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  1. Thought about making this thread sometimes ago but just got to do it now So yesterday I was flying around a Jeogeot route with my helicopter, and found someone standing on the road down below, to my surprise they were actually 1 of my group's members! I found out from their tag (they probably found out about my group because I used to have 1 of the group's places on a route in Jeogeot). So then I landed and gave them the group's props they said they were travelling on a Yava pod, I asked them if they want to come with me on my heli and they did so we were exploring the roads for a bit until I had to go to eat. Tell your mainland exploration stories!
  2. lucagrabacr

    Lag issues

    Have you checked if you have accidentally disabled "vertex buffer objects" under graphics > rendering? It might explain the sudden change in performance.
  3. lucagrabacr

    Sex Offenders on SL

    If the person told you who he is and acted in a lawfully unacceptable way, contact the authorities and block the person if you have no intention of interacting with him again. No need to risk breaking the rules and guidelines just to warn people about someone who might or might not be what you think he is.
  4. lucagrabacr

    American people vanished or it is just me?

    Many of my friends from the US are still constantly online c= so what you're observing is most likely just a coincidence.
  5. lucagrabacr

    Graphics card help

    AMD cards are decent but for SL you might want to get an NVIDIA card with comparable price and performance instead, because as far as I know NVIDIA cards work better with SL.
  6. lucagrabacr

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    I read the blog post and it doesn't seem too shady to me. It feels more like Xiola is trying to make a minor official blog post that shows that LL / LL employees know or acknowledge the ongoing fashion blogging trend in SL of giving out info about where they got their clothes in a notecard. I think it's rash to call it favoritism from a single blog post, it might just be Xiola happen to have and like those items she's wearing from those stores and decided to make the blog post.
  7. I'm totally biased but I'd suggest doing so, SL is just superior in many technical and even non-technical aspects compared to IMVU. I've seen some IMVU users who got discouraged because of SL's complexity compared to IMVU, but that's not a bad thing considering how much more you can potentially do on SL
  8. Where's Ebbe's home in Second Life?
  9. Made this video a few days ago for the grand opening of my movement's new HQ \ o /
  10. lucagrabacr

    Far too serious

    No one is born wise and many people never had the opportunity or desire to learn how to be. And sometimes natural emotional impulses are just hard to cope or resist as they were hardwired to our brain through evolution as survival mechanism, which had no reason to make us naturally civilized as our current concept of a civilized society and socio-cultural understanding are mostly a human creation and an acquired knowledge respectively, and only the social bit of it came naturally, as far as I understand. Or, as some people mentioned in their replies, maybe they are just going through something. What seem trivial to some people might mean the world to some others.
  11. Yeah, I believe they got the views from advertising the videos (I know because I saw them as advertisements while watching other videos other than from finding out their channel when looking for SL videos on YT)
  12. These stolen videos are actually doing disservice to SL by smearing its name, I checked the comments on the videos and most of them are negative just like the like / dislike ratio because they are so badly edited, and millions of people who watched the videos might not realize that these are stolen videos and are not SL's official videos. Here's one of the stolen videos; If you read the comments you can see that people are not realizing that it's not a video by SL's official channel and are making fun of it, it's really ridiculous. @Linden Lab @Tommy Linden
  13. I wanted to, but as I said in my post I wasn't sure if these people have anything to do with LL, because if they do then they might actually have the right to repurpose those videos.
  14. So I've been seeing SL video ads from this particular YT channel called WWGDB, which isn't really out of the place if not for the fact that the videos they use to advertise SL and their website are clearly ripped off from other videos, either from SL's official YT channel or from some other YT channels. Up until this point I thought that maybe LL and the other content creators of those videos had a deal with the website so I don't think it's too weird, but just now I saw a rip of one of my SL videos being advertised by them, so now I know that these people might be using people's videos without their explicit permission. I checked their website further and saw that the website is owned by an Israelian-based online marketing company called Pikoya. Do LL have a deal with these people? If so then I can see no wrong in them using these videos as any machinimas containing SL contents might be rightfully owned by LL according to the ToS about machinima or something. And I don't really mind having one of my videos being re-purposed to advertise SL, as that's what the video was originally for anyway. These videos they ripped off are clearly heavily advertised with millions of views on them. The thing is the way they repurposed the videos are just a bit off, as evident by the horrible like/dislike ratio on their videos, which made me question whether or not this company really has something to do with LL. Almost everything about the website and their channel just seem sketchy to me. What do you guys think?