, where Linden Lab explicitly stated that Second Life is not a video game.
  14. It worked just yesterday c= not sure why, probably just some hiccups on either LL or my payment method's side. Thanks guys!