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Found 7 results

  1. I bought the “Linear Kitchen” by WRONG and I accidentally clicked discard I tried redelivering it but it says it’s lost and that no redeliver terminal can redeliver it. I messaged the creator but they haven’t replied yet after a week. So idk what to do can anyone help I said 399 for it so I don’t want it to go to waste also I saw that they don’t give refunds so if I didn’t get the item can I still get the refund ???? PLEASE HELPPP
  2. You may be aware of my anger problems that I display from time to time. I just wanted to write about the way I cope with my anger (and my guilt and regret for doing so.) When I was walking through my university's campus more than a decade ago, I was approached by two teenage boys who hit me unprovoked. I was taken aback by their aggression as they shouted and taunted me. As they walked away, I ran after them. They started to run too so I couldn't catch them. Because they went into the train station I couldn't get them anymore, so I gave up. Going back the way I came I encountered a teenage boy and girl, who I think were walking with the boys who hit me. I called the girl names and cussed at her, even though she assured me that she would stop the boys from attacking people again. A few years later, I worked at the post office's mail processing plant. I was helping load mail onto a truck for the driver. I was pretty slow at doing the job, so apparently I made the driver frustrated. He helped me out, but begrudgingly. After we were done loading the truck, he complained to my supervisor in front of me and started to shout at us. He even slammed the door of his truck. Again I was taken aback and I froze as he got angry. As soon as he was gone, I shouted at one of the women who helped defend me against the driver. (I later apologized to her and regret shouting at her to this day.) These are just a few examples of how I take out my anger at the wrong people. I feel really bad for taking it out on those people, and now I deeply feel guilty and regret it. But I realized that the reasons why I do it is because: 1. I was too weak and cowardly to take it out on the people who did deserve my anger. The people I focused my anger at were..."easier" targets. 2. Overall, I have a lot of pent up anger inside of me. I know I should "forgive and forget", but it's hard for me to forget perceived wrongs done against me. I've accrued a lot of anger over the years, and I want to release it. In summary, I guess I just wanted to share my experiences of anger with you. Again, I feel guilty and remorse for doing what I've done the past 10 or so years, but I wish I had a better way to release my anger.
  3. Hello Everyone. Im so excited to use my Genus Baby face head. I've demo it and loved how it looks. Now its time to put the actual purchased head on, and its attaching to my right hand!! Is there any way I can correct this??
  4. Hello! I'm trying to create a character animation in a blender. but the rotation of the bones occurs along the wrong axes when uploaded. everything works fine in a blender. What can this be caused by?
  5. Hello! I hope I am putting this in the right category. I have managed the same region for quite some time now (about 3 years) and I have not had this problem until very recently. I created a day cycle and attempted to assign it to the Region/Estate level. It looks correct in the preview when selected in the drop down menu. Once I click "Apply," I see the settings have changed, but it seems the haze or fog or distance multipliers are completely gone. So while the lighting is right, the depth is not there. It was the same case when I applied just one of my custom skies to the "Fixed Sky" portion. Looks correct in the preview once selected in drop down menu. Click "Apply," and the fogginess is gone. I thought maybe it wasn't taking well to my custom skies so I tried it with one of the defaults found in every SL viewer. I tried Blizzard and Foggy. Same deal. I even tried to do this in the most updated SL viewer. The problem still persists. I've been trying to look around if this issue has been reported or talked about recently, but maybe it's something on my end alone? What am I doing wrong? Thanks folks!
  6. What would you do if you blocked someone, but then you didn't say anything to them you just blocked them? The following day you receive messages from other accounts you don't know if it's his alternate or his friends, but they bring up the fact that you ignored someone or blocked them. So they are threatening you and bad mouthing you and you didn't do anything, but block the person.
  7. cmlu

    Adding wrong head!!!

    Hi all, I've been having some issues regarding my head. I'm new at second life and I recently bought a new mesh head at genesis lab (Olivia??). However, I tried another demo head afterwards and now when I try to put my Olivia mesh head on, it does not work, it adds the demo I had tried and has the word "demo" written all over her face. I have deleted the demo contents, detached everything that was on my body, but it keeps doing it. Help!
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