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  1. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 *** For best Teleport, copy the SLURL to your clipboard, and paste it into your viewer chat. 1,024m - 351 prim - L$249/w Roadside Teleport at Coulours Check this out first --> 1,536m - 527 prim - L$399/w - Waterland - Teleport at Escanes 1,824m - 626 prim - L$449/w Roadside Teleport to Japarid _____________________________________________________________________ 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Grass Hills at Teleport to Klaatu 2,048m - 703 prim - L$499/w - Waterland - Teleport at Blarne Isle 2,048m - 703 prim - L$499/w - Roadside - Teleport to Osiliers _____________________________________________________________________ 4,096m - 1406 prim - L$899/w - Grass Valley - Teleport to Eurodium 4,096m - 1406 prim - L$899/w - Grass Valley - Teleport at Pilantin 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w - Grass Valley at Mephilo Tor ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Long Term Discounted Deals - Ask for it! ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  2. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 *** For best Teleport, copy the SLURL to your clipboard, and paste it into your viewer chat. ___________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$1,024 (1,0/m) 1,024m - 351 prim - Tier: L$249/w - Grass Hills - Teleport at Olexandrovich ___________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$749 (0,7/m) 1,024m - 351 prim - Tier: L$249/w - Grass Hills - Teleport at Agamok ___________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$749 (0,7/m) 1,024m - 351 prim - Tier: L$249/w - Grass Hills - Teleport at Olavtoppen ___________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$1,024 (1,0/m) 1,024m - 351 prim - Tier: L$249/w - Grass Hills - Teleport at Gidzenko ___________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$18,500 (4,5/m) 4,096m - 1406 prim - Tier: L$899/w - Golden Sands - Teleport at Deminis ____________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$5,500 (1,3/m) Deal of theDay --> 4,096m - 1406 prim - Tier: L$899/w - Isolated Grass Hills - Teleport at Pilantin ____________________________________________________________________________ BUY NOW: L$9,000 (1,1/m) 8,192m - 2812 prim - Tier: L$1,799/w - Grass Valley - Teleport at Baedal ________________________________________________________________________________ Click bellow to view all available parcels at real time ---> Full Rentals List ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  3. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 *** For best Teleport, copy the SLURL to your clipboard, and paste it into your viewer chat. 1,024m - 351 prim - L$249/w - Grass Valley - Teleport at Olber 1,024m - 351 prim - L$249/w - Roadside - Teleport at Seonggye 1,536m - 527 prim - L$399/w - OceanFront - Teleport at Escanes 3,360m - 1153 prim - L$799/w - Sailable - Teleport at Fritts 4,096m - 1406 prim - L$899/w - Grass Hills - Teleport at Ischel 4,208m - 1444 prim - L$999/w - 2X Roadside - Teleport at Itame 4,448m - 1527 prim - L$999/w - Sailable - Teleport at Fritts 7,808m - 2680 prim - L$1,799/w - Sailable - Teleport at Fritts 8,592m - 2949 prim - L$1,899/w - Sailable - Teleport at Uzume For best Teleport, copy the SLURL to your clipboard, and paste it into your viewer chat. ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  4. Its use is so widespread, you can consider it the fabled "Metaverse" that everyone in this universe is talking about these days. What do you think the world would be like with Second Life as the Metaverse in widespread use?
  5. Are you looking for a way to stay informed about all the latest destinations and events happening on the grid? Do you want Second Life breaking news delivered directly to your inbox? Signup for our Second Life Weekly Email Newsletter! For a while now we’ve been sending a weekly email to a small group of our most active Residents and the clicks show that many of you enjoy receiving these exclusive updates directly in your inbox. If you have not been receiving these weekly emails from us, now is your chance to sign up for them! You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any email. Our newsletters usually include some of our latest videos of the week along with links to different events or destinations and an image from one of our Residents that is selected as the Fresh Look of the week! For a chance to have your Destination featured, submit it to the Second Life Destination Guide. For a chance to be featured in Fresh Looks, submit your image to the Official Second Life Flickr Group! Did you know we just hit ONE MILLION IMAGES AND VIDEOS in the group? All submitted by our wonderfully creative Residents! Email isn’t the only way you can stay on top of all of our latest news. You can also follow us on various social networks along with keeping an eye on our community blogs.
  6. Take a stroll through Roqueblanche in Second Life, a quaint virtual village and paradise for lovers of French culture and history. Professional landscaper and interior designer, Albane Claray, shares her story and inspiration for Roqueblanche: “My name is Albane and I am a girl from the south of France. I was born 26 years ago and grew up in a small village, raised by my grandmother. A few years ago, when I discovered Second Life, I was immediately amazed by the talent of the creators who, day after day, bring this not-so-virtual universe to life. I watched, I learned, and I, too, began to draw pixel landscapes. It has become more than a hobby, it has become a passion. Each new empty lot is a blank canvas for me and I have so much fun painting and creating. I am happy to share this passion with all those who give me the opportunity to create for them, and who trust me to give life to their dreams, their desires. I will always be an apprentice, a student as this universe offers possibilities to our creativity. We have no limits, no boundaries. My story and my origins helped me build Roqueblanche, this little piece of my country. I find there the colors and smells of my childhood, the paths traveled so many times, the light of this end of the summer day, when the stones scorched by the sun are covered with shadows, when the old people of the village go out and sit in the square, in the shade of the old trees. I wanted to share these memories, to offer people around the world a trip to Provence, the land of sun and perfumes. Roqueblanche is my cradle, my heart, and my sharing with the inhabitants of Second Life.” Explore Roqueblanche today, and should you feel inclined, make it your next home. Video Production by Draxtor Despres Le Village de Roqueblanche Roqueblanche is a french village nested in the Provence. Fields of lavender, vineyards and Mediterranean sun are there for your enjoyment. Come take pictures, visit the village and enjoy its places, café , and old trees. The countryside offers you amazing promenades along the paths. Visit in Second Life
  7. Second Life’s VP of Product, Grumpity Linden, and VP of Product Operations, Patch Linden will be live on Lab Gab on Friday, October 21st at 10am PT. They will make a few announcements about upcoming features and will also take some time to answer any questions from the community. Do you have questions for Grumpity and Patch that you’d like our host to ask on your behalf? Fill out the Google Form and submit your questions today, and they may be selected! It’s been quite a year already and we’re not done yet! We want to give Residents more ways to stay engaged and happy in Second Life. Be sure to watch us on Friday on the Second Life YouTube Channel and learn more about our future plans. Because of technical issues there are two parts of this show: Part 1: Part 2: For full episodes of Lab Gab, click over to the Lab Gab YouTube Playlist.
  8. We’re excited to share with the Second Life community some news about Tilia LLC, the all-in-one payments platform that powers the metaverse. Tilia was originally built and continues to support the Second Life economy. Tilia today announced that it has secured a new strategic investment from J.P. Morgan Payments. In addition to the investment, Tilia is also working with J.P. Morgan Payments to further enhance Tilia’s current capabilities throughout its processing platform including providing increased payment and payout methods, expanding pay-out currencies and support services. Read the full announcement at Tilia.io
  9. Hey, we are looking for a blogger for Teulu Breedables the First Animesh Breedable on the grid! Do you love animals? Do you love Breedables and pets? Do you have your own blog? Do you love telling all about upcoming events such as Dance troops, Halloween parties, Birthdays for the animals, and so on? Can you be a team player and work well with others? If you think you got what it takes please IM Rodders21 Resident, Electra Fargis, or Welshgoddess Resident to find out more! Requirements - must breed - must have social media sl (second life) accounts no real life - must show proof of own blog (breedables on it)/ most will be on our website through
  10. Over the past few weeks, The Wall Street Journal has released a four-part podcast series exploring Second Life’s pioneering origins and rich 19-year history. It includes in-depth interviews with Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) and employees and Residents that have made a powerful impact on Second Life’s growth and history. Today marks the release of the fourth and final episode so you can now listen to the full podcast series with complete transcripts also available at each link: How to Build a Metaverse, Part 1: Genesis How to Build a Metaverse, Part 2: Avatars Behaving Badly How to Build a Metaverse, Part 3: Prime Time How to Build a Metaverse, Part 4: Why Build a World? Whether you are a long-time Resident or new to Second Life, we encourage our community members to take a listen and learn more about our past and future in this in-depth podcast series. If you like what you hear, please share it with your friends on social media and (as always) tell your friends about Second Life, too!
  11. Since emerging onto the scene in 2016, Eli Brown has effortlessly cemented his status as an artist of distinction, and a mainstay in the House & Electronic music genre, gaining fans globally in territories such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, and party capital of the world, Ibiza. With his visceral club energy, and affinity to experimentation, as well discovering new and unique ways to make the world of electronic music more innovative – Eli’s collaboration with the Internet’s pioneering virtual world, Second Life, and Sam Wiehl are a perfect combination, and encapsulate the connection that music and technology have; ensuring fans no longer just feel as though they are consumers of music, but also get to participate and immerse themselves into it too. With the launch of “Club Arcane” in Second Life the new interactive project literally puts listeners inside an all-new metaverse music video. The elaborate experience, which is set to an exclusive mashup mix of Brown’s “Killer,” “Trouble,” and “Send Help” singles takes participants through a musical “dark ride” adventure filled with ominous alleys, dancing bots, and a neon-lit nightclub bursting with hidden surprises at every turn. Speaking on the immersive experience, Eli says: “I’m beyond excited to unveil Club Arcane with Second Life, one of the world's first, truly immersive online club experiences. We’ve been working hard on this concept for what feels like an eternity, carefully curating an online experience that feels representative of my overall brand but, more importantly, my live show personified in the digital space. Expect dark visuals, industrial club spaces and exclusive music & sets from myself and other artists I admire”. The design and build were made in collaboration with artist Sam Wiehl, who directed the video and built the virtual club environment for Eli’s ‘Killer’ release. Key visual elements from the original music video are integrated into the interactive version, which allows participants to ride solo or with friends. Teleport to Club Arcane in Second Life: Club Arcane - Eli Brown Experience Step inside for a dark and immersive journey through a world of Eli Brown's own making. Lose yourself in a visceral display of sinister melodies and foreboding visuals, forever building in tempo and energy. More info at second.life/elibrown Visit in Second Life Video production by Vrutega
  12. SL19B is now officially open! Second Life is celebrating its 19th birthday with our biggest celebration ever -- this year we have over 44 regions filled with parties, live music, deejay performances, special events, exhibits, gifts, and shopping! Head on over to the SL19B Welcome Area and start your exploration now! Join us at 12pm PT and watch Patch Linden's opening speech with everyone live at the SL19B Arboretum by taking one of the following three SLurls: SLB Exhilarate SLB Wonderous SLB Fascinate Here’s the rundown of some highlights from this year’s celebration: SL19B Destination Guide & Over 225 Community Exhibits! At the heart of SL19B are 225 exhibits that showcase a wide range of creativity across the many diverse communities in Second Life. Expect the unexpected as you explore and discover how each exhibit offers its own interpretation of this year’s steampunk theme. To get started, check out the Community Experiences category in our dedicated SL19B Destination Guide. Not all of the exhibits are listed in the guide, so make sure to visit all nine of the exhibitor regions and walk around to enjoy all of them, and don't forget to pick up the gifts that some of them offer! The Exhibitor regions are: Enchant, Captivate, Astonish, Amaze, Imagination, Astound, Fantasy, Breathtaking, and Electrify. In addition to the community builds, there are several birthday events happening. Our Destination Guide also features an SL19B Events category - make a point to join your fellow Residents in the festivities! Music Fest - Three Days of Live Performances By Top SL Musicians Are you ready for this year’s Music Fest? Many of the top performers in Second Life have come together to perform live at this special three-day music event, held June 16-18. Here’s your chance to celebrate Second Life’s 19th Birthday while experiencing some fantastic talent that you won’t want to miss. The full Music Fest schedule is available on our blog and the Birthday events calendar. SL19B Music Fest Are you ready for this year’s Music Fest? Many of the top performers in Second Life have come together to perform live at this special three-day music event, held June 16th-18th. Here’s your chance to celebrate Second Life’s 19th Birthday while experiencing some fantastic talent that you won’t want to miss. It will be held at the SL19B Arboretum on June 16th, the SL19B Steamworks on June 17th, and the SL19B Vernian Rotunda on June 18th. For full Music Fest schedule, visit: second.life/sl19bmusicfest Visit in Second Life SL19B Shop & Hop - 400 Merchants Across 20 Regions This year’s Shop & Hop event is our biggest ever -- with more merchants, more regions, and more gifts than in any previous year! The event features a record-breaking 400 participating merchants across 20 regions. In addition to deep discounts and deals, there are also exclusive and completely new gifts available for free at all the shops. A full list of participating Merchants is available on the blog. SL19B Shop & Hop Event - Forsythia Celebrate SL19B with 400 of your favorite Second Life Content Creators. Sales galore and gifts for everyone! Visit in Second Life Meet the Lindens and Lab Gab Learn more about the people behind Second Life at our annual series of Meet the Lindens Town Hall events, held daily from June 20-24. Participants include: Patch Linden (June 20 at 2pm PT) Oberwolf and Philip Linden (June 21 at 2pm PT) Marketing team (June 22 at 2pm PT) Grumpity and Mojo Linden (June 23 at 2pm PT) Meet the Moles (June 24 at 2pm PT) Watch these talk shows live with everyone at the SL19B Arboretum by taking one of the following three SLurls: SLB Exhilarate SLB Wonderous SLB Fascinate There will also be a special Lab Gab today starting with Patch Linden’s opening speech at 12pm PT! Meet the Lindens Meet the people behind Second Life. Here’s your chance to learn more about future plans for Second Life directly from executives via a series of special Town Hall Q&A events at SL19B. Participants include: Patch Linden (June 20 at 2pm PT), Oberwolf and Philip Linden (June 21 at 2pm PT), Marketing team (June 22 at 2pm PT), and Grumpity and Mojo Linden (June 23 at 2pm PT). You also get the chance to meet the Moles (June 24 at 2pm PT). For more information and a full schedule visit: second.life/sl19btalkshows Visit in Second Life SL19B Gifts At SL19B, Exhibitors and Merchants are sharing in the festivities! You will find 400 gifts at the Shop & Hop stores and many of the Exhibitors have shared gifts in the Gift Area as well as their exhibits. Come celebrate Second Life's 19th birthday and pick up over 500 exclusive gifts! SL19B Gift Area The SL19B Gift Area is comprised of many gifts from the Birthday exhibitors including several exclusive items and other commemorative pieces to celebrate Second Life turning 19! This year's Gift Area is inside Tapestry of Time. Visit in Second Life SL19B Swaginator The Swaginator Hunt is back! Find the Swaginator HUD Kiosk at the SL19B welcome area and go on a hunt for some fabulous prizes scattered all through the SL19B regions! Collect all five! SL19B Swaginator Pick up the Swaginator HUD from the SL19B welcome area and go on a hunt for some fabulous prizes scattered all through the SL19B regions! Collect them all! Visit in Second Life SL19B Community Gallery A new addition to the SLB celebrations this year, the Community Gallery has been created to showcase the memories we have made in Second Life over the years. The memories that turned a virtual world into a community of Residents. Submit your images and remember to check back daily to see the new pictures that have been added to the gallery. SL19B Community Gallery The Community Gallery at SL19B has been created to showcase the memories we have made in Second Life over the years. The memories that turned a virtual world into a community of Residents. Submit your images and remember to check back daily to see the new pictures that have been added to the gallery. Visit in Second Life Full Event Calendar We are so excited about celebrating with you - and look forward to more great Second Life Birthdays!
  13. Feel the thrill of exploring an abandoned theme park on a rainy night at The Lost Wonderland. This region is an ode to a nostalgia that many Residents may relate to. Creator Litani Istmal was having a conversation with some friends, reminiscing about “our years of meeting up at the small arcade in our mall before it shut down. It was our favorite meet up spot, the spot to meet someone new, and to just relax after a long week stuck in classes. For me, the whole experience is like going back in time to a place where happy memories were created.” The theme of the arcade is both literal and meta here; while you explore the grounds, given the the element of roleplay, it can also feel like you are inside of a game. The landing point gives you the option of going in two directions, towards the outdoors portion with rides, or a covered area that bears similarities to the urban underground of an Asian neighborhood. Empty shops, a laundromat, and bright lights add an air of playful mystery. The outdoor area is a dilapidated theme park with a ferris wheel, game booths, and other rides in a rusty state of decay. The once bright colors have now faded into garish shades under the dim light. Remnants of a wooden roller coaster sit at the edge, where riders once enjoyed a panoramic view of the surroundings. Walk into a dark cave and you’ll be teleported to another location, so visitors should be up for anything. Since SL has been around for so long, Litani’s relationship to SL had time to grow and evolve. This might be encouraging for newer Residents or for those who are ready to try something new but don’t know where to start. Litani actually went through a creative block for a period, but tells us, “When the pandemic hit and the lockdowns followed, I found myself signing into SL again. I started exploring a bustling neighborhood style community and there I rediscovered my love for roleplay while COVID continued to turn every place in the real world into a ghost town.” Following this renewed interest in virtual creation and connection, Litani adds, “The pandemic definitely changed Second Life for me. I became more social and also made new friends that introduced me to activities like the weekly grid drives. That’s when I started to really explore and discover what all the Mainland had to offer.” For those unfamiliar with the Mainland, Litani says “Mainland is a vital artery of SL. It offers plenty of amazing places created by Residents to explore and discover. Some of these amazing experiences include working railroads, subway stations, airports, and my favorite, sailing the open seas. To the new explorer who may feel overwhelmed, there are pod stations that take you on tours. There are also great groups like Passengers of SL, where you can catch multiple plane rides and Drivers of SL, with their weekly guided grid drives.” Visit The Lost Wonderland today to get your fix of good-natured mischief. Who knows where it will lead? Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres The Lost Wonderland Magic exists within this abandoned theme park. Find the lost wonderland and get transported back to an era where arcades ruled the social scene. Climb to the rooftop to kick back and relax or try some competitive paintball and bumper cars. There's plenty to do with an amusement park right outside the doors. Grab some friends, meet someone new, and most important of all... have fun! Visit in Second Life
  14. Endless summer awaits at Rainbow Reef, a surfing destination with everything you need to relax. Creators Love Repine and Ghost Mannequin know Second Life pretty well, having been Residents for about 15 years. Love tells us, “My motivation to create in SL has always been around beach {regions}. Building an environment based on movement, ambience and sound, a place where people can really immerse themselves in a true beach experience. A place to call home and a bolthole to escape.” Trade in skyscrapers for palm trees and hop into a wetsuit. Regarding the beach theme, Love adds, “I’ve been lucky to have had some amazing sims like Laguna Beach Club, Mojo Beach and now Rainbow Reef, that have attracted amazing people, which at the end of the day completes the circle.” A solar panel on one end of the beach gives it a modern touch. A casual bar appears to be made of locally repurposed wood, providing a dance floor right on the water. Music was another factor that had to be just right, as Love mentions, “At Rainbow Reef we have hooked up with Dublab, an L.A.-based radio station that plays an eclectic mix of music which streams across the {region} 24/7 and brings in an extra dimension.” A cabana nearby would be a great spot to catch your breath after catching some waves, and the string lights make it great for day or night. Regions that honor the beauty of nature and offer a virtual way to interact with it are great for virtual vacations when life doesn’t make it easy to take a day off. Love adds, “Recently at the height of the pandemic when people were restricted with travel, working from home, and often isolated in {the physical world}, Second Life gave people that channel to reach out and still feel connected.” However, Love feels that this magical draw to connection is not unique to the last two years, citing it as “just one example of why people have consistently used Second Life and will continue to do so, creating wonderful experiences for others, and for themselves, to spend time in.” Plus, don’t miss your chance to grab a pic with an adorable stray beach cat. As you can see in the video, Rainbow Reef is a melting pot of Residents ready to kick off their shoes and live in the moment. As a reminder that at any given moment in SL you can meet someone from another part of the world, one of the Residents in the video is Jetcat Despres, hailing from Japan. Drax tells us that “we had to use translators to communicate but we all felt very connected and had a sense of presence, as Love mentions above. However the ingenious decision of LL early on to create a sense of family via last names was awesome. I had forgotten about this amazing aspect of the SL Metaverse!” Who knows, maybe you’ll run into a long lost virtual relative as well! Find out by visiting Rainbow Reef today. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Rainbow Reef Come and surf the waves at Rainbow Reef! Hang out at the beach club and taste the cold beers or soak up the sunshine. Rainbow Reef is the surfing beach you have been looking for! Visit in Second Life
  15. Get early access to a crisp spring morning by visiting Sous le Ciel de Paris, a chic rooftop garden brimming with rustic charm. Creator Tolla Crisp, the mastermind behind Frogmore and Mousehole, crafted this tranquil resting spot in the Art Nouveau style, with architecture and furniture that evoke the graceful curves of tendrils and flowers. Tolla tells us, “Paris started off as my own personal home, not intended to be a public venue. I started with an old skybox from Pixel Mode which I modified and then I added on and modified builds from Milk Motion, Apple Fall, and Minimal.” This all culminated in a whimsically curated space that looks like a virtual home and garden magazine. Visitors can enjoy the ambience on cozy patio furniture, but don’t miss the chicken coop, ornate metalwork, or baskets of freshly picked produce. The region’s name roughly translates to Under Paris Skies, as Tolla says, “It evolved into a 'spring' Paris rooftop with lots of flowers: I think everyone is ready for a fresh break from winter.” There is something so soothing about spring’s themes of rebirth and fresh growth. It serves as a reminder that even on the gloomiest winter day, the cycle of life will continue and we will make it to another sunny morning. No matter what is happening in the physical world, Second Life should always be a safe haven where Residents can have fun and relax. Regarding creative processes, Tolla tells us, “My inspirations come from the research I do on Pinterest. I use a board to gather ideas for each project, as well as from my great friends in SL that are from France.” The region’s aesthetic is dappled with soft pastels; pops of color burst forth from the warm patina of the buildings and decor. This place is very much alive, with hummingbirds buzzing about the flower patch and a mischievous squirrel swinging from a bird feeder as it tries to snag some nuts and seeds. Tolla has been a Resident for quite some time, telling us, “Second Life has meant many things over the years and like most people that do stay a long time, I have evolved and changed over that time… creating beautiful spaces that I can share with others has brought much happiness and satisfaction, and keeps me returning to SL. My journey with Frogmore has been very rewarding indeed.” Given the increased conversation around virtual spaces and the concept of the metaverse, Tolla says, “I am very passionate about the freedom we have in SL versus anything FB might offer… I invite you to have a peek at a video my friend Tutsy Navaratha recently made regarding Metaverse and SL: Mon Metaverse." Stay tuned for updates on Tolla's other creative endeavors, as they mentioned “I will continue to grow and change Frogmore and Mousehole regions and hopefully continue to deliver an immersive experience to share with all. We have big plans for both regions in 2022…” Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Sous le ciel de Paris From the creators of Frogmore: Welcome to Sous le ciel de Paris! Under the sky of Paris is a Rooftop Garden sure to remember warm Parisian nights. This is a lush French garden experience, 4300 prims, open to the public. Owned by Frogmore, all group members will be able to Rezz at Paris as well. Come enjoy the scent of spring under the skies of Paris! Visit in Second Life
  16. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 1,024m - 351 prim - L$249/w Grass Valley at Olber 1,536m - 527 prim - L$449/w Yacht Park at Leiter 2,048m - 703 prim - L$499/w Golden Sands at Storgosia ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  17. As featured in Vogue today, designer Jonathan Simkhai has partnered with metaverse developer Everyrealm and metaverse production house Blueberry Entertainment to produce an exciting new Metaverse Fashion Week event inside Second Life - and you are invited! Second Life community members can be among the first to preview all-new exclusive spring 2022 collections this week by attending any of the several runway shows scheduled throughout this week. Check out this video sneak peek of what to expect on the runway. Video Production by Vrutega. Music by Maison Labtonic. Timed to coincide with New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Metaverse Fashion Week is designed to mirror Simkhai’s new 2022 collection revealed this week at NYFW. The Second Life fashion show features digital versions of select pieces from Jonathan Simkhai’s 2022 Fall/Winter collection. "We firmly believe that digital fashion is the future of fashion. It allows people to express themselves freely in the metaverse,” said Mishi McDuff, CEO and Founder of virtual fashion brand Blueberry Entertainment. “We know digital fashion is more sustainable, more accessible, and allows for limitless creativity without the constraints of the physical world. Having the honor to work with Jonathan Simkhai to bring his collection to the metaverse represents a huge step forward for the virtual fashion industry.” In addition to coverage in Vogue, today’s reveal has generated additional news in several fashion magazines and technology news outlets including British GLAMOUR, Mobile Marketing, and the Fashion Network. Check out the collections for yourself at one of the many inworld runway shows scheduled this week. Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 Metaverse Fashion Week 2022, an event produced by Everyrealm and Blueberry, features the designs of Jonathan Simkhai. Watch the runway show on February 17th or 18th at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm PT. Visit in Second Life
  18. This week Ras Solaris, curator of the Meroe Museum, eloquently describes the value of sharing culture as a way to enable an authentic and three-dimensional understanding of the Black community. Ras describes the Meroe as a “hub to learn the origins of all cultures in an interactive and engaging way. {It’s} Focused on providing a safe space for people to discuss cultural differences and to challenge current ways of thinking.” Ras became a Resident years ago, recently returning from a hiatus “because I noticed the amazing changes in technology, architecture, and the incredible amount of multiculturalism from across the world. Although many spend their time on FB, I prefer the Metaverse space, Second Life… where privacy and content creation are key for Residents to be able to help create in this amazing world.” Throughout the video, Ras illustrates how a more thorough understanding of other cultures can help deconstruct bias. He also shows us the humanizing power of diverse representation in all fields of study. For example, the Innovation and Black Inventions exhibit presents essential items from modern life that, unbeknownst to many of us, were invented by Black people. By tying in the contributions of Black people in the physical world to the creations of Black Residents in the virtual world, the Meroe reminds us that every avatar you meet has a rich history that led them to this moment. This venue has two exhibit halls, a vibrant gallery, and don’t forget to explore outside the museum walls! THE BLVD. and Jamrock City offer a variety of terrains, seasons, and exploration. Plus, mark your calendars, as there will be a two day music festival at the end of the month. However, Ras wants us to know that the Meroe Museum will not disappear at the end of Black History Month. We hope that patronage continues to be robust throughout the year, and that the knowledge gained in this space breeds kindness and positive change. As a bonus, Ras tells us “100% of donations are given to RL not-for-profits focused on community service and STEM programs.” Contributors to this project include: Fly Toretto: An inworld automotive designer, Fly’s contribution is a part of the Innovations and Inventions Exhibit that highlights core inventions created by Black people that we use in our daily lives. Diamond Martinez: Founder of Rho Gamma Psi sorority, Diamond’s contribution is a part of the Kente Cloth Exhibit that highlights the traditional cloth and the history and messaging behind it. Alora Taurus: Model, Artist, and Photographer. Alora’s contribution is a part of our Tech and Communications and the Innovations and Inventions Exhibit. Her art titled “Cosmological” is featured in both exhibits. Dehja Dahl: Model, artist, and photographer. Dehja contributed her recent art piece, which incorporates the work of the infamous artist, Basquiat. Her art is featured as part of MEROE standard communications and will be featured in the Basquiat Exhibit this summer. Ms Warm: Owner of Business Minded, a networking business group. Ms Warm specializes in identifying SL Residents with high-value unique offerings. She is an avid entrepreneur in the community who has a keen eye for representation. GiGi Monet: Director at MEROE and founder of The BLVD., GiGi specializes in creating interactive experiences in Second Life. She is passionate about bringing in quality, process, and structure into aesthetically pleasing viewscapes. GiGi’s contributions to the Museum vary from Operations, Graphics, Marketing, Landscaping, and more. Tyesia Xevious: DJ and CEO of Frequency Radio, Tyesia is our main Media contributor and has curated an afro-centric experience on Frequency Radio, which is currently featured on the region. Nedar Koba: As a mesh designer, Nedar specializes in creating high quality unique designs. His contribution includes the Adinkra symbol, which happens to be the only Adinkra symbol created in Second Life, the Gye Nyame that you see throughout the region. The BLVD.: Home to MEROE Museum, JamRock City Residential Community, and A XeoLife Roleplay Shopping and Dining Experience. The region is lightly based on tropical islands around the world with a flare of luxury, serenity, and waterfalls surrounding you. We’d also like to share the other ways we are celebrating Black History Month inworld: Pic of the Day will feature a Black Resident every weekday, don’t miss our weekly Second Life Spotlight posts, and please visit the Social Awareness Category of the Destination Guide. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres MEROE Museum - Home of Black culture MEROE Museum, is the Home of Black and Aboriginal cultures in Second Life. The Museum's purpose is to provide a safe space for the repository of black culture from across the diaspora, and a place for dialog in an effort to resolve many of the conflicts that plague our communities. During Black History Month they will have many activities including a bookstore and an art gallery. Visit in Second Life
  19. Do you really believe that one can discuss metaverse without taking into consideration the Linden intuition? Consider the fact that Linden figured this thing out long before Zuck got into that baby food that he managed to turn into some kind of standard. Are you really sure that it is right to follow a trend and not a physical law?
  20. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon masterfully blends the serenity of ancient artwork with stunning virtual architecture. Creator Patch Thibaud is actually an architect in the physical world as well, and his years of experience inform every detail of this majestic locale. After observing some work on Patch’s Flickr, Resident Crista reached out to him to build a region for her. Of the request, Patch says, “I agreed to participate as long as I got to do The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which was an ideal subject; an evocative and romantic concept, monumental in scale - and nobody has any idea what the original looked like, if in fact it existed at all.” Patch’s affinity for building in the metaverse is strengthened by the fact that “there is no one in between me and the final result; I don't have to deal with contractors, estimators, building codes, etc.,” and yet there are limitless possibilities. Furthermore, Patch feels that “in all 3D modeling software I am familiar with, you are working in an abstract, gridded space. In SL I am used to working outdoors, with a beautiful sky and perhaps with beautiful water, and the context of an entire world.” The concept of storytelling has been incorporated into many visual art forms, and as a trained designer, Patch adopted an episodic approach to the immense project. Patch created an extensive history for the estate: “This build imagines a structure originally built in mud brick by the Assyrians; later seized and rebuilt in stone by the Romans; {eventually} acquired by a cardinal during the military struggles of Renaissance Italy, who rebuilt the temple complex at the summit to include a villa for him and pleasure gardens and pavilions; subsequent alterations and additions by the cardinal’s family, including the ballroom and the Moroccan Garden; and finally the current owner, who restored the whole structure and its gardens, and inserted a gallery for art, built in the modern style.” Crista is also a longtime Resident, having started her inworld adventures 14 years ago. For Crista, Second Life is “a part of myself… part of my life and {it has} taught me many things that made me what I am now, in RL and SL. I am one person living in two different worlds. A wonderful SL can make a better RL. The Gardens were my SL dream for years… A ton of thanks to Patch Thibaud, I am not sure if we have a better builder. Sharing the beauty he makes, {as well as the} sensations and feelings deriving from it, is the biggest pleasure and satisfaction in this world.” Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres The Hanging Gardens of Babylon The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is an amazing estate filled with magical places that will amaze you. Created by Patch Thibaud and adapted as a residence, this is a true work of art. Majestic beyond words, you must experience this to fully appreciate it! Let the gondola guide you to your arrival then explore this awesome creation. Visit in Second Life
  21. This week we are bringing you five Residents from all over the world who each bring their unique voices and experiences to the Second Life Blogger Network. Lexy Nexen is the owner of Wild Branch Brewery as well as a Second Life YouTuber, where she shares her love of exploration and food. Wild Branch is a craft brewery experience, the first of its kind in Second Life. Lexy tells us it was inspired by “times in life prior to the pandemic, where being in the community of a brewery was a time to bond and make memories with friends, family or even complete strangers over a pint of beer and some good ole board games.” For Lexy, Wild Branch is a chance to “{exchange} real human interaction during the pandemic” in an environment tied to both a specific subculture and of course, warmth and openness to others. Lexy's websites: Linktree Wild Branch Brewery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Riverbrook/76/90/31 Miwa Bunny, who has been in SL for over a decade, tells us that “during the pandemic Second Life became a source of both income and stability, I was able to make connections, meet new friends and keep in touch with all of them.” Miwa manages several brands on top of blogging, with some of her favorite aspects of SL being self-expression and connection. For Miwa, being inworld is “almost like a meditation… for my mental health.” We love to see Residents encouraging others to take care of themselves! Miwa's websites: Official Website Twitter Flickr Instagram TikTok Aurora Mercury, a British Resident who is proud of her Jamaican heritage, is “the owner and creator of women's networking group Sisters in SL, a community that helps women come together and network with like minded women. It allows women to meet others from all over the world and gets them out of their comfort zone.” Aurora also made an accompanying magazine for this organization, and she has a YouTube channel where she engages in “meaningful conversations with people all over the grid to discuss topics {that} allow people to share their experiences and perspectives during their journey in SL.” Aurora stresses the value of these shared experiences during the pandemic as a “reminder that we are all going through this together… it’s a different type of connection.” Aurora's websites: Youtube: Aurora Mercury Official Website Sisters in SL Website Sisters in SL Facebook Group Sisters in SL Magazine Oema lives in Northern Italy in the physical world, and for the last seven years has been writing for her blog VIRTUALITY. Oema tells us “I care about communication {and} spreading helpful information to old and new members. So together with some talented friends, we created 360 GRADI: a magazine that talks about fashion, virtual psychology, destinations, art, photography, and music.” 360 Gradi is hosted on her VIRTUALITY blog, and has become a collaborative effort with many other talented Residents, who she gives immense thanks to for all of their contributions over the years. In Oema’s words, “During the time of the pandemic, Second Life helped distract me. Even now during the Christmas holidays, this incredible metaverse called Second Life, where users can create and give expression to their imagination, is a pleasant daily fixture.” Oema's websites: VIRTUALITY Blog 360 GRADI Magazine YouTube Facebook Victoria James is a Second Life explorer, shopper, and blogger. Victoria first signed up for SL a decade ago and tells us “I still love logging into Second Life because there is always something new to discover. New regions to explore, new stores to go shopping at (and old favorites), and of course being creative with my own blogging and photography.” It is our honor to share that, like countless others, Victoria found something priceless in SL: “Second Life changed my life… I actually met my husband in Second Life.” They’ve been married for over four years! It is often hard to describe exactly what SL is, and Victoria puts it perfectly with, “To me it’s not a game, it’s an extension of real life.” Victoria's websites: Blog Flickr Instagram Facebook Happy Holidays, everybody! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres
  22. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 For 12 weeks --> 640m - 219 prims - L$3,499 Ocean Front at Gramela 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Mavora 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klibert 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grand Moat at Titian 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klaatu ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  23. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 For 12 weeks --> 640m - 219 prims - L$3,499 Ocean Front at Gramela 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Roadside at Murinata 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Mavora 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grand Moat at Titian 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Golden Sands at Deminis 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Grass Hills at Klaatu ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  24. I stumbled into this article on Forbes about Fortnite's new Party Royale mode, which appears to be a small non-combat social island where live events are starting to occur. The aforementioned article also linked to a previous article in which one line particularly caught my eye. Where else, indeed! The author of the articles also referred to Second Life an ancient internet relic. As Sansar, with its various "experiences", continues it's Atlantean descent to the bottom of the digital ocean, along with the millions of dollars spent on it, and the SL staff talent that sank with it, I can't help but wonder what Ebbe thinks about articles like this. After all, I feel certain that someone was dancing in SL as Psylocke while TIE fighter flew around at least 14 years ago. I wonder what Ebbe's plans are to make Second Life interesting to the real world's glitterati, movers and shakers, and (let's face it) brands with lots of money. Mostly, though, I wonder why there is still an Ebbe at all.
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