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  1. It would appear EVE cristal uses BoM (bakes on mesh) i'm pretty sure Glam affair body skins now include a system (BoM) you could try grabbing a demo an seeing what the BoM version looks like on Cristal. if that's no good look out for body and/or head skins that say either BoM/system/classic avatar/ chances are you might already have at least one system skin in your inventory it will work on your LeLutka too if you take off the head alpha or just use the eye alpha if needed and activate BoM on the HUD
  2. Not sure if it was good advice but at the doctors today i was advised i should be drinking Guinness to get to get my iron up. i know in times of old Guinness used to promote it's health benefits and doctors would even give it to you in hospital because it has iron. I didn't expect in 2020 it was still relevant advice. luckily i do like the taste
  3. Only way is the Lindex/Tilla these days the Third Party Exchanges that once were have been outlawed. If that's a no go and you really don't want your L$ and don't want to spend them you could pass them on to other Av's *coughmecough* such as your friends or those new to SL
  4. If you aren't seeing any houseboats on the Linden Homes page it means that style is sold out. you can try refreshing the page, there is a 10 refresh per 10 minute limit or you could try using auto refresh for Chrome. setting it to alert for Houseboats every 70 seconds or so. People for what ever reason regularly abandon Bellisseria property they no longer want
  5. In addition there *should* be a rezz zone in Myles where the track splits in two it has signs saying so but rezzing not allowed. From Red Hook you are likely to get flipped back in that direction at Banebury where the track splits, you need to stop and manually edit your train on to the straight track to continue on to the Trads and Campers and do the same at Campwich if you wish to go further
  6. I'll be staying put until something better comes along theme wise. Done my fair share of game of homes got the best location i'm likely to get with my Vic, absolutely loved the location i had in Heirlong for a short while prior to getting a Vic if i could afford to make an alt premium i would have kept it
  7. Been around since the old Xstreet forum. This incarnation i've been most active with. Usually have a browse Several times a day: might have a quick scroll through on my phone in the morning, proper catch up before & after being inworld. I like that it can be helpful/informative/amusing, coming here i get to learn about things i might never hear about inworld
  8. Despite your image showing a HUD with no alpha cuts, I would try clicking "Show All" or individually trying each section that appears alpha'd on the body and see what happens
  9. The website it's self no but the forum side does come up in a phone friendly format
  10. For me the realms are as good as closed forever that aside with the moles involved with getting them up and running again you could be waiting some considerable time since they are also busily consumed with the Bellisseria Linden homes continent
  11. What you could try is knocking back your graphics a level or two if you can, setting draw distance low and if your viewer allows experiment with initially temp de-rendering plants, trees, landscaping etc to see what difference that makes
  12. In RL they're called burglar alarms and can't TP you to your home location
  13. I have Maitreya on me, one alt uses a version of TMP , one primarily uses Sahara (a Maitreya compatible body) but has used Alatmura and both eBodies
  14. Trying to fly/drive/sail .etc randomly getting separated from your vehicle and having it drive off with out you while your stuck where ever you are
  15. I log in everyday. Can't remember the last time i went a day with out logging in
  16. I always have it on to gauge how busy a place is or if there's multiple people crowded in the same place where a weekly sale offer is
  17. Speaking of appropriate outfits exercise gear definitely wasn't appropriate for snowboarding 🥶
  18. If any of my 6 suggested last names win brilliant. if they don't and they put them in to the pool of available last names and i see one being used i'll still be happy knowing that out of a list of last names someone liked mine more than the others
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