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  1. New Bellisseria regions are released any time during LL working hours. If you want a Victorian get one now properties in Bellisseria haven't been this plentiful since the day they were released in about April time. You can switch homes 5 times in 24 hours just don't be too quick to abandon I gave up a really good location doing that
  2. The switching home styles doesn't always work had the problem couldn't access the doors/control panel on the Hardy at all despite trying the rezz a different style of home trick multiple times. the lovely @Squeaky Mole was generous enough to spare a bit of time to fix mine but did say that changing to a different home style might break it again
  3. I did try a bit of Bellisseria fishing kicking myself for abandoning a property in Blandings Haven too quickly before i gave everything a chance to rezz properly it was next to the train tracks did end up keeping a property in Beneline as i think abandoning it would have meant i reached the 5/24hr limit the lovely Squeaky Mole managed to get the Hardy style working for me. As locations go it's better than the first one i scored in Barstough
  4. Will be at least an hour before I can log in hopefully they won't be all gone that soon
  5. For me, if Vic's are still available and hopefully later too it's good. I can abandon my current place cast my 7seas rod in to Bellisseria's Victorian pond and get an instant hook on hopefully a better location. If there's nothing available I'd rather make do with what I've got than spend a long time trying to catch something else
  6. Not overwhelmed with the location I got bit weary of abandoning and trying for something else incase there is nothing else
  7. Patch posted they are being released today just abandoned my home ready
  8. The problem may not be with your internet though you will want to change your speed test server to one in Arizona (Tucson) where the SL servers are located. There is the possibility you have a flat inventory or other inventory related problem which support will be able to sort out for you send a ticket
  9. Won't be splashing out on antique style furniture i had just planned on using what i'd used in my Winchester and maybe some additional things since the homes are more spacious some of the stuff i had rezzed wouldn't be too out of place for the Victorian theme
  10. From the brands i'm most familiar with i saw mostly regular items at discount prices one place i looked at almost all the stuff on sale i'd bought from FLF or Saturday Sale
  11. Had a scroll through the Flickr there are more less than brilliant morphs personally i'd rather see them as they would be in SL a morph makes me think the product isn't going to be that great
  12. What problem are you encountering when you try to buy a free item? BoM (bakes on mesh) is nothing more than the ability to use a system layer on a mesh body/head or other body part that is BoM compatible products that include a system/BoM layer can be bought free or for a fee what ever the seller decides to charge. If you've been in SL 12 years chances are you still have some system layer stuff in your inventory if you didn't ditch it all when you went mesh
  13. Of all the events i've been to lately Shop and Hop was the least laggy with the exception of the region "Golden" yesterday and one stores booth where performance tanked. All i did was set my viewer to "show friends only" turn off water rendering in the advanced menu and drop draw distance to 64m which for me at least seems to be the optimum draw distance for events to get best performance
  14. The blog post shows an example billing date of someone who is already premium with the December 10 date and the pre pay option not Yanik's personal premium billing date which would be found using https://secondlife.com/my/account/membership.php?lang=en-US my own pre-pay options give one up to 2021 and one up to 2022
  15. The Maitreya body also includes a smaller more discreet HUD just for the hand AO, I use a LeLutka head i selected all the animation sequences i want to use and they work with out the HUD i only really need it attached if i want to use the individual animations as i use BoM so depending on the body part there isn't always a need to wear main HUDs all the time for animations
  16. The only region i had problems with is Golden was like wading through sludge even as it dwindled down to a few av's and caused a log out or two when trying to get out of it. that really affected me not being able to get round as quick as i'd hoped i ended up having no time to sift through any off the goodies other than try one i bought and put the rest all in one folder to look through, through the next few days. I only knew the Shop & Hop had started because i have a couple of the regions in my region tracker based on previous S&H events it wasn't as packed as i'd expect it to be so early on and the one store that in the past has given out a very time limited as little as 5% discount as a "gift" surprised me by giving out an actual gift this time
  17. The winter "Shop & Hop" is worth having a mooch around there are stores with free cosmetic gifts some are for specific mesh brands though as well as loads of other freebies. it covers 6 regions Gilded & Tinsled would be good places to start/end
  18. In RL elaborate nail designs are definitely a thing in the manicure industry there are contests are trade shows to see who can come up with the best sculpted designs and they are often featured in the trade mags. in SL there are stores that just cater to nails even specific types of nail. I'm not that much in to fancy nails in RL even less so in SL since they are so small on screen, i wear a nail polish that's part gold glitter and unless you cam in close that detail won't show the dark blue part will stand out more. there's nothing wrong with not being a nail fan
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