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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. I am likely the eldest player of the glytch game, not in RL years but based on the time I entered the game which was just a few hours after it opened -- AND the fact that I am still there . That being said I have a few thoughts on both the glytches and how The Lab could raise some money and maybe not keep making changes that cost the populous more across the board. It became apparent a couple of nights ago that getting the canon was actually the endgame of The Curse of the Magical Glytches. A RL friend who is also playing came to dinner. It was great (thank you Sun Basket). Then we went to try out the bonus areas. We were under the impression that we needed 5, 5 and 10 blue gems in order to enter the areas. We had been working hard to get those. No one passed along the memo that NOW all you need is the entrance fee. I can see the reasoning there, just was surprised as the apparently unannounced change. Anyway, after spending our gems for the entrance fees we each (in different bonus areas) were shaking our heads wondering why we cared. You CAN get a lot of glytches in one of the areas, but after playing awhile in the normal spots you accumulate so many glytches that deletion becomes the rule. Really. Once you have all the rares and epics you really don't need a bunch of copies. So the endgame is the canon (at least for me). Then what? Hmmmmm. I started thinking about why people aren't more enthused with the glytches. They ARE cute -- when they aren't zapping you that is. You get to see a lot of new areas. You get some virtual exercise or for those of us that work way to much -- some off time. BUT, there is no incentive to keep playing. The Realms are still popular because you can earn linden and spend it -- or for some folks cash out. Granted, it isn't near as easy these days with the blues and greens on a skimpy appearance schedule, but still -- over time you have something you can use. Since I love to ponder I succumbed to the muse and came up with a couple of ideas -- all this while hunting glytches, which after some hours at it (like a couple of hundred) gets to be sort of meditative and you don't actually have to pay that much attention. Here are a couple of ideas that might be helpful, both to the game and its participants and to the Lab coffers. People need a reason to play. Beyond getting the glytches. That is pretty much the bottom line. 1. Let people turn in gems to get inworld USABLE virtual goods from various creators. Creators would supply the goods for free. Linden lab would make the redemption vendors and people would pick up their prizes at the participating stores. Traffic and possible customers for the stores. Incentive for the participants to keep hunting. 2. Charge for glytch areas. This may already be the plan as resident owned glytch areas have been talked about since the beginning. But until there are enough players there is really no reason to add new spots. There really wouldn't be that much traffic generated for the hosts. So what else would get a lot of people interested in playing? 3. How about being able to BUY some of endless expanse of mainland with GEMS! This would cost The Lab nothing AND would generate tier revenue. It would also encourage Premium membership as you would need to be Premium to "buy" your land with gems. There could also (possibly) be a way to turn gems into tier payments. Those are my ideas and dinner is done and cooling. But I wanted to get them down for the record while I was thinking about them. I realize that "the Lindens never come here" and I am likely typing to myself, but that's OK. I actually do that quite a bit. It is a mental exercise that I enjoy.
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